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    "It's not a very hard case to crack. All those people who flock to you... you'd think at least some of them would look into the situation they're approaching, if only to have something to work with," Yugi said, understanding from his own perspective that it didn't take much brainpower at all to reach the conclusions he did. He did always have a habit of overestimating the minds of others, only to be let down by their results in the end. This was such a case once more. "I'm sure that'll work out for you. You're resourceful enough."

    The lad offered up the list of his degenerate traits, expecting it to be a deterrent to some extent. Due to his mindset, he was in for a bit of a shock after Kimiko laughed in the wake of his clarification. Her certainty didn't drop even a single percentage, according to her response, and apparently the one thing he outright rejected was the same thing Kimiko herself was opposed to. Without a doubt, this was the most outlandish thing he'd ever heard. He could always assume there were people out in the world into this thing or that, but certainly not the idea of them all, right? Apparently, that was wrong. "Sou ka. Well... that's weird. I'm not sure what to say about that, besides... well... that's weird. Honestly, I'm not even sure what I expected at this point."

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    Yugi was speaking about the situation surrounding Kimiko logically. It would have made a great deal of sense if people were even remotely considerate of how she acted and her potential situation. But people weren't reasonable, not by a long shot... at least not very often. "You give others a lot of credit. And they don't know me... very few people do, fewer than that actually understand. So they wouldn't get me," she said softly. Still she was quite happy that he understood her motivations. It was refreshing to find someone who wanted nothing from her but also understood what she was after. Her goals were often misconstrued, and she had no doubt she likely seemed like every other spoiled brat in her position. But that simply wasn't the case, she did indeed wish to earn what was hers and take for herself every victory attributed to her. Strangely, the lad seemed to have no problem with these goals and even claimed that she was resourceful enough that she'd likely achieve them. Her eyes widened at this mention and her face flushed. Though she'd been very aggressive in the moments before this, she'd immediately softened quite a bit at this boy's faith in her. It was so novel for someone to believe in her so honestly, she was often at a loss as to how to feel about it on a deeper level. "I'll take that as a compliment, still it's a little embarrassing... I don't know at all how to respond," the lass managed.

    Still, though he had faith in her, and was quite understanding of her... it seemed he'd missed some of her nuances. That didn't really matter to her in the moment though. He understood what was important about her, if he was too blind to fully understand what their likeness meant initially she had no problem explaining it. "I have said on several occasions that I am weird. So, I don't really see a problem with it as long as it isn't seen as a negative it is a positive," she said with an amount of sincerity in her eyes that plead her case. She was truly alright with the things this lad was into as far as his degeneracy was concerned. And given her general like of him, she had every intention of exploring these avenues with him. She was still a little pushy, more than a little greedy, as such only a single thing could be said. "So? We are weird, as a couple, right, Yugi?"

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    True enough, he tended to give others too much credit. It was something he'd done since childhood, and always wound up being a cause for disappointment. When he abandoned those expectations, though, he had nothing. Game after game, he played with no expectations of others, and it only made him a loner. If he went about giving the same chances to all that he gave to the puzzle club, however, perhaps there was a happy middle to be located. It didn't particularly matter, though. In all honesty, the time he'd spent around Kimiko in her various forms left him without the need to even think about such matters. Their adventures and conversations were always such fun, he was often without a single worry for the world outside the moment. It was actually moments such as this which grounded him in a way─ such as Kimiko's current state of embarrassment which seemed to rival how he'd been on multiple occasions by her whims. "Embarrassing, huh?" he questioned as the slightest quantity of smugness developed in his facial expression. "I was wondering when it'd be my turn to properly jump on this end of that equation. Feels good~"

    Kimiko did, in fact, refer to herself as 'weird' on multiple occasions. Weird was honestly a bit of an understatement, but Yugi himself couldn't say a thing; he was no different. She was pushy, greedy, and passively off-putting. In the meantime, he was pushy, impatient, and actively off-putting. What a pair they made indeed. There was no better assertation than Kimiko's conclusion. Together, the two of them made a weird couple that stood apart from all others in the most unexpected ways, but never truly stood apart when compared to one another. If they'd never met under the circumstances they did, there was a very real chance of him accepting her as a friendly rival. Perhaps they were rivals regardless, in an odd way. "You know what? Yeah. You're weird, I'm weird... What better thing could we be paired up?"

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    Embarrassing didn't quite cover how Kimiko currently felt. Her face was still quite red and a bit tingly. This form of acknowledgement was so strange to her, but it also felt really right. She enjoyed this more than she could have explained and would have done anything to keep feeling this way. But that was essentially just her relationship with this lad in any of his forms. She felt comfortable around him and enjoyed the things he said to her. She felt like she could be exactly herself and it wasn't a problem. He understood her and because of this, she found herself desiring nothing more than his attention, and affection, even when she wasn't properly sure how to vocalize it. "Hai, very embarrassing..." she said with a gentle pout on her face. The smug look of satisfaction on this lad's face was also something she enjoyed. From her current angle she looked at all the details of this face and absorbed it committing it to her memory. She moved her hands poking his cheeks with her index fingers and continuing to pout. "Hmm, it seems like you're doing it on purpose, when you look this smug about it~" she said though it was in good fun. "But if it feels good, do what you want." she finished with a scoff turning her nose up while trying her hardest to give her face time to return to a more normal coloration.

    Still she waited, was he keen to accept her and in turn them as a couple regardless of their world? Well, the short answer was yes?! A wide grin spread across the girls' face in the moment. They really were a lot alike, but where they differed wasn't negative at all. In fact, there was a lot of fun to be had with the minor differences between their personalities. What more could they be as a pair? "World conquering, game dominating, partners!~" she said with sarcasm but there was quite a bit of truth in that. She could see herself having fun doing a great many things, so long as this lad was involved. In fact, she saw the fun in a lot of things just being around this lad. Besides that she was more than a little attracted to him, having access to him in such a way was well worth it. She nearly squealed with the idea of it all as she settled into his lap. What a comfortable place this was, she never wanted to sit anywhere else. Her arms around him this way, she spoke softly to him. "Alright, you've agreed. You're all mine~" she stated, her covetousness satisfied in a way it hadn't been in quite a long time. "And I'm all yours~" she mentioned before she brought her lips towards his, they'd been about to kiss when she'd last seen him, and in the moment she decided she wanted this one. She aimed to press her lips into his sealing their deal.

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    "I'll bet," he chimed, hardly resisting the urge to laugh at Kimiko's expense. It may have seemed like he spurred on this embarrassment of his own volition, but as a matter of fact, it was a total accident. Of course, that only made the experience that much better. "Nope! Lucky accident. I'll just hope that isn't one of my powers here; I'd much rather have wound up with that weird Takumi perv power," he said, pausing thereafter to consider a previous moment in which they had a similar conversation. "Huh. Deja vu."

    Conquering worlds and games alike was such a pipe dream, but Yugi couldn't even question the statement. Given what they'd done thus far, he could even visualize the pair of them lording over the other world. From the way things seemed when they departed even, it seemed the Nexus agreed. He'd never gotten over the way they were addressed... as its masters. The Nexus itself had spoken to them the way their shared mount did, strangely enough. Great and strange things were ahead of them, but that didn't even matter so long as they were on the same page. Speaking of being on the same page, they had reached an official agreement as it seemed. Yugi was probably a bit possessive, so the clauses presented to solidify this were no issue to him. The proper sealing came in the form of a kiss beyond the words, though. Yugi also recalled that they were aiming for this precise moment before the Nexus took them. As such, the moment their lips touched was the moment he actively sought additional contact. He took hold of the lass in his lap, as his own lips returned the press against Kimiko's. Oddly enough, he felt that same burning sensation within his chest that he previously felt when Akashi was on the rise. Perhaps it was the same, or... perhaps it was something different?

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    A casual roll of Kimiko's eyes happened when this young man teased her further. She couldn't even try to be upset properly, given she was presently in one of the best moods she'd been in since returning to her home world. He claimed this entire situation was just a happy accident which made her chuckle. "That doesn't mean you aren't enjoying it..." she said though she had to admit as well that this conversation seemed a bit familiar. "Huh, I guess we did have a conversation like this before..." she mused. Takumi's perv power was a very interesting concept. She could imagine the amount of jealousy such a thing would give her, as she definitely wasn't the type to share what was hers.

    Of course none of this mattered at all in the long run. She'd aimed to press her lips into Yugi's and found herself comfortable in the moment. She might have wondered if she was a bit too possessive, but that was something to question a little later. Right at the moment, she sank into this kiss which was met by the lad whose lap she currently occupied. She found herself being held in a way she appreciated and unconsciously wiggled her hips just a bit. She intrinsically aimed for a closer feeling, they'd been in the middle of such a thing and she was compelled to aim for something similar now. But was that too far? Maybe. Did she care? Maybe not... Her lips became warm and any coloration her face had lost was returned with a vengeance. It was in her nature to take as much as she could, and at present she couldn't really find a proper reason in her head to deny at least a little more. Kimiko in her typical fashion found herself licking the lad's bottom lip trying to gain entry into his mouth.

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    Was he enjoying it regardless? Of course he was! In fact, there were few things Yugi found himself enjoying more than seeing the flustered face of Ashikaga Kimiko. Of the things that would rate higher on the list, the current predicament happened to be one. Years ago, he would have laughed in the face of anyone who claimed the mouth of another would be a point of satisfaction for him. He would have even done as much to someone who said such a thing to him just a few months ago, yet here he was, responding to the impact of lips against his own with puckering and hands which grasped at the girl in his lap. She began to move in his lap, just a bit of hip shifting which enticed the lad as he felt the effects of building adrenaline. Mentally, he was calm as ever... but physically, his heart was beginning to pound.

    In addition to the movements of Kimiko's body, Yugi felt the sensation of her tongue rubbing against his bottom lip. It was such a demanding gesture from her, but one he simply couldn't resist. Alas, she would not find immediate entry. Instead, that moving tongue was met by Yugi's own oral muscle which erupted from his mouth. Two tongues met in the space between their owners' lips. This only wound up slightly different from former experiences, but proved to be an interesting sensation nonetheless. Firstly, there was the fact that these bodies were their own, not simply Avatars they inhabited. Secondly... there was something different about the moment in which their lips would separate while tongues maintained the gesture of rubbing against one another.

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    If given the opportunity Kimiko might have stopped to think she was being a bit pushy. In the moment though she couldn't help but enjoy the attention she was currently being provided. Specifically, as their mouths were touching in such a way, she found herself able to fully immerse in the experience. Her mind was buzzing with the potentials of what was taking place here and blood was rushing around her head enough that she could practically hear it. But what did this truly mean as she aimed for progress? She was soon to find out.

    In the case of Yugi, it seemed he wasn't keen to simply open his mouth to her advances. Instead another new experience was taking place here and now. His tongue met her own in the space outside of their mouths. She'd find herself panting as their tongues wrestled in warm sticky wetness between their mouths out in the open air. This was a very interesting sensation, she couldn't quite place it at all. It was sensual, and exotic but also something else... She couldn't be sure but it was a given that she enjoyed it. Her breath escaped as small bursts and there was an added bit of heat as each stroke of her tongue was met by another. Kimiko's heart beat had reached a decently high speed as well. What was this build up? She couldn't really tell, but she was certain stopping wasn't really an option. Her face definitely felt hot, even so, she couldn't bring herself to stop. Those hands which had clasped his face slipped around his head, she easily find them tracing along his scalp, buried in the roots as she tugged gently. This kiss was becoming something even more demanding, but she couldn't quite rest. They had their own bodies, their own wills. Surely he'd stop her if she went too far... or demanded too much.

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    'Too much' was certainly not a concept that entered the mind of Yugi. At this point, if there was further exploration to be done, he was quite interested in taking the necessary steps. Kimiko's breath was met by Yugi's own exhales. Somehow, the simple act of breathing in each other's faces was arousing to the lad. Even more intense was that tugging sensation he felt through his scalp, which prompted him into the immediate action of assaulting Kimiko's mouth with his own. At this point, simple tongue lashings just weren't enough. The breaths escaping Yugi were soon doing so only during brief moments in which his lips separated from Kimiko's; there was clearly no 'stopping' on his mind at all.

    Ah, but the young were foolish. He wasn't at all prepared for a meeting of this nature, and fate would perhaps see to it that he had a revelation soon enough. How soon? Well, not quite yet. The lad was currently becoming far too immersed in ongoing activities to think rationally. His mouth, hands and hips all had minds of their own. He could hardly keep his hands from gliding along Kimiko's sides until they landed on the young woman's posterior. In unison with this, it seemed his hips were beginning to shift in a pseudo-thrusting manner beneath the lass, and of no conscious effort of Yugi's. . .

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    The young were indeed foolish, but Kimiko was also far too busy enjoying herself to think through the potentials of this situation. She hadn't prepared at all for any outcome other than meeting this lad, perhaps a bit of foresight might have helped? Instead she was busy with her hands buried within his hair while he attacked her mouth more readily. She liked this, strangely something about this entire situation was beyond arousing. Heated breaths shared between faces as lips and tongues clashed hungrily... who could really say no to that? The answer was of course, not Ashikaga Kimiko. No, instead her actions seemed to cause more reactions, which in turn led to more from her.

    The most recent development in their current situation was the pseudo-thrusting motion of this lad as his hands found their place on her rear. How would her body respond to this? By triggering her hips incentive to grind against the lad's lap. Such an indirect motion led to a distinct trickle of feeling straight up the lass' spine. It made her mind wander to strange places, what would such a thing feel like naked? Was this friction something to be maintained? Would a shift in sensation lead to something else instead? Oh the possibilities were endless, even so she couldn't really stop herself in the present moment.

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