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    There was a strange harmony occurring within the body of Yugi. He could feel the thump of his heartbeat, followed immediately by a throb in his groin. There was no stopping his physical response to the lass' movements in his lap, but it seemed the existence of said reaction only served the purpose of causing her to move with greater purpose. Such, in turn, enhanced Yugi's physical response both consciously and subconsciously. Within all those possibilities for ongoing events, there was a single recurring fact: they were progressing toward something they had been slowly working their way toward over their time spent together in that other world. As Yugi pushed against the strangely painful, yet simultaneously just as pleasurable sensation of his manhood reaching utmost firmness within the confines of his breeches, he understood the moment was hastily encroaching upon them.

    When would either of them realize the issue? Not just yet, it seemed. These two were clearly content to indulge in one another without so much as a thought given to hazards and repercussions, and that... was fine for the moment. Yugi had known for some time that they were progressing toward something obvious even to him, but since the moment they solidified this blooming relationship, there had been nothing but interruptions to whatever progress they could have made otherwise. As such, there was hardly a speck of reprehension left in the lad─ as of yet, at least.

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    As Yugi experienced his own sort of harmony, Kimiko found euphoria. Every gentle movement of her hips caused a small tingle to explode at her core. Such was exactly the sort of feeling she'd been searching for, and exactly the type of thing she enjoyed. A light sigh escaped her as such movements gained more and more purpose. There was a strange amount of friction found between these two bodies, and beyond that an even stranger amount of matching. How long had they been traveling together and building up to this sort of thing? Approximately six months. They'd spent so long traveling, gathering friends, enjoying each others company... they were steadily moving towards a very specific goal. Each time they were alone, they seemed to be moving closer and closer to a specific kind of meeting. Ah, but they had the added distraction of always being interrupted on the other world. Each time they were alone together, there was someone to say something. Something new to do, some goal to reach... But what happened when the joining of these two bodies were the only goal they had before them?

    Well the most obvious answer was that they managed to lose track of everything else. "Oooh~" that small moan escaped this girl's lips between kisses. Her voice being her own sounded quite strange to her in the moment. Was this something to actually do? Her own face, her own body, experiencing this lad in a manner so direct she could feel the throbbing of his manhood through his pants against her undercarriage. This was a new kind of pleasure... or pain? Maybe those two things weren't directly separate? She slid forward her chest pressing against his, and felt her heartbeat quicken, one hand traveling from being buried within his hair down his body. Her fingertips tracing along his exposed flesh, as if she wished to absorb him in this way, all the while the girl absently made her way down his body. She was very obviously moving this way, but it wasn't really a conscious thought of hers, it was simply the progress such a thing demanded. When would she realize such progress couldn't be made as readily here as it was in the other world?

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    Foolish, foolish teens. Perhaps Yugi hadn't considered the consequences of what they were doing, simply because he had been considering these actions for so long now. As Kou, he was a Witcher, and therefore sterile. Giyu likely wouldn't have progressed to such an extent, and Akashi simply didn't care what the end result was, so long as he completed the 'dance' he sought since being incarnated. Yugi, however... was simply human; the same could be said of Kimiko. No one warned the shut-in teen male that contraceptives may have randomly become a necessity in his life, so he surely wasn't going to have any just sitting around.

    Maybe there was another answer. Either way, the thought finally reached his mind after he heard Kimiko's voice, and felt her hands trailing along the bare portion of his torso while she shifted downward. He felt as if he had reached a nearly-drunken state already, perhaps solely due to the adrenaline that had been building within him all along. While her hands moved down, his hands moved up, slipping beneath her top and rubbing along the flesh of her sides. Labored breaths escaped him, and these advances continued uninterrupted even while he realized the single fact that could very well put an end to the ongoing scenario. "So... are you on, like, a pill or something?"

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    Kimiko was a singularly focused individual. As such, she rarely considered the true consequences of any actions she took past whatever goal she had in mind. This was at least partly the reason she chose the sort of people to work for her that she did, because her nature made her a bit short sighted. In the case of her Avatars and potential consequences most didn't seem to care very much, the Dragonoid Tatsuki was the type to control whatever the outcome of any event was, she likely wouldn't allow herself to be impregnated unless it was her wish. Miki due to her path in life likely couldn't hold on to life in any meaningful way without extras being necessary so she was also fine for any sort of activity. And Tamamo, given her personality would have enjoyed the idea of being impregnated so, that wasn't a line of thought even possessed by the fox. As a human, Kimiko didn't like people and never expected to reach such an interval in her life, she didn't carry contraceptives on her person nor had she ever purchased any, but... she was a well looked after girl, with access to the best medical treatment money could buy.

    Soon enough Kimiko felt the warmth of this lad's hands against the bare flesh of her sides. What an enticing feeling. She nearly squealed enjoying the pleasure of it all. Her own hand's progress wasn't impeded at all, either. It would find its way to his belt line where it stopped moving downward as it came to rest against his erection. Would this actually be happening? Would they be finding out something interesting today? Well, yes and no. She had no problem answering his question, but it would come with extra thought which made this seem like something which shouldn't be happening as immediately as they would like. Still she didn't stop herself, her lips trailed down from his kissing the left side of his neck as she spoke of her own take on this potential problem... though her words were a bit labored. "Technically the answer to that is yes. But..." there was always a but in these situations. "I was gone for three days... I have to catch up before that could be trusted," she mentioned. Much to her chagrin it wasn't just the other world blocking her attempts at sex, but this one as well. Granted she could take a single extra pill per day with her regular ones and be caught up in three days. Hormone blockers were only as useful as their timely dosages. She wasn't necessarily keen to end up pregnant, though not for traditional reasons. She didn't worry about being able to take care of a kid, nor the stress of having one. What she worried for in this instance was only potentially impeding her fun, or getting knocked up too early in their relationship for them to enjoy themselves properly. She didn't want to become one of those young people who gave up everything reasonable because she lacked foresight with her potential decisions. Besides, there were several optional kinks she couldn't know if she had until they could fully explore all avenues of such fun.

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    Yes was the answer Yugi was given... but, so was no. How strange. For just a second, he was excited to progress without hesitation─ especially considering the fact that Kimiko hadn't paused her own advancements when answering the way she did. If she wasn't going to stop, it would have been quite rude for him to do so. His hands continued trailing up onto her ribcage, and his arms extended enough to lift her shirt just as far. If there was progress of any sort to be made, he was going to expose something. Her abdomen would suffice for a few moments, at least.

    "Sou ka," he said through a single pant─ the result of feeling the lass' lips against his neck, and hand against his manhood. Yugi leaned his own head forward, burying his face in her neck as well. Lips smacked against the flesh of Kimiko's neck thrice before Yugi even spoke the remainder of his thoughts. "That's not good," was all he could say. The rational side of his brain was saying to stop all progression then and there, but... surely there was no harm in how things were presently, right? The only danger lay in achieving what one would consider the ultimate goal, but not at all in the journey itself. "Suman. I don't really have endless stamina, or weird dick vacuums or anything."

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    Her answer to his question seemed to cause some kind of strange reaction. He'd panted when her lips met the side of his neck, progress was still being made. They didn't really want to stop, that much was obvious, being the type of person she was, Kimiko never wanted to stop any activity she started of her own volition. Yugi's lips making contact with the side of her neck only seemed to spur on the wiggling of her hips. Her breath hitched for just a moment as she flicked her tongue over his neck. "Hm, it's really not~" she said acknowledging that their lack of ability to currently complete the act they were aimed towards was quite strange. Still the lad went on to apologize, bringing up a few mentions from her browsing of certain series which made her giggle just a tad. She was still amused even as her hand began to move and her abdomen was fondled. "Iie, I'm not really upset or anything. I am not a very patient person... I don't like stopping things I start, and breaking now would annoy me a bit," she mused, she was actually quite greedy and spoiled. Kimiko would rather have her way than let something as simple as a lack of contraception interrupt her good time. "So, how about we take this the long way around?" she asked him innocently, while that hand of hers stroked his manhood through his pants. "We have a little fun now, and make sure to prepare for later... the journey is supposed to be fun too, right Yugi?" she asked, as she pecked his lips again. There was a strange light in her eyes, and to be technical she desired all of him, waiting just a little longer for the ultimate finish wasn't so much a problem, as long as she got something to hold her over. All take with no negatives was the best way for such a thing to play out in her own mind, so long as when they fully committed they weren't interrupted. Would she rather be having sex? Yes! But she was also a degenerate and knew there were many things that existed between innocence and penetration. They could retain the sentiment of their exploration of each other, holding off on proper copulation until the timing was right... And until then they could have a bit of fun, learning their original bodies.

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    Time and time again, Yugi was made to realize that he had no clue what to expect from Ashikaga Kimiko. Even presently, he wondered what her take on the present situation would be. Would she rather them stop? Perhaps they would continue without worry by her design? Well, the true answer was... something between the two. While Yugi busied his tongue by trailing it along Kimiko's neck and shoulder, she voiced that they would neither advance nor retreat, in a manner of speaking. Ah yes, the long route. They could refrain from taking the path ahead, and they could refrain from returning to their starting point. Where they were presently was a wonderful area to explore, and they were so, so very far from seeing all it had to offer.

    All in all, one could say there was a balance to be achieved. The pair could satisfy themselves and each other, and do so without creating unnecessary complications down the line. In doing so, they would surely also grow as a unit. It was the perfect idea when all aspects were considered in such a way. Perhaps Yugi could even overcome the burning desire he had within himself to ignore the lack of contraceptives entirely; that would probably be for the best. Either way, there had to be something specific going on here. Yugi decided to cease his advancement of any disrobing or the like, choosing instead to figure out what was going on in Kimiko's mind as his face rubbed against her neck. "No complaints from me. Got anything in mind?" he asked. Of course, he had various things floating around in his own head as well... but there were so many options, he hadn't a single clue where to start. "I think I blurted out my whole life story in that list earlier. What's in your head?"

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    Kimiko was a rather strange girl, and only ever really stopped any situation out of necessity. Knowing that the lad was as interested in their shared activity as she was, she barely saw room to care about anything else. Right here and now, she preferred nothing be lost and it seemed that Yugi was alright with her proposal. His tongue traveling along her neck brought pause to the lass as her eyes widened before fluttering to a close. She fought the desire to wiggle away from the added sensation. Even so, her face gained extra redness and there was an additional thump in her chest, what a strange amount of sensation this caused her. It seemed to travel directly to her core causing the involuntary shift in her hips.

    It only became more obvious over the next few seconds how sensitive the girl found her own neck as the lad buried his face there and questioned what ideas she had in mind. "A---um~ more than I'd like to admit," was her general answer to what was on her mind. She opened her eyes, thinking about all of the potential options she saw within her head. Life would be much easier if such things didn't require extra communication, the things on this lass' mind were rather embarrassing when she needed to express them. Ah, but Yugi was quite right, he'd basically thrown his entire kink list on the table a few moments before this one, it should mean nothing to share what was flowing through her mind. "Well, I kind of like the idea of sitting in your lap like this most of my clothes still but like half off. That sounds pretty good actually especially with you rubbing on my neck like this, with this..." she paused giving a gentle squeeze to his manhood. "Between my thighs, that seems like it would be fun. But I chose lingerie based on the idea it might be seen but I didn't think about it too much so it might be like unwrapping a present right? So, I considered I could also show you how I do this for me~" she mentioned but she wasn't really done yet. Because she'd be lying if she said that was all she thought of. "But I also considered continuing from here, maybe topless and just gyrating in your lap until I was satisfied but that also seemed a bit too selfish," she mentioned. "Ah but make-outs have advancements too, and I still owe you a favor..." she paused choosing to flick his ear with the tip of her tongue... "And I'd still like to try that too... but there are so many choices I can't be decisive. I always want everything," she mentioned softly. "Hm, I probably shouldn't have said all of that... way too much," she accidentally said aloud, as she normally kept such extra thoughts inside of her own head, she had a hard time stopping even the end of her thought pattern. This was of course, just what she wanted right just now. She also wanted to have sex, to explore that as fully as she could, would she like the idea of breeding? Would she enjoy the feeling of being filled? Was she the type to be demanding in the moment? Would she want him to talk to and spoil her a bit? She wasn't at all sure, and not knowing made her want to find out, through experience. But right now she considered a form of fellatio, some heavy petting, potentially stripping and putting on a show for the lad all potentials for the day.

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    At long last, it was Yugi's time to discover the goings-on in Kimiko's mind. How far did her active degeneracy go? For starters, it seemed there was quite a bit on her mind in regards to current events, and she clearly thought it was all quite embarrassing to share. That was a sensation Yugi knew well by now. Regardless, Kimiko went on to spill the proverbial beans on... well, everything. He listened intently, his eyes widening due to both her speech's content, and the sudden squeezing of his manhood. The things she said all sounded like they were taken directly from the mind of Yugi. Midway through her explanation, there were swirls in his eyes. How could one choose between options, when all were so very appealing? Such was the problem of a degenerate. Even the idea she had, which she claimed seemed a bit selfish, sounded ideal to the lad. From what he understood, it would even serve the purpose of being mutually pleasurable. "I─... wow," he murmured.

    Kimiko claimed what she said was way too much, but Yugi couldn't have disagreed more with that notion. He shook his head, and took the moments between her speech and his own to lap at her neck once more─ it seemed to have been a decent use of his tongue earlier. Only after licking a line from her shoulder to the space just under her earlobe, did he bother speaking again. "I don't think it's too much," he said. If the increase to his manhood's frequency of pulsations wasn't enough to prove his point, he would explain further. "I'd say if there's something we both want to do, we should do it. Like I said, all that stuff's pretty much on my list, so why waste brainpower choosing?"

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    Was there any blood left in Kimiko's body which didn't currently reside within her face? The answer was yes, but she was barely aware of its existence. In fact, she only managed to feel more embarrassed after speaking so frankly about the things she'd desired out of this encounter. This feeling of initial anxiety didn't ease when all the lad had in response to say was 'wow'. The lass had a whole host of feelings about that. She'd surprised a man with the things in her head. She definitely shouldn't have shared that much. It really was a problem to be as much of a degenerate as she....

    There was a pause in her mental tirade as the lad's tongue once again made contact with her neck. She shifted just a little moving her hand as she did and feeling various pulses in his manhood as well. What could this mean? Well, she was about to find out, even as a gentle sigh passed between her lips, Yugi reached her ear with words she'd never thought she would get to hear. "Really?!" she uttered in abject surprise. She'd claimed to want a lot of things in the last few moments, surely this wasn't just acceptance of her ideas in all their perverse glory? Apparently the answer was yes... Shock crossed over the lass' face. She expected to some extent only one of two possible reactions, and neither involved this level of general acceptance. Yugi claimed it wasn't worth trying to decide between ideas and that they could simply do all of them. Did he have any idea what something like that would mean to her? "I mean... I'll take all of that, if you're sure... But you can't back out~" she teased aiming to look smug but feeling like she just came out looking embarrassed. She was still a bit anxious, but she felt through his words something much deeper. There was so much feeling in offering her something like this. So much care, in letting her be the truest form of herself... she really couldn't say no, or even back out a little bit. "I am really happy..." she mentioned as she leaned into the lad once more. She aimed to kiss his lips again. This time was much softer and with some idea of the kinds of things they would be doing, she didn't worry so much when her hips shifted gently against his manhood. Her breaths would soon enough become labored but she wouldn't bring herself to stop what she intended to be a gentle exploration of the lad's mouth.

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