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    How could one avoid the gasps and moans? Every time Yugi became conscious of his own utterances, he knew nothing shy of embarrassment. In every subsequent moment, however, he knew... nothing. The boy's mind would repeatedly become clouded, then blank as soon as Kimiko's head moved again. As much as he wanted to look away and conceal his own expression of bliss, he couldn't keep himself from watching the lass' face. A strong, tingling sensation was constantly rising and falling within his loins. This occasionally resulted in Yugi's eyes shutting tightly, until...

    What was the girl's goal? Well, there were a couple of them, albeit only one that would reach fruition immediately. He'd been noticing an increase of depth with nearly every downward movement of her head, but while his eyes were closed, he felt something... quite different. There was an addition of pressure that clearly didn't come as a result of lip or tongue. This was... throat? Confirmation would come naturally, as the sensation alone caused Yugi's eyes to both open, and widen. There, he saw it happening─ the moment in which Kimiko's nose tapped his pelvis. He'd let himself fall under the assumption that this was hardly something easily accomplished by normal people, yet here he was experiencing it first-hand. She even seemed pleased to have done such a thing! If nothing else, Yugi could give consideration to one thing...

    He'd won. For himself, for men everywhere, for the culture of degenerates, he had claimed the ultimate victory. This girl, Kimiko, never showed an ounce of promiscuity. She couldn't be considered some sultry harlot, yet she proved herself to be just as lewd as any man he'd ever met. Physically, this combination of matters made him move as if he nearly intended a retreat, even though instinct almost demanded that he thrust forward instead. The end result, of course, was a simple jerk to no particular end. "Woah woah! I'm not complaining, but... that's a pretty dangerous move there─"

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    Triumphant. That was how Kimiko felt in a moment like this. The lad before her, even seemed to be apt to flee her attentions, not that she'd let such a thing happen. Regardless having reached this goal she witnessed the look on Yugi's face, which seemed to be some mix of surprise and confusion. He really was cute, he'd looked so embarrassed for such a long amount of time, he made noises and spoke very little leading up to this moment. Actually, she was quite enamored by everything this lad did, he seemed so genuinely surprised by her actions. Perhaps at some point, she'd question this properly... but right at the moment there was something else to be done. She began the slow withdrawal down his manhood as he spoke on the dangerous nature of her most recent skill.

    Though she did remove him from her mouth and throat, she'd continued to assault his manhood with her tongue on the way out, after all she had every intention of doing something else here. Only one of her current desires had been met, and she surely wasn't about to stop before she had everything she'd come for. After practically waggling her tongue down his manhood and with it free of her mouth for the first time in a couple of moments, the lass managed to speak. "Oh? Well if you aren't complaining, I'll do what I want~" was the lass' retort. Of course, she'd only been trying to see if she could, and to see what kind of reactions she could get from the lad. If nothing else, she was shown that the sort of goal she had was exactly the sort of thing she should be going for. With this in mind she continued flicking her tongue gently over his tip and back and forth, while eyeing this lad once again. She really enjoyed looking at his face, she couldn't deny this at all. She did have a final goal in this, one which would need the lad to see release for her to experience properly, to avoid any complications and withdrawals that would keep her from what she desired, she'd speak on this as well... "And, when I said I wanted everything... I meant a proper taste as well~" she mentioned in the most casual fashion as her mouth closed around the tip of him for a brief moment before she withdrew. "Make sure you don't hold back, okay?" she asked before she went back to her work in earnest. Something about being the way she was in this particular situation let her find a great deal of happiness. Even as her hand stroked against her core, the tingles she felt in earnest were worth chasing on their own but not without the lad's release which she came for. In this instance, she moved her head back and forth down his manhood finding a pace and watching for the cues necessary to know when she'd be in for her next goal. She hadn't really thought over what she was going to say in this situation, so she wondered if she'd managed to surprise him again, she'd keep an open eye and ear for the results, but mostly she realized she was quite lucky to have found someone who accepted her so fully.

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    Without question, this entire situation was absolutely ridiculous on several levels. Little did Yugi know, it was once again going to get worse. He wasn't complaining about Kimiko's application of discovered technique, and she took that as an excuse to do as she pleased. Naturally, he couldn't say a negative thing about that either; that decision had her rising above and beyond any expectation thus far. Between gasps and sudden influxes of blood overfilling his manhood, he was hardly surviving already... and nothing stopped; only further progress was made by the lass. Even after removing him from the confines of her mouth, Kimiko refused to let up, keeping her tongue at work during the interim. She had words to share, as well─ words that repeated in Yugi's mind, time and time again after they were spoken.

    She wanted... what? Impossible! Those were words of experience, even words that somehow dictated some amount of ownership. Greed was certainly the proper moniker for this girl. The request that he not 'hold back' after such a statement was... not exactly a request by the time it registered in Yugi's mind. At this point, his mind was officially as flooded as his testicles With both physical and psychological arousal at play to such an extent, all at once, he lost whatever resistance he had left. Would he gasp again? A moan, perhaps? No; not this time. A sharp inhale was made through gritted teeth, only to be followed by something akin to a yelp. His reflexes demanded that he pull back, but he was already against the wall with no room for any form of retreat.

    This was happening here and now, and apparently per the choice of Kimiko herself. Without a moment to spare, one could only hope Kimiko came prepared. Yugi's otherwise excessive masturbation hadn't even been a matter of consideration over the past few days, and the girl purposely set herself up to be on the receiving end of what had simply been building up within. Just after Yugi's abrupt utterance, came a bountiful release capable of traveling a few feet if unimpeded. In fact, the lad could have used this expulsion to paint a small canvas, but... that didn't seem to be the case. Luckily, he would also be able to check Kimiko's reaction, as he managed to keep a single eye open throughout the intensity of his own ejaculation.

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    Ridiculous was indeed a good way to describe this situation. Kimiko herself thought her own actions and the general acceptance of them in the moment to be completely outlandish. That being said, she'd already mentioned that she was this way, it was hardly a time to hold back her own motivations at this point. She'd declared ownership of this lad and wanted all of him and apparently would take it, piece by piece if she had to. Speaking of piece, she was receiving something almost instantly after her most recent request. The lad's body and face seemed to undergo a drastic change, it seemed she'd be receiving exactly what she asked for within seconds.

    'If this happens just because I asked, I wonder what would happen if I demanded?' the girl wondered but she didn't have much extra time to consider. This room was small, and though his bodily reaction seemed to want to back away, the yelp that came from him was down right adorable. What came next, wasn't quite adorable and she didn't immediately have any way to describe it. Oh, but it was quite the new experience...

    Her mouth filled, in an almost instant sort of way. Now most would have backed away from such a sensation, but perhaps greedy was truly the right way to describe the lass, because she didn't do that at all. Her lips clamped down just a bit and the smallest splurts seemed to escape her. What a strange taste this was filling her mouth right now. It was salty and a bit bitter, but strangely not the worst thing she'd tasted. In fact, her eyes lit up with some strange emotion as she waited just a moment before pulling back. She was relatively certain that most if not all of what had appeared was within the confines of her mouth which she opened to be sure. This really was weird, but never one to back away from something new which belonged to her, she swallowed. A singular large gulp which moved even her throat, and in that moment there was a light in her eyes. This time of recognition, that sensation was familiar to her, but not for any particular reason. She suddenly had a very unique understanding of a certain food she'd eaten before and its supposed categorization as an 'aphrodisiac'. "Sugoi, that's like swallowing raw oysters..." she mentioned as the general comparison. It was a strange thing to say but definitely how she related it. Ah, but there was more, something a little more sensual and teasing. "I don't hate it at all~" she said as she licked her own reddened lips gently, and a blush spread across her face. Maybe she shouldn't have shared that last part.

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    Yugi could not have been more thankful for his ability to keep one eye open, considering what he was able to witness as a result. Panting away, he watched the mouth of Kimiko open while his reproductive fluid remained within. Was this something she did on purpose? Well, whether it was or not, his brows elevated while he stared with mouth agape. Apparently, they were also skipping what one would call the 'spitting' phase, as Kimiko decided to fully consume that which erupted from his phallus. How ridiculous; he could even see the movement of her throat when she did so, and the look in her eyes was one resembling satisfaction! 'Holy─ am I dead? Was that whole world just some pre-death dream?' Surely his ridiculous train of thought had to be accurate. He'd managed to get into Heaven, or whatever equivalent there was, and there was no better answer. How else would he have access to this?

    Almost shamefully, the natural process of things seemed to reverse for Yugi. The claim of Kimiko 'not hating' what she'd done was so pointed, it became another reason for arousal. As such, his dying erection throbbed anew. Nervous laughter escaped him, but he wasn't presently being stimulated beyond words. "Eheh... Well, that's good. I guess having a shit diet isn't so bad for that after all," he quipped, choosing to move on to the matter of... oysters? "Raw oysters? Never touched anything like it. If that's what oysters are like, though... I think I'll pass~"

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    Kimiko was fairly satisfied by her work this day. She felt empowered and pleased and beyond that she continued watching this lad. The reaction of his body led her to believe that he was likely enjoying watching her devour what he gave her. That was interesting to know. Still she found herself slightly desirous but willing to move along, lest she become too distracted by what she enjoyed and decided to not wait out her hormones or condoms. A cheeky smile appeared on her face and she managed to look more or less amused. Apparently his bad diet by his own words was a saving grace in this case. She had to agree, not being forced to eat weird things had to be a great bonus. "Yeah, I've eaten a lot of weird stuff before..." she said frowning and thinking about what meals were like with her mother forcing her to try new things and her father sneaking her more child appropriate options. Moving right along it seemed that raw oysters weren't on Yugi's choice of list, perhaps she should explain what she meant so he wouldn't get the wrong idea. She moved herself so she was beside him on the futon instead and seated comfortably even in her half-nude state. "Iie, oysters are pretty good. The comparison is for the texture," she said in an off-handed manner. Of course, she realized this might not make it sound more appealing but it was the truth. Actually, she began to wonder if the act of swallowing such a thing was why they were called an aphrodisiac in the first place. She supposed that it could work rather strangely, being related to the action instead of being related to the taste itself.

    They could technically stop now, she could do more but she was pleased enough. Still she couldn't let go of what she was seeing right at the moment so she shot him a wink. Moving on from all of this, what would they do? Did they have plans? Would they be going somewhere? She still needed to go home eventually but they could hang out for a while perhaps. What could she say next? How did one move on from sexual exploration to daily life? This was much less awkward when they were in the other world with preordained amounts of things to do. She realized in this moment if they spent a lot of time here, she'd get bored eventually. "So then, what do we do next?" she asked of the lad with her she was content to do what he liked for a while since she'd invaded his space and taken over his time so much. What would a day in the life of this shut-in entail? She knew from his previous words that he spent lazy days very different from her.

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    Never would he be able to imagine what classified as 'weird stuff' to one such as Kimiko, aside from the obvious presence of raw oysters in her diet. To say the texture was what she found comparable, was an oddity in and of itself. "Yeah, still gonna be a solid no from me," he decided. The sort of texture he imagined from that was disgusting as a thought; he could only imagine it being an acquired preference. Alas, it wasn't one he intended to acquire either; he was satisfied with his pizza, ramen, burgers, and other such junk foods.

    Now then, what would they be doing next? Kimiko decided to question this after seating herself beside him, and if he were to be honest... he hadn't a clue. Before receiving that phone call and the confirmation that Kimiko had located him, he had only planned on gaming the night away. If she was to offer more of her time in this box they currently inhabited, though... Ah, yes! Yugi sprung to life with an idea that should have struck him long before it did! "Well~" he began, hopping over to his computer. Erect manhood aside, this was a thrill he was quite interested to experience. "You've got the wealth to setup VR in AoE, so I might have something new for you to check out. Can you even imagine couch co-op on a PC?"

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    "Alright no oyster bars, got it~" she said with the general amount of smug she seemed to possess at all time. The lad had his preferences and she had no problem with that in the slightest. Oysters were quite an acquired taste after all, she didn't like them when she was younger, but she'd been having less of a problem with them as she'd gotten older. She assumed now this had something to do with her perverse nature, but that really didn't need extra delving into in the moment.

    Moving along from that, when asked what the lad would like to do, he seemed to give it a bit of thought before springing to life in a manner most excited. Kimiko observed this with a smile on her face, Yugi was truly quite excitable as an individual. She found this to be an interesting part of him and beyond that she found his happiness in such moments adorable. Even with his manhood exposed for her to see and he seemed to have gained focus on his PC? What was he saying now, there was a function similar to couch co-op that they could take up while playing a game. Her brows came together in obvious confusion. She'd heard of this elusive practice of gaming with others in the same room and even on the same console, but could never imagine it. She didn't have friends like that after all, and beyond all of that, she couldn't really imagine how such a step up would work on a PC. She'd been the type of gamer who had everything she wished for, every console and type of gaming apparatus, but the idea of sharing something as common as a PC was strange to her. "Sou ka, that does sound like a pretty new experience. How does one co-op on one PC?" she asked this with a raised brow while moving herself towards his computer. She was about to be in for quite the culture shock. But experiences were things she wanted, she wasn't judgmental in the slightest only spoiled to the point of rottenness.

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    No oysters would pass the lips of Yugi; this much was agreed upon. More importantly, Kimiko showcased her lack of experience in specific cooperative gaming experiences, bringing a wide grin to Yugi's face. He was quick to log in to his computer, which had its sounds activate only after exiting rest mode. As a result, a peculiar song began to play. On his screen was one Akaru Chiyo of the series Air Gear, arms elevated and hips swaying in an almost provocative manner as the song played. Yugi seemed somewhat taken aback by this, and for multiple reasons at that. "Shit! I missed my alarm for the new release. Oh well; it should already be downloading," he said regarding a new title he'd been waiting on for some time. Of course, the alarm had also shocked him due to the obvious reason he had it in place. Well... it had been seen now, and there was no undoing that.

    Once he'd dealt with the alarm and confirmed his active, albeit slow-moving download of another game, Yugi initiated a game featuring four cartoon-like knights with armors in varying colors. "It's pretty simple, actually. It might be a bit tight, but... I'm sure we're fine with that," he began to explain. "One of us takes the go-to movement keys and the space bar, and the other uses directional keys and right shift. Space and shift are for attacks. This game is called Castle Crashers, and supports up to four people online... but just two of us can play like this. I tried it solo, and it was pretty boring. In spite of that, I think it'd be pretty fun shenanigan's with someone else on."

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    No oysters, well there were plenty of other fun things to have for the lad. She was more reliant on his food tastes than he was on hers. Regardless, some different sort of tastes were about to make themselves clear. Yugi logged into his computer and an interesting sight popped up in the eyes of Kimiko. One, obviously Akaru Chiyo doing a dance which was popular on the short video challenge sites. She took in this video and had a few stray thoughts, the first of which was related directly to the idea she had about making demands earlier. The other was related directly to her desires, she never truly thought of herself as a jealous person, but with this lad she felt something strange. Perhaps it wasn't jealousy at all, she didn't care what he saw, but she'd prefer to be the person on his mind all the time. Hm, she could probably get away with that, but should she tell him her intentions or surprise him with them? She cut her eyes towards the lad and decided she'd surprise him instead... "Which new release?" she wondered, she had a couple of downloads prepared herself, and she wondered if there was something they might want to play together.

    Moving along, there was the matter of this game he wanted to play. "Castle Crashers, huh? Alright I can work with that, and of course, I don't mind being close to you~" there was another matter which struck her curiosity and that was the size of this computer screen. Did she mention this? Maybe it was rude, she wasn't quite sure. She hadn't seen a computer screen this small in someone's personal gaming set up ever. Even her work computer had a 30 inch HD screen, her home one was bigger. "So how are we cozying up for co-op?" she asked of the lad, content to let him figure out how they were going to sit together and play with access to his keyboard.

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