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    Kimiko could have said a great many things after witnessing his computer's alarm, but she had nothing to say about it. How strange; he would have expected some sort of reaction, just as she'd given when seeing his... figures. Instead of commentary about the alarm, she did question the new release he'd set it for. Now, that was something worth being excited about. "Only the most exciting title of the year so far," he said cheekily, certain she knew what he was referring to. Given their shared tastes in games, anime and manga, he had every reason to believe that she, too, was excited for the release of the newest Kingdom Hearts installment. "At this point, the remake should be able to catch up to the original series pretty soon. Maybe they'll even ride the popularity train and actually release a new Final Fantasy─"

    Simple pipe dreams, but one had to be excited about something. Moving on, there was one rather clear issue with the idea of their cooperative gaming experience of the day. How would they actually set things up? He had only a single chair in front of his computer, so a bit of improvisation would be necessary. "Uh... right. Shit. I didn't think about the fact that I don't really have a good setup for that kind of thing, and the couch is too short to reach the desk." Perhaps it would have been best if he saved a bit of his excitement for after the idea was complete and functional. Too little, too late─ though he did have some semblance of a solution. "Hmm. Well, it would only be the 'good host' thing to say you can have the chair. I'll take a knee next to you, and we can play~"

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    It seemed that though he might have been curious about his reaction, he seemed to only gain excitement about the title he'd been waiting to download. His cheeky commentary let her know which title it was and her own eyes sparkled quite a bit at the idea. In fact she let out an audible squeal at the mention, "Squeeee~ I know right! I have been waiting like half my life for this. I'm too excited. Actually, that's gonna make for some pretty good night gaming~" she mentioned fairly excited about the download of the most recent Kingdom Hearts title. "Oh but they are never releasing another Final Fantasy..." she said with her same general sarcasm. It was quite interesting the amount of things this pair had in common and their general love of gaming would likely take them far. Even if they couldn't play that title together, they could enjoy it in each others company... though that was an idea for later.

    Right just now, there was on the table a particular game and a setup to take care of. According to Yugi, he hadn't thought through all of the placement involved in the situation. He was quite right, the setup of this place wasn't necessarily the greatest for co-op as an experience. He claimed that the most appropriate thing to do, would be for her to take the chair and him to kneel beside her on the side he was taking. That simply wouldn't do. A chuckle escaped her, "Second option. You sit in the chair, I sit in your lap... no one has to be uncomfortable~" She seemed very certain of this, but it was the most logical conclusion to the lass, and besides everything else, she was more or less happier to be near him and then they could both reach controls without any problem which was better. Sure, they'd be fairly intimate during the ordeal, but that was hardly anything they couldn't be happy about at this point.

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    "It will! Actually, if they decide to announce co-op capabilities... even better. I think I might be really interested in two-man sessions, considering what we've already been through," the lad surmised. In that other world, they had gone through multiple adventures with their lives on the line, and both seemed to enjoy those moments thoroughly. In simple video games, surely they would also find great entertainment. "You're right, though. I sometimes wonder if Final Fantasy was even real from the beginning."

    For a moment, Yugi thought he was actually onto something reasonable with his setup idea. Alas, Kimiko had a better one to offer almost immediately. Shocked by how brazenly she'd suggested such a thing, he stared at the lass, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. "Just casually gonna throw that out there, huh?" he questioned. Only a moment later, he chuckled lightly. "Alright; can't argue that being a fair trade. No complaint if my lap sucks as a seat, yeah?" With that said, Yugi pulled out his chair, rotating it until he was able to seat himself. After doing so, he remained at this angle to allow Kimiko ample space to claim her seat of choice. Perhaps he'd simply let himself forget that neither of them had done anything by way of applying clothing to themselves. . .

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    Yugi showed an excitement equal to her own. He claimed he might actually enjoy two man gaming sessions and spoke on the possibilities of something like that in the game they were discussing. Actually, when Kimiko thought of it, she would also quite enjoy such a thing. After all they'd done together, the thought of something as simple as spending time with the lad and enjoying a gaming session they could wreck together was exciting. "That really would be entertaining I think... we could enjoy something like that together regardless..." the lass said knowing that she'd find more comfort with him around than without him. In any case, his words about Final Fantasy wouldn't go unanswered either, more sarcasm and more salty humor, lest she despair over that as well. "Fantasy is right there in the name. We obviously imagined the whole thing. Definitely isn't real..." she mused with a sarcastic grin spreading across her face.

    And then there was her gaming suggestion for right now, and it was received strangely. A look of absolute shock seemed to pass over Yugi's face, as if her suggestion was outlandish. In Kimiko's own mind, offering such a thing so casually was exactly the right thing to do. She'd spent a great amount of time occupying the lad's lap, whether he was aware of this or not, wasn't really important. She felt completely comfortable around him and gave no thought to anything like propriety when they were together. "Well yeah, it's a pretty casual thing..." she said as if it was the most normal offer in the world. Granted she had a skewed view of such things, she knew this would provide her the utmost comfort. Perhaps she was too much the pervert though. She hadn't given any thought at all to the fact that neither of them had redressed. Of course, when it came to gaming, Kimiko held the odd habit of sitting around in her underwear at best anyways, so it wasn't as if her current state of dress felt awkward for her. She'd already spent so much time in this boy's company she didn't register his nudity as something to be frightened of in the least. So, when he took his own seat and claimed she simply couldn't complain if she didn't like it, she took hers as well, setting her hips against him and allowing the softness of her body to rest against his. If he happened to still be erect she'd shift slightly enough to allow his manhood place between her thighs and peck him gently on the cheek as if amused. "No worries, I enjoy this seat. And I only offer fair trades..." she mused. At this time she was more than ready to begin and they could play this new game together and enjoy their mostly nude bonding time.

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    True enough, these two could undoubtedly find entertainment even while having single-player experiences in each other's company. Still, there was a certain additional appeal to the idea of actual cooperative games. Though... he could also see an extra feature of single-player titles that would allow for enjoyment between the two, but that was entirely unrelated to gaming. "I mean, you're right and all... I'd never abandon a good solo title, but the idea of co-op with someone who isn't just looking to be carried is... kinda refreshing, to be honest." This was about as accurate as he could be when speaking his mind. Well, that is... until there was additional 'accuracy' involving the game they were both apparently waiting desperately for. "Good point; it's just been a dream this entire time. That beta? Just a weird moment of the collective consciousness imagining what paradise would be like," he mused, scoffing intermittently throughout the clause.

    Ah, but speaking of the thought he had about their potential shared solo gaming experiences, it would come to light in a strange way as Kimiko claimed her 'seat' in his lap. The simple fact was, he did remain erect, which of course had to result in said erection being clasped between surprisingly ample thighs. Just like that, he was right back to throbbing as Kimiko's lips met his cheek. His breath caught in his throat, which he cleared before attempting to focus on the screen. "Right. Yeah... glad you like the chair," he spoke through a voice that cracked a few times throughout the statement. "So uh─ Poison, Electricity, Ice, or Fire?"

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    Kimiko simply nodded at the lad's clauses. She too, would never really abandon a good solo game, she enjoyed the story aspects and collecting new things too much to agree to something like that. Even so, she could think of many ways for them to have fun while playing solo. It was a given that her own set up would allow for two people to play solo games on two different screens but... there were other things that could be done while not playing that she imagined would be just as fun. Regardless of this, she verbally agreed to his assertion. "Hai hai, I would also enjoy the ability to play cooperatively without it being a pain. Either a room full of actual girls which is pretty hard to come by and if there are only girls, full of girl level cattiness or a room full of guys which is a problem and a half. A happy two player co-op sounds lovely~" she mentioned. Actually there was a game she'd played briefly that she might actually enjoy if another person was involved, perhaps she'd bring it up sometime later. Moving along, there was much banter about the lost Final Fantasy title, which would only come with a healthy chuckle. "Sounds like a collective stress induced fever dream to me~" she added with all of the sarcasm her person could muster.

    Oh but there was the fact that they were soon enough sitting together in this chair. She found her seat of choice to be exactly what she wished, a gentle bit of throbbing occurred between the softness of her thighs. Such a thing also came with strange reactions from the lad, as if he was working kind of hard to concentrate. His staggered initial breathing made her chuckle, 'Kawaii!~ He's so cute!~' her mind was really active in the moment. "Hm, of course~" she said about the 'chair'. Soon enough he managed to move on, so she was asked a strange question about the kind of knight she'd prefer using. Her eyes still hadn't shifted to the screen, she didn't need to look to know what her choice was, "Poison~" she said before finally looking towards the screen. The feeling of this lad's manhood between her thighs caused her to tense her thighs gently. Oh this was going to be just as dangerous as things she did on purpose. Perhaps, she really did enjoy teasing this lad, she couldn't really help it the first time.

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    "I dunno; I imagine the opposite way would be pretty reasonable. I feel like being one guy in a group of girl gamers would be way better than... well, being surrounded by testosterone and 'look how much bigger my numbers are' and shit." Yugi had been in his fair share of 'cooperative' experiences over the years, and none of them were more annoying than when he was surrounded by male gamers and the types of egos which normally came with them. Of course, any attempts he would have made to join the party of female gamers would have been foiled preemptively by those same males. Ah well.

    Moving on─ or at least, attempting to, Yugi's hand was at work making selections for their game. Kimiko spoke her desire of playing the 'Poison' knight without so much as a glance at the screen, so he quickly assigned it to her before his every movement halted. Well, it wasn't every movement; his manhood pulsed in response to the abrupt shift of legs around it, effectively freezing the rest of him. It took a couple of moments for the lad to regain his composure, but he already thought his gameplay would suffer soon enough... though that was alright. "Hai. Poison it is. You'll be starting with the Thin Sword. I'll take... the ridiculously-colored Electricity. I'm trying to unlock that Skeleton dude, so I'll put up with the Mace for now. All good?" he asked, more than prepared to begin the game at a moment's notice. If she said yes, the session would begin right away.

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    "Hm, more reasonable... Yes. Still annoying, also yes but maybe its because groups of girls don't like strategy. So, a whole group of girl's can't decide anything, but it's fine for stuff like Minecraft~" she mentioned happily. She'd had a pretty decent time playing in groups of girls online in games that didn't necessarily require true strategy. Alas she'd never really gotten around to playing that much with other people, it simply didn't often fit with her life style.

    Whatever the case, they were soon to be moving along to something more interesting. In this case, he was choosing the Knight he wanted as well, though he paused a bit giving the girl more to appreciate. She should probably stop doing this sort of thing... she was likely seeming like some kind of sadist. Maybe there was a softer word that covered better what was? She was thrilled to have the ability to cause this lad distraction, but it wasn't something she strictly enjoyed in terms of being mean or anything like that. Still he'd managed to recover, fairly easily, so she supposed she could try not to cause him too much trouble. Apparently her little knight came with a sword of some sort. Though she was more prone to playing archers she didn't know much about this game and wasn't really bad at playing anything in particular. Besides, poison usually lead her down paths she liked when it was offered. Still there was much to say, especially about the color choices of the game designers. "Sou ka... I thought maybe you'd just clicked the wrong one. But they really didn't just make fire red, seems a bit wasteful~" she mused. Any other color could have been that but she supposed she couldn't argue with artists like that. "Hai hai, let's start." she said her fingers taking up their proper place on the keyboard where she needed them as she shifted her body forward just a bit. She was more than prepared for this, new kind of fun.

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    The following day... was yet another school day Aiba Yugi would not be attending. He'd been awake in the wee hours of the night, gaming as usual. Most of the time he spent doing so, he was still in the company of Kimiko. Quite a few dangerous moments were behind him now, but care had to be taken. Over the course of last night's gaming session, Yugi saw multiple moments which almost led down the path leading to some weird, interdimensional pregnancy scare; that wouldn't be good. Well, he couldn't exactly think that, could he? He could only imagine the process being magnificent, even while the results could have been something catastrophic to the world itself. Would that have been worth it? Yugi found himself wondering that from the moment Kimiko left the box he lived in, to the current moment of his waking for the day.

    The time was about 11 in the morning when Yugi rolled off his couch, which remained stained with the scent of Kimiko. If he was to think the previous day had been a dream, there was no way to do so upon taking those first breaths of the morning. How had they even parted? His mind was hazy; he could hardly rationalize left from right. School was hardly a matter of consideration, and even without seeing the time himself, the lad was certain he hadn't woken up in time to go even if he wanted to. "Fuck," he muttered while sitting up on the floor, making every effort to rub the sleepiness away through his face.

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    The following day was indeed a school day, and what would be the fate of Ashikaga Kimiko this day? Like all others she was sitting in class, listening to a teacher drone on about some random thing or another. An image of perfection, as a school idol should be, she was actively taking notes like a good student should, but her mind was far away from this room or these activities. No, she was thinking about the day prior, when she'd left school and gone on to spend an entire evening in the company of Aiba Yugi. He could be here in class with her now... he could be helping keep her entertained, but alas, school wasn't somewhere he liked being. Maybe she could talk him into it... that would be good. Imagine the amount of fun they could have together? She thought it over and managed to look a bit less surly than normal. Though her annoyance at the lack of his presence was likely still radiating off her person in an impressive aura. If yesterday was anything, it was telling of the sort of days they could have together, and thus causing her tension that she likely wouldn't have known otherwise.

    Gaming and incidental make-out sessions were all fair. Moments of danger and several orgasms were all part of the day. By the time they'd had their last of such an experience the previous night, he'd all but fallen asleep. It really was a shame she couldn't have stayed longer, but by the time she would have gotten around to mentioning that she had to go, he was comfortably sleeping beside her. Passed out with a look of supreme relaxation. She saw his face and couldn't wake him, so... she'd kissed him and gotten dressed. She'd locked his place up behind her and let herself out, but not without leaving him a kind message. Whenever he woke, she figured he'd check his computer and find the open note in his notepad app from her.


    I didn't want the cops called on me again, so I headed home after you fell asleep. You were too cute and I didn't want to wake you. I couldn't find your phone so I left this message here. I have to work for a bit tomorrow but... we could hang out some more after, if you want. Here's my number. Text me, if that doesn't work for you...


    And then the bell rang and class was dismissed. Kimiko closed up her notebook and books making her way out of the classroom with a swiftness that was carried on by her particular logics. She was headed out of school now, it was time for lunch and she had half days now. Instead of bothering to stick around and eat with the others, she was headed for her office building. She would carry on her business activities with the goal in mind of finishing so that she could get back to what truly interested her now: Yugi.

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