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    It strangely took about twenty minutes for him to do so, but Yugi eventually managed to compose himself. What time was it? Where the hell did he throw his clock this time? Ah, it was still near his computer... which had been left on since the previous night. Stumbling his way over, he checked to realize it was nearly noon, and thought to inspect his computer for any game he'd left running after all that random debauchery the previous night. "Ugh. I never wanted coffee so bad in my life," he said, almost as if he expected there to be a listener. Actually... was there someone to hear his words? Yugi became alert, scanning the room for the lass he'd spent almost the entire previous day with. There were no signs of her; could she have been in the bathroom? "Oi!" he called out.

    No answer came after a few seconds. With that, he assumed Kimiko was no longer within this little box of a home he had. That was fine. She probably had school and life obligations to deal with, so he couldn't have expected her to remain overnight. If that were the case, though... it would've been quite nice, he thought. With his sudden coffee-related craving, he was in the midst of wondering if she'd fancy a cup. She probably would. Moving on though, a quick inspection of the computer let him see the open note left behind on his screen. Ah, that explained his current situation. He'd managed to pass out in the night, so she took her leave to start her next day properly. Sadly though, there was a phone number attached to the note. His phone... oh. Well, there certainly wouldn't be any texting done. More importantly, Yugi was finally realizing the repercussions of his earlier actions. "Fuck! I can't afford a new phone!" he exclaimed, head in his hands while grinding his teeth. He should really stop reacting to things in the spur of a moment, but it was too late to dwell on that now. He didn't really need a phone anyway. He didn't have 'friends' to keep in contact with, and Kimiko seemed more than capable when it came to locating him whenever necessary. Luckily, her instruction to send a text wasn't for the sake of confirming a meeting between them. Kimi's plan was to meet with him, and it seemed she intended to do so as long as he didn't have reason to cancel. That was so... her. "Huh. Wonder when I should be expecting that. How long does a teen business tycoon spend at work?" he wondered aloud.

    Now that he thought about it, Yugi was further curious about his situation. It was such a random thought, but... the previous day had left him thinking about a lot of things. As such, he sat at his computer and leaned back, looking into the ceiling and speaking to ears he wasn't sure were there. "Oi! You still keeping my place bugged?"

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    Within a certain amount of time, Ashikaga Kimiko found herself back within her own personal office in the Ashikaga Consulting Agency's Headquarters. She was now sitting down, relaxed as she ever was, with a fresh cup of coffee in hand and her phone placed on the table in front of her. She was staring between three separate computer screens doing various basic tasks for the upkeep of business operations. Trades were made, final copies of contracts were finalized and sent to clients for review, payroll was taken care of... all was well. She watched the ever shifting stock markets of world business fluctuate and her own accounts rise as a matter of course. Strangely, not much had happened to anything during her recent little vacation and business would continue as usual. Oh, but some contingencies would have to be made. She'd have to make sure at least basic things could be settled whether she was present or not, especially if she was to end up back in the otherworld for an unforeseen amount of time. She began work on a set of protocols for making sure payments were made to her staff in the case of her absence, and also that the proper people were notified of her 'activities' should she disappear again. Much like the Kaiba Corp method, she'd simply have herself listed as on 'vacation' should she fail to log in for a certain number of days.

    Such things took only a short amount of time for the girl to work out. How long did a young business tycoon spend at the office? On a typical day when she had nothing better to do, she was in her office from about 11:30 am until about 6 pm. Of course, she was only supposed to be at work until 4 pm at the latest but such things never stopped her before. Ah, but right now, she had better things to do. She wanted to spend as much time with Yugi as she could manage in her regular day before talking him into going to school. As such she'd be done without dragging anything out by about 2pm. No stopping to watch streams from halfway around the world. No playing with the stock market aside from her quick trades. No interests that weren't her specific target. All done she was, and now there were only a few things left to do. She needed to speak with her Human Resources Administrator, mostly to tell him a name she wished to be interviewed should he happen to find his way there, and partly because she was still in need of contraceptives. Oh... well that was two birds with one stone... or maybe three. She also wished to test some of her more latent abilities, if any of those carried over, she could have a pretty reasonable time being a rogue type of individual in her actual life. So, she'd take a casual stroll towards his office aiming to slip in outside of the corner of his eye. She'd tap the door with a knuckle to draw attention upward, before slipping further into the room. Only to settle to his right and stare into his open computer screen. She wanted to know what he was doing right just now after all...

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    Once again, Yugi offered words that received no answer whatsoever. This time, it was a positive. He'd almost expected a message to appear on his computer after yelling that final time, but it was refreshing to see no such thing. He could rest easy. About now would be a great time for some casual self-exploration to work himself up for the day, though Yugi felt no such inclinations after the number of expulsions he experienced the previous night. What was the real experience going to be like, he wondered. Well... he'd find out soon enough, and that was the most strangely exciting thing he'd ever considered. If a meeting with Kimiko was a certainty later in his day, he thought it best to get himself cleaned up while it was fresh on his mind. As such, Yugi lazed about and gamed for only a few hours or so before heading off to the shower.

    Meanwhile, Kimiko was busy progressing the day. School and were bypassed in the simplest manner, and onward she went to the Human Resources Administrator's office. Long, orange locks were easily visible over the back of a wheeled chair at the administrator's desk. Was he privy to the arrival of Kimiko, his boss by all accounts? No... no he wasn't. Had he been aware, perhaps he would have ceased the action of perusing a popular website full of pornographic drawings. In particular, he was viewing a page filled with incredibly lewd art of one Tamamura Tamao from the series Bleach. Oh, she was drawn in all sorts of wild positions, sometimes even restrained and looking none too pleased about it. Just as he was really immersing himself in his scrolling, clicking and saving, there was a sound not coming from his mouse. Was that... knocking of some sort? It certainly was, and that wouldn't be all. Once his attention was brought away from the monitor, he saw the last face he expected at this particular time. "GAH! Ashikaga-chan, what brings you to my office this fine evening?!" He stumbled over his words, laughing nervously and frantically clicking away the active window on his screen. Alas... it was to no avail. To keep his progress on every page, he'd been opening every image in a new window and moving forward from there. With all his clicking, all he managed to do was create a slideshow of that pink-haired anime character being ploughed ten ways to Sunday in a single scene.

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    Ah, Kimiko's initial presence had gone undetected. Much to her expectation, knocking had let her become an obvious point of interest. Still, she couldn't really tell if he didn't know she was there because she was trying to do the rogue thing, or if she could have successfully crept up on him, just because of what he was doing in the moments prior to her arrival. What would Kimiko find by the time she made it to the point of looking over his shoulder while he nervously clicked away. "Hoh?" that was all she could say. As dozens of images of Tamamura Tamao being given all kinds of rod were shifting over his screen. Oh, the gloriousness that was the mask of Kimiko's calm face was here but something about her still gave off a stifling bit of pressure and foreboding. This orange haired man was much older than her, even so... she was his boss and she'd just caught him doing something quite unfitting of a man in charge of her human resources department. Perhaps a sense of dread would settle upon this man, though that likely would have happened regardless considering what he'd been caught doing. All the while behind that mask of a smile she had several thoughts completely unrelated to the actual contents of his screen. 'I really knocked and everything, how did he not manage to clear his screen in time? I can't even use him as a proper test of my skills at this point... what a shame,' she thought, that strange smile still on her face. The one that didn't quite reach her eyes with its happiness.

    "Gojo Satoru," she said just this for a moment or two though her eyes hadn't yet left his screen. He did have reasonable tastes, Tamao was a great looking Captain at least. "A name that I thought might eventually be crossing your desk. I find him amiable and good at his job... if he comes by offer him the open position of Internal Security Coordinator," she explained what she actually had come here for, such was her way of dealing with such things. But she was also still very much herself and still intended to extort. "Still, I didn't really imagine my Human Resources Administrator would be browsing Rule34 during work hours, nor that he wouldn't have the sense to use the home screen function key," she said in a slightly snarky manner. Her silence on this matter would be bought, but she'd give him a moment or two to sweat over what she'd just seen while wondering about her actual reaction.

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    Was he sweating? He had to be sweating. It felt like he was sweating, but he didn't even have it in him to confirm. Not only had Kimiko seen his screen; she was staring right into it. That was his job, wasn't it? No, that couldn't be the case; he could easily explain himself! All important matters of the day were handled ages ago, so surely he was allowed a bit of leisure. Yes, perhaps he could have chosen something a bit more important, but could his gamer nerd of a boss really take his decision out on him that severely? Well... maybe.

    In the midst of his early rambling, a single word was spoken. That shut him up rather easily. Who the hell was Gojo Satoru? After a few moments of silence, it was made apparent that this was the name of a new prospect Kimiko had her eyes on. How she was so casually glancing over his observation of hentai, he didn't understand, but at least he could carry on with his job henceforth. "Gojo? That name sounds familiar," he commented. He would certainly keep his eyes and ears open for such a name, especially if they could fill an important job like the one she brought up. "I'll be on the lookout, though that's a name I've never heard you bring up before. I'm guessing we've had no prior dealings with this Gojo Satoru."

    Ah, and there it was. After all that, Kimiko finally addressed what she'd caught him doing upon her arrival to his office. What could he even say? He wasn't jerking off or anything, so it couldn't be that big a deal. But... wait. There was one colossal issue here, and though it took the male a few moments to figure out, his eyes widened with clarity before his repeatedly-opening mouth finally produced words. "W-well I uh... All my work was done for the day until you showed up, so I thought I'd see what was new while no one was looking. You just caught me off-guard, so I freaked out a bit. That's the honest truth. But... why do you know about Rule 34?"

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    He was definitely sweating. Kimiko saw the little beads clearly on his forehead, from the corner of her eye, as she stared at the images crossing his computer screen. 'There are a lot of fantasies about topping a woman who would definitely castrate someone...' she noted while looking at the screen. Still, he was earning points here, even as she stared with no real interest or disinterest crossing her visage, he eventually managed to choke out some words regarding the man whose name she'd mentioned. "Gojo Satoru is a young Detective currently. He was at my house the other day, investigating my being 'missing'. But I'd find him more useful here... he's a bit too kind to remain in such a force for very long," she said of that particular young man. He'd definitely fit into the position she recommended without fail. She never picked wrong at all. Even now, with her Human Resources Administrator sweating bullets about being found searching hentai, she had nothing but the utmost faith in him to complete his job duties to the highest order of his ability. It was simply her nature to dangle such things over him to get what she required out of him. In truth she had little to no care about what he did to amuse himself so long as he completed his work in a timely manner. Such a thing was about to become known.

    "Oh? So this was just for random leisure then... sou ka." she said still smiling. She hadn't been able to use him for a test of her rogue skills, but she wondered. She'd crossed paths with a certain young woman when she'd first entered the building. She knew for a fact that this young man was carrying on a bit of a tryst with her. In general, such things could have been considered against fraternization policies, but Kimiko had written those for very specific instances and not for keeping people from experiencing each other, in a manner of speaking. She moved her hand and felt the pull of that magic so very entwined in her soul. Ah, he had a condom on his person. How very specific. That smile became something demonic. "Why do I know the name of a website that's written on top of every still closing image window scrolling across your screen I wonder~" she asked in that rhetorical yet snarky manner. Of course, it was probably obvious why she knew of the site, it was one of her own most visited, but she hadn't ever been caught scrolling at work. Kimiko wouldn't be admitting to perusing the site to one of her workers, but she wouldn't judge him for his choice. As far as hentai was concerned, at least he was looking at some interesting stuff. Besides, she had more sense than to be upset over something so simple. Perhaps he'd be sure to take her advice and roll back to his home screen next time. "A condom," She held her hand out, expecting to be given what she asked for, though Romani was an interesting man, he might feign ignorance for a bit. She was prepared for that as well.

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    "Missing, eh? Don't tell me this 'missing' case is something that's going to make its way back to me. What, did you spend an extra hour at an arcade all the way in Shinjuku?" the male questioned. Surely there wasn't much legitimacy to claims of Kimiko being missing, especially considering the fact that she was here and in prime form now. "And they sent a detective after you? Did you scare him out of his job or something? You tend to have that effect on people."

    Indeed, his hentai observation was mere leisure. Actually, he was signed into his account on the aforementioned website, saving things for later use. He may have even been getting himself riled up in preparation for a future meeting with a pink-haired woman within this very building. Ah, but that wasn't something he'd mention so casually... if at all. As for how Kimiko knew of the website he was browsing, she decided to point out the fact that its URL remained visible. That couldn't be all there was to it; one didn't simply understand Rule 34 from a simple glance. At least, one couldn't speak of it so casually their first time seeing it. She wasn't going to admit to anything properly though, so it was best he drop it there. Besides... there was something more important being brought up. A condom, she said with an extended hand. She wanted him to... hand her a condom? No way did she know he had some on his person, right? "EH!?!" was his immediate reaction. Interestingly enough, his response wasn't necessarily disputing the fact that he had what she was looking for. No, his mind had gone elsewhere. "Uh. Ashikaga-chan, I'm flattered, but you are my boss. I couldn't call myself the anything of human resources if I let you fall to that sort of favoritism."

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    He didn't want to be told her being 'missing' was something that would make its way back to him. "It isn't very likely, unless someone plans to ask you what I do with my spare time..." she said in a seemingly honest way. Had she simply stayed an extra hour in an arcade? The truth of her 'missing' status was something she could only truly share with one other person, presently. And too bad for Romani that person wasn't him. "You never know with me. I do on occasion get really drawn into a game~" oh that was snarky and a bit telling. Well, her employees never really questioned her beyond her general words, though Romani was more likely to do so than any one else. That smile of hers never slipped, but a case in point was being made, as Romani questioned why this detective might eventually find himself here. "Yes, apparently I might be some sort of criminal mastermind. Obviously, I am not just a teen gamer having a bit of fun..." she said with a casual roll of her eyes. "I doubt I've done anything scary. I don't think I've been scary. I'm the same as I always am..." she said that sentence and she was still smiling at this man as if she had all the secrets of his life. In this case, she did, but that wasn't really the point.

    Oh but she truly was a bit scary. How scary, this raven haired lass was still smiling with her hand out. She moved her index finger and knew that this condom of choice could be found in the man's lab coat pocket. Ah, but he managed to be surprised, not that she was asking for it. But he went on a spiel about how he couldn't do such a thing with her, she was his boss and all of that. "I wish I could wake up in the morning with your confidence, Romani..." stated Kimiko. "I'm not propositioning you," even though Kimiko was still smiling that sentence came out like a dagger. "I want you to give me the condom in your front pocket," she said that same smile still present on her face. "Of course in exchange, I'll forget all about this strange delusion of grandeur, and Fujita Harumi whom you're actually fraternizing with in the breakroom most recently, and all that viewing of Rule34..." Oh yes, full demonic smile and imposing attitude. It was never really an option, he was going to hand over that condom whether he was keeping it for himself or not. She needed at least one for her planned activities this afternoon, and didn't want to stop by a store while unaccompanied.

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    Who would bother asking what Ashikaga Kimiko did in her spare time? Romani had been working in this facility for quite some time, and he'd never heard of it as anything more than passing curiosity. No one had the nerve to actually pry. "Not happening then. Understood," he said. Kimiko's comment about getting drawn into a game came off a bit pointed, but nothing too out of the ordinary. After all, who would ever stop to think that a video game resulted in her being sucked into another dimension or something of the sort? Not this one. He didn't even care to wonder why she would be labeled a criminal mastermind, or anything other than what she really was... which happened to be what she seemed to be claiming she wasn't. "Please. You walk around with dragon fangs in a teen superstar's mouth, and you act like you think that's normal. Grown men wet themselves over less."

    Undue confidence, he had. It was not interest in him which caused Kimiko's demand. That was good, though perhaps she could've phrased it a bit more gently. "Ouch. There goes all that alleged ego," he snipped. After hearing something like that, he'd likely be questioning his own worth in the mirror later. Romani elevated for just a few moments, only to be sent crashing down into a trench in the ocean floor. What a shame. Worse yet, Ashikaga Kimiko knew far too much about his private escapades. Maybe she gained some information from Fujita Harumi during the young woman's exodus─ that wasn't too long before Kimiko's arrival, so surely they passed one another. No, that wasn't right. This information was spewed with the confidence of someone who had always known. As for the condom in his pocket, though... surely she wasn't asking for it just to get it away from him. If she were, she could have put a stop to this fraternization a few months ago when it all started. Did she plan to use it? That had to be it.

    "Yare yare," he sighed. What was the world coming to? Frankly, he didn't envy whatever person this girl was strong-arming into having sex with her. That lad would never be the same again, for better or worse. "No," he said bluntly, arms crossed as easily as his right leg crossed over his left. Romani's chair spun until he faced Kimiko, separated from his desk quite a bit during the shift. Somehow, he managed to wear a stern expression. "First time? Advice. Never take a condom that came out of someone's pocket." He wasn't going to deter her actions. It wasn't his business what she got up to, and he wasn't being paid to care about anything that didn't endanger her and the staff of this corporation. Even so, he did seem to have some concern to spare for Kimiko's personal decisions. She would not be given the condom she demanded, but a tilt of his head gestured toward the top drawer of his desk. There, one could find a box of three male contraceptives. "Those come in sizes too, you know? Those are large."

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    Was he going to be questioned about her activities? Probably not. Even if he was, it wasn't like he could tell them anything they wouldn't already know. Ashikaga Kimiko was an enigma and she realized this, even when she was being straight forward many didn't understand her nature at all. Surprisingly enough the man known as Romani Archman was a bit closer to the truth of her than he would ever realize. Still that smile of hers never broke at all, this man was at least a bit more amusing than she remembered. It was strange but she could say she missed interacting with him a bit in the six months she was gone. "Of course I am normal. This is all I have ever been... there is no reason to assume I am the strange one here. Grown men reduced to tears by friendly conversation are the ones to question~" she said as if she had no idea at all she was frightening to anyone.

    Still all the ego she'd said he had seemed to disappear with her statement. Perhaps he shouldn't have assumed she was after him, but she didn't expect her words to be taken in such a fashion. Perhaps she'd crushed his ego a bit, but she couldn't have him getting the wrong impression of her. She enjoyed his presence in her business. She liked him as an employee, but she had no romantic interest in him. He didn't even hit her radar though he was swooned over as attractive by the general female populace of her company. What was more Kimiko was confronted by something strange, this man before her told her no. Her left brow rose as he backed away from his desk and turned to face her, but unlike many in her situation she gave pause to hear him out. Kimiko wasn't a brat after all... regardless of how the general population saw her, and she was always willing to hear out a trusted employee.

    Oh? Advice? Well she didn't really need that. She would have taken the one out of his pocket simply because she knew given his habits it hadn't been there very long. Still, it was rather strange that he felt the need to look after her at all. Such things were strange to her, but her time away had led her to be a bit more understanding of such gestures from people. Ah he even chose to advise her about the sizing of condoms. She was of course already aware of this, and had already sized this particular appendage and thus had chosen her target on purpose. That smile on her face remained the entire time but it softened just a bit around the edges as she faced him and looked into that desk drawer of his and took note of a box of three condoms in the size she would have looked for. "Sou ka..." she said though that wasn't all she had to say. "You know Romani, not many people would look me in my eye and tell me no after I made a demand of any sort," she mentioned as she stared at him. "I'm glad to see, I didn't choose badly. You're a good man, Romani..." she said reaching out to pat the man on the head thrice. Still she reached into that drawer and grabbed the box of condoms and turned on her heels to go. "A returned bit of advice? Delete your browser history before Tomoko sees and map yourself a work screen to one of your function keys, and keep it in your pants till you're off the clock. I might actually have to do something if someone else tells me about it," she said in passing. "Oh, and thanks..." And just like that Kimiko exited this man's office.

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