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    Opening one door after another was going to be the way. Every word shared seemed to be peeling back yet another layer, even layers within the layers. Yugi remained attentive, keen to see what lay beneath each barrier. How far he could delve in this single session was up to question, but he would go whatever distance possible. As Kimiko's mind processed what he'd said so recently, he continued observing her face. This side of the girl was so fun to watch, deviousness could not keep away from him. Yugi could feel the squirming state he was reduced to in the form of Kou. With that memory in place even vaguely, how could he possibly avoid a chance to leave Kimiko in a similar state?

    She even said she would accept 'punishment' if it was his desire to deliver. This was a game. As a long-term habit of Yugi's, he didn't tend to lose games, almost as if reality itself demanded that he be victorious somehow. In this case, though... one winner did not mean there had to be a loser. Yes, they could both win on the journey, in the end, and in the moments after as well. Yugi chased this double victory with glorious purpose, taking up a pace that was agonizingly slow even to his own senses. There was one thing he needed in this approach, though, and it was to be determined by Kimiko herself. "That's binding, y'know? You'll have to hold up your end to make it work, or I might accidentally go too far~"

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    Oh, they'd both found what they liked to watch in each other, though admittedly in very different places in their day to day lives. Kimiko liked his face while he was thinking, mostly she liked the idea of being able to see when his mind was working. She liked knowing every once in a while that she was the absolute cause of his racing mind. Right now, it seemed he was enjoying pulling back her mental layers to find out what it was she liked beneath the surface of her enjoyment. "Haaaah~"

    A deep breath ensued as the lad slowed his pace to deliver the punishment that she was obviously here for. Ah, and what was that, he was talking again. Teasing her without mercy. This truly was a game, no one just spoke to her, the way that Yugi did, it was part of why she liked him. The slowing of his motions made her nether pulse in a different manner. It gave a gentle quiver... "Ah..." she managed but only went on to continue speaking. This was exciting and it was written all over her face. "I know it's binding. Don't worry... I'll do my fair share~ We're partners after all...." she said offering the lad a quick wink. Oh, the bets were being placed and she had no problem. She would continue to squirm just a little as the downshift of pacing began to drive her wild. Her breaths would come in quick bursts but she didn't care. She could be teased without mercy in a situation like this... and she'd enjoy it because it was Yugi doing it.

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    Partners. Yugi rather enjoyed the sound of that. He still struggled to come to terms with Ashikaga Kimiko being deemed his girlfriend, but... perhaps that was the key. They had always been partners, if nothing else. Yugi would surely have an easier time acknowledging that. Well, that depended on the time and place, he supposed. Here and now, calling Kimiko 'partner' the way he thought would have been demeaning her overall purpose. No, she had to be considered... something more─ something he didn't even have words to portray. Maybe a phrase would come along eventually. . .

    Either way, the pair appeared to have another agreement on their hands. That amber glow flashed in Yugi's eyes once more as he mentally registered the exchange taking place here, assuming Kimiko would indeed hold up her end. "Good. I don't even know what I should do if you broke another promise so soon after the first~" he said, truly having no idea whatsoever. Naturally though, such an event would see the same end result as its predecessor: Yugi doing whatever felt appropriate and mutually enjoyable at the time, and claiming it to be some sort of punishment. How would he react to another broken contract, though? Did he actually want to find out? Mentally, he was a little torn. On one hand, he liked how things were playing out already... while on the other hand, he did have a thing for that bratty streak he could see so clearly in the lass. Time would tell what direction was taken in the end, but for now, Yugi kept those steady movements with the sole intention of awaiting one precious moment as it fell upon Kimiko. All he had to do was maintain pace and... wait.

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    Yes, they were partners. And Kimiko could see this very easily. Of course, as far as their current relationship was concerned she was the person with the fewest reservations. Perhaps by being this way she could help him along, she was already letting him undo her by the seams... what could one more thing hurt? She'd fall into the depths of Yugi, in moments like this and enjoy her stay. He wouldn't know what to do if she broke another promise so soon? She didn't think she'd broken the first one properly. "You're tempting me," she mentioned as his slow motions did strange things to her body. "I like watching you think... and you not knowing means you'd have to~" she mentioned with a devious smile crossing her face if only for a moment. Even so, she wouldn't do that just now. Compartmentalize. She could hold that for later, and concentrate now on something else.

    Ah, but what something else? Probably the slow moving sensations being offered to her by the lad who occupied both her body and mind presently. It was like dangling off the edge of a cliff. Every once in a while, a slight jerk or rather a burst of feeling would occur but it wasn't quite enough to cause her to fall over the edge. There was no release only building tension, her nether translated this into a tightening sensation, as she squirmed unable to properly move her hips. Even so, Kimiko could find release at a slow and steady pace too. It wasn't as if she hadn't taken a few lonely strolls of her own when she was left alone at home for too long. "Aaaah-haaa, I'm close. I'm... so close just a little more and I'll cum for you, Daddy~" Oh, yes, she might as well tell him properly it was coming. She couldn't really keep it to herself. It was likely he could tell, given the tension in her body and clamping down around his manhood... without interruption maybe she'd find her end.

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    Frankly, Yugi was all but completely lost as to when and where Kimiko's end would be brought about. There was of course the clenching of his girth within her, as well as the subtleties appearing across the rest of her body... but she was squirming as it was. How was Yugi to tell, then? Easy. Kimiko offered a warning of sorts, keeping her end of the agreement without fail. Here, Yugi was actually wondering if she would do so, after mentioning an interest in his expression of concentration if she made him think up a 'punishment' of any sort. Not this time, it seemed.

    Now then, what was Yugi to do? Was this one of those times a 'dom' would reward their 'sub' with the release they desired, or even earned? Maybe it was, or maybe it wasn't. Did any of that matter? Not one bit, according to Yugi. This wasn't a matter of dominance or submission as he saw it, but instead the simplicity of random decisions. A bit of fun in the spur of a moment while they explored one another was a must, so... he'd just go with the flow. Currently, said flow dictated that he explore further, until he could discover what happened when Kimiko couldn't take the anticipation anymore. That was his end of the bargain, after all. "A little more, huh?" he asked. A little more was exactly what he offered thereafter. Only a few additional strokes were delivered before his hips and thumb stopped entirely. At that point, only the tongue upon her lower torso made any movements at all. Sadly, there was nothing he could do against the throbbing of his own erection; strong arousal was something he found impossible to fend off. "Can't have that yet, can we? Does it make me a sadist if I want to see you suffer... just a little bit?~♥"

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    Kimiko felt the building anticipation. She'd even done her part in this particular leg of their journey. She'd managed not to break their most recent agreement, even though she'd given it more than a little bit of consideration and now came the reward. He even acknowledged it with words, so she'd give him the same, such was the depths of their agreement in her mind. "Yes, Daddy~ Just a little more~" she moaned out those words. A few more movements and she'd be there, a bit of thrusting, some extra movements of his fingers, and that tightening within her person reached near its pinnacle. Like a bucket filling with water droplets, like a dam being pushed against by a river... she could feel the start of the overflow... the crack in the wall which would release that delicious pressure. Ah, but it didn't come... a gentle whine of a noise escaped her. Of course, he'd leave her squirming just at the edge of the abyss she quite literally wanted to dive into headlong. "Ah, why not?!" the lass exclaimed in mock outrage. He wondered if it made him a sadist that he wanted to watch her squirm. Of course it did... though admittedly the movements of his tongue against her abdomen made the muscles within it contract just a tad, still stimulating but not enough for the push she wanted.

    "Of course it makes you a sadist~" she mentioned. Though her tone implied that this wasn't actually a problem for her. If he wanted to see her suffer a bit, he was definitely creating the situation which would cause it. Ashikaga Kimiko was a young woman in charge of the entire world by most people's standards. She was one of the most well-put together individuals who walked about day to day. And right at the moment, it was being revealed to Aiba Yugi that there was but one thing which could be held over her, and he was the only person capable of doing so, given their arrangement. "I don't really mind that in this case though. Come on, Daddy... don't leave me hanging on forever. We had a deal~" she mentioned while letting out a bit of a sigh. Her body was held right at this point, nipples tight, face flushed, body covered in gooseflesh, and loins practically dripping nectar while gripping at his enclosed manhood. All she wanted at this point, all her body demanded was release. How long would he keep her from reaching it? She was curious... it couldn't be that bad right? Actually the thought of anyone actually trying and having the ability to keep her away from anything was a bit enticing. No one said no to her on a regular basis, and no one could truly challenge her most times... perhaps this was why she was so willing to accept such things from the lad who was now holding her very pleasure within his own hands and at the mercy of his own whims.

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    After six month of adventuring together in another world, there was one thing Yugi understood─ one thing he paid a great deal of attention to. Such was the case even in hindsight regarding this, their home world. What was it? Ashikaga Kimiko was one who did not know the sensation of being at the bottom of anything. In any normal setting, it was she who dictated the flow. Where then, did she find time to let go of it all? Well, Yugi would take it upon himself to prouce the time and place for exactly that. That was what he could offer. There was nothing material or monetary, nothing fancy, nothing most would consider substantial at all. The only thing he had to offer was himself as part of this partnership between them. In making that offer however, he could at least try to take the edge off day-to-day life.

    "We do have a deal," he confirmed. Yugi may have stopped moving, but he didn't intend to stop his treatment of the girl. Such was the reason his tongue remained mobile against her flesh, as his eyes traveled up what remained of her form. "But if I'm a sadist, I might as well go all in, right? You not having control of a situation once is... pretty hot." Ah, more words that would have never been spoken by his most commonly-used Avatar in the other world. It was a bit embarrassing to say, but he couldn't resist in the wake of how open Kimiko herself was being. Yugi did begin moving again, albeit only in short bursts here and there. He was considering a change of pace or position, though nothing was coming to him quite yet. "Just don't think about it too much. Let loose; I'll take care of you. Just suffer and enjoy, while I find out what happens when you've suffered too much~"

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    Well they were in agreement about Kimiko's lack of knowing the bottom of a situation. Rare was it for her to consider she could even be this way, but right at the moment, in this lad's presence she could feel at ease. She'd let the layers of her outer ego fall away at various intervals until there was nothing left between them. Her claim that they had a deal was accompanied by Yugi's agreement and the movement of his tongue against her flesh. Ah, that really was great... but he had more to say?

    He claimed if he was a sadist he should go all in, and complimented her in the same breath. Apparently watching her not have control over this situation was attractive? No... he called it hot. That was a bit on the nose for the kinds of words that generally fell from his Avatar's mouths. In the six months she'd known this lad, it was rare for him to be so straight-forward in his like of her. In fact only his Dragonoid had seemed nearly into her initially. Ah, but this was further proof wasn't it? His actual self making a claim here and now was more than she could have expected. She was sort of happy about this current positioning. If she'd been looking at him, she doubted she would have appeared to be anything more than soft and adoring. Though admittedly she saw no problem with that either. He wanted to take care of her, and find out what she was like undone? Well, she wouldn't get in his way. "Well, when you say it like that... I only want to accept it," she mused a cheeky smirk crossing her face. Her body relaxed as much as the tension allowed it. Those occasional bursts of movements enough to elicit some extra sounds for her as she once again inched towards that release. "Fine, I'll leave myself in Daddy's care~" she mentioned. If he wished to look after her... she'd let him. If he wished to hold her at the brink of her own pleasure... she was fine with it. He was the one who understood her and offered her something of value she couldn't give herself. It'd be rude not to accept such a gift.

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    Those peeling layers were viewed inside and out by Yugi as they curled back. He had a great interest in what was underneath, and that interest only grew with every new discovery. He'd already delved too far into sadism to stop any of his current efforts, but it was all worthwhile if he could gain even deeper understanding of the lass currently beneath him. "H'oh?" he muttered, taking note of Kimiko's reaction to his earlier words. Had his proclamation done something to her? Certainly so. And there it was─ the likeness to the blonde Avatar he knew her to possess. "I knew that you was in there somewhere. Cute," was his commentary of choice.

    Ashikaga Kimiko would be accepting his offer, leaving Yugi with the reins in a manner of speaking. Excellent. Her pleasure was his to control, which rendered it a thing for him to provide. That was... something. It wasn't enough; nothing could ever be enough. As such, he'd always be looking for something more, something new, something greater. Yugi had his work cut out for him with that being his intention, but it would be a fun ride all the way. "Keep calling me that, and I'll end up not answering to my own name ever again," he stated. The more Kimiko spoke, the more he found himself growing attached to some of the things she said. Now was the time for Yugi to begin his movements anew, though a slight shift was to occur. Yugi nearly ejected himself from the couch, seeming almost as if he intended to utilize Kimiko's body as a wheelbarrow or something of the sort while his hips began gyrating. He kept hold of her hips while being somewhat crouched himself, leaving the lass with free reign of all other aspects of her own movement... Well, whatever was possible for her anyway. . .

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    Yugi took a deep dive into the person known as Ashikaga Kimiko, and found through his words the softest version of herself. How very surprising it was for such a feature to be brought to the surface by not her own doing. She could feel the blush creeping up on her face as it happened. What was more, this would only gain intensity as the lad before her had actually taken note of this small shift in personality. Of course, it made sense that he would notice such a thing, that particular Avatar had spent the most time in his company. "You would say that... it's not really fair for you to do something like that to me while also teasing me, Daddy~" she moaned that sentence out and playfully pouted. He truly was a bold individual, speaking to her in such a way, calling her cute. Ashikaga Kimiko was a lot of things, but never cute, how did one even react to being called such a thing? In her case, further embarrassment seemed about the most legitimate reaction she could ever have to such attention. Still she didn't hate it. She enjoyed that even after so short a time as six months he knew her so well, that he didn't take her teasing too seriously. She enjoyed what she imagined most people called feeling normal... in the presence of Yugi and would do so at every opportunity he presented her.

    With that normal feeling Kimiko could do something she never did in any other aspect of her life. She could surrender and accept his attentions as they were offered. In this case, she all but completely turned over her pleasure to him, and in return she received the information that he enjoyed being called 'daddy' by her. This wasn't a simple matter of here and now, but instead Yugi claimed he'd go about not answering to his own name. He started moving again this time, taking the initiative to shift their positions ever so slightly. In this manner he used her a bit like a wheelbarrow but left her enough freedom to shift her own hips just a bit, which she took without fail. Something about this was exciting, just as much as what he'd most recently said. "Ooh!~ I know what you said, but what I heard was you'll only answer when I call you... and I really like that~" the lass moaned. They were going to have a good time. And the increased motions gave her a new tingling sensation to chase. She could feel it again, building as he pushed himself into her nether from this new angle with a bit more vigor than he'd previously managed.

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