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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    "Hai," Kou answered as he rose from the floor, lifting the keystaff with him. "The way you're using this build, you should have been classed the same as me. Your primary focus should always be your Class, not necessarily your Type. If you're stuck on playing that way, though, you should at least make sure you use the skills to make it a viable build, or... Game Over." With that said, Kou offered the princess her crown and weapon of choice. He then sighed and looked to his companions, whom he found to be in a rather strange state as a group. Nothing was odd about Miki, but Hikari had taken a place upon the former's pillow, while Karna watched on in a more devious manner than normal. "So uhh... What were we doing after this again?"

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    Madoka was astounded to find out that she'd built her character wrong or rather in a manner that was less than viable. Whatever the case, her weapon and crown were soon restored to her, and she took her crown and placed it upon her head. Doing so gave her the ability to magically scan the entire room which was something she'd never done before. She found everyone in the room possessed a great deal of magical skill compared to herself. "Sou ka... arigatou gouzaimasu, Kou-san... Miki-san," she said to both of them, she walked over to Miki herself and removed from her person a bag containing some 200 gold pieces. Miki took the bag in her hand but didn't bother trying to count it. She had a pretty good idea of how much was in there. "Sankyuu~" she said tossing around the pouch a little bit. After a moment, Kou went on to ask what they were planning on doing next.

    Miki thought for a moment but then remembered what their plans had been after setting out from the Marsh Kingdom. "Ano, we were going to go and secure a cart and cho...ahem... I mean Filolial for general group transport. Maybe some camping gear too considering the size of the group now would be pretty good," she said with a curt nod. She didn't know how long they intended to travel, but she figured they would definitely need supplies and the like, which was partly the reason she was alright with charging for her services. "The Filolial farm is to the east of this place off the grasslands..." she said calmly. "We could do the last minute stuff here and then head out to meet the farmer in the morning..." Miki suggested. She didn't know if Kou was the type to do what she wanted in this case, but she had every intention of being completely involved in the creation of their Filolial. There were too many variables for her to one a really low tier one.

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    Filolial raising was the plan they had. Once reminded, Kou considered the great boon it would be to deal with that sooner, rather than later. He also wished to focus on the breeding process of the Filolial for the sake of producing the best one possible, and to do so, starting on a morning was optimal. "Yeah, that sounds good. A Filolial and a cart is pretty much a necessity, especially now that we have a group of four. Xerxes definitely can't carry that much of a burden by himself, even if he did agree to pull cart all day. Besides... that'd be weird." And so, the group's time in the royal castle of Eonis came to an end. They went about their way until they departed, on foot, the very next morning.

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