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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    While Aerona questioned the blonde, Aeronius gave consideration to the specific approach made. She did raise an excellent point. With the old king gone, and old ways gone as well, it was likely the most ideal time to restructure the kingdom entirely. "It does seem quite sensible. With Eonis under new rule, now is the ideal time to start everything anew. I believe the Demi-Humans would be especially appreciative of it, if they had some say." There was much more to be said, but it would be said by Miki... or rather, by whatever new identity she had from this sudden, ongoing transformation. "Again?" the prince spoke aloud.

    Kou continued to play the role of an observer while Miki underwent this change. Over time, his eyes widened. His mouth was repeatedly opening and closing soon after, as this new form with its mainland influence seemed... frankly more stunning to look at, than to sense. He had little choice but to look away after realizing just how long he'd been watching, not even paying mind to a single word that escaped the lass' mouth. Lucky for him, Aeronius chimed in after Aerona's query. The curiosity he had, happened to be based on the earlier mention of the male Adventurer's second name. "I do see it, sister. Does this state have a different name as well?"

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    Aeronius was right of course, all things made about this plan would benefit a Demi-Human/Human United Kingdom. Perhaps this lass required a bit more credit than the normally pessimistic Aerona gave her. Beyond this point though, the girl had indeed transformed and she was quite a stunning sight to behold. Aerona had no jealous inclinations and she found the lass' new form dictated or rather held a strange amount of perfection. And beyond this, her words felt even more trustworthy after this change, as if her own authority was simply over this aspect of creation. "I suppose I can't argue it," Aerona said. All were seemingly stunned by this transformation, enough that Kou's staring went unnoticed by Aerona and whatever this Avatar of Miki was. The question of if she held a different name this time brought pause to the raven-haired lass. "Who me? Did I change?" she said seemingly confused by the occurance.

    A moment within her Nexus vision let her know she'd indeed become someone very different, but that being said she felt no different than her usual self. "Oh? I feel like me, the original me. That's pretty good, I understand what you meant now, Kou." she mentioned mostly to herself in this moment appreciating the shift in her own body and her personality. "Tangents about business tend to do weird things to me anyway," she said coming up with a general explanation for why she didn't realize she'd experienced this change. But her sight within the Nexus told her this was indeed a Ruler-class Avatar. "Oh, right. I do have a different name, Daiyu desu." The lass' words left her mouth and she stretched her leg, down to the floor allowing the Golden Puzzle ball to roll from her lap. Her eyes widened at the sight of it, knowing she'd changed she'd thought it'd be gone too. She reached for it, having it come back to her hand by way of Mana Manipulation. Seeming not to lose much from her previous Avatar's special skills. "I HAVE IT IN EVERY AVATAR!" she mentally exclaimed looking at Kou with wide eyes.

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    Much as the case was with Kou/Amakusa, Miki's new form didn't seem to even realize a change had occurred. Kou remembered well enough to know why this was the case, or at least have some slight understanding. It was a very 'natural' transition, as far as sensations were concerned. "Well, yeah. It looks─" He had to stop himself from speaking, as well as looking for too long. What he first intended to say, he wouldn't speak into existence consciously. "More like... your normal self as well. Sort of like a fancy vacation or something," he said to cover his original thought.

    There was one matter of great importance, which Kou didn't expect the lass to discover so soon. He fully intended to segue into such a topic, but as she was now, she placed herself in a situation to realize... she still had that sphere. Her reaction, albeit sent directly into his mind, reduced him to a state of rubbing his scalp sheepishly. 'Eheh─ yeah. It's not character bound. The signature I attuned it to was the underlying Mana identity shared between Miki and Tatsuki. The identity it connects to, as a result, is Ashikaga Kimiko."

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    "If you cannot argue then there is work to do," Daiyu said with a knowing smile. She looked to Aeronius and Aerona and tilted her head from side to side. "Announce the victory over the demon hoard. Tell the Demi-Humans that you rescind your father's previous ban on them within the walls. Allow them to lay claim to any space unoccupied by Humans so long as they are capable of fixing it. It will go a long way to get money flowing within this place, as well as allowing everyone to settle into the new rule," Daiyu said calmly. "It is all good news so make the announcement together. Cementing your image as properly benevolent rulers is important," she said. Aerona looked at her, and nodded her understanding of this situation. It appeared that one of her first acts would be to undo the injustices presented by her father she began walking towards the front of the palace. Choosing not to make the speech from above as her father would have, but from ground level to help cement her bond with her new people. This wasn't anything Daiyu had mentioned directly, but it was the best choice to make. Good. She was thinking for herself a bit. "Come along, Brother. You were always better at presenting good news." she said as she walked past this new young woman and couldn't help but give her another passing glance.

    In the same moment, Daiyu heard the words Kou had to say about her current appearance. Claiming it looked more like her original self, if only on a vacation of some sort. "Hm, that's good. I was thinking before that if I'd known I'd end up here, I might have chosen the look I was more used to. Is it reasonable?" she asked softly. She had no real idea of how much of her changed, but hoped she'd not gone too far unconsciously. At the very least she knew her body proportions weren't completely out of sync, but what she looked like to most others didn't really matter to her. She'd made that clear when speaking to Kaiba, only the lad before her had an opinion she cared about. What was more in their private conversation the lad looking sheepish, explained that the Mana of this item was attuned to the her beneath the surface of Miki and Tatsuki. Meaning, as long as she was herself she could keep her Treasury and access to it, including her ability to fill it. "Sugoi! That was really, thoughtful of you..." she said approaching the lad directly. He'd put so much of himself into this gift, she was only becoming progressively more surprised with everything she learned. Once she was standing in front of him, she flashed him the most sincere smile. She couldn't give him anything equivalent to this thing he'd done for her, she only hoped her gratitude was enough. "Arigatou gozaimasu,"

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    "Y─yes... of course," spoke the ever timid prince of Eonis. He knew what had to be done, and he understood his position in ensuring that progress was made. With these things in mind, he kept in close proximity to his sister, Aerona. They would make this work; they had to do so for the sake of their kingdom's future.

    In the meantime, Kou's gaze continued to shift to and from the Avatar named Daiyu. He had every desire to stare, to gawk even, but he kept himself from doing so. Since she was asking for his opinion on her current look, though, he let himself glance a bit more frequently than he otherwise would have. "Huh─ yeah. The name fits the look as well. It reminds me of that Libra Saint, theme-wise... but it's..." Could he bring himself to admit that he preferred this visage to that of the character in question? No. He did, however, fully believe this to be an improvement over even that bombshell of a fictional entity. It was quite odd for him. Moving on, he was being approached directly with words of thanks from the lass. Kou couldn't even keep himself from shying away just a bit, averting his gaze as he felt the temperature of his face rose significantly. "Ano... it's not that big a deal. I figured there would be more consistency to it, and a bit more use overall... that's all." When he gave this response, he chose to do so aloud. The monarchs were gone, so the lad saw no purpose in continuing a silent discussion. Aside from that, he didn't want to accidentally think something 'at' Daiyu that would incriminate him.

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    The pair of Monarchs from Eonis went about making their declarations, and Daiyu received in return a moment to relax. She could at least trust that such a thing could be handled without her direct interference. Especially given that she'd more than practically handed them instructions that couldn't necessarily be messed up. Instead of dwelling on this she was left to her conversation with Kou, one which continued aloud after the exit of the royalty of this place.

    "Oh? I look themed? That's good, I enjoy Libra Daiyu myself. Actually she makes my top 10 in that series..." she said loosely of the title which the character she seemed to look like now came from. "I kind of chose the name based on the hair while being relatively unsure about the rest," she gave a bit of pause to her speech. She was a bit worked up, enough that she didn't really question the lad not finishing his sentence which seemed to be something which happened often enough that she'd gotten better at interpreting the extra silence. "I was just hoping I didn't go overboard unconsciously," she finished up that bit only to move on to the more important thing. Her Treasure Trove which upon being thanked for, the lad showed an exceedingly sheepish reaction. "Kawaii!~" Daiyu chimed finding this reaction to be noteworthy and beyond cute. Enough that it was her incriminating herself in the moment. "Oops, that was supposed to be in my head..." she murmured only to recover pretty easily, though she had the grace to at least look a bit sheepish herself now. "That's all?!" she repeated the lad's last words and chuckled. "That was a lot. It's okay though, I'll let us both off the hook for now," she stated content to make sure she kept the rest of her thoughts in her own head for the duration of their conversation.

    "So, do you think we should stick around for a bit? Make sure nothing goes wrong, maybe see the Blacksmith?"

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    "Definitely top ten," he agreed. Afterwards, there was a brief moment of thought. That was yet another series he'd yet to see to its completion, sadly enough. "I wonder if she paired up with Indra. There were a lot of would-be ships in that one. Maybe as many as Air Gear had," he continued, seeming to be almost mumbling to himself. Now that it was a topic of conversation, he couldn't really help it.

    It seemed he wasn't the only one accidentally letting too much out of his own head this day. Even though he succeeded in refraining from his most recent clause, he'd have rather avoided saying a few other things beforehand. However, Daiyu let slip her own reaction to his antics. Did it make him less embarrassed? Just the opposite, in fact. "Oi oi, you─" There was no point finishing the statement. The girl claimed she'd let them 'both' off the proverbial hook, and he could easily interpret her meaning. It felt as if something was being missed here on either end, or perhaps only on his part. Whatever the case, he was glad to move on right away. "Right, yeah. It'd be worthwhile to swing by the smith before we head back to meet the others. After all, this is probably our last chance to be down here for a while. We could gear up, grab a bite of some human food, all that good shit."

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    It seemed they were once more in agreement about a particular manga related thing. This time a favored character. He went on to question a potential relationship which only caused Daiyu to laugh. "That one is pretty obvious. Given how those two write, I wouldn't be surprised if that relationship became official a couple of chapters after it was hinted at," she said of her favorite mangaka and their habit of shipping people which was almost as bad as their fandoms. "Hm, it's hard to rival Air Gear in pure ship potential. Indra x Daiyu, Capricorn x Pisces, Nemesis x Kiryu, and the original pair of why don't we know for certain yet, Amar x Katsu." she said having a whole mental tangent of her own. "Scratch that, you're right. It's definitely top contender, at least as far as visible potentials go," she mused seeming to find it nice once again to just be able to have a quiet nerd moment with someone else for a change.

    Moreover, he seemed to get over his embarrassment with much more relative ease than normal. Allowing the lass with him to relax into a more normal amount of conversation. "Hai hai, sounds good to me," Daiyu managed about food in addition to the Blacksmith. Perhaps another date would come out of such a situation but before she could prod a bit further she was interrupted once more, though it wasn't unwelcome. Surprisingly enough, Hikari had wandered in from the outside and watching this exchange only to make her presence known afterwards. "Yahello!" she chimed in a strangely familiar tone, though there was a light in her eyes that hinted she'd been there much longer than she needed to be. "So, you changed up too...Nee-san?" she said looking over at what she'd previously known to be Miki. "Daiyu desu," the raven-haired lass managed which only made Hikari's ears twitch. "Come on, everything's won and they are out there giving a not terrible speech. I'm trying to see this Blacksmith about this weapon I picked up in the rift," she said seemingly excited by the prospect. Daiyu was fine with this and would be content to follow along along with any of the others who decided to join them on this little expedition to the Blacksmith.

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    The discussion continued, and Daiyu came to the conclusion that the series of their current topic did, indeed, rival the other in terms of character relationships. "Exactly! Though I felt like Nemesis and Kilik could have also worked out. Somebody has to keep that guy from using sacrificial attacks every five seconds. Maybe Kilik and Xiaolian, though. Oh! And Sagittarius with Pegasus is a no-brainer!" He was prepared for an entire tangent, but alas, it was time to move on. Rather, it could be said that the only choice was to move on, since Hikari made her presence known with a greeting he hadn't heard in some time.

    "Don't, don't... don't bring that here of all places. Fucking hell, if that catches on─" Apparently, Kou took slight issue with the greeting Hikari chose. He didn't seem upset at all though, at least not visibly. He knew she'd been around for some time as well, if only due to the way she so brazenly introduced herself. At the very least, she was also interested in visiting the blacksmith. There were indeed some items that had yet to be appraised, and Kou thought he could perhaps gain some ability to do so himself, if he were to expand upon his existing craft skills. As such, and considering he had already discussed the matter with Daiyu, he was content to move on immediately. "We were just talking about that. Come on then; let's go see Dreyfus."

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    "YES! Pegasus x Sagittarius!! Imagine the combo attacks, oh and purple haired babies!!~" she said softly, there was quite a bit of depth coming from this young lass. She seemed to be enthralled by the idea. "I NEED IT!!" Daiyu exclaimed but soon enough they had been interrupted and she allowed that part of the conversation to fall away from her, with the grace to look a bit sheepish about how hard she'd fallen into their shipping discussion. Of course, this would be immediately noticed by Hikari, she'd been standing their for quite a while after all. Whatever the case, it seemed Kou didn't like the greeting too much, or rather didn't want it spreading. "What are you talking about, half the Demi-Human kids say it like that thanks to me!~" she mentioned seemingly oddly proud of herself. With any luck every girl in the world would greet each other as such. She'd used it a lot and would eventually find the alluring charm of it, appeared only to girls, but that was a matter for another time.

    "You were just talking about visiting the blacksmith? And taking a left turn into a complete discussion of character-shipping. Fucking Nerd!" Hikari said, her words had venom but were not particularly hateful. "You even managed to pull Daiyu-nee into it... shame!" she berated as they walked but it was all in good fun. "Baka-nii!~" she ended her statement which made Daiyu giggle just a tad. "Ano, I feel like I should take some responsibility here..." she said softly which only seemed to fuel Hikari a bit more. "Iie! Girls discuss shipping all the time. It is a staple of conversation... only he is to blame!!~" Hikari said, seeming not to notice that by assigning such an activity to girls, she was basically making the lad blameless. Ah, apparently this whole thing was only pay back for her brother's bullying about their cash shortage. Whatever the case, Hikari jumped onto her brother's back and hugged him. "Still, it's nice to see you, finding some one you can nerd out with!~" she whispered for him to hear alone. "Anyways, you guys have a blacksmith you trust on your own? I assume he's decent... But is he like us?" she asked, wondering if they trusted the blacksmith organic to the this world, or if they'd managed to find a skilled player instead.

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