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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Aerona's answer was very, very important indeed. Did she have rationality within her, or was she too tainted by the methods of her father and basic lack of consideration for others? The answer was soon clear, and it was the latter. He hadn't heard such disappointing words since the Siren in Atlantis. In fact, Aerona's current mentality was one that would make her reign follow the tyrant's path, even if involuntarily. Kou breathed deeply, standing in silence until a powerful sigh slowly passed his lips.

    "Yeah. That's a genius idea. You know, I've even got the perfect speech. Congratulations, peasants! You will now be given the honor of fighting for the kingdom that kicked you the fuck out, left you for dead outside the wall, and gave you every reason to believe you would soon be executed for existing! It's nothing to worry about, though! The child of the same fuckface who did this to you says she'll LET YOU LIVE HERE AGAIN after you've risked your fucking lives just to get your rightful home back! Oh yeah, that'll work." His rant came to an abrupt halt. It was in his best interest to stop then and there, but he wasn't quite done talking. He simply couldn't let himself become too angry, as his new understanding of Aerona's mentality led to him having a declaration to make.

    "You say you'll be Queen of Eonis, and that attitude will lead to you being Queen of Nothing in no less than two years. Make the smart decision and take your nothingness now, before your rule. Sit back, stick to playing General of the Army, princess, and watch and learn while the pros work. This is a puzzle now, and you've got no place in charge here; got me?"

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    Miki was right to take her seat. The tongue thrashing that came from Kou in the moments immediately following Aerona's speech was one for the ages. She actually felt like she'd probably missed something good while she wasn't herself in Atlantis, though she admittedly believed her friend had been much better than this future Queen was being. Aerona for her part in this was completely speechless, for several reasons. The first of them was simple, no one ever spoke to her this way. She'd gone her whole life without anyone but her father ever daring to say anything against her. The second was that she was apparently wrong in her approach. She didn't truly believe that she'd manage to lose her Kingdom in so short a time period while not being a tyrant herself, but, something about the lads words made her believe it was a possibility. 'Am I really that wrong... would he really have me step aside while taking back and setting up my Kingdom... for me?' her mind was quite upset by the idea. She didn't want to be her father, she was obviously not anything like him, but would people still see her that way? And she couldn't quite get over it. "I... ah... but..." she tried stating.

    Hikari had been quietly watching, and she understood by Miki's actions that her brother had been doing this sort of thing, at least enough that she knew when to sit down and wait out his speeches. A snicker escaped the little Demi-Human girl as she couldn't help what fell out of her face next. "Hehehehe!~ Looks like you broke her, Nii-san. Should I slap her for the mental reset? I worked on Madoka..." she said with a shrug. Miki found herself repressing a snicker, if only because she imagined immediately Hikari slapping Madoka and looked over to the white haired woman and could tell by the look on her face, and the absent touching of her cheek that the lass wasn't at all lying about slapping her. "That's pretty harsh... Hikari-chan," Miki finally managed after a second or two. Aerona managed to take the time to get herself together, she didn't really know what to say. "I was raised to rule!" she said firmly but there was more. "But, I'll admit that those methods obviously don't really work in this situation... I am skeptical of this," she said motioning around and obviously still lacking understanding. "And I can't sit by and let someone do things for me..." she said working up to what she wanted to say. "But if my being in charge here would put the main objective in danger, I will stand aside," she managed her first rational thought, though with all the bite of her personality still present. 'That's pretty good, the Kingdom will still need her as a bit of a tyrant, but getting her used to differing on things she isn't familiar with is important. Everyone has a role to play after all...'

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    "You were raised to rule, and look what happened to the ruler who raised you. That trash dad of yours is the entire reason we're in this situation, so maybe it's time to consider a different approach?" Kou's stance was firm, but he seemed to be going a bit far to make his point. He didn't even pay heed to Hikari's interjection, in spite of the fact that he would have normally hazarded a laugh. He was becoming far too invested in chastising the princess, even overthrowing her rule for the time being. He wasn't even aware that the Nexus' light was beginning to erupt from his body the more he spoke.

    At least she accepted the terms. Still, it wasn't over just yet. The strangest occurrence of all happened to be Kou's skin gaining a deep tan, his hair becoming strangely spiky, and his eyes gaining an ageless, golden hue. His clothes were even beginning to change while he remained unawares, his attire becoming the black vestments of a priest, featuring a red shroud. "This isn't a matter of standing aside and letting someone else save your kingdom from you. This is a matter of stepping outside yourself, and letting someone save you from what you could become. No one here is going to question your rule. This is your board, and we are all just playing the game."

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    Aerona, couldn't argue against this man's point, but she was also a bit awed as she watched him take on a different visage. Was this magic? Was an illusion being cast away as he became something closer to a priest than a warrior? "Umphf, maybe a different perspective wouldn't hurt," she managed. Was this a ringing endorsement? No, not at all. That being said, it was at least a step in the right direction one of many. Hikari might have been a little upset that her joking nature wasn't properly answered, but she could see her brother's current work was having an outward effect on him. As such she let it slide to see what kind of Avatar he was creating. Aerona in the meantime was left to ponder what the lad said. He made the claim that no one here would question her rule, and that they were all pieces playing the game created for her. Was this truly something she could trust? Should she believe that someone was truly just trying to help her get everything together instead of wondering if it was an aim to usurp her. At the very least, she had a decent reason for feeling this way, considering how Madoka had come into the picture. "Kou-san is right. None of us would question this whole thing. I actually don't really want to be Queen. I'd feel better if you kept me around as a Princess though..." Madoka managed, finally admitting the thing that she didn't actually want was to rule this Kingdom.

    "I... see," mentioned the lass who found Madoka's words strangely reassuring considering the kind of life they'd lead together. Perhaps, it was worth seeing, what kind of changes, Kou and this blonde girl had in mind. And it was worth finding out how they managed to motivate the people beyond them. As this revelation took place, Miki had eyes only for Kou for several moments as he was enveloped in the Nexus' light and became another person entirely, though with the same general features and only a few things different. One of those differences, was startling golden eyes which warranted a bit of commentary, which slipped from the lass' mouth. "That one looks like Raizen," she said making a reference to character from a manga she was sure he'd read before. This caught the attention of Madoka who seemed surprised that he could take another form so readily. "Wait, you can do that?!" she said seemingly shocked and causing Hikari to facepalm visibly. "Jeez, how helpless can you actually be?" the Demi-Human muttered.

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    "That's a much better way to think about it. Let's get started; we're going to save a kingdom." The male said this, and he was quite content to be done and move forward. However, he felt strangely the moment Madoka chimed in to agree. It wasn't the usual matter of the princess speaking which made him react strangely, but the name she used. It simply felt... wrong, even though he wasn't quite sure why yet. It wasn't until Miki spoke in reference to a manga character that he came to realize, something had changed within himself. Staring into his own hand, he finally came to realize that he wasn't Kou at all. "Oh. That's interesting; I didn't feel a difference this time," he commented, closing his eyes and viewing himself internally through the Nexus.

    "Sou ka. Amakusa. I think I may have become my strongest self," he said about this transformation. He had become some strange Class called Ruler, which was one he'd never seen prior to this very moment. As for how he felt, well... his current knowledge of his own abilities was something quite ridiculous, and it would be unquestionably useful in the immediate future. "Raizen, huh? Kumori Raizen? Does it suit me?"

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    Aerona would not agree or disagree. She'd decided to take a wait and see approach. Madoka's words seemed to set her at ease a bit, and personally Aerona though the other girl was better served as a princess with little to no actual power than a Queen or next in the line of succession. "I don't plan to strip you of your title. So long as you don't bring unnecessary strife to me," said Aerona to Madoka. The lass seemed excited by this news, and thus she could continue on her way. The lad who'd previously been Kou was apparently unaware of his current transformation. "Well, Nii-san is Nii-san... you were just being more like I remember," mentioned Hikari with a shrug. "Well, not enough nerd but whatever..." she added.

    Soon after, he was naming himself and claiming to feel like a stronger version of himself. "Amakusa, huh..." Miki said aloud putting this name in her memory as well for later. The lad now had at least two of these Avatars more than she did, but she didn't feel currently inclined to make any new ones. 'Ruler?' she mentally questioned. That was a strange special class, she'd never seen before this point either. Perhaps she had a few in the works, but it would wait for now. When asked directly if the relation to one Kumori Raizen suited him, Miki gave a more thorough appreciation of the lad's new avatar. Actually the truth of the matter was much more complicated than it simply suited him. Miki or rather Kimiko had quite the raging girl crush on Kumori Raizen as a character. Her own mind wandered towards thoughts of having unfettered access to an Avatar so similar to a man whose look she liked while he had a personality she could also enjoy. She then went on to realize she'd been quiet for far too long and coughed gently into her hand hiding a slight tint on her face. "Definitely suits you," she added while diverting her attention. "Oh, there's the nerd! I should be more shocked by these choices in fiction... but whatever. Should we cart up the Chicken and get ready for a ride?" she said moving on pretty quickly but happy that Miki seemed to be maintaining interest in her brother.

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    "More like─... Sou ka. I guess this does feel more natural. Daijoubu," he said while looking into his other hand, then both simultaneously. He almost couldn't believe what he was beginning to discover about himself. In fact, he was becoming elated by the realization of this new form's abilities. 'No way! That's totally cheating!' he thought.

    Apparently, the form did suit him. This came from Miki after a long silence, which he equated to nothing more than time spent giving consideration to the query. Either way, when he received these answer, there was an immediate upturn to his lips. "Sugoi. Arigatou na," he said, finally lowering his arms. It was time to move on, but Hikari brought up the idea of loading onto a cart they had apparently acquired for Fiona during his and Miki's absence. A moment of consideration, and the lad now called Amakusa shook his head. Up went his left arm, which enshrouded itself in a white-blue Mana that spread out to create a rather massive gateway of sorts. It seemed only slightly stressful on his Mana's stability, with no reaction showing in his physical state.

    "No; that would take too long. If we do this, we can get there ten minutes ago."

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    Her brother claimed that he felt more natural as he was now, and Hikari didn't really doubt that given his current demeanor. Moving right along, it seemed her brother was learning all about his own power. Though this didn't happen before he smiled at the appraisal of Miki who managed to look just as pleased as he did about how he'd taken his compliment. 'Ugh, get a fucking room... preferably soundproof,' was the only thought in the Demi-Human's mind. Though further inward than that she was more than a little pleased about her brother's current level of progress. She even noted the blonde lass' apparent shock at her statements, meaning she was falling much easier into the comfort of the group than she had been before. "Yosh! Let's go then. Admittedly, the Chicken will be disappointed... she really likes the cart!~" claimed Hikari who was more than content to move along, she seemed to have no problem hopping through the portal and did so first knowing she was going to have to do something on her own, upon reaching Shieldfreeden.

    In the meantime Miki moved forward atop her pillow having a slightly more in depth look at the lad. His current level of magic was indeed astounding, but what he'd managed to do in opening this portal was worth commenting upon, even with only the most basic of understanding. "That's looking pretty janky, only 10 minutes? I'm getting jealous I haven't rolled another face in a while~" the blonde said with an appreciable amount of humor. She'd move into the portal as well. With two others within it and no screams to count on, Aerona approached as well. "This is strange... but if I die, I'll kill you." she said in her usual tone to Amakusa as he was now called while walking through as well. Jaskier was still sleeping, the same could be said of Fiona so they would remain behind. There was no doubt this farm was safe so there was nothing to worry about as they approached Shieldfreeden.

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    And so, part of this group departed through the gate toward Shieldfreeden of the very recent past. Amakusa himself was the last to pass through the arch, but the first to return... only a second after departure. One second after another, others would make their way through, until an entire small army of Demi-Humans passed through alongside those who so recently left. The time was upon them; they could begin their escapade against the Demonic Beasts plaguing this kingdom before them. Seven minutes. Ideally, they could be upon King Eon in seven minutes, while the remainder of their forces dealt with the beasts outside the palace. "Alright. Optimally, Madoka and Diva should support the Demi-Humans and Royal Knights with offense and defense respectively. Arjuna supporting offensively from range is a given, and Jaskier's music can be used to keep up morale. Hikari, take Fiona through the horde to funnel the enemy toward yourself, taking out those you can while others pick them off from the outside. You should run the charge outside the palace."

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    It took no time at all for them to pass back through the gate and end up where a great number of them started. After Amakusa, Miki came through the gate still floating atop her pillow as if she hadn't a single care in the world. Orders were being passed out and those who now surrounded the army heard them out. Jaskier knew what part he had to play and was content to do so. He ran his hand through his blue locks but nodded his understanding. Hikari found herself being picked up by Fiona and tossed onto her back in one swift motion, a look of sheer determination in the black birds crimson eyes. "Oi, oi... I know you're excited and all but a little warning would be appreciated!" Hikari mentioned though overall she was content atop this soft feathered bird. "And gotcha covered, Nii-san. Have fun!~" she mentioned giving a quick nod to both him and Miki. Madoka also readied herself as well. "Hai!" Madoka managed, she had no idea who Diva was, but at least she wouldn't be alone in providing support to the masses.

    Miki while all of this was happening, simply waited. In the meantime, Aerona looked at the whole of this small army and wondered who would be joining her in taking on the King. Obviously that was the true goal here so who would it be. "If all of those people are doing that, who is storming the castle with me?" she asked though it still wasn't exactly friendly she at least seemed fine with hearing out the lad's plan.

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