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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Kou laughed again when asked by Hikari about the status of Miki, and whether he'd aided her at all. "Nope! She's not a Knight, and I didn't do anything. Don't worry though. Hanging with us, you'll level up fast!" he proclaimed. He understood that, especially if Hikari was also a player, she would quickly catch up to the others in level. Now that he thought about the situation involving her status as such, he decided to look Hikari's way and check properly. Indeed, her stat sheet showed the mark of a player from the other world. Perhaps she was one he'd become familiar with when playing online. A simple act of further investigation proved to Kou that Hikari was far, far more familiar to him than he could have imagined... while also being an impossible existence. 'Aimi... Yumi...' he chanted in his mind, understanding at last why he could have been comfortable with this demi-human so quickly. Without a doubt, Kou was absolutely befuddled by what he was seeing. There was no way this person should have been brought to this world, yet the name was unmistakable, and Hikari's eyes fed further into his certainty.

    Karna was far more interested in the banter he was sharing with Miki, than he was with the existence and rising Demonic Power of King Eon. Most importantly, he took interest in her reaction to how he'd referenced Kou. With his hands on his hips, he leaned forward to look at the blonde quizzically. "Hoh? Relax. I can smell your blood pressure rising. If you want it to happen that badly, you could just finish what you started in the Marshes, you know? Shishishi~!" he said, laughing as he leaned away again to gaze upon the King. Aurelius Eon was quickly becoming something beyond human, but just as quickly as he was doing that, he also began to phase out of perceivable existence. There was another dark and demonic presence in the vicinity, one which rose to power quickly enough that even Karna buckled under its pressure. Said presence seemed to be taking hold of King Eon as the reason he was fading away. "Oujo-san, I think it's time for a change of plans regardless~"

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    Hikari was overall very excited. The news that Miki wasn't in fact a knight, and that she'd managed to get this level of strength without any direct assistance from Kou, was shocking to say the least. In this moment though, it made perfect sense why one would party up with such a capable individual. In fact, everyone she'd seen in this group so far seemed to be pretty capable, and Kou apparently thought simply hanging out with them would help her a great deal. "Sugoi! You didn't have to help her out, and she's really cool, and pretty. Actually..." a devious light came to the fox girl's eye in this moment as she took a moment to glance over at Miki. She made a decision about this moment really quickly, one which would likely seem strangely familiar. "Is she your girlfriend?" she asked with plain and reckless abandon. Sheer excitement was on her face, as she would consider them to be an epic power couple of such a thing were taking place.

    Meanwhile, Miki was once again the target of the bullying nature of Karna. The white-haired young man was content, to laugh at her expense, while making the rather open-ended claim that she could finish the activities of the Marshes if she was so concerned with her relationship status with Kou. "Ugh, you live to annoy me don't you!" she claimed hiding her face. There were bits of this lad's conversation she would normally pick apart, but before she could say anything more she shivered deeply, nearly falling over as the pressure rose from the King of Eon. Beyond this, there was the matter of the nasty nature of that energy which Miki could also feel. "Understatement of the century. But to be honest, even with my skills, I'm not sure I can take him..." she mentioned. Still she balanced her spear over her index finger with magical energy prepared to try and use it to its current fullest potential. But strangely enough she wouldn't get the chance. Madoka, had tried reasoning with the King but he wasn't hearing her. Even though, she'd been polite and tried to go along with what he said, she couldn't sense the evil nature of him, and was instead simply forced to feel the pressure of his power and the shift into something very different. "Forgive me, Father, but I cannot allow this!" she said firmly for once. And then she jumped into the air, the Key Staff she wielded with the large egg gem atop it aiming to swing into the King's fore, "Ars Arcaneum!~" it was the name of her first skill, one which would allow a series of thirteen strikes to be aimed at the King's body. Her aim to render him unconscious, perhaps physically broken, but able to come out of whatever was wrong with him. Strangely, she wielded this weapon directly, using it like a giant club, which was a surprising thing for Miki to see. "What the hell, kind of build is that?" she asked aloud. "Well at least there is planning time now, what do we do about a demon? I never encountered one before..." mentioned Miki to Karna.

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    The presence of a new power shook Kou to his very core. It was far beyond anything he'd experienced previously, and yet it seemed to be coming from a source other than the King. The King's own power was becoming tremendous, but watching him fade away, Kou believed there was someone - or something - else pulling him to safety via some strange magic. What bothered him more though, was the query of Hikari, whom he suddenly became more certain was the person he thought she was in the other world. "My g-... No, Yu-... Hikari, it's not like that!" he said with as much blood filling his face as there was power filling the throne room.

    Meanwhile, the King's disappearance was becoming more clear, though Madoka remained incapable of sensing that there was a demonic presence as the cause. The girl made a very clear, albeit strange effort to stop his behavior. When she approached by using her magic-leaning weapon for melee, she would encounter the King's right hand, which forged an instantaneous barrier of demonic energy whose successful defense would be followed by the barrier shattering outwards as an attack of both blunt and cutting nature. Karna watched this attempted assault with displeasure, while Miki questioned dealing with a demon such as King Eon. "Ideally, you kill it before it finishes becoming a Demonoid. You know, like how I was killed as Sharrkan in phase 1. This one's fine, though. He'll only be around for a few more seconds, before his boss finishes dragging him away to finish the transformation. Oh, and yes. I do live to annoy you. I'm a fun guy like that," he stated, taking a moment thereafter to look toward Hikari with a sly grin.

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    The rising power of the king even made Hikari shiver, as the demonic energy made the hair on the tips of her ears and tail stand at attention. "Uh, this doesn't look like a winning situation..." she said, even as she watched the assault launched by Madoka have less than the desired effect. What did have the proper effect though, was her questioning of his relationship with Miki, such made the boy blush and stumble over his words. "By the way... that no doesn't sound too firm... sounds like, it could be that way~" the girl managed to tease, even in a situation such as this, which was exactly the sort of nature she had as a person. Whatever the case, what Madoka was attempting was met by obvious resistance.

    The grey haired girl's attack didn't quite reach the way she'd intended. In fact, she was blocked by the King's right hand, which formed a barrier against the combat, causing the girl's attack to be countered rather easily. Beyond that, the reflective nature of the counter would aim to deal, both cutting and blunt damage as the barrier formed against her. "Oh no!" exclaimed Madoka, whose weapon changed seamlessly from a staff, to a giant shield with the egg shaped gem in the middle. Doing such allowed her to wordlessly use her Beta Skill, which would aim to counter the strike. It wasn't done perfectly though so it didn't reflect back, and instead only caused the girl to become launched across the room. The egg in the center of her shield cracked in the shape of the bladed attack, a large cross like deficit appearing in its center. Small shards of this egg scattered around the room, and upon watching this Miki used her middle finger to motion towards herself, collecting all of these pieces for herself for some undisclosed reason, she'd pocket them for her later usage. "That weapon is pretty good, but its like she doesn't know she can't take him. Why doesn't she know that wouldn't work... it doesn't make sense..." Miki muttered to herself in a pattern she normally used when conversing with herself in online game play with completely random people, while having her microphone turned off. Beyond this, Karna was also giving her information about what to do with a Demonoid. Apparently his Sharrkan form had been on its way to becoming one, and as such being killed before it was finished was the optimal choice. Miki scoffed, it hadn't initially been her intention to kill him when she'd found him like that. "Sou ka, that wasn't really my intention though... that form is a bit too forward. Hm... I wonder if what I was originally planning then would work now...."

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    At the mention of the present situation seeming less-than winnable, Kou focused his attention briefly on the transforming king. It didn't seem to be the absolute worst thing they'd encountered, especially thinking back to the Sharrkan fiasco, but the pair of Adventurers had been given a certain edge in that battle as well. What's more, Kou himself had a few distractions piling up in his mind. First and foremost was the existence of Hikari, and the identity he believed her to have in another world. Beyond that, there was the connection being drawn between Miki and himself, which he chose to address first for clarity. "It doesn't work that way; we're partners!" he insisted before moving on to the more important matter. "But forget that. Tell me... Who are you?" he asked, ignoring even the dangers being presented by King Eon in favor of finding the answer he sought from the demi-human.

    Karna winced, then sighed, as Princess Madoka failed her assault against her transforming father. "Yare yare. Poor thing picked the wrong combination, not like your boy-toy over there. Rather, that combination is being used the wrong way entirely," was all he said regarding Madoka's decisions in character building. He shook his head, coming to a simple conclusion regarding dealing with King Eon, yet there was a clause started by Miki which sparked his interest. "You had a plan?"

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    While the disruption in the castle might have been a problem, it seemed that Kou was more or less distracted by his conversation with Hikari. The young demi-human, seemed to be having quite a bit of fun at the white-haired male's expense. His reaction to her prodding made her eyes widen deviously. "That sounds like the same thing with extra steps~" she teased, but she'd willing drop the subject to avoid the chiding she knew would come if she continued to push the matter at the present moment. When asked who she was she looked at Kou with those big pink eyes of hers. His question made her frown slightly. "Really? I thought I was really obvious... I'm Hikari!" she said with Nexus overriding the use of her given name that she tried to say but couldn't. "DAMN IT ALL I STILL CAN'T SAY MY OWN NAME!" the girl exclaimed seemingly upset. "Yugi, you should know your own sister, jeez!" she snapped crossing her arms over her chest and looking outright pouty. It seemed that for all intents and purposes she'd already recognized the lad, but he had a very familiar username when she'd looked. She'd hoped to become a Knights Apprentice as a means to potentially find her brother, knowing that he would take that route. She hadn't expected to stumble upon him playing with others no less. She was quite surprised. "Hopeless, Baka-onii!~" she chimed. "S'all good though, I'm here now to sort it all out for ya!~ Thanks for having me along!~" she said happily. She'd always wanted a co-op experience with her brother, after ending up here, she was almost certain she'd see him again, and now it was a dream come true, and she was even more certain of his identity given his antics.

    In the meantime, Miki and Karna were locked into a deep conversation, with Karna shedding some light upon the choices that had been made by 'Princess Madoka' as far as her class and type were concerned. She was using the wrong combination for her playstyle and hadn't yet managed to adjust for what she'd chosen. When it was stated like that it was obvious to Miki what had actually happened. "Sou ka, she chose the offered options when building her character, she doesn't have any magical support skills, even though she's classed as a caster..." she said with wide eyes. "That's so stupid..." she muttered quietly to herself. She had the forward thinking that such a combination would make her worse overall than people who'd chosen purist in either category at the same level. It made it so that this place was virtually the only one she could shine with those abilities, and made her an impossible candidate for dungeon exploration or any further growth. "That sucks, she's a liability..." she finished. It seemed her words about a potential plan she'd had for dealing with the 'dragon' Sharrkan had some effect on the curiosity of Karna. She looked to him and shrugged. "Well, I am Druid partly, and I have access to that set of class skills. As a favor to King Sharrkan I was going to simply try and purify the necromancer influence from the Sharrkan avatar. But I don't think I had the power for it at the level I was at, I was going to get Kou's help for the push. I'm not heartless or anything, it wasn't my own intention to kill another player if I didn't need to..." she said calmly. Of course she spoke these words while playing with the shards of broken stone that had come from Madoka's staff.

    Madoka pulled herself off the ground and stamped her foot. "You can't do this, I won't allow it!" she said on the verge of tears as she looked over the crack in her staff. She'd tried taking the king with her strongest attack and had gotten nowhere, she literally didn't know what to do now, so she stood there, fuming silently.

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    Every word spoken by Hikari offered Kou a greater amount of certainty as to her identity in relation to him. At long last, his mental certainty was replaced with solid confirmation, if only during the moment of her outburst. Of all the things Kou could have done, he eventually started laughing. "Boke~. You could be upset about so many things, but you're picking that?" In spite of what he had to say, Kou wore a smile he couldn't dream of removing from his face. He had so many questions as to how this was possible, how his younger sister even managed to be alive - much less in another world - but he couldn't be bothered to go beyond the satisfaction of stumbling upon her here. He focused on the king once more, knowing that if he intended to address any of his questions and concerns, there was something that needed to be done. As such, he steeled his resolve. "We've got a lot of catching up to do, yeah? We never teamed up on anything like this before, so let's topple a monarchy!"

    In the meantime, Karna absorbed the information from Miki's plan, once meant to be used against his previous incarnation. For a Druid to be capable of dispelling outside influence on other beings was not necessarily uncommon, but to such an extent as removing a demon's influence was quite rare indeed. Perhaps, though, there was a very simple answer. "I wanna say you should give up on that, Oujo-san. But... I think it can work out just fine if..." The completion of this clause proved fruitless, and the same could be said of Kou's intention to attack. The hidden demon's grasp on King Eon completed one of its goals by phasing the man out of this very plane of existence, taking it to wherever the demon resided to complete the transformation without interference. Karna scoffed. He'd been thinking most recently to take something out of this interaction for himself, but now he had to await a different opportunity. Kou, on the other hand, only managed to seem confused that the king had disappeared just as he planned to engage.

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    "No teasing, it's really annoying not being able to say my own name," the girl said still in a bit of a huff. Regardless it appeared that her brother was truly happy to see her, and as such it was an exciting prospect to be able to finally work with her brother. It'd taken her a long time to get to where she was currently and she couldn't wait to partner up with her brother and be of use to him at something she knew he enjoyed. "Yosh! I'll do my best!" the young girl said, having found her brother here, she knew they likely wouldn't be separating any time soon, she'd already been accepted into his party so she was content to give their chats some time before they engaged in them properly.

    Meanwhile, Miki's plan seemed to be one that Karna had a bit to add to, but before he could even complete his statement, the King disappeared from this plane of existence. Ruining the plans and discussions of everyone present in just a few moments. Miki relaxed after realizing this and having the nagging annoyance go away. "To be fair, it's probably for the best he disappeared. It would have been a bit risky to try and take him right here and now," she said. After this Madoka could be seen stamping her foot apparently mad, "Father get back here!" she exclaimed throwing a tantrum. Miki took a moment and ran her open hand over her face. She began thinking in terms of the future, if this was like one of those boss fights were the boss would eventually resurface, they likely had a limited amount of time to properly regroup and level up and do what they needed to. Madoka looked around the room and realized she was the only one who appeared disheveled and immediately straightened up her posture bowing to all present. "Thank you all for your patience in this matter. I am sorry about father, I will try and talk to him about it later..." she said which made Miki tsk. "That probably won't work, you didn't take any magical support skills did you, Madoka-san?" she asked the girl in an outright manner. Madoka managed to look confused and shook her head. "Of course not, why would I do something like that, I am a warrior, I only chose caster to boost my affinity with magical weapons," she said which made surprise come across Miki's face. She couldn't even begin to explain everything wrong with what she'd just heard. "Yare yare, he broke my staff, I can't fix this... what am I going to do?!" Madoka questioned, tears coming to her eyes.

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    The disappearance of the king seemed to put most of the others at ease. Of course, this was far from true in the case of the princess. She happened to be the only person demanding that the king return to this plane, despite being the only one to clearly fail against him in a rather blatant way. Karna took exception to her attitude in making such a demand. "Yeah, get back here. Your little princess wasn't done kicking your ass yet," he quipped as sarcastically as he could. Madoka was also confronted by Miki about her choice in character build, to which she replied with information that wasn't exactly stellar news. "Affinity with magical weapons? You're swinging a staff around like it's a beat-stick!" he chimed in. Kou had taken the downtime to approach the others, gesturing for Hikari to come along as well. He managed to catch the tail end of the discussion, and he seemed even more bothered upon hearing what Madoka's issue as a fighter was. Either way, Madoka's existing problem was one he could offer assistance with. "Eto... I could do something about the staff for you, but the way you play... err, fight... isn't going to help you sustain it. That piece isn't just a Legendary Weapon, you know? It's an Artifact."

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    Karna's commentary was heard by Miki just as she was initially recovering from suppressing the desire to call the princess' build choice stupid and her attitude dumber. Of course, it would happen to be the case, that Karna would take care of this for her, by way of sarcasm. The words that dropped from is mouth, made Miki slap her hand over her mouth and she turned around suppressing the laugh which should have been coming out of her face. Karna was kind of funny when his snide commentary wasn't aimed at Miki and she knew this to be the wrong way to think about it. "What's wrong with swinging it around, it's a giant mace?!" questioned Madoka, and strangely it would be Kou to answer this by virtue of what he had to say about a potential fix for her weapon. Madoka looked at the white haired lad her eyes sparkling. "I know it's an artifact, that's why I had it put in the staff, so it'd always be with me. But really?! You'd do that for me, Kou-san?!" she said seemingly excited enough to glance over all the extras. She'd been under the assumption that the lad didn't like her, perhaps he was warming up to her a bit overtime. Hikari who'd come over with Kou had her brow raise. "Oi, he offered to help fix your weapon, not take you on a date, calm down missy!" Hikari said taking a bit of exception to the actions of the princess, who seemed under equipped for regular jobs. All the while, Miki casually used her ability to take the crown from the top of the princess' head without her noticing, having finally recovered from her laughter. "I wasn't thinking like that..." Madoka said, not looking sheepish enough for Hikari's liking. "Yes you were... you can't lie to me. I have a woman's intuition!~" the small raccoon girl said triumphantly. "I might be able to help mediate the potential extra damage to the artifact... " she said producing a few of the shards she'd taken from the weapon. "I could enchant these to stop the decay of the weapon, and give her a few passive magical abilities to mediate her play... er... fighting style," mentioned Miki with a bit of a smirk. "Miki-san, you're so nice. Thank you... thank you..." she said to the other girl which made Miki raise her left brow at the princess. "Iie, I don't work for free... you'll be paying us if we do it..." mentioned Miki... she'd done all the good will for this lass that she intended to ever do. Madoka looked at Miki and nodded, seeming to find something a bit strange in the girl's countenance. "Hai, of course, I can provide a sizable bit of gold if you two can help me out..." she mentioned keeping to herself her thought of wanting to join this blossoming party. They looked like so much fun, but maybe they considered her current moments as a test of some sort. She then looked to Kou intending to brainstorm. "If we do this, I'd need you to combine these with this crown after I am done with them..." mentioned Miki, which made Madoka look at the other lass aghast. "Hey, when did you?" she asked confusedly touching her own head, but Miki only shrugged not bothering to answer her at all.

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