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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Kou laughed again when asked by Hikari about the status of Miki, and whether he'd aided her at all. "Nope! She's not a Knight, and I didn't do anything. Don't worry though. Hanging with us, you'll level up fast!" he proclaimed. He understood that, especially if Hikari was also a player, she would quickly catch up to the others in level. Now that he thought about the situation involving her status as such, he decided to look Hikari's way and check properly. Indeed, her stat sheet showed the mark of a player from the other world. Perhaps she was one he'd become familiar with when playing online. A simple act of further investigation proved to Kou that Hikari was far, far more familiar to him than he could have imagined... while also being an impossible existence. 'Aimi... Yumi...' he chanted in his mind, understanding at last why he could have been comfortable with this demi-human so quickly. Without a doubt, Kou was absolutely befuddled by what he was seeing. There was no way this person should have been brought to this world, yet the name was unmistakable, and Hikari's eyes fed further into his certainty.

    Karna was far more interested in the banter he was sharing with Miki, than he was with the existence and rising Demonic Power of King Eon. Most importantly, he took interest in her reaction to how he'd referenced Kou. With his hands on his hips, he leaned forward to look at the blonde quizzically. "Hoh? Relax. I can smell your blood pressure rising. If you want it to happen that badly, you could just finish what you started in the Marshes, you know? Shishishi~!" he said, laughing as he leaned away again to gaze upon the King. Aurelius Eon was quickly becoming something beyond human, but just as quickly as he was doing that, he also began to phase out of perceivable existence. There was another dark and demonic presence in the vicinity, one which rose to power quickly enough that even Karna buckled under its pressure. Said presence seemed to be taking hold of King Eon as the reason he was fading away. "Oujo-san, I think it's time for a change of plans regardless~"

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    Hikari was overall very excited. The news that Miki wasn't in fact a knight, and that she'd managed to get this level of strength without any direct assistance from Kou, was shocking to say the least. In this moment though, it made perfect sense why one would party up with such a capable individual. In fact, everyone she'd seen in this group so far seemed to be pretty capable, and Kou apparently thought simply hanging out with them would help her a great deal. "Sugoi! You didn't have to help her out, and she's really cool, and pretty. Actually..." a devious light came to the fox girl's eye in this moment as she took a moment to glance over at Miki. She made a decision about this moment really quickly, one which would likely seem strangely familiar. "Is she your girlfriend?" she asked with plain and reckless abandon. Sheer excitement was on her face, as she would consider them to be an epic power couple of such a thing were taking place.

    Meanwhile, Miki was once again the target of the bullying nature of Karna. The white-haired young man was content, to laugh at her expense, while making the rather open-ended claim that she could finish the activities of the Marshes if she was so concerned with her relationship status with Kou. "Ugh, you live to annoy me don't you!" she claimed hiding her face. There were bits of this lad's conversation she would normally pick apart, but before she could say anything more she shivered deeply, nearly falling over as the pressure rose from the King of Eon. Beyond this, there was the matter of the nasty nature of that energy which Miki could also feel. "Understatement of the century. But to be honest, even with my skills, I'm not sure I can take him..." she mentioned. Still she balanced her spear over her index finger with magical energy prepared to try and use it to its current fullest potential. But strangely enough she wouldn't get the chance. Madoka, had tried reasoning with the King but he wasn't hearing her. Even though, she'd been polite and tried to go along with what he said, she couldn't sense the evil nature of him, and was instead simply forced to feel the pressure of his power and the shift into something very different. "Forgive me, Father, but I cannot allow this!" she said firmly for once. And then she jumped into the air, the Key Staff she wielded with the large egg gem atop it aiming to swing into the King's fore, "Ars Arcaneum!~" it was the name of her first skill, one which would allow a series of thirteen strikes to be aimed at the King's body. Her aim to render him unconscious, perhaps physically broken, but able to come out of whatever was wrong with him. Strangely, she wielded this weapon directly, using it like a giant club, which was a surprising thing for Miki to see. "What the hell, kind of build is that?" she asked aloud. "Well at least there is planning time now, what do we do about a demon? I never encountered one before..." mentioned Miki to Karna.

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    The presence of a new power shook Kou to his very core. It was far beyond anything he'd experienced previously, and yet it seemed to be coming from a source other than the King. The King's own power was becoming tremendous, but watching him fade away, Kou believed there was someone - or something - else pulling him to safety via some strange magic. What bothered him more though, was the query of Hikari, whom he suddenly became more certain was the person he thought she was in the other world. "My g-... No, Yu-... Hikari, it's not like that!" he said with as much blood filling his face as there was power filling the throne room.

    Meanwhile, the King's disappearance was becoming more clear, though Madoka remained incapable of sensing that there was a demonic presence as the cause. The girl made a very clear, albeit strange effort to stop his behavior. When she approached by using her magic-leaning weapon for melee, she would encounter the King's right hand, which forged an instantaneous barrier of demonic energy whose successful defense would be followed by the barrier shattering outwards as an attack of both blunt and cutting nature. Karna watched this attempted assault with displeasure, while Miki questioned dealing with a demon such as King Eon. "Ideally, you kill it before it finishes becoming a Demonoid. You know, like how I was killed as Sharrkan in phase 1. This one's fine, though. He'll only be around for a few more seconds, before his boss finishes dragging him away to finish the transformation. Oh, and yes. I do live to annoy you. I'm a fun guy like that," he stated, taking a moment thereafter to look toward Hikari with a sly grin.

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    The rising power of the king even made Hikari shiver, as the demonic energy made the hair on the tips of her ears and tail stand at attention. "Uh, this doesn't look like a winning situation..." she said, even as she watched the assault launched by Madoka have less than the desired effect. What did have the proper effect though, was her questioning of his relationship with Miki, such made the boy blush and stumble over his words. "By the way... that no doesn't sound too firm... sounds like, it could be that way~" the girl managed to tease, even in a situation such as this, which was exactly the sort of nature she had as a person. Whatever the case, what Madoka was attempting was met by obvious resistance.

    The grey haired girl's attack didn't quite reach the way she'd intended. In fact, she was blocked by the King's right hand, which formed a barrier against the combat, causing the girl's attack to be countered rather easily. Beyond that, the reflective nature of the counter would aim to deal, both cutting and blunt damage as the barrier formed against her. "Oh no!" exclaimed Madoka, whose weapon changed seamlessly from a staff, to a giant shield with the egg shaped gem in the middle. Doing such allowed her to wordlessly use her Beta Skill, which would aim to counter the strike. It wasn't done perfectly though so it didn't reflect back, and instead only caused the girl to become launched across the room. The egg in the center of her shield cracked in the shape of the bladed attack, a large cross like deficit appearing in its center. Small shards of this egg scattered around the room, and upon watching this Miki used her middle finger to motion towards herself, collecting all of these pieces for herself for some undisclosed reason, she'd pocket them for her later usage. "That weapon is pretty good, but its like she doesn't know she can't take him. Why doesn't she know that wouldn't work... it doesn't make sense..." Miki muttered to herself in a pattern she normally used when conversing with herself in online game play with completely random people, while having her microphone turned off. Beyond this, Karna was also giving her information about what to do with a Demonoid. Apparently his Sharrkan form had been on its way to becoming one, and as such being killed before it was finished was the optimal choice. Miki scoffed, it hadn't initially been her intention to kill him when she'd found him like that. "Sou ka, that wasn't really my intention though... that form is a bit too forward. Hm... I wonder if what I was originally planning then would work now...."

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