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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Those who were to be considered more essential pieces to the battle were making their moves, with one among them ─ Fiona ─ being particularly excited about her role. While the others prepared themselves for the charge, Princess Aerona wondered aloud who would be accompanying her. If he was being honest, Prince Aeronius shared this mentality of hers. He would certainly be going into the castle, so there was an assumption of two, maybe three people doing so. When Amakusa spoke on the matter, he clarified any doubts to the number. "Aerona, Aeronius, Miki, and myself will assault King Eon. We should be able to manage with light difficulty, given this setup. I can be of more use to the rest of you like this, as well. Are we ready to move?"

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    Aerona upon hearing the lad's plan for actually dealing with King Eon was more than a bit skeptical. Herself and her brother, this lad who was currently a mage of some sort, and Miki the girl who'd been floating along on a pillow all day. Was she too some kind of mage? That didn't really make sense to take along an essential person for battle who seemed less prepared than the Demi-Human atop the Filolial. "Myself and my brother are understandable. He maybe soft but I can see him being useful," she said in a manner which was probably more backhanded than she meant. "Obviously, you have magical ability which is pretty high, so that I understand... but is it really wise..." she paused "To take along a girl with no obvious weapons? What does she add to the group that won't end in her untimely demise?" she asked blankly. Truly Aerona wasn't a mean person, if anything these words came from a softness in the girl's heart, though it could have used better wording. "Huh?" Miki questioned realizing that Aerona was being nice in her own way. "Oh, right... you were gone then. Lancer desu..." she said hopping off her pillow and having it transform into a boar spear with a large circular opening that still just seemed to float alongside her. "I'm always armed, Princess. Thanks for worrying about me, but... We're good to go," Miki reassured with a smile. This caused Aerona to look at the girl and immediately double back on her words. "Oh, well, as long as you don't hold me back. It doesn't matter to me at all..." she said shaking it off content to take on the actual challenge of the day. All that awaited them now was actually storming the taken city, which she was sure was going to be a sight worth watching.

    "Welp, that sounds like certainty to me. I'm off!" said Hikari was she began the charge which would lead through the western gate of the city. Behind her a large gathering of Demi-Humans and Royal Knights who knew now what they were supposed to be doing and aimed to get into position. Madoka was along as well, charging her mana and getting ready to combine her abilities to create any great number of weapons for the fighters.

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    Having information regarding who would enter the castle, Aerona decided to question one particular presence: Miki's. He supposed it was fair, considering the fact that this princess had no reason to know of the blonde's capabilities. Little could she know, the abilities of her brother and herself were the ones lacking. That didn't matter though; what did matter was the movement for now. Hikari took the lead, and Arjuna was close behind her to provide support with his arrows. Diva remained as close to Madoka as possible, readying a cube to produce Guardian barriers around everyone she armed. Considering how many souls he could draw from Atlantis' barrier, he found no issue defending so many.

    In the meantime, Amakusa made his move as well. "Haste," he spoke in a hushed tone, applying a blanket boosting effect to the entire army with a single, massive pulse of Mana. There was an additional application of the effect to those who would storm the castle, and with that, he began to hover. "Game on," he stated. Another movement would see to it that he began flying toward the same gate taken by the others, while he applied the same effect to the other three. Taking Hikari's lead, he gathered that they would have ample space to make their way through the kingdom.

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    Hikari started her rush atop the Filolial Fiona, only to lift her sword in time to feel the increase in Mana. A grin crossed her face as she brought down her weapon for the first time atop a charging Chimera like Demonic Beast. "Instant Blade!" That single creature met several thrusts, of magical energy and several behind it got hit as well. "Sou ka, that's pretty awesome. Come on Chicken, we've got some attention to grab!" she muttered to the creature she was atop. Fiona gave a gentle nod of her head with aggressive look in her eyes as she let out a caw which drew in more creatures before she started running around to gather them all in an area which would make them easier for the crowd to attack. With the creatures following Hikari the crowd of Demi-Humans and Royal Knights were able to flank them and begin picking off their number with 'relative' safety.

    In the meantime, Madoka, cast her own magic in a purpley haze, causing several different weapons of ethereal nature to appear in the hands of the troops as their own broke or were taken from them in the fray. This took a great deal of concentration from Madoka as she tried to make sure everyone was properly armed for the occasion. It took a great deal of concentration but she seemed to be managing alright. This was a fine amount of development. And while it happened Miki pulled up her hood and moved about falling out of the general line of slight but content to make her way towards the Castle. Aerona watched the start of this mayhem and wondered how so many people had managed to simply fall behind the things they said. She knew she couldn't stay idle and made her way forward as well, taking the road beneath Amakusa.

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    As Hikari charged through and pierced the first Demonic Beast along her path, Arjuna gave a bit more slack to his follow. The beasts were already beginning to converge on the Demi-Human's location, and he was picking them off with powerful arrows from the inside out. Though this hardly did a thing to quell the group, he managed to slow many of them by making them have to move over or around fallen members of the front line on either side.

    Seeing the frontal assault, Aeronius flew by while thinking he could be of greater use. A wave of his hand spread a thin aurora veil over the battlefield. Doing such would produce something akin to a blessing for allied fighters. It was a small effect, but offered just a bit of a boost to Mana regeneration for the attacking forces. Amakusa expected the prince to do such a thing after being properly motivated, and seeing it happen was confirmation of the lad's usefulness in the near future. Onto the castle he went, sweeping over many Demonic Beasts who could do nothing but grasp at air due to the speed at which he, and the other three, were capable of moving. "The King isn't going to be one for talking. Aerona, you should set your traps early. I'll give us the ability to see them while they're hidden."

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    Hikari's charge, supported by Arjuna seemed to lead to the ability to move around fallen bodies of both sides. Whatever the case, everyone seemed at least to be doing the regular parts of their tasks in this case. It seemed even the Prince Aeronius was more than ready to do something, moved into action simply because he was here, he provided a gentle bit of support to the entirety of the army. This was comforting for one such as Aerona, she didn't know when her brother had become so reliable, but she was quite proud. That being said she didn't do much if anything, aside from chopping down anything that made its way in front of her. She was soon enough told by Amakusa to set the traps because the King wouldn't be ready for conversation. "Hai, I will... it might take some time, because I'll still have to clear out anything else I come across..." she said moving forward, dozens of strings being produced from her fingertips, which disappeared from sight immediately.

    "Oh, it's no problem really. It's all clear, take the time you need though..." these were the words of Miki who appeared back directly under Amakusa holding in her hands teeth from Demonic beasts which she was looking as strangely as if she'd collected them all while moving about. A couple dozen slayed creatures lay between the Princess Aerona and the place the battle should be taking place. Aerona for her part managed to look surprised but moved along, "Hmphf! At least you're proving your worth..." she managed which was about as close to a compliment as the ones which Kimiko received from Kaiba. Miki while standing as such impaled another creature which approached from behind her. She grinned seeming to find it a bit funny. "These ones are a bit stronger than the ones outside..." she said with a casual shrug of her shoulders only to take off again. She'd felt several bursts of energy, all of them passed along to allies by the support mages in their group. She was a bit lacking in this department right now, but she could at least pick off any stray creatures.

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    Aerona claimed her traps would take time, but Amakusa seemed unbothered. Miki spoke up in regards to the fact that she had already cleared a great deal of Demonic Beasts ahead of them, and the white-haired Ruler chortled. "There's no need to be concerned about the throne room, either. It's boss battle time; there won't be a full horde. I'm thinking... twelve Pseudo-Demonoids from the King's Guard." Amakusa had the strangest thought as he spoke these words. In some alternate reality in which he tackled this world alone, decided to root himself in Eonis, and not taken out the King beforehand, he could have been one of those guards. He wondered if there would be another Player among them. By his understanding through being Licht, it was undoubtedly possible for outsiders to fall victim to these things.

    Soon, they set foot in the throne room. There were indeed twelve Royal Guards in two lines of six, each standing before a support pillar. All of them sported black armor with adorning red cloth, mimicking King Eon's preferences while possessing Demonic Auras that leaked through every space in their protective casings. King Eon himself sat upon the throne. His broadsword was in hand, his eyes glowed a deep crimson, and the aura emanating from him was clearly the one causing those of the guards. Speaking of the guards... they were on high alert. Once the group entered the throne room, all twelve guards prepared their spears, swords, and maces. Amakusa scanned the room, nodding to his companions. "Mini-boss wave first."

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    Aerona was apparently clear to set her traps as she saw fit. And with that information she utilized Presence Concealment and went about moving around the room. Her traps, as they were being so casually referenced, were a great number of invisible wires being strewn about. Each still connected to her person each tight with her able to relax or increase the tension as she saw fit. These would be her easiest method for doing damage, and along each of these strings she could move her weapon, the Eye of Magnus along this as well.

    While this took place, the "Mini Boss Wave" was up for everyone else present. Miki looked at these 12 King's Knights who'd become something demonic as an extension of their King. She sighed, from her own experience dealing with such things in the game, she figured that she would be better off not trying to take the sneaky approach at present. Instead she reached for the small cage at her side, hanging off her hip and with it in her hands, she shook it back and forth. Doing so would cause a strange chiming sound, which would aim to attach itself to every one of the twelve before them. The sound alone would lull them into a death-like trance, marking them for claiming by the Underworld. At the same time, it seemed to have the opposite effect on those of her allies who could hear it, seeming to cause them to reject anything resembling instant death. Strangely, what she couldn't know, was that the sound of this bell, could be heard by others, who knew the touch of death as she did. Ah but maybe this didn't matter at all...

    After this her hand would close around her weapon and she'd stand to the left side of the column beginning the first of her assaults, surprisingly enough with her Alpha Skill. "Rapid Tempo Assault," which would aim to punch several holes in the first mace-wielding Knight, she targeted with it, while allowing her enough freedom of movement to dodge in case it didn't work.

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    While Aerona went about setting up her concealed wires, Amakusa took to the woman's side and reached out to tap her shoulder. In doing so, he interfaced with her Mana to become capable of seeing through the concealment. His own Mana pulsed outward in the same moment, allowing all four members of the attacking group to see these traps. Amakusa didn't seem very interested in doing much else, but he understood that he didn't have to. Miki marked each of the knights for claiming by the Underworld, removing any possibility of regeneration by Demon abilities. Watching her stab her way through the first of twelve confirmed that they were not far gone enough in their transition to return and reforge themselves into proper Demonic Beasts, as the energy filling the first returned to the King.

    As for the other eleven corrupted knights, Amakusa had something else in mind. Rather, he understood the use of one particular piece to this game board in relation to another. He merely waited while Aeronius came to the marvelous conclusion of using his sister's wires. "Sister," he called out as a black, swirling magical energy encompassed both of his hands, as well as the bodies of the Royal Knights. It was his intention to use this Gravity Magic of his, a very underused ability he possessed, all for the sake of pulling them into the wires and dicing the entire group of them in one fell swoop.

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    Amakusa's doings with the Princess caused him to be able to see her movements, beyond that it made her wires visible to their team keeping them from having to run into them. Of course, since they were produced by her own Mana she could always see them, but she could tell by the call of her brother's voice he would be doing something with them as well. The blonde lass Miki, also did some reasonable work. In addition to having earlier killed several Demonic Beasts, she apparently made it possible for them to be called into true death, as was evidenced by her killing of one of them. Only it wouldn't just be the one who died.

    Miki looked on in awe as the first of these Demonic Knights fell. The second thing to happen though, was beyond what she thought the pair of brother and sister together were capable of. Interestingly enough, Aeronius used his Gravity Magic to control the bodies of the Knights and move them into the wires created by his sister. This caused the instantaneous death of the remaining 11 Knights. Miki knew this without a doubt for several reasons including her own connection to death. "Sou ka, that's a pretty good combination... I'm legitimately impressed," she said with an appreciative nod. Of course, she maintained the power to move things herself, but never would she have moved all the live people into existing traps just to kill them. Luckily enough they wouldn't be coming back to make any large problems for them and Aerona now knew that all of the foot soldiers had been taken care of. She continued to string lines together and stared towards the King, wondering when he would move to do something about the death of all his men. Her fingers spread wide causing the strings to separate and redistribute, this time in the area immediately surrounding the throne which she intended to be the first of many strikes against the King as soon as he stood up. All of this with a great deal more power than she'd started off with, considering that her Mana Drain ability had been applied to every wire which had been used to cut each of the Knights except for one to ribbons.

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