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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    The anger within Kou turned into an absolute fury as he witnessed more nobles enjoying their life and engorging themselves. His teeth were constantly grinding by the time they reached the castle, and a fire raged behind the lens of his eye. He barely saw the pair of knights guarding the castle gates, but he heard one of them speak, and noted that they were holding their spears out to block his and Miki's path. Nearly on impulse, Kou's sword was drawn the moment he reached the blockade of weapons. This draw led directly into an upward slash meant to cut through the two spears at the point where they met one another. If he managed this, Kou would continue trudging forward into the castle. "Move. You're useless."

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    By the time their approach was stopped by the guards, Kou's fury had bubbled over into something bordering upon insanity. Miki understood this at least a little, but it was brought to full light by the actions of the lad. The Knights were called useless but before they could speak on the matter the ends of their weapons fell to the ground around them and they managed to look shocked by the occurance. So much so that Kou moved right on by them and it would be Miki who floated up afterwards with less grit in her entrance. "We know a good blacksmith if you need to get those fixed," she offered as she floated by atop her pillow. She caught up to Kou with relative ease and spoke to him directly. "I can hear your teeth grinding..." Miki commented, she didn't know if she could diffuse this situation at all, but she could see several bad potentials coming from approaching the royalty of this area with an attitude like the one Kou presently possessed. "I get that you're angry... and I know this situation is shit, but... if we approach this too recklessly, we won't be able to help anyone..." she said, and her point was logical and even a bit detached. She didn't experience poverty in life, but she was also a caring individual raised by people who cared for those beneath them. Given this she didn't like what she saw either, but she knew many rich people didn't see the value in the people who worked for or under them.

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    Into the castle, Kou went. He sheathed his sword, but he was ready to draw it at any moment. Even as Miki began speaking to him, he didn't calm down one bit. In fact, her claim that his fury wouldn't help anyone resulted only in his burning gaze being set upon her. "Yeah? Take your own approach then," he said before he looked away. Regardless of Miki's intentions, Kou had one method of approach he intended to use. Perhaps he was being reckless, but he doubted royals who allowed this sort of situation would listen to reason. If they did, they would have been doing something about the famine in the common region already. No, instead they were here in their safe-haven, in need of a more direct approach that Kou certainly intended to bring their way.

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    Miki soon enough was confronted with the burning gaze of Kou. She fully understood in seeing such resolve that he was going to act the way he wished to irrespective of anything she said. She had her own problems with what she was witnessing but she was quite sure her feelings about it wouldn't change what she would do. Still a bit of explosiveness was useful from time to time, and she was a rogue after all. If anything truly bad happened she could use any situation created by Kou as cover to help him out. "Yare yare daze... I'm not your enemy here. Do what you think is right..." she said with the same tone, she had the entire time. At the same time she held her hands up in mock surrender. She knew when she couldn't argue points, some things had to be done and she understood it. Though she would have rather tried something less abrasive, she was content to see how this played out. She floated along within the castle, trying to recall anything pertinent about this area, trying to figure out what had changed enough to cause the problem in the lower quarter but not enough to reach the the Royal Quarter and Castle properly.

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    Kou hadn't intended to lash out the way he did, but... he knew things. There were certain facts he understood now, comparisons he couldn't stop making, and a loathing he couldn't get out of his mind. Either way, he pressed onward until he eventually reached the doors to the throne room. The doors themselves were as tall as Kou's house in the human world, and they looked too heavy for a single person to push open. Regardless, Kou had no intention of pushing anything besides the proverbial buttons of whatever royals lay behind this threshold. For the door, he drew his sword once again and slashed twice in an X-formation, causing the doors to fall before him in four sections. Now, at last, he could face whichever royal would be the target of his fury.

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    Whatever Kou felt about this situation, Miki didn't take his outburst personally. Instead she was content to watch as he cut an entrance for himself into the large throne room. Here there was seated at the fore, a young woman with long white hair and blue eyes. She had a double set of crowns upon her head, and wore black and white advanced robes. Held in her left hand was a staff with one end like a key and the other held a large gem with a single cross worth of stone missing from it. "Oh?! How dare you!? I am the crowned princess of Eonis, Madoka! And I demand you stop right there!" came the call. At such several guards surrounded the entrance standing around Kou and Miki managed to look disinterested the entire time. 'And now they're pointing weapons at us...' she thought, as her pillow lowered her feet to the ground and she held it in front of herself, to the chuckle of several of the guards. Something said by this young woman caused Miki's left brow to raise. 'Crowned Princess of Eonis is Aerona...' she thought, which led to one of a few reactions she could have had, which was checking the stats of the princess currently seated at the head of the room. 'Another one...' she said making a single identification. Just as well, Miki immediately became suspicious of not knowing where the other Princess was. She was one of the more important side characters and had her own fan following and if she was like Titania actually here she would be very dangerous.

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    The person upon the throne was neither king, queen, nor princess. Well... the girl sitting there did claim to be the princess, just before demanding that the Adventurers stop. Even while the guards approached and drew their weapons, Kou continued moving forward. "Fuck you," he said during his approach. His sword remained drawn, and his eyes traveled from one guard to another as they crowded his path. "Any of you actually want to fight? I want answers to why most of the kingdom is dying of hunger, but everyone on this end is stuffing their fat faces with more than they can handle."

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    The guards were all looking around. Most of them never left the safety of the Royal Quarter, so no, none of them actually wanted to fight any adventurers. "You remember what happened when Princess Madoka fought Princess Aerona..." one of them whispered to another. 'Sou ka, so that is actually what happened huh?' Miki concluded, as several guards just casually let the adventurers pass, figuring the princess herself could likely handle them if she needed to. "What are you even talking about?" said the princess as she stood with the most indignant look on her face. "I just received a status report from the merchants, the farmers and the advisers and they said the Kingdom is functioning as it always does..." she said seemingly confused. Miki understood in this simple exchange exactly what was happening. This was a princess suffering from blind syndrome. Even as a player they hadn't considered the possibility of the people from this world lying to them, Miki upon hearing this sighed. "Yare yare daze. You can't actually be that naive. Of course, all of those people will tell you what you want to hear, they work for you... and it doesn't directly affect them," Miki said sounding quite annoyed rather suddenly. The princess stamped her foot and managed to look disturbed but as she looked around the room, the knights all avoided eye contact with her, as if searching for anything other than her face to look at. "But that... can't be true," she mumbled as she fell into her seat. "Well then... what do you know?" she asked them. If what Miki said was true, then no one within the castle was properly trustworthy for information.

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    "Figures. You don't even check this shit for yourself, so you don't even know what's going on," Kou said, directing his fury toward the guards who'd so casually stepped out of the way and allowed his approach to the throne. Upon hearing that the guards had simply been withholding information from this princess, the lass seated herself on the throne again, swearing it couldn't be so. At the very least, she wished to know what these Adventurers knew, and though Kou had no nice words for anyone in this castle presently, he would gladly explain the situation at hand. "Ever, uhh... I dunno... looked out the fucking window!? We just got back to the kingdom an hour ago, and I've seen more people than I can count throwing their money at vendors just to get two bites for their kids! People are dying painfully out there, and nobody here is doing shit about it!"

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    The words of the male adventurer stung. She really wasn't aware of what went on outside of the palace. After working so hard to get here, her duties had locked her up within the space. She didn't see anything wrong with this initially. To live the life of a princess was all she wanted, but she hadn't at all considered what else she should have been doing besides just listening to the words of those around her. "If they were starving why didn't they say anything? There is plenty it isn't as if anyone needs to starve... there are people who are supposed to be seeing to everything like that in times like these. It wasn't supposed to be this way..." whatever this girl was saying about the nature of the people who worked under her. It was obvious she didn't know about what leadership in these sorts of situations was about. Miki had less harsh words for her, from the perspective of someone who'd already learned such a lesson. "One leads by example. If they don't see you doing things, they won't care to. Your guards and knights also aren't answering summons for help... even when the threat is to profitable farmland," she said remembering the first of her quests in this place.

    "If your people starve to death, you won't have much of a Kingdom, and if they decide not to... well... revolutions get messy. Not saying they would... but if they did you'd have no one to blame but those you allowed to run wild with your authority," Miki mentioned, since there wasn't any immediate danger to her, by the time she gave this speech she was sitting atop her pillow floating in the air. Her right hand tucked under her chin with a seemingly regal countenance for at least a single glance. Between the verbal tongue lashing she received from Kou and the disappointed sibling-like speech she received from Miki, the princess stared for a few minutes, water welling up in her eyes. She began fighting to wipe the tears away but in the end it failed and she just ended up crying and trying not to in this situation. "I... really didn't know. I thought... it would be fun. I don't want anyone to die because I didn't know what to look for. What? What do I do?" she cried aloud much to Miki's surprise. 'Oh shit, is this like a super kid? I didn't want to make a kid cry...' she thought with widened eyes.

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