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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    "Hai," Kou answered as he rose from the floor, lifting the keystaff with him. "The way you're using this build, you should have been classed the same as me. Your primary focus should always be your Class, not necessarily your Type. If you're stuck on playing that way, though, you should at least make sure you use the skills to make it a viable build, or... Game Over." With that said, Kou offered the princess her crown and weapon of choice. He then sighed and looked to his companions, whom he found to be in a rather strange state as a group. Nothing was odd about Miki, but Hikari had taken a place upon the former's pillow, while Karna watched on in a more devious manner than normal. "So uhh... What were we doing after this again?"

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    Madoka was astounded to find out that she'd built her character wrong or rather in a manner that was less than viable. Whatever the case, her weapon and crown were soon restored to her, and she took her crown and placed it upon her head. Doing so gave her the ability to magically scan the entire room which was something she'd never done before. She found everyone in the room possessed a great deal of magical skill compared to herself. "Sou ka... arigatou gouzaimasu, Kou-san... Miki-san," she said to both of them, she walked over to Miki herself and removed from her person a bag containing some 200 gold pieces. Miki took the bag in her hand but didn't bother trying to count it. She had a pretty good idea of how much was in there. "Sankyuu~" she said tossing around the pouch a little bit. After a moment, Kou went on to ask what they were planning on doing next.

    Miki thought for a moment but then remembered what their plans had been after setting out from the Marsh Kingdom. "Ano, we were going to go and secure a cart and cho...ahem... I mean Filolial for general group transport. Maybe some camping gear too considering the size of the group now would be pretty good," she said with a curt nod. She didn't know how long they intended to travel, but she figured they would definitely need supplies and the like, which was partly the reason she was alright with charging for her services. "The Filolial farm is to the east of this place off the grasslands..." she said calmly. "We could do the last minute stuff here and then head out to meet the farmer in the morning..." Miki suggested. She didn't know if Kou was the type to do what she wanted in this case, but she had every intention of being completely involved in the creation of their Filolial. There were too many variables for her to one a really low tier one.

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    Filolial raising was the plan they had. Once reminded, Kou considered the great boon it would be to deal with that sooner, rather than later. He also wished to focus on the breeding process of the Filolial for the sake of producing the best one possible, and to do so, starting on a morning was optimal. "Yeah, that sounds good. A Filolial and a cart is pretty much a necessity, especially now that we have a group of four. Xerxes definitely can't carry that much of a burden by himself, even if he did agree to pull cart all day. Besides... that'd be weird." And so, the group's time in the royal castle of Eonis came to an end. They went about their way until they departed, on foot, the very next morning.

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    Quite a while since her last visit to the Kingdom of Eonis, a young blonde haired lass found herself waiting around outside of the Kingdom for her companions to join her. It'd been a bit more than a week since they'd last seen their group together. She sat atop the back of a large white dire wolf, a young girl with twin tails sitting in front of her sleeping having eaten a bit too much, again. Even so, the blonde lass couldn't calm down, nor could she stop smiling. She was well and truly happy, and quite excited to be seeing her companions again. They were all good people but on in particular had been on her mind for far longer than the week they'd been separated. "Are you feeling alright? Did you enjoy the trip?" she asked of the teal haired lad she'd had with her for the duration of her trip. The golden cage she'd collected while in the Migrating Vale, oddly belted to her hip and gently rocking as moved forward. If one had to take note, the lass was looking quite spry. She had a new quality to her Mana and everything about her seemed to have increased quite a bit.

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    "I am fine, yes. You... realize you can speak normally, right? I can understand the other language, it's just harder to speak it," said the teal-haired male in the girl's company. His Mana had also undergone a bit of an alteration, though a bit more... subtle than the blonde's. One that wasn't so subtle at all, though, was encroaching upon them as they spoke. Three left, but four returned. The identity of Geno Killer returned in the form of Kou, the ashen-haired Saber. Arjuna was in the group's company, and no different than he had been before, and of course there was Hikari and... one other.

    Kou's Mana had been restored to its normal functionality, albeit with an incredible boost in the quality of its movement. His physique was heavily adjusted as well, though the eyes of a Witcher were currently not a trait he bared. Over the course of the journey back, he had suppressed the physical traits of a Witcher, reducing them mostly to something he chose to activate. As the group encroached upon the likes of Miki, Diva and Fiona, Kou's stepped gained a bit more... pep, so to speak. "Oi! Suman! It took longer than I thought it would!" he called out, arm elevated to wave down the other group during his approach.

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    Miki looked to Diva with wide eyes. She managed to look a tad abashed and turned her head to the side, "Well, yeah. Of course, I figured that was fine... I just uh, like practicing too," she said putting off the fact that she'd completely forgotten all about that in her anxiousness. Of course, her excitement would soon reach other level as in the distance she saw and felt the coming of the group she'd been part of, with a new plus one. That much didn't matter to the lass, she figured anyone Kou chose to make part of the group wouldn't be any sort of problem. "He's here!" slipped out of her face in an excited moment. She gently shifted so she could dismount, leaving Fiona sleeping atop her weapon shaped like a pillow on the back of the direwolf. She waved with just as much vigor as the group approached. "Iie, it's cool. There was a bit more to do our way than expected as well. How was your trip?" she said taking note of the group she was happy to see everyone well, but it was quite obvious where her attention truly was.

    Hikari on the other hand managed to scoff audibly. She could see the happiness practically radiating off this pair of individuals. She cut a side eye at Arjuna and rolled her eyes to emphasize the point. The pair had made quite a bit of progress even without them meddling in their affairs directly, but it was clear as day to anyone with eyes that they liked each other. This was true, even of Jaskier who watched this approach with furrowed brow. Obviously, he'd been told this group was a conglomeration of individuals, but what he didn't expect was the blonde lass and the white haired lad he'd gotten to know, seeming to be more than a little happy to see each other. "Diva, Ohayou~" the Demi-human managed walking forward to greet the lad while keeping an eye on her brother making sure as she passed him he caught her devious wink.

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    Moving forward, Kou only slowed his pace when he was nearing the others. He'd seen Hikari passing him with her cheesy little wink, and offered nothing more than an expression of disgust in return. Arjuna, on the other hand, had already seen the roll of her eyes, and shrugged. "Oh, cool. Guess it all works out for the best, then. Our trip was alright. You know, week of torture to undergo a transformation, winding up in a place where everything costs too much, dealing with a small Elf army and their demon-turned leader, having a song written about me... Oh, and getting the first Cavalry member for the Band of the Hawk. This is Jaskier. He's a bard, but he's alright," he summarized. Of course, his story could not do justice to the actual events, but it was good enough, he thought.

    During this exchange, Diva was approached by Hikari. He gazed upon her with the stare he always used on the brunette, nodding once and reminding himself to speak using the common tongue. "Ohayou, Hika... ri," he said, even managing something resembling a smile as he spoke to the lass.

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    Miki very happily processed the story of their trip. Apparently the Witcher Trials were just as horrific as she'd read about them, even so, he seemed no worse for wear now. He claimed he'd ended up in a very expensive place and picked up a bard for his Calvary. Fought an Elf Army, had a go against a Demonoid and had a song written about him? "And I thought my week was busy. You picked up a bard, dealt with Elves and Demons, had a song written about you and you thought the expense was worth mentioning? Must have been one hell of a place to burn through that much," Miki said, realizing of course, that Hikari had a decent bit of gold, even if she'd managed to spend some of it at some point. Hikari while talking to Diva found his speech much improved from the last time she'd chatted with him, and found his smile that seemed to be reserved for her rather endearing. "Oh?! You're out here talking like normal. That language practice is setting you up for success. Nice!~" she congratulated the lad. She managed to catch Miki's last bit of speech and her eyes widened and her face lost all color she turned back and looked at her brother. "Kuso!"

    Whatever the case Miki didn't immediately get why the lass was suddenly swearing and shook it off, "Nice to meet you, Jaskier... I'm Miki," she said greeting the new comer with the same general amount of pleasantness that she usually managed. Jaskier had been quiet until he was addressed seeming to be focused on all that was going on around him. This new lass was quite pretty, beyond that, it seemed that she and Kou were very happy to see each other. He wouldn't intrude on a happy reunion. "Ah, yes. Thank you of course. I am not sure how much use I can be, but I am glad that you'll will have me," he said softly. Miki looked at the lad and blinked several times. This was a very soft-spoken lad, obviously very much from the other world. 'Huh? This is an oddly likable bard... seems a bit gun shy but, I guess there are worse ways to be,' she thought remembering times in games where she'd kicked them or just pushed them over because they'd been interrupting her game play.

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    "That much─" Kou wasn't initially sure what Miki could have been referring to. They didn't leave with currency of any sort, considering she had it all... unless... Oh. It didn't take long to realize what was going on, especially hearing Hikari's utterance. Kou's face contorted into the most repulsive expression his otherwise angelic features could manage as he set his gaze upon the Demi-human. He was upon her without pause, looming over her like some dark, ominous cloud of fury.

    "Imouto..." he said in a sing-song tone, though with nothing but malice in his voice. He'd reach out with both hands to take her by the ears, at which point he'd begin pulling them in opposite directions as he snarled through his speech. "How much money did you have on you, huh? You wouldn't just be holding a wad of cash and hiding it from your darling big brother, would you? Noooo, that's not you at all, is it!?"

    As this occurred, Diva took a step back. He had begun a conversation with Hikari, but this seemed to have taken immediate precedence. He seemed shocked, but in a matter of moments, he was clearly giggling at the sight of it all.

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    An interesting sight was taking place before Miki. She hadn't meant to throw the lass under the bus so to speak. Even so, seeing such sights wasn't really all that unusual to her, and she had a strict policy about staying out of sibling arguments. She'd make it up to the lass later, she always did that at least. In the mean time, Hikari soon had her brother upon her and she would have cowered if she'd been that sort of lass. But alas, she wasn't she stood up straighter and almost managed an equally malicious look until of course he grabbed her ears. "Nii-san!!! Let me go!!!" she cried her face turning red as she heard the giggle of Diva at her expense. When asked how much money she had on her she mumbled out a reply followed by many more words. "Well, it's like 100 gold coins. But I've had them since Atlantis!" she said quickly. "Miki-nee told me I could keep them after she gave them to me when I went on my adventure to the Black Forest. It's not like I am used to just having cash on me or anything. Besides..." she said as her head shook from side to side causing her eyes to go dizzy. "It's your Super-NERD-SHUT-IN FAULT! Being so damn hype about an adventure and making money and not giving me time to think!!!" she exclaimed her head fell back, she was too dizzy. There were stars in her vision, the world was spinning. Her brother was a mean jerk-face. Yeah, she'd remember that maybe... maybe when her mind stopped feeling like scrambled eggs.

    "Huh, I didn't know he giggled. That's pretty funny," Miki managed quietly, somehow keeping herself from laughing at the lass though she found the whole situation quite hilarious. "That was a while back... if I had been thinking, I would have reminded her," Miki said, going against her general policy while feeling a bit bad for the girl and drawing some attention back to herself. Jaskier didn't know what to think, he'd been with these two for a while, and he thought the girl to be the boss of the boy for quite a bit of time. It seemed he was mistaken in this assumption.

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