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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    "A HUNDRED FUCKING GOLD!?" Ridiculous. Absolutely... ridiculous. No way was he going to let her go after discovering exactly how much gold she'd been carrying around the entire time. He'd gone hungry. They had to stay the night in a broken house. They couldn't acquire transportation enough for three, and eventually a fourth. He tugged the girl's ears with increased ferocity, jerking one forward while jerking the other back. "Do you know what we could have done, boke!? We could have been living the life in that rich ass, shitty valley! I oughta─" Suddenly, he realized something. He hadn't been able to do this sort of thing in... years. That rambunctious little scamp of a girl had been lost to him, and it seemed she was officially back in full force, with all the accompanying 'bite' of her attitude. He stopped his actions abruptly, releasing the dizzy lass' ears and placing a hand atop her head. He then... laughed. With Miki offering words regarding how long it had been, and how she simply hadn't given a reminder, Kou shook his head. "It's not a bother. It was fun the way it played out, wasn't it?"

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    Hikari's head was now moving forward and backward as her brother bullied her. Was this real life? She still couldn't see straight. Was it a bit inconvenient to not have money during their adventure? Yes. But, they'd had a pretty good time, and it had been his own fault. The girl's mind was almost completely blank, the world wouldn't be still. She thought her eyes were closed, they weren't but then...

    A warm hand atop her head and her brother's laughter. He was a shut-in. Completely hopeless when it came to women, but he was her big brother. He was a great person and she'd missed him a lot since coming here. Actually, this was a different type of nostalgia for Hikari, who had been sick when she'd last seen her brother. Given that, he'd been very careful of her for quite a while, taking care of her. It'd been a while since she was bullied in this fashion for doing something stupid or crazy by her big brother and she'd missed it. "BA-KA-NII!" she chimed as her vision finally stopped spinning. "Of course it was fun, I wouldn't have gone along otherwise. And you got to live out your Nerd-Hero fantasy, hmpf." she said seeming to get her bearings back. She put her hands on her hips and turned away from him, seemingly cross, but there was still a little wag of her tail which would give away her happiness. Miki on the other hand found this whole thing to be quite hilarious, and very normal. 'Uh-huh, siblings are weird,' she thought a small smirk appearing on her lips. "Sounds like you guys had a very interesting adventure," Miki said with a casual shrug, happy that nothing had gone amiss.

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    "Fucking right I did," he retorted, retracting his hand before tapping Hikari's forehead with his fore and middle fingers. Once that was done, he decided to inflate his chest and press his hands against his hips with a rather smug, albeit joking, expression on his face. "You peons must feel so lucky to be able to share the presence of a glorious man such as myself! My song will be sung for ages to come, and you have the privilege of hearing it! Ah ha ha ha!" Even his laughter was overly-exaggerated in this moment, and there was an accompanying flip of the lad's hair as if he were in some sort of shampoo commercial. It was, in truth, a showing that accentuated his angelic features for a moment, but a motion of jest regardless. "Anyway, how about we check in on Eonis while we're here? I'm sure that... princess is either accomplishing something, or crying in a corner of the palace by now."

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    Of course her brother was happy about his weird hero journey. She had nothing else to say about it, even as he thumped her forehead in a manner most familiar to her. She backed up and managed to look huffy for just a second in a showing of rather cute sibling bonding. "Baka." she said softly only to shun him and his following antics. Hikari might have been ignoring her brother from this point forward, but the words of the lad reached Miki's ears and caused her brow to rise. Obviously he was joking, but that was fine, it was worthy of a giggle which would have continued escaping her if he hadn't decided to do such a randomly casual hair flip. Actually, her laughing had died down while she watched him and completely stopped by the time of the hair flip. Beyond all of that she couldn't take her eyes off him for several seconds. It was like he was the only other person standing there besides herself and she was quite literally fascinated. No arguments about not being a peon, she couldn't formulate the words. Only a upturn of her lips while she twirled a single lock of hair around her finger. "Sugoi..." she muttered. Jaskier looked at the lass and wondered what a man had to do to get someone to look at them like that. "Princess Ugh, not her again..." these were the words of Hikari and also managed to bring Miki back to attention.

    "Yeah, I do like this town and all, and our Blacksmith is here. And it's probably for the best to check in on her. Maybe by now she's gotten some materials to fix up her build," mentioned Miki with a strange blush on her face as if she'd been caught doing something naughty. Whatever the case she called her pillow forward and placed herself atop it, leaving ample room to be joined as was her way. "Ikouka..." she said on the move again. But alas, no visit would ever be easy. As they approached the Kingdom of Eonis they would find several guards turning people away, hundreds of yards away from even the front entrance. "Turn back, Travelers. They city is overrun. There is only death here!" exclaimed a guard.

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    In the midst of his mock boasting, Kou heard something escape the mouth of Miki. He didn't hear it properly because of his own exaggerated laughter, but he looked her way, and seemed to have picked up just a bit of what she said. "Five what?" he asked, seeming legitimately lost in the moment. Only a second later, though, he was back to his antics. His eyes closed, a smile spread across his face, and he held his right fist against his chest with another jest-filled visage of supremacy. "Ah. Five songs, I'm sure. Yes, yes. Jaskier, remember this moment! Your supreme lord and master requires five songs of his epic tale per day! Sing them to the mountains, HA HA HA!"

    Indeed, it was a shame, but... they had to go deal with Princess Madoka."Could be, yeah. She at least seemed like she had the resolve to be better. Whether she has the ability or not, I guess we'll find out soon." Ah, but they would not be finding out soon at all. When they reached the gate, they were halted by the Royal Guard. This was an occurrence that was far too frequent for them in this world, and Kou had but one thing to say about it. "Fuck," he snarled. Why did this have to happen again, and why here? What could that useless princess have let slip under her nose this time? "Overrun with what? It's obviously not Dragons, so it's not that big a fucking deal. Let us in."

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    Whatever Kou thought he heard from the blonde lass, he'd heard it wrong. Totally wrong. Miki's eyes widened in the moment and she also managed to look confused, while still blushing and looking naughty. "What?" she said softly. But it didn't really matter, the boy had gone on another funny tirade. She didn't have to explain herself, crisis averted. In the meantime, Jaskier was put on the spot and he managed to look surprised as well. How could this lad have not heard this girl? Did he really not see how she adored him? Confused. Jaskier had nothing but confusion in his soul at this moment. "Uh, well, I mean I could. But right now I only have the one song... you'd have to do some more stuff I guess," he mentioned feeding into the joke in a sort of passive way.

    But alas this happiness wasn't to last, the Royal Guard who'd stopped them, after their gentle conversation about Madoka, had nothing good to say. "Just once, I'd like to walk up to a place and have it not be infested by something..." Miki managed. Then again, she had all the skills necessary to deal with an infestation of any sort so whatever. Kou's question to the guards was one which she also would have asked. "That. Exactly that..." she said backing him up from atop her pillow. "They are creatures which aren't of this realm. Demons swarm the city at night. They break down doors, steal children, kill indiscriminately. They returned with King Eon, but they will not leave. Only one place within the City is safe, everyone else is outside of it being hunted except..." there was a pause from this guard. "There is a lone farm on the outskirts which bears unnatural immunity to the Demon Horde. The farmer there graciously houses many who have taken refuge from the city," said the man formally. "Travelers I implore you, turn back, this place is damned," he said grimly. This was all he could do, defend the people by standing between them and danger. Miki heard out this tale and sighed. 'She didn't kill the king when he returned... and she didn't take any of the earlier opportunities to do so either, ugh...' Miki slapped a hand over her face and simply shook her head from left to right. There were several moments in this story line where the King of Eonis could have been killed. One of them was as soon as the player could take over, which seems like a bad thing to do, if you don't do enough side quests to learn of his background. There was also the chance before he became a Demon which was obviously not taken, and the chance to get him immediately after his return. Nope. Princess Madoka let the whole Human Kingdom of Eonis, get overrun by Demons simply by making bad decisions. Miki turned not to go back but to go around, she had a pretty decent idea of which farm was immune to Demons. "Is Princess Madoka at the farm or in the church?" she asked. "Her majesty has been traveling between them to keep the people who don't want to leave within fed. You should be able to meet up with her at the farm if that is what you'd like. It's on the western outskirts of the Kingdom," said this guard. "We know where it is," was Miki's only sentiment at the end. "Wait, why do we know where it is?" asked Hikari. She'd put together all the rest of it, but this prior knowledge was a bit weird for them. A random safe space shouldn't have been something possible during such an invasion.

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    This situation was becoming more repulsive with every word spoken by the guard. This didn't seem to be entirely the princess' fault, but there were still many things she could have done to prevent it. Kou could only sigh, knowing this was another thing they were going to invest time into. What choice did they have? They still had the goal of becoming official Adventurers, even forming a Guild of their own. They very well couldn't lose the vote of an entire kingdom, and besides... they had already invested so much time into this place, and Demons could become a danger to the entire world with great ease.

    "Fuck," he said again. "Can we not have repeat problems in one place, though? It'd be really nice to be able to just... you know, travel. Make a quick stop by somewhere we've been already. Have everything be hunky-dory when we show up, maybe the praise of the masses and an entire banquet thrown in front of us─" His tirade was cut short by mention of the safe havens in the vicinity. One, he could assume to be the Church in Eonis, though he doubted that would last long. The other, though... could only be the farm they visited during their first quest. Deciding to join Miki on the trek, he peered over his shoulder to address Hikari's query. "Because that farm is where it all started. We took out some boars, and now it's protected by a Bounded Field."

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    "That." Miki said to Kou's sentiments. This was a pretty dire situation by her own approximation. There was also a lot to be done and not a lot of time to do it in. Hikari's question was a valid one, but Kou had taken care of it in a matter of seconds. "Oh? So this farm is where you two met... " she said with a devious smirk coming to her face. Miki was floating forwards her hand still clamped over her face. "We're going to have to finish evacuating that church, it isn't going to last..." she said aloud softly. "Why does the church need evacuating?" asked Jaskier who was curious now as well. "Because, church protections run on faith. The more you believe the better they work. If they've been within that church, watching the demon hordes swarm all night, for days on end... their faith will run out. If it hasn't already," Miki explained with a quiet nod. "That isn't a concern with the Bounded Field though?" this was Hikari's follow up. "Runes and Rune Magic run on nature. So, long as the mage who places them lives they will stand. They also become more potent the more powerful those mages are..." Miki mentioned.

    As they approached the farm, a white haired lass with a large crown atop her head would be seen giving directions to various soldiers who soon left her. She could be seen, holding a book of obvious mystical origins but otherwise this was the same young woman they'd come across. She was Princess Madoka, and held within another hand a large key staff with an egg glowing in the top of it. "Make sure the rations are ready, I'll be making one last trip before sunset," she said. Her attitude had at least improved quite a bit since she was last seen. She turned to see the approaching group and looked strangely relieved. "YOU'RE HERE!! " she said seemingly excited by the prospect. "There was so much going on, and I didn't know what to do. And I couldn't beat the king... and I sent word for help but no one will come... I just... I just..." tears started streaming down the girl's face as she broke down. This might have been a bit of a stressful situation for her. Miki took a deep breath and exhaled it, she needed a few more seconds before she spoke. At the very least, the girl's rambling said that she'd at least tried to do a couple of the right things, they just hadn't worked out for her.

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    "Basically, yeah," Kou said to Hikari without bothering to look her way again. He knew she was likely wearing an expression he wasn't going to enjoy if he saw it. The group made their way to the farm, and of course they were greeted immediately by Princess Madoka herself. It was an annoying greeting, her speaking as if she felt a special amount of joy in seeing the group. Kou sighed as well, pinching the bridge of his nose while working up a retort. "You... couldn't beat King Eonis? At level 50? Fuck," he said, tossing back his head and sighing into the open air. How could she be so horrible at this life? Whatever the case, Kou had already resigned himself to being involved in the repair effort. "Did you even finish the quest before? Where's Aerona? The Lost Prince? Any of the things necessary to take on the King at this point in the story?"

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    Hikari was amused right up until the introduction of Princess Madoka. This girl saw that the lass was one of the more useless players of this game. She could even tell by the tone her brother took and Miki's current silence that they were in for quite a problem based on what they'd walked back into. "Aerona? The Lost Prince..." there was confusion in Madoka's voice and that wasn't good at all in Miki's eyes. The blonde lass let out an audible sigh as well, which caused Madoka to look at her through tears. "I said before, Aerona-nee left. She hasn't come back yet. She took her knights with her... besides she isn't level 50," the lass explained. "I got brought here before I finished the quest, but I had just spared King Eon. And I don't even know what a Lost Prince is..." she said seemingly beside herself. Miki would fill in here. "The Lost Prince, is the reason there was an opening in the royal family within Eonis. He and his father had some disagreements and he ran away to wander alone in the world. It's information that any of your subjects could tell you half of them for free..." Miki mentioned finally moving her hand away from her face. "Aerona not being level 50 also doesn't matter, you want her for her skills not her level. Games only give optional help like that when they have something that will make the fight easier. Usually by striking up friendship/romance or whatever. And you can't make up the difference on those skills... which is why you lost," she said to the lass. This was a statement of fact, but... Miki's affect was flat while she said it making it sound harsher than she intended. "Really? I didn't know... I haven't been able to add any new spells to my Lexicon yet. I had to flee the palace...I didn't expect it to go like this..." she managed wiping her tears away. She wanted to be protected from this girl suddenly being mean to her, there was no one for her to hide behind. So, she edged closer to Kou to escape the blonde's eyes.

    "Waiting until he came back makes him problematic. This fight is gonna be a bitch... how do you want to approach it?" this sentence was said to Kou and Kou alone, though the blonde looked more displeased than she'd managed to look in quite a while. To be fair, they weren't actually at level to take on the King of Eonis either, they were just a bit better prepared but they still couldn't make up the different in his skill set.

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