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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    She didn't even know about the Lost Prince of Eonis. How lost could this player be, that she didn't have information about her own family in this world? "He's your fucking brother!" he blurted out, seeming to have become short of patience. By the time Madoka approached him, his arms were crossed, and his head was turned. This was going to be truly annoying, but luckily, he didn't have to go through the explanation about everything; Miki had that covered.

    At this point, their general lack of ability to deal with King Eon by the time one of their options could be found... was still distressing. No, even having one such as Arjuna along would require something more than what they had on offer. 'What's worse is, he's already been here long enough to infest the kingdom. We can't just find Aerona, or even the Lost Prince. We'll have to go the rare, multiplayer route and get both of them but... Ugh, that princess is such a bitch─"

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    Madoka cowered once more, this time because Kou snapped about her not having any idea about the lost prince. "Well, yeah, but I never met him. He was gone long before I got here. And no one ever talks about him," she mumbled. Still the information Miki offered was stuff she didn't know, even if it did come a bit harsher than the last time. "Look this place seemed like the easiest to become a princess. I watched like five streams and people seemed to have an easy time of this human in a human kingdom thing... I didn't expect so much!" this was apparently Madoka's breaking point and it only made Miki scoff. People always wanted to play princess, having no idea what having such responsibility actually included. She left the other girl to her small break down and continued her conversation with Kou.

    Apparently the lad thought it would be a better idea to try and get both of the extra potential characters because even with Arjuna around it was going to be an arduous task to finish up King Eon. "The prince isn't much better. I definitely reloaded a save because I was annoyed by him. At least I already know where he is... " she mentioned to the lad. So the current plan, then seemed to be falling into place. "So, we have to run the rescue mission in that church before the people left die. I can make a secondary Bounded Field around the Kingdom to hold back the Demon Horde for a bit. Then we, go get the proper heirs of Eonis at the two different places they are at. And then we still have to fight King Eon, alright..." she mused. Of course, the truth of the matter was, she had just wanted to enjoy the kingdom and spend some time with Kou, maybe try out a second date.

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    "You never met him, and you also never heard of him? I can understand why King Eon wouldn't talk about him at all, and the same for any Royal Knights serving him, but..." Kou paused, sighing again. All things considered, he wondered if he should be blaming Madoka as much as he was. "... Never mind. I guess you can at least be spared the blame of when you were brought here. At least you didn't die to King Eon or anything..."

    Kou was back to rubbing the bridge of his nose, though he soon began tapping his temple in thought. He really didn't want to go through that annoying quest again, but there didn't seem to be much choice in the matter. 'Don't even. I'd rather romance a dude than have to deal with Little Miss Daddy Issues and attitude problems again,' he said to Miki, though he quickly thought to clarify. '... That's not to say I want to trade, or anything. I ain't romancing a dude. I like roleplay and all, but I can't go that far. Guy kisses me once? Dead guy. No games. Will take an impossible fight against Demonoid King.'

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    Kou seemed as if he was about to yell at the white haired lass, but apparently thought the better of it considering when she'd arrived to this world. A sigh of relief escaped Madoka. She'd actually been putting forth a bit of effort since they'd left last time and all she wanted was to be praised. As such she fit strangely directly into the dynamic of the Royal Family of Eonis, more so than she'd ever understand. "Thank you, Kou-san!~" she mused a small blush coming to her face seemingly utterly pleased by the part of his statement that could be considered a compliment. "Oi, oi, you look too happy for the time period. Read the room, sheesh!" these were the words of Hikari who'd already had enough. She disliked this girl for very different reasons.

    In the meantime Miki was treated to the actual issues of courting the Princess Aerona. She couldn't help but find that a bit amusing if she was being honest, given what was said about her, she would have had an easy time making friends of the lass, even without potential romance involved. It seemed for just a second she might even get the chance, but alas, it seemed Roleplay alone wouldn't allow Kou to court the Lost Prince. "Sou ka, well, Mr. Melancholy No One Will Ever Love Me, is an annoying challenge. I doubt he'd even try and kiss you, since apparently it takes like annoying circumstances to convince him of your sincerity in any situation," she said of the Lost Prince. But it seemed beyond this Kou had no intentions of courting the man. "Yeah, I find it harder to box up to romance a girl if I am not actually playing a dude at the time. I figured I must always be a bit too much me for me to let it slide when I am a girl. I am also not really interested in the trade," Miki mentioned rubbing her hand away from her face to look directly at Kou for a second. "Though admittedly I am not into the Prince, that makes this extra annoying, I think─"

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    The silent discussion betwixt Miki and himself continued, eventually becoming an agreement that neither party wished to switch their targets, despite a clear distaste for them on either side. 'I still don't care to take any chances. Even if he just wound up giving me the George Michael eyes, I'd kill him. Dead.' He was very insistent upon retaining every ounce of his comfort and sexuality in this adventure, even though it was agreed that there would be no crossing. He supposed there was nothing much to do but... make the trip. Once more, the group would have to separate somewhat. 'I mean, the princess is pretty hot and all, but... fuck. Her backstory isn't a good enough reason for her to be so bitchy about everything,' he concluded. With that, he finally spoke aloud once more. "Right, so... how are we splitting the group this time? Someone has to get Aerona, and someone has to do the Lost Prince route."

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    "Still doing better than me, I almost killed him when I found out his name..." Miki mentioned. This was a factual statement. She might have been able to look past quite a few things about the prince in the hopes of getting together a decent in-game party and rounding out her skills. But his name was the dumbest thing Miki had ever heard. She'd literally laughed aloud when she'd heard it the first time. Moreover, Kou was very real about his desire to maintain his sexual integrity while in his own body. "Ah, yeah. They both are pretty 'tragic' as characters, but he's too fucking sad for me. And the name, we can't forget how stupid his name is..." Miki finished her statement. She removed her hand from her face for the first time in a while. It was rather daunting to have to split up again so soon after meeting up again, but it needed to be done. Luckily Kou was more than willing to speak on it first.

    Hikari looked at the pair and wondered how they'd come to the conclusion that they needed to separate and do two different quest lines to make this sort of thing happen. "Uh-huh, I'll go wherever. Pretty sure you should keep your party in tact and all. Assuming you plan to go get Aerona, she had Knights with her, you might need the clout," mentioned Hikari who seemed to be at least familiar with all the characters involved. Jaskier not knowing which way was up simply shrugged. "I'll follow whoever you think is best for me to follow. Or stay here if you think I could help..." he said seemingly fine with wherever he ended up.

    All the while Madoka silently stewed over being chastised. Aloud she was mumbling to herself. "Why are girls always so mean to me? I thought I caught a break with Miki-san but even she doesn't seem to care too much... I just wanted to be a princess," she seemed to have fallen a bit into depression. Still she'd been hearing enough to catch the general plan. "You're both going to get the other two? You know where they are?" she seemed surprised. Aerona had literally left without a word and the Lost Prince was called lost for a reason. "Adventuring has perks, so does a bit of immersion in a solo experience. Thus we both know where the perspective Prince or Princess is right now..." Miki mentioned seeming to have returned to a more neutral speech pattern.

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    Kou gave great consideration to potential party composition while the others spoke. There was much to think of, as there were numerous factors that could potentially spoil the entire quest on either end. He decided to ignore Madoka's query. Of course they knew where the others were; they had actually done this series of quests to completion without first being sucked into this world. Luckily, he didn't have to think on the matter for long, as it was Arjuna who spoke up with a rather decent plan. "If you have others with you to complete the quests, you are essentially signing up for the longer route. Remember, the King's power is its own time-sensitive event. You may each be better off going alone," he said, and Kou had no choice but to agree with a sigh. "Yeah, but... fuck. What are you guys gonna do then? I guess if you wanted to try doing something about the Church and everyone trying to stay safe there, it would be worth it if we each went alone..."

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    Arjuna's input caught Miki's notice as well. He was quite right, it would be much easier to overcome the personalities of the Prince and Princess of Eonis if they went at it directly. Even so, Miki also didn't really look forward to the idea, "Kuso, it's such a pain in the ass..." she mentioned with obvious discontent. One would have thought this was just about potentially tracking down the prince but it wasn't. Miki had been with someone for most of her journey, even while in the Migrating Vale she'd had the voice of Virqen and Enkidu's ghost to keep her company. As it stood, she'd soon be left to travel to obtain the Lost Prince of Eonis which would be the first proper thing she'd done alone since coming to this world, and there was something about that she truly didn't like though she couldn't quite place it. "It's still a good plan though, even if it annoys me," Miki conceded to the idea without too much fuss.

    Hikari took note of the faces and gestures of everyone present. She figured such a quest had been undertaken by her brother, such was the nature of a shut-in. To see that Miki had also done something similar simply let the lass know that the two were indeed a perfect match. Beyond this, if they could both achieve their goals and get back with the extra pieces to defeat the King, there likely wasn't anything to worry about. "Hm, if that is the case, then you two go, and the four... or rather five of us will run damage control here..." she said gesturing to herself and even the now woken Fiona who was back in bird form investigating the farm with great interest. Madoka perked up when hearing the change in count. "You included me?" she asked seeming to be pleased by it, with large imploring eyes. "No, I added the Chicken..." Hikari said in general cut throat fashion. Such a statement made Miki smile and cover her face by turning it to the side lest she further upset the princess. Meanwhile the princess managed to fall into a shadow of gloom which was almost comical.

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    "Yeah, I'm not a fan of it either," Kou admitted. He, too, took issue with having to embark on this journey alone. For him, it wasn't even a matter of being alone for the endeavor. He was used to being alone, and in fact, he preferred it. Why did he feel differently now? The answer was clear, but perhaps to Kou himself, there remained a question. Instead of spending much time thinking about it, his ears were invaded by the speech of Hikari... and the resulting query of Madoka. He already knew the count, and understood all who were included in it. This wasn't going to end very well...

    Just then, she said it. Surely, it had to be something soul-crushing for Madoka to hear that the Demi-human counted a Filolial before her, but for Kou, there was a result of only laughter. He couldn't stop it; the laughter escaped him as easily as a sudden cough, or even a sneeze... and it only built from the moment it began. Did he care? No, not really; it was absolutely hilarious to see the reaction on Madoka's face. In fact, he even stepped closer to Hikari while raising his right hand toward her.

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    Kou seemed to be just as displeased by their current plan as Miki was. Somehow this was comforting to the blonde lass, and again, she wasn't quite sure why this was the case. She played solo all the time. In her life she spent more time alone than in the company of others, even when she was in a room filled with people she was generally all alone. Being lonely wasn't reason enough for her to dislike breaking with the group. No, that to was wrong. Deep down she knew the reason she didn't want to go alone and it wasn't necessarily about the whole group, though the others she was on good terms with distracted her from the truth which stared her right in the face.

    Speaking of being unable to see the truth, Princess Madoka was left to wallow in her own personal sadness, only to have another two knives stuck directly into her heart. The first of which came from the sound of Kou's uncontrolled laughter and the second came from the turned grinning face of Miki. The white haired lass' heart sank, it was like she was being further persecuted and she couldn't even begin to explain the feeling. Still, as Kou approached the Demi-human her already broken heart, shattered into a million pieces as his right hand was outstretched and then met hers which lifted as well with a look of smug satisfaction. "Yosh! Anyways, you two are good to go. We can handle this until you get back, Nii-san. Be quick about it though, and for fuck's sake, dodge!" Hikari said to her brother. "Good Luck, Miki-nee!" the lass said to Miki who only nodded. "Hai hai. You guys take care of yourselves... don't forget to utilize everyone's extra skills. And the barrier around the farm will double to heal you so don't waste any extra energy..." Miki mentioned. A gentle whistle brought the blonde lass her wolf which lowered itself as she climbed aboard and lifted her hood. "She gets to call them, Nii-san and Nee-chan... they both told me off for it." the Princess said, she was basically drowning in her sadness, poking her index fingers together while staring at her feet like a child who'd been scolded.

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