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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    "Same here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Hikari-chan," Kou said while looking directly into the demi-human Hikari's face, offering a more gentle expression than he'd previously been shown capable of, as well as - interestingly - no issues with how she chose to address him. Miki and Karna were both traveling to the throne room alongside these two, but Kou seemed to have become indifferent to their presence. The one who gained his focus came only when they entered the throne room, and it was again Madoka the Princess. "Oi. I'm here for--"

    "It takes some nerve to bring that thing back into my castle. We will never again abide creatures like those demi-humans. Remove it immediately!" spoke the voice of the King himself, who sat upon the throne brandishing a beard as white as Kou's own hair, and emerald eyes which gazed into the soul of those beheld. Kou knew this person from experiences in the video game version of this world, yet something about the man's demeanor was different. He stepped forward with great conviction. "King Eon... Your Grace," he said. "Holy Knights are exempt from judgement and rule, aren't they? I am Kou, Royal Knight of Eonis. I'm here to claim the title of Holy Knight."

    It was Kou's belief that it didn't matter what the King himself decided. If he were to become a Holy Knight, he could take the demi-human girl as his apprentice, and none could question him. The King, however, shook his head. He would not allow this young Knight to achieve a higher status if his first intention was to make a demi-human his apprentice, and Kou could tell this was the case. As such, Kou found himself looking toward Madoka for answers.

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    A strange introduction took place in front of Miki and she was delighted by it. She had no understanding of why Kou was so much more okay with this little raccoon girl, (now aptly known as Hikari) calling him familiarly but it showed progress away from potential rage. 'Sou ka, maybe the Princess Madoka just also hits his radar wrong? Or he just really doesn't like her...' thought Miki. Meanwhile, Hikari could only smile, as she felt the warm and happy feeling of acceptance.

    But all of this changed after entering the Throne Room. The King Eon was one which Hikari was familiar with, and this man had recently set her aside claiming she'd never be strong enough. And here he was denying the advance of Kou even though the lad was more than qualified to become a Holy Knight just because he had a demi-human in tow. When Kou looked to Madoka for an explanation from her of the situation that was taking place here. "King Eon is the seat of power in this place. As long as he is within the capital his word is law... gomennasai Kou-san," said the Princess. Unlike times previous when she showed off or was simply unknowing of what was going on here, there was a certain amount of defeatism in her voice when she expressed these things aloud. All the while Miki looked around the Throne room from the background of a person who'd only ever been here in game once, and then the previous time they'd come here together. 'Ano, this place is a bit weird, when everyone was taking advantage of Madoka's stupid, there wasn't this much fear involved here. I didn't come here much before but... this seems like a weird prejudice to suddenly develop. I've never saw where this spot had an issue with demi-humans before. Also, where is...' she gave pause thinking about the Princess who was native to this land, she didn't see her. And usually that lass could be found skulking about the Throne Room. "Where's Princess Aerona?" The question was aimed at Madoka whose eyes lit up only briefly like it was a great question and she answered it. "Onee-san, has decided to leave the castle with a band of Knights and continue her training, Miki-san," she said and though this seemed legitimate such a thing never happened within the confines of the game.

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    The response Madoka had for Kou was less than favorable, yet clearly honest. There was nothing to be done so long as the King held power directly, as the only exception Kou could even think of was to find a higher-ranking Holy Knight to grant him the rank. Such a system had its flaws when rulers such as King Eon were in power. Holy Knights were of the realm, not necessarily bound to any particular kingdom. Because of this, any monarch could decide to disallow a Royal Knight from seeking Holy Knight status, all to keep said Knight under their rule. "Tch!" the lad muttered. "In that case... I invoke the right of exception by combat!" he demanded. The King scoffed at this notion. He could not reject something such as this without bringing his rule into question by the masses, and if Kou managed to be successful in the trial, he would be exempt from the hold of Eonis Kingdom. He would also be offered a single wish without question for his service as a Royal Knight; King Eon already knew what that would mean. "Wretched beast-loving child. Very well. Madoka! Summon my champion!" the King ordered while Kou took a moment to look in Hikari's direction. "No worries. You'll have your knighthood soon, and you won't have to deal with this shitty system for it. You trust me, yeah?"

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    Much to Madoka's general satisfaction, Kou didn't take her words sitting down. Knowing he was also player, she figured he would know the ins and outs of the system and take the better offer. She even knew that no matter who was summoned he'd have a good chance of winning. Her adoptive father's reaction to this challenge was just as surly as he had been since his return. She didn't know what was the matter with him, but it was becoming obvious that he was not the same as the man who'd adopted her into his fold. Even so, she did as she was bit and slammed the key-shaped staff she wielded as a weapon into the floor and made a single call. "Ser Gregor!" At her call a large clanking could be heard down the hall but only for a second. Then it was rattling within the throne room. This rattling seemed to be a giant man, in a large suit of armor, but even with his mass of muscles his body seemed to proliferate with magical power. He would turn and bow to his king, helm firmly in place, only to remove it once he'd won this fight, which he assumed by looking towards the boy who would be his opponent.

    Meanwhile, Kou looked to Hikari and asked her a question. She'd watched as this young man's attitude had shifted, but he hadn't abandoned her nor had he gone along with the claims of her animal nature. No, he'd simply invoked an exception on combat and bet his life on this little instance for her instead. If she couldn't put her faith in a show like that, she figured she'd make a poor excuse for a Knight in the first place. "Hai, I trust you! Gambare!" she cheered the lad on before scurrying off to the left side of this particular room. She'd find when she reached the side wall Miki had already floated to a similar space and taken a more upright seat to watch the coming battle. Still there seemed to be a serious look on her face. Her mind traveling in deep thought and she felt the slightest bit unnerved by something, and it seemed to align with her looking at the King. 'Something really isn't right with that guy... I don't know if it's worth digging into fully right now, nor if it will be something Madoka will be able to handle on her own...' she thought her brows drawn together.

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    Madoka did as her King instructed by calling upon his Champion, the greatest of Royal Knights within Eonis. To his credit, he was a hulking beast of a man, very intimidating to behold. However, Kou had resolved himself to take - and win - a battle against whatever servants the King threw his way. He meant to become a Holy Knight, so he had no intentions of losing to a Royal Knight of any caliber. Besides that, the lass Hikari placed her faith in him. He still wasn't certain why, but this approval gave him a level of conviction he hardly ever knew. "Ser Gregor! Kill this stain upon my kingdom, and when you're done... send that wretched demi-human with him!"

    The King's announcement to his champion infuriated Kou before the match even began. He was well beyond caring what the reason behind the King's behavior was; for now, he only cared to face the issue head-on and discover the specifics when he was done attacking. Kou... or rather, the being within Kou, had numerous problems with the King's approach. He wouldn't have liked to take this out on a simple servant, but... this champion surely knew what he signed up for. "I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood..."

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    The hulking champion was given a set of orders from his King. And these included killing the challenger, and once he succeeded in that task, disposing of the demi-human child who'd accompanied this group into the throne room. He was a servant, he didn't question his orders, and if he was being honest, he enjoyed any moment that he got to act with reckless abandon. "Of course your Highness, it would be my honor!" The man claimed and with this he drew a great sword from his side which was longer than Kou was tall and drew it down. "Prepare yourself! For your insolence his highness has ordered your death. May the gods have mercy, for I will not!" claimed this 'Holy' Knight as his sword sparked with lightning that shook the room as it coated the blade and it vibrated with undue amounts of power. Ser Gregor raised this sword into the air and allowed it to course with all the power he would need, and then he looked to Kou, planning to make a downward swing which would engulf the lad and all those behind him.

    Even so, Miki didn't seem at all worried for Kou, in fact, she seemed to relax even more, having already fully placed her faith in the lad's abilities. Meanwhile, Hikari managed to look aghast that something like her death would be ordered over something so simple as her wanting to become a Knight. Though she didn't know this lad for very long, she had nothing but the utmost faith in him, and given the look on his face, she could almost tell he believed in himself as well. And strangely even Madoka had something to say, as the final order given by the King was one which she simply couldn't agree with. "Father, such a thing is unnecessarily cruel!" the white haired girl stated, with fervor showing in her blue eyes. Her words, caught Miki's attention and made the look on her face shift slightly as she sent a piercing crimson gaze towards the thrones at the front of the room. 'Hm, she finally grew a spine... that's interesting. Too bad, this isn't a stand she needs to take...' thought the blonde lass as she rested an arm on her knee and held up her head with a hand.

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    "I have created over a thousand blades. Unknown to Death, nor to Life..." Kou continued speaking an incantation to bring a spell into existence. Though it was time-consuming, he intended to have no doubts of his victory in this match. Gregor went on the offensive with an attack of lightning magic similar in nature to his own Mana Burst technique. Still, Kou chanted away. "Have withstood pain to create many weapons. Yet, those hands will never hold anything." An ethereal glow emerged from Kou's eyes as he reached this point in the incantation, and the same glow radiated from his body out to the rest of the throne room. Before he could finish though, Gregor's attack was encroaching upon him. Kou had no worries. He'd been considering a new Skill since approaching Level 30, and he managed to come up with one that would be useful here and now. He drew his sword and slashed outward at the coming wave of lightning, applying a technique called 'Full Counter' to take effect when his blade touched the wave. This simple strike reflected the magic of Gregor's attack, completely turning it around while enhancing its power tremendously by adding Kou's own energy to it. Whatever this accomplished didn't matter to Kou, as he intended to complete his incantation.

    "So, as I pray... Unlimited Blade Works!" At the conclusion of his chant, Kou manifested a subspace within the throne room. The location seemed to become an endless battlefield at sunset, with all manner of bladed melee weapons in the ground as far as the eye could see, all fully solidified by the will of Kou's magic. Even more swords, spears, halberds, etc. were appearing in the air around Kou as he stepped forward and exhaled, raising his own sword overhead. "One chance," he said to Gregor, an impassive expression upon his visage.

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    Kou's chants continued and all watched as the bolt of lightning shot off by Ser Gregor was countered immediately by the lad's sword. It was throne back towards the 'Holy' Knight with more power than it'd left him with, leaving him surprised enough to have to mount an immediate defense. His body dropped to one knee behind the blade which he super charged creating a large wall of lighting behind it. This was no ordinary Knight. He was no mere human. Ser Gregor had never felt such disgrace as he did in his moment, falling to one knee to protect himself from an attack he did no see coming. The completion of Kou's spell cam before he fully stood again, and when he did, he was all but stunned by what he was witnessing. The lad's claim that he had one chance, would be taken in a strange way by Ser Gregor who drew his sword into the air. "I am the Thunderous Mountain of King Eon! I don't need chances!" claimed this man as he charged a mighty bolt of thunder even more powerful than his previous swing. It was as if he intended to bring down the lad and everyone in the throne room to make his point.

    At this point, to Miki there was nothing but to wait, and so she did. Even as they were absorbed into Kou's spell she looked around the battle field and heard his words. Something about them softened her, though she'd been busy thinking about the situation of the Kingdom, she couldn't help but wonder what this lad had been through to give him such a disposition. Whatever the case, it only solidified how she felt in this moment. 'Sou ka, well, I guess that decision has been made regardless,' she thought. Meanwhile, Hikari looked on with wide eyes, such a feat was beyond her general understanding, but she knew if this lad won this, he was definitely worth learning from. Madoka hadn't expected to be dragged into whatever spell, and couldn't even bring herself to feel bad for Ser Gregor's future considering the man was so keen to try eliminating them all, here and now.

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    Ser Gregor answered unfavorably. It was a shame that one would adhere to the will of a King so unfit to rule, but he was free to make his own decisions... just as he was free to face the consequences of those decisions, good or bad. In this case, Kou intended to be judge and executioner. Another deep breath ensued. Kou's aura shone once more, though this time, it carried his newest Support Skill's power. In this barren land of deadly weapons, Kou appeared to be surrounded by sakura petals and light. Those he considered his comrades - Miki, Hikari, Madoka and interestingly enough, Karna - would receive his protection and a general boost to their parameters alongside the aura's natural appealing traits. Those who were against him - King Eon and Ser Gregor - would receive just the opposite. The King himself was prepared to give Gregor another order, though when looking at Kou now, he faltered right away...

    And then came the descent of Kou's blade. "A mountain with all the impact of an ant hill. If there's a next life, you should try making your own decisions." This was all Kou had left to say to Ser Gregor. The final movement of his sword had an effect on every weapon created by his spell. The blades that were in the ground rose and spun, until the tip of every blade in the subspace pointed itself at Gregor, aiming to pierce him a thousand times over with the full force of Kou's Unlimited Blade Works technique.

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    The words of Ser Gregor had no effect on the lad before him. What was more no words were spoken from the King and no attack would come from the Mountain himself. As he looked upon Kou, he felt himself weakening, his strength waning by a great deal. He could no longer course magic enough to continue charging, and beyond that it was completely over for Ser Gregor. He heard the words spoken by Kou as he felt the first of the blades enter his body, then the second and the third. Eventually, so many blades had entered this man's body, that he was incapable of sustaining his will to live. He bled out in this world of blades at sunset, an honorable warrior's death.

    Meanwhile, Miki, Hikari, and Madoka, all managed to look surprised as they looked at Kou. Miki was unsurprising by his winning of this particular event, and more surprised by the increase in her stats. "Nice!~" she chimed, her face flushed just a little as she realized she found him to be more attractive than normal. It had to be an ability of Kou's which meant he'd taken a new skill that positively affected his allies. That was useful but more so than that, she generally felt better in this moment than she had in several prior to this. It was quite relieving. Hikari's tail wagged happily upon seeing this lad complete his task with little to no problem. Moreover she also felt better but had no reason to connect it to anything in particular. "Sugoi! Kou-nii, that was awesome!~" she said happily. As this happened Madoka frowned just a little, finding it strange that someone else got to refer to the lad as brother but she couldn't. It made her feel left out and she depressingly looked at her feet tapping her toes together. "Father, it seems your champion lost to Kou-san. The Exception by Combat has been decided..." she said, though she was happy about it she still seemed a little depressed. At the same Miki stared off into space, but it wasn't really that she was staring so much as she was looking at the King. Perhaps it would become obvious in a moment what was actually wrong here.

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