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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    "Told ya' I'm a fighter! I ain't gonna let any setbacks bother me, no way, no how!" the farmer spoke once he'd identified the Adventurers who'd previously aided him. Kou waved at the elder, and shared a few words with him while Miki began her rune. "Ohayou, Jiijii. We're back to make sure all that fight you've got in you pays off," he claimed. With that, Kou took up a spot at a table by the farmhouse, placed the silver piece on it, and conjured a small hammer from the ring on his left hand. Again and again, he hammered at the silver, giving it form over time. He'd already taken the liberty of evolving its quality to A, the highest tier he could manage. "You're going to be the one to fix the famine in the kingdom, Jiijii." With these words spoken, the farmer seemed utterly shocked. These Adventurers had saved the life of his farm, and now, they were both here with new skills... skills being put into use for the sake of helping him along even more. As much of a fighter as he was, the old man seemed to be just about in tears at the sight of this assistance.

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    A grin came to Miki's face as she heard this old man's reply to her greeting. He had a tough spirit, and as a person she appreciated that a great deal. She balanced herself on the fence pole after completing her first rune, and ran along the fence to the east to place the next one. At the east, she placed a different rune, this one looked different like two letter 'L' turned on their side inwards to each other. It had the strange effect of increasing luck. Or rather multiplying the output of something if specific conditions were met. After marking this one as well she looked up to see this nice old man seemingly stunned by their shared idea to make him the end of the famine. 'Hm, I knew this was a good idea... he'll be really happy when we finish. And he's way more appreciative of it, than any on the upper side would have been,' Her mind casually thought of this as she moved to her next post and placed yet another rune. This one was Algiz, which would be used to protect what was within the barrier from physical and spiritual damage. The shielding was essential to making a proper bounded field.

    'I somehow feel like this is the best possible use of my time...' she thought. Though her nature made her quite spoiled, she enjoyed the idea that she could help this old man in any way. She'd help the kingdom, she see him get to glory... all with only the sacrifice of her knowledge and mana. The last of the runes she applied in this way and at the final cardinal point, west, would be Uruz, which would be used to simply reinforce everything within the space of his land. His crops would see less damage, and only higher tier magic would even be able to threaten him, so he wouldn't have to worry about another invasion of pigs. With four of these marks in place, they didn't yet glow. They were missing the final component which Miki would add in the center of the property. She gave a word of passing to the old man as she came into the center of his property. "Don't worry about this, these will only really be visible when I activate them the first time. After that... you can think of them like white noise, they'll help you out a bit and make sure no troublesome creatures invade your farm again~" Miki mentioned. Before she took the last step in her action, which would be to create within the center of this place a rune previously unseen, called Wunjo. Placing this particular rune, which looked like a capital letter 'P' would make all previously placed runes glow sage green, and send them spiraling outward connecting to each other and then back to Wunjo. It was a critical junction and would allow the effects of the other spells to increase drastically. Around the entirety of the land, was a bounded field, which would help the man grow crops more effectively with a much higher output in both quality and number. And because of the protective runes she used, they'd be resistant to disease and physical and magical damage. Beyond that the land itself and the farmer while he was within it would be safe from those things, which was what was important to the lass. With this, the crops the man had already planted began to flourish, growing before their very eyes. 'That's good...' she thought to herself about the area. Such work had taken her a little while to complete but it was worth it.

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    While Miki busied herself with the creation of numerous Runes, Kou continued his work on the silver ore. Each tap of his hammer added to the shape he desired from the ore. It was beginning to take a shape similar to a ring, but too large for a human finger. Seeing how much effort Miki was putting into the Runes around the farm, Kou chose to match that effort with his craft. He used every second available to him in forging this accessory, not stopping his hammering until Miki returned to the farmer with mention of her own completed job. "Just about..." he spoke softly, taking a moment after completing the object to pour his Mana into it for the enchantment. When that was done, he looked over the ring - which had become more of a large spiral at this point - and beckoned Miki toward himself. "Oi. Is there a Rune you could put on this to increase potency? As it is now, it should increase Luck by two grades, maybe a little extra. The old man's Luck stat is at D, and I'd like to make it A instead."

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    After she finished her work she was motioned over by Kou. She made her way to him on her feet with her spear at her side, in its actual weapon form. She was asked by the lad if she knew a rune to increase the potency of the Luck stat applied by his creation. She looked at it for a second and took a seat with him looking over the spiraling piece he'd created for the old man. She smiled, "Hai... I think I have that covered," she said reaching out with her index finger she drew with mana a small version of the rune Jera, which looked like to open L's facing each other. Her understanding of this would led her to believe as long as she knew what magic she wished to repeat, the rune itself would respond. She had used it in union with multiple other runes to create the bounded field, and in this case she'd use the glowing rune alone to boost the quality of the enchantment on the ring made by Kou. Doing such would allow the ring to raise another two grades, equal to the number that it was already capable of boosting. And it would settle into the spiral of the ring the sage green glow fading as it did. "Is that what you were looking for?" she asked of Kou, wondering if she'd done enough for it to be a satisfactory project for the lad.

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    Miki approached the lad to hear his query, and it seemed she had exactly what he needed of her. A Rune was drawn onto the accessory Kou completed, then set in place to grant its effect. Kou inspected the item after this was done, and found that it was indeed now a three-tier increase to the Luck stat. In fact, it now seemed to go a little bit beyond such a rating, into a territory Kou was unfamiliar with. "Huh? This is reading weird as a parameter, but... I'm pretty sure it's something above A when I compare it to Jiijii's stats," he said, lightly confused. Either way, it didn't seem as if it was a failed project or anything, so he picked it up and carried it to the farmer. "Oi, Jiijii! Looks like your farm's all set. Take this, too," he spoke to the man, throwing the item in the elder's direction. Once it was caught, he went on to explain. "Link that up to whatever tool you're using. It'll increase your Luck enough that you'll always get the highest quality possible out of your crops. I figured you wouldn't want any sort of jewelry, so have it like that." The farmer was absolutely amazed by what he had seen placed around his farm, and now what he held in his hand as well. "You... You young'uns did all this for me to have a better farm?" he asked. Kou had nothing left to say; he would take his leave immediately with nothing but passing words for the farmer. "Because nobody at the top of this kingdom cares about your farm, is more like it. Keep that beat-em-up attitude, Jiijii. You're a good man."

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    Miki listened to the strange reaction Kou had to the increased parameters on the item he'd crafted. "Huh, I wonder if it'll get better?" Miki mused, unsure of how runes would fully translate within the world they were present in now. Soon after this Kou was tossing the item to the old man and she watched as he caught it. Kou went on to explain exactly what it did and how it would further help him out, and in that time the old man only chose to question the pair doing so much for him. To be fair to Miki this didn't constitute her doing much of anything, it cost her nothing to set up this barrier and to help the old man out. It also would long term help others which she felt was more than fair. A happy smile appeared on the lass' face as she felt as if the balance of the world had gently been nudged back in the right direction. "Mmhm, what he said," she agreed with the lad's parting words. Her own spear turned back into the giant floating pillow and she latched on to it, floating to his side to take her leave. "Ja ne, Ojii-san."

    "Hmm, the farmer is producing again at a much higher rate, I'd say. That should fix this end... I think there is at least one more thing we should do, and that is visit the market," she explained. Having thought about this a little more... "If we make sure suppliers know they can buy products again, we can mediate the heavy pay outs people have been having for food. That will fix the other end of the problem... I think," Miki concluded, with a light of certainty in her eyes. She was fairly sure of the nature of free market economies given her upbringing. She definitely knew at the very least, that if people were paying all their money into food, novelty goods would stop being produced and purchased because they wouldn't have the disposable income. Having this happen would in turn create a huge problem for keeping jobs and lead to having even more of a problem feeding people. Assuming they weren't already too late they could keep economic calamity from falling upon the Kingdom.

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    "Yeah. He should be good to start providing for the whole kingdom in a few hours, especially with the rate his crops seem to be growing," Kou agreed. Now that they had created an opportunity for the old farmer to be a proper supplier, all they had to do was ensure the kingdom knew where to go, and what to do. Back into the kingdom they went, all for the purpose of doing exactly that. Just over an hour passed, and in that time, the Adventurers made enough people within the kingdom privy to the new food source, that those individuals would handle the rest by word of mouth. By the time they were done, some shopkeepers had even gone out for a restock, and returned with a plentiful bounty for their journey. At long last, Kou could have the one thing he'd been wanting for several hours... after one last trip to the castle of this kingdom. "And one more time with the crybaby princess player. I'd rather skip this part."

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    A nod came from Miki while they embarked upon a journey to make sure the market sales people knew where to find the best stock. The actions of the people as they came around to this point were indeed about what Miki expected. Several people went on to restock immediately and given their excitement she didn't have to worry about word spreading. 'Hm, that old man is going to have more people coming for him than he's going to know what to do with~' she thought, figuring exactly how it would work out. And after another hour of this sort of activity they could finally report back to the princess in the hopes of getting payment and actually being able to eat for the first time in days. A small chuckle came from Miki as she traveled alongside the white-haired lad. "Yeah, can definitely tell she's not one of your favorite people..." Miki said in her usual snarky manner. "She reads like a proper kid in her level of naive behavior. That being said, there are two types of crybabies in the world. And we'll get to see what kind she is..." Miki concluded.

    Whenever they approached the castle they'd find the princess where she'd been before. But she wasn't idly sitting by. No within this room she was gathering a great number of carts and directing their packing and direction of travel for random places in the Kingdom. These weren't for the people who could by their own food, but instead for a great number of the very poor who were currently without the kindness of their betters. She'd spent the time they were gone, finding out everything possible about the kingdom, under the threat of executing people. Still she'd gotten the necessary results so she seemed to be happy. "Alright, now send each of these where they are going. I'm doing an entire tour tomorrow, and if I see any of you not doing as you promised... I'll have you executed!" said to several groups of Knights. All of them looked a bit wide-eyed but they nodded. "Hai!" and with that they began moving about. Miki looked at this with her left brow rising gently upward. 'Sou ka, so she's that kind...' Miki thought as she floated along. "Onii-san, Onee-san, you're back!!" this young woman seemed exceedingly happy to see them both and that was beyond strange.

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    "Three. There are... three kinds," Kou said, simply adding to the number claimed by Miki, without any further detail. They were upon the throne room again, and the first thing Kou saw within was, surprisingly, an active princess. Kou stopped at the destroyed door to watch knights scramble about to follow the girl's orders. She stood in a new light, and yet, Kou seemed to remain unmoved. When she chose to greet the Adventurers in such a friendly manner, the white-haired male raised a brow. "I don't know you," he said, as if to both question and challenge this sudden familiarity in one phrase. "Job's done. Pay up. By the way, there's an old farmer, just outside the walls of the kingdom, who has the best crops this country can offer. Make sure your shitty knight patrol gets out there on their rotation."

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    'Three?' Miki sent a few further seconds thinking on it. Her own views of crybabies had them at two major kinds. Those who cried to manipulate others into doing what they want. And those who simply didn't know what to do when confronted with things they emotionally weren't ready for. The latter of that pairing would turn out better than the former, because all that was really wrong with them is they were afraid of disappointing people. Meanwhile, the former never changed because all they wanted were to have their own needs satisfied in some way. Whatever thought this lad had about crybabies, Miki easily concluded that the one he had on his list was worse... so it was immediately made type three.

    At the same time, when they were greeted by the Princess she aimed for a very familiar introduction. She looked exceedingly wide-eyed when Kou challenged this, and her face immediately went puffy. "But but but..." the repeated trios of words let Miki confirm for herself exactly the sort of individual they were dealing with. "Type 2..." Miki murmured. Still the little lass to the surprise of Miki, steeled herself and squared her shoulders. It was true they'd both completed their tasks, and even if they didn't consider themselves any closer to her, she'd do her fair share of the work. "Hai. I know about that... Arigatou gouzaimasu..." she said seemingly disappointed. "As for your rewards, I have a small sum of gold for each of you, but if you wanted something else within my power to grant... you could have that too," she said producing two small sacks containing 100 pieces of gold for each of the adventurers which she tossed to them. Miki caught hers and eyed it, this was enough to put a pretty sizable dent in the start of their funding for their guild. As well as let them live and get armored. But she was offered something else as well, and she had a pretty good idea of something else she wanted after today. "Uh... I want one of those traveling Merchant Passes..." she said stoically. "I'll take one of those, as my bonus prize." she said flickering her gaze towards Kou wondering what he'd get.

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