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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Consciousness would soon return to the once black haired young woman, but when it did she was no longer in the comfort of her her own bed. No, she was now standing on the outskirts of something which looked a great deal like the hub world of the game she'd just been playing. "Ugh... did I get kicked back to the lobby right when I got my loot?" she asked herself aloud, but soon there was something else rather strange. She when to type on her keyboard and found her high tech gloves removed from her fingertips. She was frowning intently now, "What did I fall asleep waiting on the reload?" she asked herself but by looking in the corner of her eye, she was able to pull up her stats sheet as normal only to be more surprised than she'd ever been. "Oh no!" she chimed aloud. "NO!!!! I WAS LEVEL FIFTY!! WHY AM I LEVEL ONE!?" she questioned aloud to the universe at large. The townsfolk moved around her as if un-bothered by her outburst, but she was seriously distressed. As she leaned her face forward into her hands, she was even more startled. Her hands didn't make contact with the VR Glasses she'd been wearing. Her face was bare, and over her shoulders fell a ponytail, blonde in color, instead of the usual raven color she maintained. "What... is happening?!"

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    A certain male player of the game known as Age of Eternity would also be having a rather surreal experience at the same time. He awoke in a tavern in Eonis Kingdom, not quite conscious of himself right away. When the haze wore off, he came to realize that he was no longer by his computer, or... anything he recognized in first-person view. He did recognize the setting, though. This very tavern was where he'd taken many quests in Age of Eternity during his earlier levels, but... why was he seeing it with his naked eye? What reason did he even have to be here? 'What the hell... is this?' he wondered while trying to overcome his groggy state. In the corner of his eye, he saw what he normally did on his game screen: the drop bar for his stat sheet. Merely focusing on this allowed him to see his level and other such information. "Level 1? The fuck!? Wait, but... why am I even..." He rattled his own brain in various attempts to make sense of the things happening here, but with the amount of anime and manga he consumed on a regular basis, he eventually had a very solid idea. "Holy shit! I'm an Isekai protagonist!" he said aloud, accidentally drawing the attention of other tavern-goers nearby. Quickly, the male had to cup his hands over his mouth and silence himself, though this came with the realization that he was now sporting a strange set of arm-wear. Just the same, his hair was now white and a bit shorter than he was used to. This was familiar. Not only had he been transported to another world, but he'd also been given the guise of the character he'd spent days upon days playing as. 'Is this awesome? I feel like this is awesome...'

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    The young woman outside in the hub world, she'd known as the Kingdom of Eonis was now pacing, a hand still clamped over her mouth as she began processing random reasons for her current state. 'I could be dreaming...' she thought initially. 'No, not possible, all the shock would have woken me by now,' she said clearing that idea. The more she paced around back and forth, the more stern her expression became. 'It could be some weird glitch with the glasses that put my consciousness into the game. I could just be data. No... that's a Kingdom Hearts fan-theory gone away too far...' she said thinking about it a bit more. She'd recently started reading and watching several series in her own life that had similar makings to such a moment. 'Did I just wake up in another world as my avatar? Did I just get reincarnated into a video game with no one controlling me? I'm a protagonist in a... what's it called.. Isekai!!!' she clapped her hands together against her cheeks. Her face reddened but the stern outlook remained. Of course, in doing this, she expected to wake up, but given that she didn't and nothing happened, she could only sigh. 'I didn't think those had female protagonists... well unless you count that one about the girl who fell backwards in history...' she thought to herself. 'I hated that one.' she frowned deeply, using this moment as one to help out her general disposition. 'Ah I guess there isn't much to do but... live this out. I'll be an awesome leading female character! I wasn't doing much else anyways,' she though resigning herself to the world she was now part of. "Welp, first things first. I need to make some money, get food, and shelter. If it's really like the game... some early missions shouldn't be that hard..." she mumbled aloud to herself as she walked in this familiar yet unfamiliar land looking for a notice board to take a low level quest from.

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    The female brought into this world wasn't the only one having thoughts of money. After coming to the conclusion that this wasn't just some sort of imaginary happening, the young man in the tavern also thought of how he'd approach currency. There was a small pouch attached to his waist, and upon inspecting it closely, he discovered something very... very distressing. 'A hundred copper!? I can barely afford a night at an inn!' he thought. A heavy sigh escaped him, but he realized that in being only Level 1, he was destined to only have so much money. "Oi, you!" he said to the barkeep. "What's the news? I need a quest." The barkeep acknowledged the male as an adventurer, and while cleaning a single mug, he inspected the lad and wondered if he'd be capable of taking care of a very specific problem. "Well lad, there's a warthog problem in a town on the outskirts to the West. If you can clear that out, the farm owner there is willing to pay a few silvers," said the older, bald male with a well-trimmed goatee. The boy who'd been brought here by unknown means had his head sink, but he got up nonetheless. 'Fuuuuck! Of course he'd give me the recommended Level 1 quest. Fine, whatever. It's the best pay of the starter quests anyway,' he thought as he made his way to the tavern's exit, heading west toward a large farm past the kingdom's edge.

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    There was a large board outside of one of the buildings in this area, which contained news of open jobs which needed completing. These ranged greatly but one which stood out to the now blonde-haired girl described a very simple problem. "Warthogs on a farm," read the paper, a roll of this lass' eyes came as she pulled her hood up onto the crown of her head. 'Of course, first things first. Pig killing.' she sighed but she still pulled down the flier immediately turning until she was facing the opposite direction of the recently risen sun. She headed west on soft foot steps finding strangely on the road leading outside of town another traveler who seemed like an adventurer. The lad before her walked with purpose and she supposed he might have been heading in the same direction that she was going. With the hood still up on her head she swiftly closed the distance between them trying her best to soften her expression, still given her inability to properly interact with people she easily let herself fall back again. 'Oh shoot. I don't know what to say to anyone. What if they don't speak the same language as me? What if me being in this body makes my face look upset again? What if this world is full of online gamer guys who will help until you make it clear you aren't interested in them then will hunt you down and kill you in pvp because they feel rejected?' suddenly real world problems flooded this girl's mind, and even while consciously trying to change her facial expression she couldn't. Still she headed straight for the farm because it was the quest she was most likely to be able to complete while she got used to the weapons and fighting with her actual body.

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    'Alright, killing Warthogs. This is pretty standard, should be about twenty or so after the first few are taken out. How's this gonna be if I'm doing it for real though?' the male wondered as he continued on his path toward the farm. After minutes of travel, he was at the edge of the kingdom without any knowledge of the young woman walking behind him. His pace slowed as the farm came into view. He could see it and the warthog infestation, and it was far worse than he remembered from the game. He couldn't even count the number of beasts infesting this large farm, but it was certainly not functioning on the wave-by-wave system of the video game. Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks. This was just like the game 'Age of Eternity' if it had been touched by realism. In realizing that, and further comparing it to the isekai genre of media, the male thought this might become something ridiculous rather quickly. "No way..."

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    Upon reaching the farm, the young woman crouched down. She'd seen this kind of thing in her own playthrough and knew the sorts of numbers to expect. Even so, she was more than surprised by how many there were. 'Well, I suppose this world is real enough... I shouldn't be making the assumption that we'll get to face them wave by wave...' she thought. The number was massive and she didn't think any straightforward manner of fighting would be good for the type of character she had currently. She also wasn't sure if she'd find it easier or harder to use her own weapons and skills in this way. 'Hm... I need a plan,' she said looking to her right she saw some rocks and she picked up a small pile of them. Doing this in early levels was a rogue tactic for being able to move around in hordes of enemies while shifting their attention around. 'Alright, if I throw rocks in randomly while hiding and moving around pretty swiftly... I should be able to kill a few before they realize I'm there,' she thought to herself. A single rock in her right hand, she held the naginata she used tightly in her hand, and light footsteps led her into the tall grasses surrounding the farm.

    'I can't depend on that guy I saw. Maybe if he sees me working at it myself, he'll just do whatever he needs to do without making too much of a problem. If the worst becomes worse... I could use him as bait. I'd rather not do that, though. If this is the real world now, or to us we could just be killed. I don't want to purposefully get anyone killed who hasn't done anything to me,' the girl thought. Steeling her nerve, and deciding that this route was the only one to take, she threw a small rock. It bounced off the ground in front of a stray warthog and ricocheted making a bit of noise. The beast looked up at it the direction the rock had gone in, giving this girl the chance to strike. She moved forward as quickly as she possibly could, and aimed a swift strike of the naginata at the neck of the creature from behind. It would happen quickly enough that it wouldn't have time to react and she pushed forward with enough strength to actually kill the creature. But unlike in the game she now had to pull back enough to free her weapon. 'Ugh... this is too much. It requires just as much strength to pull out as it did to push in,' she thought as she freed her weapon and crouched hoping she hadn't attracted any extra attention.

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    'This might not actually be something I can take at level one. I'm Kou now, but I don't even have his Alpha Skill to deal with these things.' As he thought through his approach, the male under the guise of his avatar 'Kou' saw something strange. This sound was unmistakably someone making use of stealth tactics the way he'd seen when playing Age of Eternity cooperatively. When he looked around, he saw nothing but a warthog moving toward a location filled with tall grass, only to fall within moments of approaching. 'I didn't see what took it down. Maybe a Rogue in the grass, or... maybe a Ranger? No, I think I would have seen an arrow or something. They wouldn't have needed the rock either, but... if there's someone else here...' Without thinking further, he lunged toward the horde of warthogs as they consumed the farmer's crops, purposefully making as much noise as possible to draw their attention. He succeeded in grabbing the eye of the horde at large, but his approach was not without tact. The angle he chose in this approach was one which singled out one warthog from the others, enough so that he was able to interact with it before fearing an attack from either side. 'I hope the Rider Skill works like this!' he thought as he met the first warthog head-on, hopping up while grabbing it by the tusk to spin himself onto its back. Once there, he held it by each tusk and used all his strength not just to hang on, but to try and control the beast's movements. In managing this to some extent, he kept it wildly flailing about in an attempt to throw or impale him whilst the other members of the horde swarmed inward, all eyes on this sudden intruder to their grazing session.

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    Finally freeing her blade, the young woman looked down at it and remembered something important. The tactic she'd chosen was a strange one considering the shape of her weapon. 'Right, early game I need to use swe...' she didn't get to finish that thought because something amazing was happening before her eyes. The lad she'd been scared to approach was now taking up the attention of most of the warthogs around the farm. He'd even taken to riding one of them while attracting the attention of the others. 'NANI?! That's a crazy thing to do. It's so risky, I guess he doesn't assume I'm someone bad...' she thought quietly. She'd rather not have gotten involved directly knowing the kinds of people who normally played cooperatively without knowing each other in life, but perhaps this was the best possible way. 'I can't turn down an opportunity like this...' she mused as she swung the large weapon around behind her, and gave it a few practice swings. 'Yep, sweeps for the naginata. I am going to need a better weapon though... I hated that it starts off like this. It's really limiting,' she thought having done this, she began to approach the outer edges of this particular group. Wide sweeps would see multiple warthogs beheaded at a time and she would be seen moving quickly enough to disappear from the line of sight of those who'd noticed their fallen comrades. 'If he makes a distraction like this for a while, I can thin the numbers a bit. I am sure he understands this,' she thought and with that she disappeared from sight once more into the tall grass.

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