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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    A pair of male figures accompanied the lass Miki, one being the very same Royal Knight who'd previously left with her. The other, however, was another ashen-haired male of a less honorable-looking persuasion. Kou was able to observe the difference in the kingdom's structure as well, while the other male - Karna - had no input to offer besides an open-mouth exaggerated yawn. "It's definitely a lot better. Now it seems like an ideal kingdom for a player hub," Kou said, setting his sights on the castle. "I guess that princess was actually good for something. Maybe. Either way, now that we're here again... I've got a promise to keep!" Kou's expression became a bit more serious as he began taking his path toward the Eonis Kingdom's castle, regardless of what the others intended to do whilst here in the kingdom. His intention was to locate Princess Madoka again, or even her less-personable sister or the King, all for the sake of keeping his promise to become a Holy Knight on his next visit.

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    Miki had to agree with Kou's assessment that this place was much better as a player hub, while not being full of starving people. "Hai hai," she mentioned about the place itself. It seemed that Kou at least thought their encounter with the princesses previously had been worth while, though she knew the lad hadn't really liked the player princess they'd found in this country. "Hm, maybe..." she said, knowing that she found something to be a bit off about the princess, and she couldn't figure out whether it was age or not. Still she followed along with the lad, and was going to leave when they got to the palace, knowing he intended to become a Holy Knight, she knew it wasn't absolutely necessary for her to tag along officially. But before she could express this something strange would take place.

    The small girl in light armor would look up, hearing the steps of a couple of people approaching. She assumed any approaching the palace would be Knights and because of this she immediately moved to meet them. Most wouldn't have looked her way. "Oh! Ohayou gouzaimasu!~ Are any of you a Knight of the Kingdom?" she asked of the group. She looked a bit down-trodden, but mostly there was fire in the dark pink eyes possessed by the girl. Seeing such a thing outside of the palace made a tiny bit of concern prickle along the back of Miki's neck. Such a young girl being outside of the palace alone apparently seeking a Knight did not bode well. Unless this was simply the sort of quest which was marked by the return of any high level Knight. She'd never bothered with such an upscale title, so she wouldn't know how such a thing worked. As far as she knew, the only one who counted as a Knight in the group was likely Kou, and that meant this was his diversion to deal with. Even so, Miki would stick around for a few moments just to make sure her presence wasn't needed.

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    The path toward the castle was fated to see at least one brief interruption this day, as the journey was along a route which led to another individual in the vicinity. The humanoid girl moved toward the group as they made their way, stopping to question whether any of the Adventurers were Knights of the Kingdom. Kou paused and looked at this girl, experiencing a moment of shock as he caught a glimpse of her eyes. He hesitated with his mouth slightly agape. As such, he produced no answer before Karna decided to have a bit of fun... which he did by pushing his way past Kou and stepping out ahead, meeting this girl head-on with a sly grin. "Of course! I'm probably the strongest Knight around! Can I help you with something?"

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    Miki watched as this small demi-human girl stopped all of them, asking if any were a Knight of the Kingdom. She looked to Kou and found him to be shocked by something, this was strange to Miki. She'd never seen such an expression on the lad's face, and decided it was in her best interest to stick around. With that as an aside, the plea of the young demi-human lass was one she was at least curious about in the moment because Karna took enough interest to make a claim which made Miki scoff aloud. She'd known this lad for the last few days, and he rarely took interest in doing anything just for the good of it. Knowing this, she doubted his reasoning behind speaking with the lass.

    The little demi-human girl perked up just a bit when Karna walked up. He claimed that he was probably the strongest Knight around, and at present she had no reason not to believe him. Her tail wagged just a bit as she stared at his face. "Oh? Your eyes are a little scary. It's surprising you'd be a Knight but... I can get over that," she said with the honesty of someone who was used to telling the absolute truth about things. This statement made Miki have to stifle a snicker which led her to an instant appreciation of this demi-human girl, aside from finding her to be kind of adorable. The young girl with the raccoon-features looked around herself and moved a bit closer to the group to explain her circumstance. "I want to be a Knight's Apprentice because the King wouldn't let me take the test to be a Knight. When I asked why he claimed my kind wasn't welcome here," she said with a sad light suddenly appearing in her eyes only to be replaced by rage. A rage which Miki had only seen properly in Kou on their last trip here. "Who is he to say I can't be a Knight. But... I'm not strong enough yet to just show them anything... and none of the other Knights will let me be their apprentice because they are scared of the King," she explained the situation. It sounded a bit like an NPC sort of thing of thing to say, but the emotion of the plea and the way it was said, made Miki realize this girl was probably a player. And being discriminated against for being a demi-human. It was strange to Miki that they'd fix one problem in this Kingdom for another one to pop up, but she had faith in something else at this point, regardless of whatever Karna was to say in response to this girl's plea.

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    Kou remained speechless. There was a certain familiarity in the eyes of the demi-human girl, but it surely had to be his imagination. Karna clearly didn't have this sense of familiarity, but he had something else driving him to continue his chat with the lass. What this was would remain undisclosed, and perhaps wasn't even something which mattered beyond Karna's own personal amusement. However, he gave her the reply she sought nonetheless... as well as the reply she likely didn't want. "You, not allowed to be a Knight? Probably because you're weak. Weak people aren't welcome in a lot of places. Or... probably because you're a raccoon. Could be that. Anyway, you can be my apprentice as long as you're willing to do everything I ever tell you to do, exactly when I tell you to do it~. What say you, Tanuki-chan?"

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    The conversation between Karna and this young demi-human continued. Karna provided some possible reasons behind why the King of this country might have rejected her as a potential Knight. If it was simply a matter of her weakness, that would likely be fine, but several other Knights had apprentices who were weaker than she was currently and no one cared. Beyond that the girl who was adopted as princess of this country showed up at level one, and again no one cared. It would be stupid if being weak was something which got her into this sort of things. "Knights believe the only crime in being weak is staying that way. I have no intention of doing that, and I am already stronger than several of the other apprentices I've encountered..." she said with a firm nod. This of course, meant that the only problem they could have, was with her status as a demi-human but such a thing didn't exist until the King returned himself. Whatever the case, Karna claimed he would take the girl on as an apprentice if she was willing to do everything he said exactly when he said it. And this pink eyed girl thought such an offer over for quite a few seconds, but then sighed turning her back. "Um, no thanks. That sounds super creepy," she said backing away. "I'll figure something else out, thank you for your time," said the girl. Supposing she'd wait for the next Knight that felt more right to try and learn from.

    In all of this, conversation between Karna and the raccoon girl, Miki became firm in her belief that this girl, was a real girl from their original world. If only because that level of caution was about normal for girls who wanted to play but also didn't want to end up on the wrong end of a romance. 'She has all the makings of a person who didn't learn herself, but took some experiences she heard about to heart...' thought Miki, her gaze shifting back to Kou who still seemed utterly shocked, she offered him a bit of communication. 'I haven't checked yet, but I'm pretty sure this girl is a player like us,' she commented to Kou directly as if to snap him out of it and back to this whole thing.

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    "Well, maybe you're destined to stay weak just because you're a demi-human~" Karna replied quickly to the tanuki girl. "Either sit down and take that as gospel, or get up and wipe out everybody who doubts you. Your choice," he continued. It seemed this girl had no intention of joining him as an apprentice, given how 'creepy' his offer was to her. All things considered, this was an interesting outcome, especially when considering that Karna never had been, and never intended to be, a Knight of the Eonis Kingdom. The only negative to Karna in this situation was that he'd missed out on the opportunity to have a servant at his beck and call. "Hoh? Shame. You would've become very strong... or died. You know, one or the other~"

    Kou never stopped watching the girl with raccoon features, regardless of her interactions with Karna. It almost seemed as if he was ignorant to everything else happening around himself and the others, and in fact, he was. Even the message telepathically sent to him by Miki fell upon deaf ears, though when the demi-human girl turned Karna's offer, he dashed forward to reach out and grab the girl by her wrist. "Wait! I'm a real Royal Knight! I'm on my way to become a Holy Knight... I'll take you as an apprentice!"

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    What Karna had to say to the lass wasn't necessarily bad, in fact, Miki could respect his words. But it seemed the young woman was the type to not enjoy the kind of thing Karna had to offer. With this in mind, she'd rejected his offer to become his apprentice. 'Yep, I like her...' thought Miki in this passing moment. Of course, soon after this, Kou was approaching the lass making a claim. Miki wasn't sure if he'd gotten the message she'd relayed him, but he'd made up his own mind and that was fine. "That's a bit Spartan... Angry-eyes-san," replied the young lass, but as she raised her hand to wave him off, she was suddenly grabbed by Kou. The Tanuki girl turned back and looked at the boy who'd been silent during her initial conversation. She looked at him with those big pink eyes of hers. "Really?! You're not kidding, or creepy or anything right?" she asked him her little tail wagging in anticipation. Still there was something about this boy that looked very familiar to her. "Actually never mind. You look like someone I know so I can believe you..." she said.

    Watching this whole thing happen, Miki got a strange warmness in her chest. It was a bit like watching a brother and sister come to an agreement. Having decided this she was cool with the entirety of it. She even would be happy to have some extra normal female company. Though somewhere deep down she wondered if having so many extra people along would end up changing the dynamic between her and Kou. Whatever the case, the lass began thinking a bit and as she did her face shifted.

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    "Is it? Well, go figure~" Karna replied nonchalantly to the final words shared with him by the demi-human. Kou managed to cease any leave the girl may have intended to take, and even received a reaction from her. She first questioned whether he was serious, and even if he shared the creepy factor presented by Karna. Before Kou could even respond, however, she changed her mind while claiming he looked like someone she knew. Interestingly enough, Kou could say the same thing about this lass, and he'd even thought such a thing upon first seeing her. He nodded for the moment, taking a step ahead and keeping his eye on the lass he expected to be trailing behind him en route to the throne room. "My name's Kou. If nobody else wants to take you in, I'll do it. They don't get to decide your worth for you," he said during the journey to where he'd been on the previous trip. Who he would find upon entering the throne room, he did not know, but he'd see to it that he gained status as a Holy Knight regardless of the royal he had to speak with.

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    Kou stopped the raccoon girl from being able to leave, and made the claim that he would take her in if no one else would. A smile came to her face, as she heard from him a sentence she'd heard many times before. She nodded. "Hai hai, Kou-nii. I'm Hikari. Nice meet you!~" she said giving a little bow. If she could be taken in as someone's apprentice then she didn't have a problem with anything. And looking at the composition of this party she could even see another girl and that would be good as well. Given this she trotted along behind Kou while he was trailed by whoever decided to follow as well. Miki decided to and floated along on her pillow as they approached the throne room, and upon entering it, to the left of the main throne they'd find their former contact, a young lass named Madoka with long white hair and pale blue eyes. But something was amiss, unlike times previous this lass wasn't speaking or getting ready to accost the pair of them with overly familiar terms and gestures. No, instead there was someone more ominous that needed to be deferred to first and there was nothing that Madoka could do about this.

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