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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Kou gritted his teeth again when this princess wondered why the starving members of the kingdom didn't say anything. Additionally, his fists clenched without much conscious thought behind the action, and he even began trembling. 'Dumb bitch... There's no way that many people never said anything. Nobody just lets themselves and their families go hungry like that. Nobody...' he thought. Before he managed to say anything, Miki addressed the princess with her own take on the matter. Her speech led Kou to look over his shoulder, glancing in Miki's direction through the corner of his eye. He had nothing to say, but that habitual stare had returned. Shortly afterwards, his stare was broken by the sudden stammering and crying of the princess. He looked to the white-haired royal in disgust, thinking that if this was going to be her reaction, it was an utter waste of nobility. "Gimme a fuckin' break!" he exclaimed while reaching out with his free hand, aiming to grab the princess by the collar and lift her to meet his gaze in the most direct fashion. "What do you do!? You get off your prissy little ass and help someone! If you have something, don't you think it should be your responsibility to help out the people who have less, the people who have nothing!? No, I bet you'd rather just sit here and live the best life you can, completely ignoring the people who would die over the things you toss out as scraps!? I fucking hate your kind! Here's what you'll do... You're gonna give us a bounty to fix the famine in this kingdom. We'll take care of the problem you don't care to even notice, you'll pay us for it, and we'll be better-equipped to actually help people because of it! Got me!?"

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    Kou's level of anger in this situation was indeed strange to Miki. She figured there was some underlying cause for it, but doubted it would come up in conversation. The tears of the princess didn't seem to move the lad in the way that most would have expected. Even so, he'd soon approached her and grabbed her up by the collar, yelling in her face as more tears streamed from her eyes. Whether he got through to her or not, her crying didn't actually stop tears streamed down her face. Miki watched the entirety of this situation and didn't move from where she sat for several reasons. Some lessons did need to be learned directly, and when confronted by fury there were a few responses to take which could potentially make the situation better. She waited to see what would come of this. Something in the mind of the princess broke and the sounds of her cries stopped she reached up and wiped her eyes a couple of times. "O--ooh. Okay," she said her voice a little off as she shuffled about it. "I get it... I messed up. You two adventurers should do what you can to end the famine. I'll pay you for your help to the Kingdom. And I'll order my guards and knights to share the food stores... I'll make sure they actually go out and hand them out. I'll go with them... just stop yelling at me..." she said. She was truly apologetic and she didn't know it would be so hard. The former crowned Princess Aerona, never told her the guards wouldn't do what she said, nor did she tell her people would lie to her. It was strange that she hadn't bothered to fill in any extra information.

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    "... Tch!" Kou didn't much appreciate the apologetic speech of the princess. He'd much rather have seen immediate action, but he supposed this was the best he was going to get from such a crybaby. At the very least, the bounty had been promised to the Adventurers. Kou released his hold on the princess' collar to leave her behind as he made his way. "Whatever. We're going to fix this problem; we'll be back for the coin," he said, continuing his forward movement until he left the throne room.

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    Miki got to watch as Kou let go of the princess. Though he didn't appreciate what she had to say, he assumed they'd be paid for their work and trudged off to see to their actions. Miki shifted on her pillow and floated away with the lad, seemingly without anything to say. He still seemed to be fuming, but this was fine, she had nothing to say immediately about this, but she did have an idea of where they needed to go. 'Hm, I guess we'll just move along. He might say something eventually... or keep looking at me like I grew another head. Whatever the case he was pretty rough on that girl...' Miki thought absently as she move along beside the lad. 'I mean, logically as a player it's probably a guy, but that person gives off the vibes of a prepubescent girl. I mean, most people grow out of being a proper crybaby by the time they are teens. Even if they aren't young, maybe they didn't think about how real this world is, and they've been treating it as a game...' Miki concluded. 'I mean it has to be pretty easy to assume it's a game if you go through only the same quests and stuff that you did before,' Miki was theorizing in her head about the realness of this world. Given what she could assume based on the interactions she'd have so far, it was probably possible to completely shift certain things about the way people interact with everyone else based on what they chose to do. "I think... we should go see that farmer that gave us our first quest..." she said after a few moments of deep thought.

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    Kou was still absolutely disgusted by his time spent in the castle thus far. The princess, while seemingly not so morally incompetent, had proven herself to be just as useless to the kingdom as he expected any royal to be. There was nothing he would enjoy more than finally escaping the castle, and it seemed he would soon have that wish granted. Miki followed along by floating with her pillow of a weapon. From nearby, she made the suggestion that they visit the farmer who'd given them their first official quest in this world. Kou agreed. In fact, he fully intended to visit that farmer as things stood. "That's exactly where I was thinking of going. Oh... and... gomen," he said, keeping his sights on the path ahead.

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    Miki continued floating down the same path that Kou took and her suggestion that they meet their earliest acquaintance from this world was met positively. Stranger still, the lad offered an apology with his eyes still forward. Miki managed to look surprised by this, it wasn't the first time anyone had lashed at her, she was sort of used to it. But the apology was almost completely new, she clutched her pillow a bit tighter and managed something that looked a bit like a shrug. "Iie, don't worry about it..." she said softly. Her feelings hadn't been hurt by the occurance, but she was still curious about the lad's abject hatred of royalty. If he'd actually been an NPC she might have assumed the princess had done something to ruin his life. But they weren't from this world, and she could only assume there was something much worse looming in his mind when his anger was that targeted. 'I wonder but I guess... it's not something to worry about immediately. At the very least we have to go inspect that farm and see what we can do to help out...' she thought as they continued moving. Knowing the lad had the right destination in mind, she was content to move with him while she pondered her own thoughts.

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    Onward the Adventurers went, with their shared destination being the farm at which they met on their first quest in this world. To right the wrongs of this kingdom, Kou would do whatever possible to ensure that the old farmer received as much benefit as he could manage. Kou's apology was met by Miki telling him not to worry about it, so he supposed they could simply move on from there. He wasn't exactly ecstatic about doing so, but there was a job to be done regardless. As they ventured out of the castle and toward the kingdom's outskirts, he rummaged through his bag while being mindful of the sleeping Fairy within. "So... I think the old farmer deserves something for all his hard work. He mentioned that the kingdom wasn't doing anything to help him out, when all he wants is to provide food and make a living. I'm going to enchant something for him to increase his Luck stat."

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    Miki wasn't really upset about Kou's behavior one way or another, besides her abject interest in what caused him to feel that way. In fact the more time they spent together the more she realized there were many things she didn't exactly get about his behavior, but she supposed that was all in the process of making friends. Whatever the case, he began to rummage through his pouch voicing an idea to help their friend the farmer. She had an idea which was similar and likely could be used in conjunction with his. "I was thinking something similar. I learned all the runes and their general uses, and I figured I could create a bounded field around his land. Help his crops grow at a higher quality and at a faster rate and also protect it from wandering creatures so he doesn't have another problem like the one that got us set up in the first place," she commented absently. It seemed like the best course of action for what the man could want. "Beyond that... we could probably check in and make sure no one else around is having the sorts of problems we can fix with quick work... if we create a surplus then it will fix the famine and likely shift the economy quite a bit. Change the power structure from top down to bottom up..." she said having a pretty firm idea of what would happen if they managed to make a few people used to hard work, into the holders of the real resources.

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    "Hmm," Kou murmured as he located a small piece of silver in his bag. This was what he had intentions of using for whatever item the farmer would receive from him. It seemed Miki also had some form of assistance in mind for the farmer. The two things combined would certainly help the elderly male, and even result in a rather immediate fix to the kingdom's problem. Whenever they stopped, Kou would be sure to begin work on his own project, but for the moment, they were simply approaching the farm. It happened to be the case that the farmer was hard at work, still managing his crops in an effort to return his farm to the lustrous form it once had.

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    As they approached, Miki looked out over the farm and saw the man who owned it hard at work. A small smile came to her face as she watched this, she had previously thought this old man was pretty spirited, what she saw in the moment, confirmed this fact. "Hard at work already Ojii-san?" Miki asked as she floated nearer to the edge of the property. She was soon enough floating above a cardinal point on the land, and she'd find this aligned with a single fence post. Once she was there she floated over the edge of the fence and landed softly on the ground turning her pillow back into its spear form, allowing her to use the extra reach to carve the necessary rune into the land beneath the fence post. This rune in particular was Fehu... and it was aligned with wealth and by her approximation increase the regeneration and production of the crops created on the land.

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