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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    And so, Ser Gregor fell. When he did, the world of blades created by Kou began to fade away, leaving the former Knight Gregor to spew his blood on the floor of the throne room. His first act thereafter was to face Hikari and smile, though as he did so, King Eon spoke in response to Madoka's statement, and Kou's victory. "... Very well. I suppose your desire now is to take the Holy Knight Selection Exam. Ser Gregor was as powerful as a Holy Knight Apprentice. That you killed him with ease... says you are capable enough as is," he said, gesturing to have one of the lesser Knights of Eonis bring forth a Crystal Holy Knight sigil originally meant for Ser Gregor. Kou claimed the enchanted crystal badge and scoffed. "That wasn't the strength of a Holy Knight. You're right, though. I'm ready." With that said, Kou took a moment to face Hikari again. The gentlest of expressions was upon his face as he held out his Holy Knight badge, awaiting her choice to place her hand upon it. "Let's get started, then. Touch it," he said. A moment of pause would come when Karna finally spoke up, seeming as indifferent to the goings-on as ever, though quite curious about one thing. "Holy Knights all get titles, right? What's it gonna be, friend?" he asked, to which Kou snickered whilst looking toward Hikari again. His answer would come momentarily...

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    The Thunderous Mountain, the man known as Ser Gregor was no more. Given this, there wasn't much to be done about any of the things taking place, the King even had to admit in this moment that such a thing was taking place, though it was contrary to his original desire. Whatever the case, Miki quietly watched as Kou faced the young lass with her animal appendages and asked her to get started being his apprentice. He'd already claimed the crystal sigil originally belonging to Ser Gregor, all that was left was for it to be applied to him instead. Hikari for her excitement approached carefully avoiding the blood stained floor. Her tail wagged gently her ears even twitched a little, but the gentle expression on the white haired lad's face, gave her all the incentive she needed to continue. Knowing she get to do this now, even without the permission of the Kingdom was exciting. "Hai, Kou-nii!" she said reaching out to touch the badge tentatively with her hand, she knelt. She awaited what would come next with those large red eyes of hers. The man she'd dubbed 'Angry-eyes' seemed to be having a bit of fun again, speaking about what the lad would name himself but that didn't come with an immediate answer. Regardless Miki hadn't said a single thing, her eyes were glued on this scene, but it was almost like she wasn't really seeing it happen before her.

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    Kou awaited Hikari's choice, and his patience paid off as she placed her hand upon the crystal badge. Only when this happened did he choose to announce his title as a Holy Knight. "White Hawk of Light," he said as his Mana pulsed through the crystal, producing from it a hawk of light, naturally white in color. The hawk hovered over Kou, facing Hikari as the ashen-haired lad began speaking to her. "In the name of the Warrior, I charge you to be brave," he began. The moment this speech started, the energy from within the crystal began flowing into Hikari, and so too did the light of the Nexus. "In the name of the Father, I charge you to be just. In the name of the Mother, I charge you to defend the innocent." In this moment, the hawk surrounding Kou spread its wings, embracing Kou and Hikari simultaneously before fading into both parties. "Arise, Hikari, an Apprentice Holy Knight of the Band of the Hawk!"

    During this exchange of knighthood, King Eon remained displeased with the occurrences of this day. His eyes began to travel around the throne room, landing on various Knights belonging to Eonis alone. They knew what his desires were, and all were at the ready for the moment he spoke an official order into existence.

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    Hikari after placing her hand upon Kou's badge, got to hear the title he'd chosen for himself. She was quite fond of it herself for unknown reasons, and found it to be fitting. Beyond this a hawk of light escaped the device and wrapped them both, and he spoke the words necessary to make her an apprentice knight. She was quite surprised by this, as it seemed sort of small for it to be something withheld from her within the Kingdom. Even so, it seemed much more meaningful now. And when she rose now she was a Holy Knight Apprentice. "Arigatou, Kou-nii!~" she chimed very happy about it. This happy moment was observed by Madoka, who was more than a little miffed that she didn't get to praise Kou in such a way, but perhaps such a thing would come at some point in the future.

    Of course, Miki watched the whole of this and she'd seemed spaced out, but she wasn't. Everything about this exchange felt right to her, and in turn felt right to the nature of the universe. She couldn't say what it was, but it was like the White Hawk he'd named himself after appearing in such a way was proof of his rightness in the moment. Just the same as this, she noticed the encroaching darkness from all sides, seeming to make the throne room dim greatly as it spread out, the core of this 'darkness' the wrongness of the moment was centered upon the King and his other Knights who surrounded them. 'Sou ka, that's what that awareness is like... I was wondering what it really translated to... it makes sense now,' she thought. She'd felt a similar sense of foreboding when they were first approached by Sharrkan the fake Dragonoid. And also when they were first approached by the Berserkers he'd created. Knowing this, she had a good measure of how the magical prowess and the sight of the balance of nature worked for her physically in this universe. She also knew by virtue of this, whatever next came from the King would likely not be something any of this group would whole-heartedly agree with and as such she averted her gaze directly towards the King, eyes plainly waiting to see what he would do.

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    "Hai! You'll join our Party too, right?" Kou asked, having offered so much even after only recently receiving this demi-human's name. He still hadn't bothered addressing why he felt so attached to Hikari in such a short amount of time, but he also wouldn't be receiving the freedom to do so just yet. This was, of course, the fault of King Eon. "Now that that's over... I, King Aurelius Eon, first of his name and ruler of Men, hereby banish the White Hawk and his company from Eonis! If they be seen in our midst, let them be killed on sight!" the King announced. Kou's attention was finally pulled away in this moment. The Knights of Eonis were closing in, and among their numbers were those who previously swore fealty to Kou when he claimed the title of Royal Knight.

    "And there's the part I've been waiting for," spoke Karna. He didn't seem bothered at all by any of the current events. In fact, his demeanor and statement even implied that he'd been expecting this turn of events. As he stepped forward, he spared a glance in Miki's direction. "Is it your turn, or mine? King long-life over there is gonna transform pretty soon regardless. Oh, and you could have just asked. I think I know enough about your kind to have told you what that feeling was."

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    "I can join your party?" the girl asked as if it was simply the most wonderous thing she'd ever been offered. Her little tail wagging in the breeze like she was super excited by the idea. Before she tried to hide her excitement in light of her new title and standing. "I mean... if you want it would be an honor," she said trying to be more firm but failing at it because her tail was still wagging and now even her little ears were twitching. Quite frankly the sight was beyond cute, so much so that even Madoka thought it was outrageous. 'I'm being shown up by a cute raccoon child. And Kou-san doesn't even like me...' she frowned deeply. Moreover there would soon be even more to frown about. As the words of the King would reach everyone with them in a matter of seconds. He claimed to want to banish the entirety of the Band of the Hawk from Eonis and further claimed they'd be killed on sight if they resurfaced here. He even went on to call numerous Knights in to back up his threat. Madoka couldn't help but be alarmed. "Father that isn't fair. You can't do that..." she exclaimed with about as much conviction as one could expect from a stereotypical teen girl.

    In the meantime, Karna seemed properly ready to act, going on to state that this sort of reaction was about what he expected from the King. He even shot a cheeky few statements at Miki. The first of which asked if it was his turn or hers. And the second of which mentioned that she should have asked about the strange feeling she'd been pondering since entering the throne room, as he apparently had the answers she sought. "I mean, I have room to test out a few new skills I didn't get to try out in the Marsh Kingdom, we could share... unless you really want to handle it," she offered up, which was strangely nice considering their general dynamic. "And I like to figure stuff out on my own. It isn't much fun if I run around asking people every time something new happens," she asserted about her own motivations for getting a feeling for the moment in her own way. Of course, this changed nothing in general about what she thought and she knew that the room full of Knights would need to be handled in the next few moments as such she stood from her seat atop the pillow she'd been resting on at the edge of the room, and waited for the start of the commotion.

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    Kou began to chuckle. Alongside Hikari's response, he noted the movement of her tail and attributed it to her satisfaction. "Of course! If you're going to be a Holy Knight too one day, it'll be great to have you along!" This acceptance allowed Hikari to enter the party immediately, with which she would be gaining 20% of all experience alongside Karna, while Kou and Miki retained 30% each. At this moment though, King Eon's intentions became blatantly clear. Kou stood at the ready to fend off his former, yet unused subordinates, but it seemed Karna and Miki were in the process of working something out among themselves.

    "Share? Not much point to that. I could kill them, the King, the rest of the kingdom... the rest of you. Have your fun, Oujo-san," Karna said, offering Miki the opportunity to deal with the King's guards herself. In granting this though, he found himself looking directly at Aurelius Eon, sporting a sinister grin as he did so. "We're killing the old fart, right?"

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    Kou's moment with Hikari was in fact one of the most exciting of her young life. She was happily invited into the lad's party, and by accepting she gained part of the EXP share of the group, at 20 percent along with Karna. This was more than fair to her, and it seemed like she would be earning her keep pretty soon because the announcement of the King made it obvious that he intended to kill this group here and now. "Arigatou, Kou-nii!~" the girl said as she shifted her stand into that of a guard, but it seemed like her prowess wouldn't immediately be necessary.

    Karna and Miki had more of a conversation. The lad's explanation of what would happen if he chose to act now, and his claim that he could take out everyone given his current form made Miki laugh and shake her head. "Oooh, look at you strongest guy in the room~" Miki replied flippantly. If she was being honest his constant reference to her as Oujo-san was kind of annoying, but she'd been called worse and felt no need to comment on it at present. She was given the okay to have her fun with the King's Guard which she did, in the following moments in a way that wasn't completely obvious, initially. "Hai hai, isn't that nice of you..." she said to Karna before she opened the palm of her hand and then rather suddenly pulled back all four of her fingers. It was like she was motioning for someone to come towards her, but it wasn't aimed at anyone specific. Doing this allowed something strange to happen, every weapon held by every knight pointed at Kou or Hikari would rather suddenly leave their hand. This was the use of a support skill gained by the lass called 'Snatch' which fit perfectly into the rogue aspect of her build. Beyond that, the active version of the skill had been used, and everyone she'd taken a weapon from had also been robbed of their mana and stamina and would experience leg buckling exhaustion when they finally noticed. "Fox Hunt..." she said aloud thinking about the ability. And when everyone looked around in the confusion they would find them in a nice and neat pile beside Miki. And when they all looked at Miki the pillow at her side would be transforming into a large boar spear with a decorative hollow opening at the center. She'd then take this spear into her hand and thrust it forward, aiming to decapitate every Knight in the room who would have caused them any problem. "Assault Hunt..." she said aloud remembering what this ability had been called in game, and should it strike those it was intended to meet it would leave their heads all rolling together in a pile before the king. As for the last question posed by Karna, she shrugged. "I mean it didn't sound like he was going to let us leave this room anyways. That is the usual MO with the whole Corrupt King Storyline. Who knows maybe they'll make you an actual Knight and everything after you take him out~" she commented with chuckle.

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    "What? It's only the truth," Karna said with a shrug. He truly wasn't concerned with anything at all, as far as combat was concerned. In fact, he was convinced within his own mind that he could successfully face off against the Dragonoids who bested him originally... at least on an individual basis. Of course, there was also something else about his present incarnation which he required to face anything up to par with his strength. This was something he didn't intend to disclose, but as Miki began dealing with King Eon's Knights, it crossed Karna's mind and brought an even wider, toothier grin to his face. "Oi, oi..." he said as Miki made use of her skills to rob Knights of their weapons and power, all before beheading the entire group of them artfully enough to pile their heads before King Eon. "You're exciting the shit out of me, Oujo-san!" Karna appeared to be absolutely ecstatic, while King Eon appeared distraught. He didn't expect the Knights of his court to be dealt with so swiftly, even though he didn't expect them to actually succeed either. The composition of this Party as a whole was more than he could afford to buy time against. His rage built within, and his eyes began turning red as he gripped the arm of his throne. "Petulant children..." A dark and corrosive aura soon surrounded the King, but again, one such as Karna stepped up to Miki's side without concern. "So yes, we kill him? I don't think I've stretched enough, though, and I don't care about knighthood. You can have this one too, unless you wanted to give your boyfriend or his new pet a turn?"

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    It seemed for a moment at least that Miki had succeeded in using the abilities she'd wanted to use before but hadn't gotten an opportunity to showcase. Moreover there was a very excited utterance from Karna who apparently was quite taken with the outcome of her skills usage. This was a strange reaction to Miki who hadn't expected to get anything close to praise from someone like him. She managed to seem somewhat sheepish given she wasn't expecting such an appraisal. "Ano... that's a little embarrassing. You should calm down a bit, yeah?" she muttered managing to seem a bit pleased with herself nonetheless. "Sugoi!" this was the only response from Hikari who liked the amount of skill being shown by Miki though they hadn't formally been introduced yet. "Kou-nii, the other girl in your party is really strong too. Is she a Knight like you? Did you help her out?" she asked wondering about the sorts of developments she could expect being attached to Kou.

    Beyond this, Madoka was watching this entire situation unfold in a manner she hadn't expected, the attention she'd tried to get from Kou was subverted and while she sulked she watched as Miki managed a feat that she didn't think herself capable of, even at a much higher level. "I thought you were just a warrior, Miki-san?" she questioned wondering where she'd gone wrong in her skill set. "Iia, I am a rogue," she said, and though there was a bit more of an explanation than that, there currently wasn't time for it. The King was apparently very unhappy about the death of his Kingdom's Knights, and as he began to fume, corrosive gas seemed to leak from his person. Miki got a whiff of this much like her earlier musing as a darkening circle around her vision which let her know what sort of danger the King would be to all present. Strangely, Madoka just seemed to be confused by the whole thing. "Father, you can't be that upset when you're the reason they attacked. Calm down, please." Madoka tried reasoning with the man but Miki could see it would be fruitless. Besides that, Karna had now stepped up again and was speaking to her directly. He made the claim that he wasn't stretched enough for all of this, and would thus hand over the kill of the King to her as well. He even decided to differ to her in case she wanted to give Kou or Hikari a chance to do some damage instead, his choice of reference though, would get a properly flustered response out of Miki. "B-b-b-boyfriend?!" she managed to seem utterly confused by the assumption. "No, really isn't like that... I mean, if he wants to fight it's fine, but you can't just say stuff like that. And I don't care about being a Knight either it wasn't in my original plans for this adventure," she said hurriedly, seemingly to be properly embarrassed her face fully reddening and her heartbeat getting just a little faster. If honesty were on the table, it should be obvious to all that she had a certain fondness for Kou which could relate to something like being his significant other, but there was no such obvious placement the other way, and as such the situation was with them as partners in their endeavors and adventures nothing more.

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