Taking off was much easier from the position of the driver, which was quite a relief for the young man who'd previously almost fallen off the Ryuuko. There was a rather unexpected hiccup though, brought about when Kou nearly lost control. The fault of this was none other than a sudden realization. 'What is this? It's... something soft...' he thought, coming to realize that Miki had taken hold of him to keep herself situated. Looking over his shoulder, he saw what he'd been feeling, and was most certainly not mistaken. 'Boobs on me!?' was the first thing to process in his mind, his eyes widening as a result before he quickly set his gaze forward. There wasn't much he could do; he had to keep moving and try to ignore what was happening behind him, though the speed at which the Ryuuko ran - and the slight bumpiness of the ride itself - was not exactly helping the situation.