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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    Taking off was much easier from the position of the driver, which was quite a relief for the young man who'd previously almost fallen off the Ryuuko. There was a rather unexpected hiccup though, brought about when Kou nearly lost control. The fault of this was none other than a sudden realization. 'What is this? It's... something soft...' he thought, coming to realize that Miki had taken hold of him to keep herself situated. Looking over his shoulder, he saw what he'd been feeling, and was most certainly not mistaken. 'Boobs on me!?' was the first thing to process in his mind, his eyes widening as a result before he quickly set his gaze forward. There wasn't much he could do; he had to keep moving and try to ignore what was happening behind him, though the speed at which the Ryuuko ran - and the slight bumpiness of the ride itself - was not exactly helping the situation.

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    Eventually a few days after having left the first time, a young blonde-haired young adventurer by the name of Miki would be returning to the Kingdom of Eonis. Such a place looked strange to her, as a realization but she walked along without a care in the world. But she likely wasn't alone, she was likely with the boy she'd partied up with in the earlier part of the game. Beyond that point, this place looked a bit different than it had when they'd first come through. There were people crowding around store fronts, practically throwing coin trying to get food. This caused Miki's brow to raise slightly. "That's weird... I wonder what happened here..." she said thinking about it rationally in all the time she'd spent playing the game Age of Eternity, she'd never seen this Kingdom in such disarray before. Thinking about it in her head, she began to get terse. 'This reeks of side quest.'

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    Kou walked alongside Miki as they entered Eonis. He was also taken aback by the state of the kingdom, and exactly how much things had changed since they left. He wondered if maybe something had struck the kingdom since their last visit, but this was something rather intense for a single occurrence. "A food shortage? Maybe it's something worth helping out with. We still haven't gone to the castle. We could probably get a good bounty and help out. Besides, I'm hungry... and I'd rather not go to war over food while we're here. Might be best to see our blacksmith first and maybe find out what we're walking into while we get our gear."

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    Miki and Kou began their discussion about the potentially helping with a food shortage in the Kingdom. At the very least, the way Miki figured it, it was bound to be good for their reputation building and at the very least get the Kingdom on their side as they tried to make their way up the proverbial ladder. "Yeah, if it's a food shortage it might be better to get ourselves equipped first then offer up our help. So blacksmith, for weapons and background information, then to the castle to offer a bit of help to what ails the Kingdom..." she said giving them a list of tasks as they walked through town obviously headed back to the blacksmith they'd left the previous time. They had the materials he claimed to need when they'd met him, and now they could only hope to cover the weapon upgrades that would get them to the next phase of their lives here.

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    "Yeah. And then... to find something to eat. I haven't eaten since... Well, the last time we were here," said Kou. During their adventures, he'd hardly given any thought to the need for food. Once they settled down a bit though, he began to feel the hunger setting in, and it was steadily growing as time passed further. It wouldn't be long now. They had only a few, potentially small, tasks to complete before Kou would have his meal, and it all began as they set foot in the half-Dwarf blacksmith's shop. The red-haired man had been awaiting the return of these two, and hadn't expected their journey to end so quickly. However, he seemed nothing less than pleased when he witnessed the pair entering. "Ah, me best customers comin' back fer a wee spell. Lotta songs being sung o' the two Guildless Adventurers an' their Heavenly Puss! What cannah do fer ye now?"

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    "Huh, I guess we haven't eaten since then..." Miki said. It was a very true statement that she sometimes forgot such things while she was wrapped up in things. They'd fought in a war, gotten through a labyrinth and spent two separate nights partying in those kingdoms and still hadn't gotten anything to eat. Just thinking about it now made the lass' stomach churn. "Yep, food is definitely on the list now..." she added as they walked into the Blacksmith's shop. Miki managed to look surprised by the greeting they received, she hadn't imagined that such information would have gotten back to Eonis so quickly. "Wow... I didn't expect that, are they really singing songs about us?" she asked almost rhetorically with blankness returning to her visage. "We uh... came back to get those weapons you were talking about. We have the necessary materials if you can work with them..." she mentioned making moves to extricate the two bottles of Sacred Tree Sap from her pack and give the man before her the spear she'd been using as it was obviously magically attuned enough to receive such upgrades.

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    "Of course, lass! Songs, art, all manner o' things in yer honor!" the blacksmith confirmed of the praise surrounding this young pair. Kou seemed surprised, but he did also remember a morality alignment function in Age of Eternity, where positive actions could result in things that included praise from NPCs. The question presented by the blacksmith resulted in Miki presenting the Sacred Tree Sap, and Kou took the moment to produce the Magic Crystals he had in his possession, as well as his new sword. "Oh, some extra! I'll make ye somethin' real special wi'these!" he said while claiming the items offered to his craft. With everything in tow, he stepped into the back of the shop, where he kept a more appropriate set of tools for this particular job. Out in the open shop, Kou seated himself. "I wonder how long it'll take. Getting something crafted in the game takes about thirty seconds, so... that many minutes, I guess?"

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    Miki suppressed a sigh at the idea that the alignment of her character as 'good' made it so that strange pieces of art were being circulated about her and Kou's adventures. 'Songs and art, huh? I guess that will take the surprise and sting out of it later...' the girl's mind justified as it became obvious that their blacksmith could indeed do what they needed with their materials. "Hai hai, arigatou gozaimasu..." Miki said to the blacksmith. It did indeed normally take about thirty seconds for the blacksmith in game to work, it was assumable it would take this man about thirty minutes of their new time. "That seems pretty fair..." she said taking a seat as well she crossed her legs at the ankle and began thinking knowing she didn't have anything to say. "Hm, I wonder if it's going to be thirty minutes for both or thirty minutes for each? I guess it doesn't really matter but..." she gave only a soft chuckle. "Huh... I don't know what to talk about?"

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    "Hmm. I'm guessing it'll be thirty for each. Just long enough that we shouldn't even bother going all the way to the castle." Kou spoke these words with a heavy sigh, and slung his left arm over the back of the chair he'd claimed. It seemed Miki had no clue what to discuss, but if he was being perfectly honest, Kou was in the same boat so to speak. "Uhh... I'm not sure either. I realized something a few minutes ago, though. We never named our mount, and that's pretty important. Naming mounts gives them bonus parameters, so we're giving ourselves a handicap by not doing it."

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    "Right, no use trying to go all the way to the castle. To be honest, I wouldn't like the idea of doing that without my weapon anyway... though we've met some pretty reasonable faction leaders so far, humans tend to be the outliers when it comes to having good manners in these types of situations..." Miki mentioned pretty blandly. Though she wasn't aiming to pick a fight with anyone, she'd rather be prepared to have one instead of walking into new territory like a lamb to the slaughter. As they moved along in conversation though, it came to Kou's mind that their mount was still without name and since giving names to creatures gave them better parameters it would be good to give the Ryuuko a proper name. "Sou ka, I guess that is right. Want to spend a while brainstorming names? Until we find one we both like?" she asked of the lad. She managed to look a bit quizzical as she tried to search her brain for an appropriate name for the creature. 'Alright Miki, keep it together... try not to make its name a straight up reference to something else... no need to repeat Dire Wolf, Sesshomaru~' she chuckled to herself. Still she thought to have a bit of fun with it. "What about Shredder?" she offered.

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