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Thread: The Kingdom of Eonis

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    'Woah! I didn't expect to be doing this kind of thing when I logged in today!' the male thought as the warthog thrashed about in every attempt to launch him from its back. When he had a chance to see the group around him, he did take note of the fact that some had been slain recently. His random gamble was paying off, it seemed. Nevertheless, he couldn't just sit around and be a distraction; he had to do something as well. 'Alright, calm down you little fatty! I've got work to do,' he thought further, having a readout appear in his vision noting the Class Ability: Riding. He now understood how it worked, and made use of this knowledge by placing his left hand upon the beast's head. A magical rune emerged from his palm and set itself on the warthog, putting it under his control and calming it enough to be used as a proper mount. "Osu! Now you're in trouble," he said to none other than the rest of the warthog group. Now that he didn't need his right hand to hold onto his mount, he used it to unsheathe the iron jian-style sword at his hip. It was then that he was able to ride his tamed warthog around at the center of the horde while slashing and stabbing at every beast which grew too close, steadily thinning their numbers from within.

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    It seemed her partner in this particular endeavor had a bit more to do. She looked around to note that he'd begun properly riding the beast he'd hopped atop, and beyond this he'd drawn a weapon and was now properly thinning the number of beasts inside as well. 'Ah. Good.' she thought. "YOSH!" she whispered excitedly to herself. Another movement was made by this young woman and she lowered the weapon in a downward slash which took off the heads of several more beasts. What was more, as she moved again she got a new readout for her abilities. Class Ability: Shadow Step. She played this class before, and as such fully understood how this worked out, and knew that her body was invisible during the activation of this ability. Her movements were abused immediately after, as she was charged more directly by one who'd been watching her behead its comrades. Instead of running she slipped to the left of it, taking up space behind it, to lift her weapon upward and cut the beast from beneath its body in a single deft sweep. 'Finally...' she mused, now she was prepared for being in combat with a group. Though admittedly she preferred only to strike when she had the means to disappear again. 'I guess, I am a bit too much like this Miki avatar anyways.' she thought, as she continued to use her new skills to help thin the numbers quite a bit more from the outside working her way towards the lad atop his warthog.

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    One by one, two by two, warthogs were falling by the combined yet separate efforts of the adventurers from another world. While the girl slayed warthogs from the outside of the horde using her Class Ability, the male took to using one of his as well. After running his blade through the head of the warthog he rode on, he used its body as a stepping stone to hop onto another and ride it around the pile of corpses before repeating the process anew. During his warthog-hopping, he finally got a look at the other person participating in this battle. The sight of her made him wonder what sort of individual this might be. 'Huh, that's weird. I've never seen an NPC look like that before. I wonder how much it'll be for whatever her romance quest-line needs.'

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    Yet another differing technique was used by this lad, as he began hopping from warthog to warthog while riding them between the masses. The bodies were piling up pretty nicely by their combined efforts, and this particular young woman had no problem with working with this lad as they were. While visible between constant killing she got a proper look at the lad from the front. 'Whoa! I'd say he was too pretty to be an NPC. I wonder if he's one of the options for a romance. It'd be pretty useful if he was... at least until I can get my Winged Dire Wolf back,' she thought to herself. It was a bit of a pragmatic view to have, but as a Rogue type she needed some extra bodies around to help her. To be fair, she'd rather have an animal companion but she knew it'd be a while off, if she could instead form a bit of a party... it might make her life a little easier. 'In the game, I was scared of parties because how crazy loner guys online can be when they find out a 'real' girl is in the place. But here, it should be a bit closer to real life right?' she thought to herself a bit of a stern look coming to her face as she swung on the last of the warthogs in her area killing it swiftly. The next, was a good distance away from her, but she decided to test the limits of her avatars form and flexibility. She planted the end of her weapon into the ground, and pole-vaulted over a mass of corpses to bring her weapon up after and slam it vertically down into the head of the last beast near her. Such an action took a bit more dexterity than most had at first, but she'd chosen a rather dexterous class to begin with so it was within her limits. 'Hm, I wonder if doing this sort of thing will make me tired?' she questioned as she scouted her surroundings to make sure she was indeed clear of any immediate danger.

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    The other adventurer may have been wondering if she would become tired, but from so much hopping and warthog riding, the Saber Class male could feel the alteration to his breathing. There was no arguing how real this world was now, but he could at least take solace in the fact that the warthogs were cleared out. Well... all but one were gone by the time the blonde lass ended her last target, leaving the male to ride the final living one toward her before stabbing it in the head and descending. 'Is she one of those followers? I heard the game is different every playthrough, but I didn't expect an NPC to pop up like this. All of the ones I've seen had dialogue to go through before their companion quest happened,' he thought, still wondering what his options with this character were going to be. In the end, he decided to initiate the conversation. "Yo!" he said. "Thanks for the support back there. I couldn't have hoped to take those things on by myself. Are you here for the reward?"

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    It seemed this quest was much easier to complete with both of them doing their fair share of the work. By the time she killed the last of the warthogs she could see, the only one remaining was one the lad rode up to her on. Soon after arriving he killed the last of them and chose to greet her. 'Huh? I wonder if dialogue will be closer to normal compared to how it is in game?' she wondered only to have the lad before her greet her in a rather relaxed manner. She shot a look his way a bit more directly and tried for a more amiable appearance than she was regularly capable of. "No, thank you for the distraction. It would have taken me a really long time to get through a group that large without someone to draw aggro," she said her normal speech pattern slipping into this world without much of a problem. "I noticed you when I was coming here but... I don't usually approach people directly," she said truly appreciating this lad's help in the matter. "I did come for the reward, but you did do half the work. Do you want to collect it together? We can split it... then and both get something out of this work," she offered, figuring one didn't take adventures like this if they didn't need the money.

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    The first statement he heard from this woman was one which took him aback briefly. Specifically, the fact that she used a phrase like 'draw aggro' was strange to hear from a video game character. 'That's weird. Is it just some sort of translation thing that makes it relatable to me?' he wondered, taking a moment to view the blonde in a way which showed her Class and stats the same way he'd previously seen his own. 'Huh... Same level as me, so she must be a companion that levels with me. This is a weird way to start her quest-line, but I guess it could be one of those random spawns. Yeah... like sacrifice half of your earnings from this random quest you're on to unlock a special companion. I hope this one has romance dialogue though; it'd suck to have to settle for other NPCs, and the princess is fuckin' tough.' Eventually, he realized he'd been standing there staring at the blonde for far too long while mulling over his own thoughts. She'd given him an offer, and he was to respond. "Yeah, let's form a Party. My name is Kou," he said while offering his right hand, though he seemed to have a weird reaction to the sharing of his own name. He hadn't intended to introduce himself as Kou - he specifically meant to say his real name. Alas, something about this world was forcing him to speak the name of the character he had the appearance of presently. 'Wait... What is my real name?'

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    'I don't really mind giving up half my earnings, but I wonder if this guy has a quest or something he's out for? It'd be nice if he was one of those trying to slay a dragon... it would guarantee companionship as long as his level isn't too much higher than mine.' there was a long silence following this thought after she'd made the offer to split the earnings with the lad, but she figured he just needed time to think it over. She also took a moment to view the lad's stats in the same way she saw her own. She now knew he was the same level and found it strange but she'd read about some pretty interesting companions that could be found in the world. 'Hm, I wonder if this is one of those intuitive companions. They usually come with romance options... at the very least he isn't stupid or anything so it should be fine to keep him around for a while,' she thought to herself. Soon enough the lad was extending his hand to her and introducing himself by the name Kou. She looked at him with that same forced smile upon her face. "Thank goodness. It would have been really awkward to have my first party invitation not work out..." said the girl exhaling a sigh of relief, and extending her own hand to meet his. "I'm Miki. It's nice to meet you, Kou." she said. It wasn't as hard a sell for this young woman to give the name of the avatar she was using. Such a thing was common for her in online games, to avoid people trying to call her by name.

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    Luckily, nothing was said regarding the amount of time it took 'Kou' to respond. Such a thing only contributed to the idea that this was an in-game character he was interacting with. And yet, the fact that he couldn't remember his own name - specifically when trying to think of it - was bothersome. With that as an aside for the moment, the pair shook hands and created a Party, which showed its information in a digital manner through Kou's vision. "Great! Looking forward to working with you, Miki. Let's go find the farmer!" he said while moving toward the farm, though he stopped abruptly and looked toward the collection of warthog carcasses they'd left. "Oh, wait! We should loot these guys, right? We'll both make more money that way."

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    As strange as Kou might have thought it was for Miki not to question how long it took him to reply. She was also thinking similar things about him, of course, due to her own thoughts about this game world's realness, she just figured there was something like lag applied to his answer as calculations were made. She also got the notification within her vision about the forming of their party. It was a screen she'd never seen before herself, but she understood it well enough to continue without much thought. As they were about to head off towards the farmer though, the boy suggested that they stop and loot all the warthogs they'd killed previously. She looked at them too and sighed, it would take a bit of doing, but it was well worth it since they were splitting the rewards for the most part. 'Huh, I wonder if he's the kind of companion that comes with tool tips. That's a pretty good catch,' she thought to herself, as she was constantly forgetting about loot unless she was looking for something in particular. But that little fact made a lot of sense considering the type of lifestyle she was used to, "Oh? That's a good idea. Looting always slips my mind..." she said aloud. Her own first adventure in this game world did let her know what was good from these already. "Only the tusks and skins are really worth anything. The rarer pig-spawns are worth a good deal for their whole heads though..." she said, again her language choice would likely seem out of place, but she had a great deal of experience dealing with the pig types from this world, as they were most frequently spawned in the areas she frequented. With this in mind she stopped and looked out at all the corpses. She began working on the nearest ones, removing their tusks to pocket them in the pack beneath her cloak.

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