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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    "They should," said Akashi in regards to the Lizardmen below, whom he regarded as inferior to himself and his associate. As Tatsuki descended toward the army, Akashi did so as well, albeit whilst keeping his gaze on the other dragon. During their descent, the Lizardman Chieftain stepped out to the head of the gathering and dropped to his knees, even though he'd needed a walking stick to make the journey this far. "Ancestors preserve us! You have bestowed your blessings and graced us with your presence. We expected to find the Adventurers who came, but it seems they were not up to the challenge. Please... my son, where is he?" This speech by the Chieftain was strange to Akashi, prompting him to look toward Tatsuki with light confusion spread across his visage. Something was odd here. Akashi was one of the Adventurers who came to this place, and yet... he wasn't. Seconds passed before his mind began to register that he was, in fact, a very different existence mere minutes ago. The same could be said of his companion. "You're not Miki..."

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    "Agreed." Tatsuki seemed to maintain a high opinion of herself in this form as well. She had nothing more to say about the adoration being presented by the Lizardmen below and seemed to only think it appropriate given what all they'd managed to do in so short a time period. Beyond this, she kept her eyes on Akashi as she descended, as he was one most worthy of her attention. What was more, they were approached by a meandering old Chieftain, the same one she remembered from before, but somehow he was quite different to her now. The question about his son brought to mind the fact that while she was someone entirely different she'd made this creature a promise to try and help his son. "The Mayakashi was washed away with the river... it could not be helped," she informed the Chieftain, unable to properly apologize for defending herself given her current disposition. Additionally, because of this the question posed by Akashi made confusion come across her face as well. "You're not, Kou." she said in similar fashion, though in having given the statement to the Chieftain she also realized that she was one of the adventurers.

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    "He was dead long before that," Akashi added. It seemed the Chieftain couldn't quite believe this. He felt as if the soul of his son had yet to pass on, but who was he to argue with what he thought was a pair of his ancestors? "I see. Perhaps then, the boy's soul is doomed to never reach the Ancestral Plane," said the Chieftain. Akashi scoffed. He was more concerned presently with the strangeness surrounding Tatsuki and himself, and whoever they were at the beginning of this journey. "I'm Akashi. But... you were supposed to be Miki. Miki's... there..." As he spoke, Akashi drew even closer to Tatsuki, raising his right hand and pressing his forefinger against her sternum. "I can almost see it. And, I was Kou... I think..."

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    "Fair..." Tatsuki said of Akashi's assessment about the death of the son of the Chieftain. Whatever the case, the Chieftain seemed to think his son hadn't died because he felt no connection to the Ancestral Plain or whatever such thing they believed in. Perhaps he was cursed by his own meddling with death, but for Tatsuki such musings seemed to not really work. Beyond that there was one other very obvious explanation that her mind casually glanced over instead of focusing on. "Probably..." left Tatsuki's mouth without a second thought, she had to agree that the boy's sins were far beyond simple forgiveness. Whatever the case, there was now another bit of strange focus happening between Akashi and herself, even as the boy named himself in the strange way which seemed to mean that he did mean something else. He went on to approach her directly allowing a single finger to make contact with her sternum. She looked at the lad with a raised brow. His assertion that he'd been Kou made her look at him closely, "Sou ka... I can almost see that too..." she said as her own hand extended and the index finger of her unoccupied hand aimed to make contact with his sternum as well. "But we aren't them now... strange," she mentioned unable to fathom exactly how they'd come to be completely different individuals from the ones they'd started their day as.

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    "Hmm. There's something else, too. Something bigger," Akashi continued, trailing his forefinger from Tatsuki's sternum to leave it hovering over her heart's center point instead. Odd though this placement was given Tatsuki's feminine form, Akashi seemed to have no second thoughts whatsoever about this action. "That one's familiar too," he said in a subconscious moment of acknowledging the girl beyond the Avatar(s). The name that emerged from his mouth was a whisper, seemingly spoken aloud accidentally and meant for none other than himself. "Ashi... kaga..."

    The Chieftain thought these pair were strange, but as a Lizardman, he and the rest of the army had an automatic respect for this pair. What's more, he had a certain understanding of what they were getting at. "You two were the Adventurers? Then the Ancestors have seen fit to grant you the highest honor as their envoys!" Akashi had no concern for this chatter. He wasn't sure exactly what happened to the pair of them, but he did know there was something to be gained from this interaction. "So, we're like your gods now? I guess there's no need to even mention the support for our Guild, then."

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    The conversation between Tatsuki and Akashi only grew stranger over time. Both of them seemed to be aware at least partially that they were other people before the moment of assuming this particular form. And beyond that point, it seemed that Akashi recognized Tatsuki for much more than she was at face value. "Is it?" she asked, as if confused. Her finger now against his heart, she could say much the same. She saw within her mind the face of the boy she'd come to know as Kou and looming over that the tag of the gamer she'd come to respect in the streets of the city she grew up in. While she thought this over though, a whispered name came from the mouth of Akashi. She could almost swear he'd said something she'd recognized but... she had to be mistaken. Whatever the case the light of recognition in her eyes shifted to the Chieftain who mentioned the pair of them were envoys of the gods this tribe of people served. "Sou ka... that makes sense," she said. To the Chieftain she also had something in passing to say. "What he said," she mentioned.

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    Akashi's attention remained oddly fixated on Tatsuki, even as they both carried on a discussion with the Lizardman Chieftain. He had come back to the level of familiarity he had with Miki, as well as the person beyond the Avatars, but his current self processed this in a different way than Kou. Even with this amount of focus though, he managed to continue listening to the Chieftain. "Your Guild? Well yes, of course. There is only one problem..." the Lizardman started, prompting Akashi to raise a brow. "We are far weaker than the other kingdoms, you see. There was once a great Chieftain among us who led the Marshes as a true and respected land, but I am without a name."

    Akashi may have been listening, but he thought his own exploration of Tatsuki to be something more pertinent. The girl bore an interesting amount of exposed flesh, and his fingernail remained against her torso, gliding along it as he watched the steam erupt from the contact of their natural barriers. "You don't burn," he said casually before addressing the Chieftain's concern. "So, you don't have a name, and that means your kingdom isn't up to par? Get a name then."

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    Without the absent mannerisms of Akashi, Tatsuki's attention also remained on the other Dragonoid. She found the weight of his stare to be something she had to meet, lest she feel somehow weaker for not addressing it directly. Just the same, she had already come to terms with her understanding of herself and this lad as the pair of adventurer's who'd come to this place together. As such she was becoming more comfortable in this moment, all the same she wasn't exactly the same person she'd been before this point in time, she didn't have her usual reactions. Even as her ears gathered thew words of the Chieftain she seemed less than bothered by what he had to say, enough that she didn't immediately reply.

    In the meantime, her attention fully returned to Akashi, who had a single nail gliding along the exposed portion of her body, and strangely, the claw which had been over the boy's heart, was soon travelling a similar path along his exposed torso. At the same time steam was rising from the point where her finger aimed to make contact as well. Their natural defenses seemed to cancel each other out, "No, I don't burn..." she stated. "You don't drown," she said as she figured out that her own abilities should have surrounded this lad by virtue of how close he chose to be while she touched him as such. "Unnamed leaders are a problem... but getting a name shouldn't be difficult," she said seeming to find his words unnecessary as the problem he claimed to have didn't seem to have a reachable answer.

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    "No, I don't drown," Akashi said to the female Dragonoid, whilst maintaining his transfixed gaze upon her steaming flesh. He seemed just as unfazed by the contact she forced on him, as she seemed to be by his forced contact. "This is a lot of open skin." As these words were spoken, he stared more intently, even tilting his head.

    The Chieftain seemed quite surprised by the words of these two. Surely they didn't realize the gravity of the situation, but from what he was hearing, this pair intended to offer him a name. "Are you saying... you would name me!?" he asked of them. Akashi sighed, but didn't offer the Chieftain much more attention. "What's the big deal? If you don't have a name, and your kid was Sharrkan, just be Sharrkan. It's not that complicated," Akashi said, unknowingly causing the Nexus to interact with the Chieftain by granting the Lizardman a bright golden glow.

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    The mirrored speech that had been taking place between this pair when they were alone, returned seemingly without cause, as Akashi replied to Tatsuki in the same way she'd replied to him. There was something about this entire interaction which was still strange, but Tatsuki couldn't quite place what it was. Still the male Dragonoid stared at her steaming flesh and she stared at his, both of them having no real care for the conversation being had with the Chieftain. "Oh, is it?" she asked taking a brief moment to appraise herself, she supposed there was a lot of exposed flesh on her person, but as she realized more of her own tendencies when she was in her original body, she realized she was completely unperturbed by this level of nudity. "This is a lot of open skin." Tatsuki noted this lad had only clothing on and beyond that his vest was open and sleeveless, his torso was even more exposed than her own by this logic. As she stated this absolute fact her hand shifted so that more of her fingers made contact and thus more steam was created. She didn't understand the questioning of this Lizardman about the nature of being given a name and perhaps there was something more to it they hadn't considered. Whatever the case, she was more interested in the Dragonoid male before her than she'd ever be in the old Lizardman Chieftain, or so she thought...

    There was soon something which caught the attention from the corner of her eye, as soon after Akashi told the Chieftain to simply take the name of his dead son, the man began to glow. "Sou ka..." she said finally seeming to grasp why it was such a big deal to the man moments before that he could be named by this pair. It became apparent by what was happening that it was impossible for someone without a name, to name themselves, as such the golden glow around this Lizardman was obviously him being granted a name by Akashi in this moment.

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