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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    "... It is," said Akashi, altering the response he would have given. At the same time, he used his free hand to pull on his jacket and open it more, as if inviting the intensified touch of Tatsuki. A sly grin was upon his face as he did this; he clearly didn't have a care in the world. His gaze briefly fell upon the glowing Chieftain. He suddenly remembered words spoken by the mount Xerxes, regarding being named and evolving because of it. Akashi saw a glimpse of the new Sharrkan being reverted to a much younger, more physically fit and imposing form. Sharrkan's scales became a more vibrant blue, his muscles grew and toned themselves, and his white mane became thicker and more luxurious than its previous stringy appearance.

    The other Lizardmen of the Marsh Kingdom knelt before their Chieftain, who was quickly ascending to the state of proper King. "The Ancestors have given me a name! Great ones, I thank you! This blessing is the highest honor; you have my support for the rest of my days!" Akashi sighed again. He had already returned to staring down Tatsuki, caring little about the Lizardmen and their power structure. At this point, his entire hand was pressed against Tatsuki's abdomen. "I like this."

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    There was a slight shift in the way that Akashi replied to the previous statements of Tatsuki. This still mirrored her own but was offset by his current level of openness, which showed itself by virtue of him moving clothing out of the way of her encroaching hand as if to encourage the contact she went on to provide. In the time period in which her eyes shifted away from Akashi she got to witness the transformation of the Lizardman Chieftain into a much younger and more virile form. Even so, it didn't seem to appeal to her in anyway, and her eyes returned to Akashi even as it was claimed that the pair of them would have the support of the Chieftain so long as he lived. "Good," was all she replied to this 'Kings' assertions. It seemed he was very grateful, but somehow Tatsuki felt like this was simply something which should have occurred.

    Still there was Akashi, whose entire hand was soon pressed against the exposed flesh of her abdomen causing extra steam to well up around them. At the same time her own hand had settled in a very similar way against his abs. This was a very interesting sensation for her, and one she appreciated, but it seemed she wasn't alone in this appraisal. As her eyes met Akashi's once more, the lad mentioned liking this and Tatsuki could only reply one way. "Me too," she broke the usual banter they maintained in this moment if only to admit she enjoyed this sort of contact, all while she leaned ever closer as if she had no intention of physically creating more space between them. Though these two adventurers were acquainted with each other, this level of intensity was normally missing from their interactions.

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    "What she said." This was all Akashi had to say to this Lizardman 'King' for the moment. It became apparent that he was not the only one so transfixed, as Tatsuki pressed against him in a way which mimicked his own intensity. There was even a time in which eye contact was reached between the two, and Tatsuki reduced the amount of distance between them. Akashi shifted forward at the same pace, disregarding the Lizardmen as his wings flapped slowly behind him. His hand rose from Tatsuki's abdomen, after which he rested his palm on her chest. As odd as this entire exchange was, Akashi felt as if everything he and Tatsuki were doing was completely normal behavior. "Fight's over. Job's done. What now?"

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    It seemed there was agreement between this pair and both were content (for the most part), to almost completely ignore the Lizardmen near them for the sake of their own furthered entertainment. Both disregarded anything considered normal for interactions between two people, and neither seemed to care very much about it. As proof of this, Akashi's palm soon met the female Dragonoid's chest. Normal etiquette would have dictated some sort of withdrawal, and most definitely some extreme form of embarrassment given the number of people around to see such an interaction. But none of this came from the lass. Instead her gaze never shifted and the only physical reaction to such an action was the shifting of her tail from side to side behind her, and a slight hissing inhale which didn't indicate displeasure. Nothing about this seemed wrong to her in her present state, and given the lad had stepped forward she felt the internal and innate desire to not back down at all. Her hand began to casually travel lower and lower down his exposed torso, not even seeming to register a proper stopping point until the lad spoke again. And when he did, her hand came to rest right in the curve of the exposed part of his pelvis right above the golden belt around his waist. "There are normally celebrations when we finish the fight and our job," she said without fathoming what she was doing in a meaningful way, and while maintaining that unbroken eye contact. She enjoyed this closeness and didn't want him to stop. As the rest of the Lizardmen watched, none seemed to take issue with what they were seeing either for whatever reason.

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    The Lizardmen were of no importance whatsoever after the final words shared with Sharrkan. Akashi had become fully immersed in his interaction with the other Dragonoid, who had shifted her own hand to match his own boldness. The Lizardmen seemed to be excited, with Sharrkan as no exception to this clause. However, this fact was lost to Akashi. His unwavering gaze no longer permitted so much as a blink. Either there was legitimately something occurring between this pair, or they were simply caught in some intense game of chicken. Either way, Akashi's right hand maintained a firm placement upon the lass. "Hoh? What kind of celebration?" he asked as his flapping wings began to lift him into the air.

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    The excitement of the Lizardmen around them could be linked to many things, none of them at the forefront of the mind of Tatsuki. Instead all of her focus was on Akashi who had upped the ante of their current interaction. She followed suit seeming to find nothing wrong with her actions. She was also unblinking as the lad maintained firm placement about her body her own index finger slipped into his waist line crooking gently to pull him closer. Her own wings flapped as well as she began to rise as well, off the ground with the knowledge that the dance which had taken place between them earlier would likely continue. "A celebration between us," she mentioned without any hesitation but also without managing to be specific about what she intended. This could have simply been part of their game of chicken, it could also simply be the way this version of the young adventurer was. Whatever the case, she'd all but forgotten the Lizardmen and even thoughts of regular things like collecting potential pay or loot.

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    "Between us, huh?" asked Akashi. His query was fully in rhetoric, as he had a few ideas for what sort of celebration would ensue. As Tatsuki slipped her finger into Akashi's belt line to pull him closer, many of the Lizardmen - including Sharrkan - looked on in awe at the rising Dragonoids. "Ancestors grace us. We are permitted to behold the mating dance!" Sharrkan said to his subjects. The grin upon Akashi's face had become more wicked, and as his hand began to move down Tatsuki's torso again, his tail moved around his right side with the intention of wrapping around the lass. Whatever these two intended to come of this ritual, an interruption would soon present itself. As Akashi moved ever closer to his fellow Dragonoid, the massive power previously wielded by the young Sharrkan appeared again...

    The white Lizardman Shaman was no more; this was true. However, that Sharrkan had not simply been an entity of this world. In fact, he was a player much like the Adventurers who felled the Shaman. Here he was now, stepping out into the open in the form of a human from Earth. He wore white canvas shoes, skinny blue jeans, and an oversize turtleneck sweater. His large white hair separated around his face to reveal only the bottom half, his right eye - which happened to be a deep aquamarine the likes of which had been seen in Sharrkan - and one lens of the red-framed glasses he sported. "Ano... someone killed me..." he said, grabbing the attention of the entire Lizardman army who sensed the familiar presence of the former Shaman.

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    There was no verbal reply from Tatsuki to the rhetorical question posed by Akashi. Instead the simple moment of eye contact intensified, and she only chuckled and gave an affirmative nod. Of course, as they rose, the excitement of the Lizardmen was voiced by the newly named Sharrkan. Apparently the reason they still had such an audience was because they thought to see an apparent mating dance. Still the girl found herself unable to stop of her own accord. The tail of this lad was soon wrapping itself around her, and her own mirrored this. But even as they grew ever closer together, they would eventually be interrupted by the appearance of a strange young man.

    A human boy who seemed like a bit of a sheltered school boy, with eyes the same color as the white Lizardman Shaman appeared before them. Only now he wore regular human clothing. He even made the claim that he'd been killed this day and this was enough to finally break the attention that Akashi had on her. "It was me," Tatsuki mentioned having no problem admitting her part in the death of the Lizardman Shaman who previously bore the name Sharrkan. Still something about this situation was problematic and would require the attention of the pair properly. Mainly if this lad was in fact the previous Lizardman Shaman, it meant there was a bit less to worry about being in this world, knowing that death wasn't quite the level of permanent that it would have been in their own world. To confirm this information the girl's gaze found itself upon the white haired lad, and she looked for his player information to confirm he hadn't just re-rolled himself.

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    Akashi's focus was clear, but it was not allowed to be unwavering. The arrival of this human who felt like Sharrkan was a massive distraction that he didn't seem to appreciate, though he gave it his attention regardless. Since Tatsuki admitted to her participation in killing the lad, he decided to join in after heaving a sigh. "And me. Wanna die again?" he asked in all seriousness. The boy below chuckled lightly, shaking his head. "I'd rather not. Sorry for what I was doing. That form was in control; I'm not that much of a bad guy. I'm Rook," he said as the glow of the Nexus began to encompass him. "I guess I'll just have to make a new character." When this was said, Akashi looked toward the lad who called himself Rook. He was still quite dissatisfied with the interruption, but he now had the ability to watch as someone forcibly went through the strange phenomenon that occurred accidentally between himself and Tatsuki earlier. "Hmm..."

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    The indication that this boy was interrupting was quite clear. Though Tatsuki was dissatisfied by her potential interruption, she saw to them regardless. Sparing only a moment to chuckle when Akashi asked the lad if he wanted to die again. It was stated by the white haired young man, that he wasn't a bad guy, and the character he'd previously been using had been in control of his actions while it was his avatar. Tatsuki could understand this a bit, and found it true to her current situation. Even so, the lad spoke of simply making another character, and while the pair of them were still very into their own moment it seemed both of them had a bit of piqued curiosity surrounding the thing they'd managed accidentally a few moments before. "Hm..." she also expressed curiosity and a single eye aimed towards the lad who'd decided to become someone different. She was content to witness this moment, but did so from her current position wrapped around the flame-haired male.

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