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    Akashi's placement also didn't shift. Even as he observed the small changes happening to Rook, he remained in close proximity to Tatsuki, with his tail fully wrapped around her midsection. In fact, the front of his body was eventually pressed against the girl, though his gaze settled on Rook. Rook's transformation granted him a slight increase to his already decent height, though it also slimmed his body, gave him a strange black skin-tight suit with golden armor segments and a crimson shawl, and added a crimson liner under his now piercing eyes. These eyes opened and fell upon the Dragonoids, and a cheeky smirk appeared on the reborn male's visage. "By the way, you two may want to find some privacy... don't you think?" he asked of them. To this, Akashi had only a single word to say as his tail shifted along Tatsuki's back. "... Nah."

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    Akashi ended up pressed against Tatsuki's front as they witnessed the birth of this new avatar. It was a strange thing to see, but she supposed she'd recently undergone the same thing, given this she had no room to judge. Beyond this point the changes to the lad seemed relatively minor, at the very least he kept the most of his human appearance and gained only strange clothing and red eye liner beneath his eyes. When they finally opened again, he looked towards the pair, claiming they might want to find privacy. Tatsuki couldn't agree with this, even as she found herself wrapped in the tail of the male with her, and more than obviously claimed by this amount of closeness. "What he said," she mentioned seeming to have no problem with being witnessed presently, though admittedly that likely would have been a hangup of her as a person. Still she was very much enjoying this moment and seemed content to be wrapped up in the warmth of this lad's body, her unoccupied arm wrapped around him, her tail flickering about his lower back all while she appeared to be less interested now that the finality of the lad's form had taken place.

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    "Hmm... well, whatever," the lad said with a shrug, realizing these Dragonoids would not listen to advice even if it were given earnestly. As if to confirm this, Akashi returned his attention to Tatsuki and ceased the movement of his tail in exchange for having it grip the female's midsection. "Anyway. That celebration," said Akashi, only seconds before the lad below had something else to say. "So, I'll join your party then! My name like this is... Karna." And with that, Akashi sighed again. His left hand was free enough, so he aimed it in Karna's direction whilst filling his palm with flames. "Should I kill it? Do you want to?"

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    It seemed this new version of Sharrkan was much more agreeable, but he happened to have met the pair of adventurers while they were lesser in the same department. They'd done all they felt necessary to appease general conversation and further more had secured the Lizardmen and the Marsh Kingdom's backing for their endeavors. With this in mind they were more than ready to continue on to their celebration, which surely didn't include anyone else, and was likely inappropriate for anyone else anyways. "Yes, we..." she gave pause even as her wings flapped and she'd prepared to keep moving. Of course, this entire line of thought was completely disrupted. She made a noise which sounded something like distaste. There were several reasons for this, being interrupted, again. The idea that this former Lizardman who'd caused them so much trouble wished to join their party, the fact that he'd decided to give them his name even though neither Dragonoid had asked for it. She also sighed, watching as the flames grew from his hands and feeling happily squeezed in front of him. "I already killed him once. It'd be your turn... that being said..." she gave the air a sniff and allowed her gaze to follow this smell and avert her attention a bit more than normal. "I don't find his very existence as annoying as I did previously. If he wants to join us... check and see if he's worth it," she said assuming the lad would shoot the fireball at the lad or come up with some other test of his usefulness. Which ever case happened she remained wrapped around Akashi having no obvious interest in the male below aside from his potential usefulness.

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    Tatsuki's reaction to Akashi's query made it clear that she had no desire to slay this other player again. She did make an interesting point, though. Akashi could also tell that this Karna Avatar was not so pitiful as the former Sharrkan, and would thus perhaps make a good pet, or something of the sort for their party. As such, he placed his right arm around Tatsuki, just above where his tail was, and... he unleashed the flames in his left hand as a raging inferno toward Karna. The white-haired male below didn't seem to think very much of this. He almost seemed to have expected it as his left arm rose and materialized a strange lance with a sun-shaped tip to divide the flames around him. This took a great deal of physical force to maintain, but the weapon Karna used was quite potent. The lance and its master both remained relatively unscathed as their surroundings were marred by the purgatory flames, and Akashi managed to only chuckle. "Yare yare. I guess we could use a pet. The other one's all grown up now."

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    Akashi wrapped his right arm around her body above his tail as he unleashed a great deal of flame below. Strangely, the lad beneath them met this with a unique weapon and though he didn't directly counter the flames, he did manage to part them. When they cleared he showed himself to be no worse for wear than he'd been before, which meant he was indeed quite a bit stronger than his previous incarnation. "Sou ka..." she said gaining some understanding of this new form of the lad. She appreciated him, and agreed completely that he would make a new good pet, as Xerxes had become something much greater as well. A small smile formed on her face as she continued to hold and be held by the other Dragonoid Male. "Hm, I guess we should greet him properly then..." she said taking note that it would be necessary to solidify the nature of their party connection in the passing moments. Though she was apparently quite comfortable in the warmth created by Akashi's body so close to her own. She used her left arm to stab her sword into the ground as she aimed to lower just a bit and when she did she extended this hand towards Karna. "Tatsuki."

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    Akashi was neither impressed nor unimpressed visually by the survival of Karna, but the ashen-haired lad at least had the attention of both Dragonoids. When Tatsuki decided to descend and put away her sword to meet their new pet, Akashi descended as well. Never did his tail move from around Tatsuki, though he did give enough of a care to extend his free left fist toward the new Party member. "... Akashi," he said. Karna stepped forward, taking the hand of Tatsuki in his right, and pressing his left fist against Akashi's simultaneously. "Nakama," he spoke, solidifying the joining of the Party. Interestingly though, Karna appeared differently in this party than the other two, who shared gained Experience evenly. The ratio was presently 40-40-20 in favor of the original Party members, though Karna himself seemed to have no need of Experience at present, so the full amount was destined to be split between Kou and Miki... assuming they were able to return to those forms. "Are we done being friendly now? I was busy."

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    Even as Tatsuki greeted this new member of their party and her hand was met by his, her body was still wrapped up in Akashi's tail. This didn't seem to bother her in the least, though it was admittedly something which would likely seem strange. She viewed their party structure and found that it favored both herself and Akashi, evenly but only added in their newest addition in a way which made him out to be lesser. She would have had the presence of mind to wonder if this was because of the nature of the party created by the pair of them initially or if it was because their current forms only viewed Karna as a pet. Either way it was obvious that this little distraction was only meant to be little to them. After she was done with this greet she reached for her sword once more not wanting to leave it, but becoming sure that she and Akashi would be going back to what they were doing before this, whatever that counted as. Sword now in hand her tail twitched slightly as it slithered back into its original position and she moved properly back towards the embrace she'd been in originally. "I assume so..." she said calmly. "Met the new pet, saved the Lizardfolk... back to our celebration, right?" she questioned rhetorically a sly smirk appearing on her face as she started to devote her full attention back to Akashi.

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    Akashi was clearly not the only one who was more concerned with the idea of continuing their little 'celebration' from earlier. Any potential distractions seemed to have been taken care of, and the Lizardfolk were content to observe the ritual they'd grown up hearing tales of. Karna was completely indifferent aside from the fact that he'd rather have found the pair at a better time... or perhaps even in different forms.

    "Ou. No more interruptions." These words were spoken by Akashi as he pressed himself against Tatsuki, preparing to fully commit to whatever this celebration would be. In that moment, however, there was indeed one final interruption. Akashi's body began to overheat at an incredibly rapid pace; his form couldn't even handle the sudden surge of power coming from his core. This came as an incredible surprise to the male Dragonoid, but in a matter of mere moments, that didn't matter. His form seemingly melted away, returning to the state of being known as Kou, who stood in Akashi's place with a face colored by blood. "Eto..."

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    And just when it seemed as if they'd finally be getting back to the business at hand, something strange took place the likes of which Tatsuki couldn't have possibly imagined. Akashi pulled her body into his and she already being wrapped around him seemed to be fine with this. Moreover he declared there would be no further interruptions but before anything of substance could take place between them the lad's temperature increased by a rapid amount. This wasn't something that Tatsuki had an explanation for, nor did she care to think of one she was left strangely confused by the lad's reversion to his former form as Kou. Nothing of the sort had happened to her, and given this she was left only to look over this from strangely. "I am confused..." she mentioned as she stared down this form of the lad choosing to poke him gently, in the chest, with her tail while trying to find an explanation for this change.

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