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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    Kou was quite surprised, though it wasn't at all due to the sudden return to this form. Rather, one could say it was the person within both Avatars who was taken aback by the occurrences between Tatsuki and his other self. 'I remember everything... Why did I do any of that? Why was she doing that!?' was all he could think within the confines of his mind. Of course, being the only one to revert to a more human form, Kou was to be subjected to the continued mannerisms of Tatsuki, first in the form of her tail prodding his chest. "I uhh... I think I ran out of juice. Why are you jabbing me?"

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    Kou's return to his human form was something that was unappreciated by Tatsuki who'd now lost the pointed entertainment of her day by the loss of Akashi. Even so, the more timid version of him, seemed to be deep in thought and something maybe even akin to panic. "You ran out of juice?" she said it as if it was question but it wasn't. She could definitely tell the lad had burnt out a few seconds ago, still it was more than a bit surprising considering her thoughts a few moments before this. "That is... a bit boring for me," mentioned the white haired lass. "Oh well," she said seeming to have given up on whatever immediate desire she'd intended to have fulfilled by Akashi. Soon after he asked her about her activities in poking him. "To figure out how warm you are..." she mentioned of her poking behavior. True enough the physical aspects of nature granted by this Dragonoid form. Though she fully acknowledged that Kou was also Akashi, he wasn't currently the match to her current form, so her interest in him was lessened a great deal. Still not enough to make her completely remove herself from him. She stopped poking him and hovered just off the ground nearby instead, content to play guardian to this lesser form until Akashi showed himself again.

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    Tatsuki's response was not a very pleasant one. Kou seemed taken aback by the mention that things had become a bit boring for the female Dragonoid, as no matter which way it was considered, the change of Akashi back to Kou was the key reason for such a thing. "Oh... well..." he muttered, raising his left hand to rub the back of his head. There was a bit of disappointment to be taken from this, but as always, there was nothing to do but move on. Of course, there wasn't much moving on to be done, when Tatsuki - in spite of hovering above the ground - left her tail around him. He looked toward this tail quizzically, almost as if wondering why she'd bothered leaving it there. In the end, he figured the optimal approach would be to ask a simple question. "So uh... what do you think we should do now?"

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    Tatsuki watched keenly the shifts in Kou's disposition as she answered his questions. It seemed that he wasn't pleased by these responses, but they made sense to her just the same. And by virtue of remaining so close to him, she got to witness his ability to move past the thing he found so uncomfortable about this situation. The stare she gave was disconnected from the type of person she normally was, there was alien and animal disposition behind her thoughts now. "I...don't understand you," she said this as a moment of observation but it changed nothing about what she was doing. She watched him stare at her tail and shifted it just a little without removing it from his person. Still there was another question on the table unrelated to the extension of her person around his body. A gentle flap of her wings and she'd look lazily around the area. "I choose before, my choosing now..." she paused her speech. "Isn't necessary. You can choose in this case... the Lizardfolk seem to want to do something. That would probably be more agreeable to you... Karna is also a somewhat viable option for input. If you wish to do something... I am agreeable to it," the Dragonoid lass said, watching as the Lizardmen seemed to give up on witnessing whatever mating ritual they thought would be taking place here. Instead it seemed other preparations were being made, ones which the boy in the form of his adventurer might enjoy. And though Tatsuki herself found very little interesting, she thought she could still enjoy being by this lad's side and seeing what became of his adventure. Whatever she was presently thinking, she still respected the lad enough to defer to his activity of choice when she wouldn't be getting the thing she'd initially suggested. Strangely, this form of her wouldn't defer to someone she didn't respect and by bouncing potential favor back to the lad, she was giving him a bit of a compliment. She also still retained enough interest in him as a person to prefer his company to others. Even if she couldn't enjoy him the way she'd initially intended.

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    Kou's eyes widened. Tatsuki stating simply that she didn't understand him was more confusing to the young male than anything else thus far, and it was frankly a statement which applied in the other direction as well. If this Dragonoid form didn't understand the Avatar Kou, it could just as easily be said that the person behind Kou didn't understand the versions of Tatsuki. This was made even worse when Tatsuki chose to offer him the choice in their next activity. Thus far, Kou had been given reason to assume Tatsuki was the type of individual to be a dominating presence at all times, and thus would not be one open to suggestions from lesser beings. That was at least how he remembered feeling in the form of Akashi. "Eh? Well, I guess if I had to choose... I'd want to get a head start on getting our last approval for the Guild. We've had celebrations with everyone else so far, though, so I'd hate to leave the Lizardfolk out of the loop," he said in a more sheepish manner than he normally managed. At this point in the discussion, the Chieftain/King Sharrkan stepped forward and bowed to the Adventurers. "It would be our honor to host our saviors and champions. My daughter will surely see to the arrangements."

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    Tatsuki watched as the lad's eyes widened at her initial speech. She didn't know the cause of this apparent surprise, but she was quite keen to find it out. Everything about this lad gave her an unknown bit of confusion. Perhaps it was because she understood him in his other form, or maybe it was because of her own unresolved issues, whatever the case, she found herself staring with great intensity. In this time the lad spoke of wanting to continue their initial goal of getting approval from the other kingdoms and starting the guild. She was agreeable to this, but he also claimed that being part of the celebration with the Lizardfolk was something he wished to do. Her understanding of this was, that he'd feel bad if he didn't extend the same kindness to the Lizardfolk, that they'd extended to the other places they'd visited and championed. As she stared at him, she found his sheepishness about this point to be quite different. "Sou ka..." she said accepting his logic. Beyond this while they were discussing these points, the former Chieftain known as Sharrkan made his way to the pair of adventurers, adding in that his daughter would without a doubt contribute to making sure this pair was hosted properly. The angled red eyes of Tatsuki shifted, as the group was soon approached by a newcomer.

    This newcomer was the apparent daughter of the former Chieftain, but not much of her could be seen. She was wearing a cloak which covered her face, and carried with her a staff of obvious magical persuasion. Her body was small, a great deal smaller than the other Lizardfolk present, and she seemed to be an adolescent by comparison. "I am the daughter of our King. It is a pleasure to meet our saviors. I had already taken the liberties of making arrangements for the pair of you. You also have honored seating at the banquet for our Father's Name Day Feast!" she said firmly but her voice was rather soft. "If you wish to celebrate with us, it will be so! And we'd be honored to have the Envoy of our Ancestors among us along with our savior!" she mentioned bowing to both of these individuals. "The Guardian has such foresight! The saviors plan to feast with us!" this was a word from a stray lizardman in the crowd and it caught the attention of Tatsuki in a very strange way. These people had also referred to their leader by his title, and this made her assume something which she stated in this moment. "Sou ka, you don't have a name either..." the Dragonoid mentioned. She felt strangely that this lass had gone through the trouble of accommodating them, even before she was certain they'd be staying. Such foresight deserved more recognition, in the eyes of the female Dragonoid. Even so, her words wouldn't initially seem agreeable. "That's problematic... I can't refer to you as such. You can't guard me..." Tatsuki said, before continuing forward. "I should be Shalza. I call you that..." she said, naming the lass with purpose and watching as the Nexus took the initiative to rename the Guardian of the Lizardfolk. She grew to a much larger size, gaining an adult body which stretched the armor warn beneath. Her tail gained length and even her smile stretched and her lavender colored scaled glowed temporarily with power. She gained longer ears and amber eyes. "Our saviors named me. Ancestors be praised!" she said clasping onto her father and happily crying about this newfound power.

    Upon witnessing this moment Tatsuki peeked over the shoulder of Kou and sighed. "Sou ka, they are both like that..." she murmured seeming to find some distinct pleasure in having named the lass appropriately after her father.

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    "Hai," was Kou's simple response to the Dragonoid. He wasn't quite sure why he'd been put in this predicament, where he'd returned to this state while Tatsuya remained as she was, but it had become an awkward scenario rather quickly. Nevertheless, they would at least be able to continue their normal business. If things remained this way, there would at least be Karna to act as some form of median between personalities... hopefully. For the moment, though, the Adventurers would be met by the Lizard King's daughter. She seemed to have already organized a banquet in honor of the Marsh Kingdom's saviors, as well as the 'Name Day' of the new King, though Tatsuki took issue with the female Lizard being nameless. She was quick to rectify this problem, much to the newly-named Shalza's satisfaction. In this form from an outside perspective, Kou sensed a strange transference of energies between Tatsuki, Shalza, and some other strange entity that could only involve the Nexus itself. He was actually more concerned with this than he was by Shalza's reaction to being named.

    If Kou had any questions regarding this strange transfer, it would be Karna who stepped up to answer. "You're both new here, huh? Ever notice how Champions have names, but normal MOBs don't? Yeah. That," he said with a shrug. Such a clause resulted in a raised brow from Kou. He understood Karna's meaning, yet still thought it strange how many mechanics this world shared with the video game version of it... Especially when this was clearly no longer just a game.

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    "Sou ka..." this was spoken in response to the idea that naming was the mechanic that made monsters and mobs unique in this world, but that would be put on the back burner for a few seconds. The strangeness between Kou and the Dragonoid surprisingly, wouldn't last nearly as long as it could. After the naming of the female Lizard, Tatsuki body began to ripple with energy. It was a bit like watching a rock skip across a pond. Such would happen until it reached the core of her person, and then, in a gentle splash the energy fell away and the Avatar of Miki was left behind thereafter. It was such a unique feeling to return to herself that the now blonde lass was once again getting a feel for her own body. She slapped her cheeks and had a look at her hair and even spun around in a circle. 'Yep that shit is weird. Really fucking weird. Animal instincts are not a good mix with my general personality...' she had an entire mental tirade while blushing intensely due to remembering her own feelings and knowing at least somewhere deep inside that they were indeed her own feelings. 'Ugh, I almost turned into one of those bound by fate love stories I like so much...' she ended the tirade rubbing her own face and realizing that she was silently having this entire conversation without saying anything to anyone else. "Um... too much energy in naming people, huh?" she said aloud finally gathering herself. She supposed she'd expended a lot of her own energy must making a sword out of her discarded arm in the moments prior to this as well.

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    Kou was relieved to see a change occurring in Tatsuki, coming in the form of her return to the previous Avatar of Miki. He had nothing against the Tatsuki Avatar, but he had quite a few problems with the situations that occurred between her and the Akashi version of himself. 'Oh. Good... It'd be too awkward if I had to deal with all that again. That other me liked it, but that was just way too real for me,' he thought. Aloud, he chose to address Miki's statement about the energy cost of naming. "Yeah, now that I can feel it happening from the outside, it seemed to be pretty costly. Oh, and uhh... welcome back."

    Karna coughed while stepping between the two newer Adventurers, drawing attention prior to any move toward the Lizardfolk's banquet. "Maybe the two of you can go to this celebration without being wrapped up in each other... in whatever way you planned on doing that. Or... ways? I dunno," he said with another step forward, leading him toward Shalza. "Sister? No, not like this. Shalza. Congratulations on your naming. I thought I'd have to name you myself eventually."

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    Miki having returned to herself was left to feel all sorts of ways, but much like Kou she was quite relieved. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy the Tatsuki avatar, it was simply that her current mindset wouldn't allow her to properly digest her previous behavior. 'Ugh, I wouldn't really mind though...' the girl started to think something only to hear the words spoken by Kou. He stated that he'd observed the energy consumption from the outside and knew it to be costly and also welcomed her back to her original avatar's form. "Hai, Tadaima~" she responded sheepishly. Feeling quite her normal self she reached out for her now floating pillow to clutch it into herself, taking her off the ground in the moment. Meanwhile the newest addition to their party, made a comment that made the girl's face flush horridly red. Was she aware of what she'd said and done as her other avatar? Yes, but she didn't need that immediately thrown in her face from the outside perspective. "Ugh, I kind of want to kill you again..." she muttered into her pillow.

    Soon after this Karna approached Shalza who was still just amazed that she'd been named. Even so, her superior senses let her turn to the lad who'd been her brother and she recognized him for what he was. "You would have named me?" she asked the lad with tears glistening unshed in her eyes. Of course, she soon toughened her exterior and crossed her arms somewhat pompously. "Even scaleless you are my brother. Be mindful not to upset our Saviors... your honor might help you earn back your scales..."

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