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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    The steam and tension weren't the only things steadily building between the two Dragonoids. The longer they shared this closeness, the more it became apparent over time that their very essences were clashing against one another, spewing raw magical energy outward in a way which shook the marshlands all the way to the kingdom. They reached a point where, even if Akashi wished to move away from Tatsuki, he felt as if he physically couldn't do so. "If you say so, I believe you," he said, once again sharing a repeated statement. At this point, he was being driven by forces that were beyond him. The left arm he kept extended beyond Tatsuki would be used to either pull her closer, or push her away. Whatever the case, Akashi seemed stuck between the two options, so he instead swiped right as if he intended to knock her to the side of him, though his movement also angled down enough that she would be pushed below if struck properly.

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    As they moved around each other they seemed to affect all. The landscape, other creatures, and each other, through steam, tension, and magical energy. She couldn't help but continue moving alongside this lad, and as they moved in such a way, she seemed incapable of deciding how to behave. He claimed that much like she'd already stated, if she said something he'd believe her, particularly about him. Strange as it was, their shared words and movements seemed almost necessary because of their continued attention towards each other. As they continued to shift in the skies above she could be sure that within his radius of influence, she couldn't decide if she wanted him close or very far away. It would appear she wasn't alone in this indecisive behavior as a swipe of the male Dragonoid's hand would leave her tumbling in the sky just a bit as her wings and body caught her within a spin or two. She'd been moved away from Akashi directly but not outside of his sphere of influence. And when she returned, it would be at sonic speed to return the favor of a swipe to his side, which would strangely aim to knock him up and into the sky from his left instead. If she succeeded in this she'd follow him upward falling back into her pattern of circling as if it was a simple test of her reaction.

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    The stare-down seemed almost endless between this pair of draconic beings, but suddenly, the motion of Akashi ended it by sending Tatsuki spiraling, if only briefly. Her return came quickly, and with it came retaliation in the form of a melee attack to his left side. Akashi's facial expression was more curious than anything else as he was knocked aside and higher into the sky, and it remained unchanged even as his wings flared to stop his ascent. At this point, he realized Tatsuki had already joined him at this new location. He, too, fell back into circling in the sky. "You hit hard," he said, though he seemed no worse for wear than he had been before the impact. In fact, he was nothing but impressed that she'd been able to move him at all when her hit struck. It seemed that Tatsuki also hadn't taken any legitimate offense to his attack on her, and Akashi wasn't quite sure how to feel about that fact. "You're interesting."

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    Tatsuki's return to the sky and subsequent attack was met by a curious expression. She wasn't sure how to feel about this, but the other dragon of this situation also didn't seem to take offense to being attacked. If nothing else, he stopped his own ascent and even managed a verbal retort. She was quite intrigued as the lad showed no lasting wear after a hit that would have been considered massive to another creature. If nothing else, it made him more interesting than anyone else. "Do I?" she seemed curious about this, as her circling continued she looked at her empty palm as if thinking something were missing from her person to make that previous accusation untrue. She wasn't sure if that particular strike counted as being a hard hit, but his swipe had power behind it. "You hit hard..." she said seeming to find nothing else worth saying initially. But within the same conversation the lad had a bit more to add. And his words caused a small chuckle to pass the lass' lips. "You're interesting..." she finished. For some strange reason she felt almost locked into repeating words similarly to the lad. It was as if this pair of individuals were locked in a strange dance. She couldn't quite place how she felt in the present moment, but still there was tension and she couldn't quite place the feeling of it. A few more rotations and her body would spin horizontally causing the lass to lash out with her tail, as if she wanted to push against Akashi one more time just to be sure. The force of this spiraling motion would be enough to send him flying at their current altitude several dozen meters away if it hit properly, aiming to strike directly across the center of his body.

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    "You do," he said to the notion of Tatsuki hitting hard. Though she may not have believed her own strike was powerful, Akashi felt as if he stood above all creatures in this present state. The simple fact that she was able to take his strike in such a way, and deliver an equally potent attack of her own, was quite intriguing to him. Once again, he was staring Tatsuki down with eyes that saw well beyond the physical norm. He saw her movements happening just before they did, through acts as simple as the preparatory twitches of individual muscles. He charged forward in unison with the female, spiraling in a way that mirrored her path and lashing out with his own tail. Their tails clashed against one another, producing a delayed shock wave that cleared the lake below, and even affected the clouds much higher above them in the sky by clearing a massive hole in them. Following this clash though, Akashi decided to make use of his magical ability by heating the spike jutting from his right wing, which he immediately swung down at Tatsuki's torso like a molten sword far more solid than even Magisteel.

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    It seemed that Tatsuki's movements were followed rather easily by Akashi. He mirrored her own spinning attack causing their tails to clash instead of her being able to strike his open body. She was acutely impressed by this reaction speed, and by the impact they had on even the clouds near them. Tatsuki's nose twitched as she smelled a string tighten and snap as his action of follow through caused something strange to happen. Her body aimed to shift and she felt the coming heat towards her torso and aimed to block it with the extension of her left arm. This would meet the strength of a cleanly sharp super-heated wing which would surprisingly cut right through the arm which was left cradled against her torso as she floated backwards. Extra steam and heat came from the opening and strangely the water membrane which surrounded her body began pulsing around her lost left arm, which she held in her right hand as she examined it. "Huh... that happened faster than I expected," she mentioned.

    Surprisingly she didn't seem very distraught considering she'd lost an entire arm above the elbow. In fact, her body began absently flying in a circle as her lost limb seemed to be rebuilding itself from the stump down towards her fingertips. The whole thing would be amazing to witness and it wouldn't take very long to happen either. The Dragonoid form in her case, came with passive hyper-regeneration. But beyond this as her fingertips finished she opened her clawed fingers and clamped them onto her severed arm. She forced magic from her person down into it making use of her innate abilities and magic. The water which flowed upward from her palm carved rune-like veins along her severed appendage and it glowed in a blue-green as she slashed at the air before her. This created a magical burst of water which swirled like a current on this downward slash, and though it wasn't technically aimed at the lad across from her, the surge created by the motion would aim to engulf him just the same.

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    Akashi foresaw the reaction of Tatsuki to his attack, and in doing so, he saw the result of her defense if she had nothing to properly reinforce herself with. He would have considered this a bit sub-par after seeing Tatsuki's arm actually be severed by the blade of his wing, but there was something far deeper. He came to realize that he shouldn't have been capable of such a feat with an attack of such quality, and soon enough, Tatsuki proved this by regenerating her arm... and gaining a rather impressive weapon from the sever. Akashi's brow rose as the lass gave her newfound tool a little test swing. With the resulting wave moving toward him, he performed a simple shift and rotation to his right, thinking to be clear of its path with ease. This did seem to be the case, until moments after the wave passed him, at which point a straight line of blood spewed from the top of his left shoulder to the end of his left foot. The blood streamed quickly and poured to ground-level below for several seconds, but in due time, the wound sealed itself. "Sou desu ne. You're as strong as me after all..."

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    Tatsuki's test swing of her weapon seemed to have no effect initially. But then a slash appeared down the lad's left side and cut into him with extreme reaction. Of course, this reaction was also something which caught the girl's attention, as it seemed the lad was also prone to damage by her while she wielded a proper weapon. It appeared it was possible for them to damage each other in this way, but it wasn't necessarily something which either of them expected from anyone else. "Sou ka..." she said as she stared at the lad across from her, whose bleeding was surely subsiding as well. He thought to mention that the lass was just as strong as he was, and she could do nothing but agree with this statement. "I am." she said both of her own strength and the idea that there was a match for it. There was still bristling energy between them, but perhaps the simple acknowledgement of their likeness in this moment was important. "You're exciting..." the lass stated simply.

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    Akashi floated nonchalantly toward Tatsuki in the wake of her attack. The slash down his body smoldered until there wasn't even a scar remaining, and by the time it did, he was within arms reach of the girl. "Am I? Sou ka," he said upon being referred to as exciting. In giving further thought to this clause, he supposed he could understand why this was being said at all. With that in mind, he realized the feeling was quite mutual. "So are you," he replied just as flatly as it was stated to him. In the meantime, Lizardmen were beginning to crowd the area below. The military force of the Marsh Kingdom looked on in awe at the pair of Adventurers flying overhead, calling chants of their great ancestors as they knelt before this incredible duo.

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    A smirk came to the female dragonoid's face in light of the words being spoken to her. She understood, in some manner that they shared some kind of strange interest in one another and that they both seemed to hold rather high opinions of themselves, and by virtue of acknowledging their likeness each other as well. "Hm..." before she would speak on this matter any further the army of Lizardfolk below seemed to have gathered properly. Though they were originally asked to stay out of this situation, all the battle had been taken care of by these two dragons. They were now being practically worshiped by those who approached, seeming to think they were of the same ilk as their ancestors. "Sou ka, they think highly of us too..." she said with a gentle flap of her wings as Akashi approached having healed up all of his injuries. Her eyes came back to the lad before her and she'd mentally already appraised and accepted him, and given this she began a most casual descent towards these soldiers, after all there was still whatever rewards to be reaped from the Lizardfolk.

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