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    Marsh Kingdom

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    The blonde-haired adventurer known as Miki had her hood pulled up on her head as she floated along acccompanied strange Lizardmen who were taking herself and her companion back to their Chieftain. The lass' feet never made footfall, instead she floated along extended over the top of her mottled green pillow. "Marshes... are intense," she murmured about the place beneath her feet which she had no intention of making contact with. She was more than well aware that she couldn't really navigate with the same ease as the Lizrdmen and could only hope that she didn't need to make footfall anytime soon. Within her mind, other things were more pressing, 'Why do they keep referring to us as a couple though... we aren't a couple. I don't think I've done anything besides maybe that kiss that would even make that seem like a thing,' her mind raced while she didn't have to respond to anything. 'Well, I guess I also touched his junk but I will never. Ever. Ever. Mention that to anyone, ever...' she concluded, her own face slightly red as she realized it would be very easy to assume the pair was a couple given their general interactions and if someone had enough information.

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    While Miki floated atop her pillow to traverse the Marshlands, Kou was nowhere to be seen from a bird's eye-view. When she commented on the intensity of the surrounding area, he became visible. His head peered out from beneath the pillow, as he'd been hanging onto the bottom since they entered the swampy land. He had no intention of touching the ground either, nor did he want to put their mount through such a thing, only to later need to clean it somehow. "Yeah. Probably would have picked up a magic carpet or something before coming here normally," he stated. None of the Lizardmen in their company had any issues, but then again, this was their homeland. "Apologies, Adventurers. We would have acquired better transportation if we knew this did not suit your needs."

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    As Miki floated along, she didn't initially realize that Kou was hanging on to her pillow. Until of course, the lad poked his head out to mention a potential magic carpet or some other form of transportation. Of course, Miki realized the nature of putting their mount through such a thing and as such she shifted slightly to the right to give the lad some room. "Oi, Kou, you can come up here, yeah... no need to dangle or anything~" she said to the lad having given him enough room to travel they way she'd taken to doing it, strung over the pillow in a manner most comfortable. It would leave the pair of them in close quarters, but no closer than they'd been when sharing a hammock. As such she didn't see any problem with the situation. To the Lizardmen, Miki only shook her head a bit. "Don't worry about it. It's part of adventuring..." Miki mentioned of having to figure out this sort of thing in the spur of the moment.

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