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    Kou made the right decision in not putting away his weapon, it seemed. Before long, the larger and more powerful army was upon them, and he remained at the ready. Xerxes, as well, was fully prepared to assault these forces after so much as a word from his masters. "We beat them all once. I'm picking up some different guys this time, but they're way out there. Everything in between should be a cakewalk. I'm ready," he announced, taking his place beside Miki and Xerxes while fueling his sword with Mana again. "Big sweep? I dunno about you, but I'm thinking big sweep."

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    Miki got to see the undead versions of Lizardmen they'd already slaughtered and also thought it would be easy enough to dispatch them again. Though her mind still wandered to her original thought about this place, she looked to Kou at her side and nodded to his suggestion of a big sweep. As it to mark it, the large form of her spear was remade above her head and she reached for it, but didn't touch it, instead allowing her open hand and skills to begin twirling the large weapon in a circle. "Hai hai, big sweep seems to be about the best possible option. Between the three of us it shouldn't be a problem at all..." she commented absently finishing this with a whistle which sent the still twirling spear forward, upon meeting the first of the wave a large gusty tornado would form blowing back the group at large and killing the weaker enemies introducing them to true death in that moment, those not killed by the gust, were stunned for a moment or two creating an opening wall for them to approach. "Let's go!" she mentioned as she took off towards her weapon, whistles beginning to follow her movements as she aimed to disappear into the crowd of Lizardmen and begin her proper assault of the current wave of enemies.

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    "On it, then," Kou said, placing both hands on the hilt of his weapon. Since Miki seemed to be targeting the landlocked part of the enemy army, Kou nodded to Xerxes, signalling the beast to remain behind and ensure his passage to the shore. Kou was then on his way to said shore without much issue, all while his sword was charged with more and more magical energy. Once again, he wore a snarky grin as he reached the shoreline and looked out unto the approaching ships, blade ready for a slash of epic proportions. "Getsuga..." With a single, mighty slash, Kou unleashed massive quantities of magical energy from his sword. This produced an energy wave that stretched across the river to cleave through the ships before they arrived. "TENSHOU!!!" he exclaimed as the wave was unleashed to annihilate the enemy army's transportation. He could already tell many of the passengers upon these ships would not be felled, but he had at least bought time for Miki to handle the enemies on land before the others' arrival.

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    Miki's assault on the ground troops seemed to be going pretty well. As Lizardmen moved about, her spear moved almost effortlessly, when she turned she saw Kou launch an attack, and beyond this heard the words spoken as the attack name. Her eyes widened and all came to a standstill around her. "HA! Did you really just Getsuga Tensho?" she asked most rhetorically seemingly in a good humor. Even so, a Lizardman wasn't about to wait for her to have her chuckle and lunged at her, this action was met by a simple sidestep complete with a whistle that spiked this creature to the ground without much thought. "Yosh! Focus Miki!" she said to herself, though she'd tried to say her own name in this moment, the Nexus corrected her. This little personal pep-talk out of the way she pulled her spear from the back of this creature and threw it once more.

    This time her whistle would be continuous and she'd take off at a gentle paced walk. This whistle strangely had the melody of the song from the movie Kill Bill and would cause the weapon to kill and generally pillage those around her as she slipped out of their physical distance with great ease. About thirty seconds after this and she'd finished off the first wave of the land-dwellers and moved on to the ones who'd abandoned the ships destroyed by Kou. By the time this occurred more Undead Lizardmen were swimming up from the river and Miki had taken to the use of her Alpha skill, she pulled back her weapon in her hand and launched it forward causing dozens of killing blows and pierces to occur in rhythmic fashion before her. She knew the greatest of their enemies would likely be approaching them soon enough. The two Undead Chieftain Beserkers would make their way to the shores, letting out a mighty roar upon making landfall. They seemed triggered upon seeing the deaths of their comrades, and one immediately turned to head in Miki's direction, while the other headed for Kou. Miki took note of this from the roar, just as her level was pushed higher still, and she reached the first cap of 30 and by virtue of their bond, Kou would reach this level as well. In this moment though, something strange would happen and it would seem as if time stopped.

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    "Hell yeah I did!" Kou confirmed. He'd expected Miki to understand his reference to the wave attack, and she made it very clear that she did. Their greatest threat, the former Chieftains of the Lizardfolk, were quickly approaching. They didn't seem too happy at all to have lost their comrades, and knowing they were no more than undead servants themselves, Kou was quite bothered upon noticing this attitude. Even though the pair of them hit level 30, Kou believed this would be a very... very difficult challenge. That is, until...

    "Ugh. I don't like the look of these guys. This is gonna be..." Mid-sentence, Kou took pause. He intended to comment on the threat encroaching upon them as they reached the initial level cap, but everything seemed to have stopped besides Miki and himself. Kou felt as if he were having an out-of-body experience, and in fact... he was. The Nexus entered him, activating and awakening a power which put him in a mental space similar to that of the video game's character creation screen. The Nexus' light overtook Kou's body, beginning to transform it into that of another. In this pure white form, the lad grew taller, and even seemed to be developing dragon-like wings and a tail, as well as horns which pointed upwards. "Huuu~" he exhaled, producing a scorching-hot steam from his unseen mouth in the process. "Burning. I feel... burning..."

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    Miki also didn't appreciate the attitude being given by the undead Chieftains. She wondered if they weren't also classed Avenger based on this, but before she got a chance to think about it. The Nexus entered her person as well. All that seemed to stop around them, left Miki's consciousness outside of her body, and beyond that gave her the ability to create another character. She gained strange features, pointed ears and jewel red eyes. A long blue tail sprouted down her spine along with a set of white and blue dragon wings. From her forehead, antler like horns also appeared. Her body seemed to get a bit taller, but within she felt something very different. As her body finished forming she looked to Kou and noted his ever changing appearance. "Hm, that's interesting, having a tail is gonna take some getting used to..." she murmured as mists seemed to rise around her body sticking to her skin like dew. "Hot is the word you're looking for...literal steam coming out of your mouth..." she chided. Her body seemed to be shifting like the tides within, a constant ebb and flow of turbulence. "This is one isn't the same, so I suppose this one needs a name too..." she mused, this thought alone brought her to the part of her mental space which would have looked like a naming screen, allowing her body to solidify in that light. "Tatsuki~" she said with a wiggle of her hips which made her tail move about in space. Her choice in name seemed to be in a strange pattern, but that wasn't really important in choosing a name her form was fully actualized and she got to see within the Nexus the type of creature she'd unlocked for herself. 'Dragonoid?' she thought about this one, and was a bit shocked, perhaps it simply came from actively pursuing the Lizardfolk Questline.

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    Kou's mutation continued until he couldn't really be called Kou anymore. His hair and eyes both gained color, becoming a hue akin to that of a ruby. The color returned to the rest of him in an interesting manner, unveiling a dark tail and wings with webbing reminiscent of magma, more so even on the spikes protruding from his wings, and the horns on his head. He wore a sleek pair of pants, boots, and a long, red, open jacket with a high collar with nothing beneath. His open mouth now bore a full set of sharp fangs, and the nails at his fingertips had become sharp like talons. "No," he said to Miki, nearly growling as more steam escaped his mouth. "I feel burning!" He wasn't so taken by the form he now boasted, and was more into what he could feel from it right away. There was a strong aggression within him that wished to be quelled. With his gaze set on Tatsuki, he felt almost compelled to use her as an outlet. For whatever reason, the female Dragonoid speaking her name only furthered this sensation, prompting him to reveal his own name as a rebuttal... and, in a way, a challenge. "... Akashi."

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    Tatsuki, as she'd now taken to calling herself looked upon the lad formerly known as Kou as he named himself. This was after of course, a growling correction of her previous speech. Somehow something about the way this was done, made her left brow raise, in slight curiosity. Platinum blonde hair which was close to white flowed down her back in gentle waves as she felt this newfound animosity and the sensation within her own body pulled her towards it. "A-ka-shi~" she repeated the lad's name with nothing but amusement in her tone, and the slightest lisp created by a combination of a forked tongue and new fangs. But there was a seriousness in her eyes which implied she understood the challenge presented by such a name. She looked over his new attire, and didn't get a chance to see her own, which seemed a bit like several tiny armor pieces strung together, all the way down her arms and up her legs but with her rear visible in small lace panties. Beyond this, her legs were also trimmed in lace and opened before her shin armor started and ended leaving her barefoot. Even her tail gained armor and the blue color of it became hidden underneath."Figures you'd choose that, still..." she seemed to be thinking something about this, but as both of the people in this pair had been named, they'd soon find time returning around themselves, even as they stared each other down. Their new presences were enough to initially cause confusion in the Berserkers. At first they refused to approach, it seemed the combined presences of these people who were staring daggers at each other was almost enough to deter them, but another roar from both of them seemed to add a bit of courage. They charged ahead at their intended targets but for her part, Tatsuki never looked away from Akashi. Within herself she felt a deep stirring like a monster thrashing about beneath the surface of the ocean's waves. Her own challenging nature present in an unaltered gaze.

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    The male now called Akashi snarled. It seemed Tatsuki had picked up on his animosity, and brought forth her own... which Akashi noted right away. He didn't even bother acknowledging the army of undead Lizardfolk. For the time Tatsuki stared him down, he did the same to her. As he looked onward, he even took to hovering, the occasional flap of his wings carrying him in a counterclockwise circle around Tatsuki's location. All the while, his gaze remained fixed on the female. "..." Akashi's mouth opened, but no words escaped him to join the steam passing his lips. His wings flapped once more, carrying him forward at breakneck speeds. He drew back his left arm on this path, thrusting it forward with claws bared, seeming keen on tearing through Tatsuki's torso.

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    Tatsuki also began to hover just off the ground. She obviously had no care for the battlefield around her in the present moment and instead had her eyes focused upon the lad who was now hovering around her. He had nothing else to say, and instead only steam came from his mouth. She seemed to interpret this strangely, there was still something of a challenge present by his actions, and when he charged she felt it. Deep within the core of her being that forked tongue of hers emerged from her mouth for only a second and it was as if she fully understood what was happening here. Instead of his claws making contact with her torso, she met them with her claws, as she extended her own hand to meet his. Their hands being forced together at a rapid pace with enough force behind it to create a shock wave of magical energy. This oddly was a contrasting set of energies, one of fire, and then one obviously of water. It would become exceedingly obvious as their contact would cause this explosive steam to blast off the pair of them, causing the outright disintegration of the hordes of the Lizardman's undead army. Beyond this, the two Berserkers were blown away by the contact alone, not to be heard from for a little while thereafter.

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