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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    As Tatsuki rose to meet his circling, Akashi found himself reacting strangely to her movements. Even during his charge, his gaze wavered in an interesting way. He looked toward the arm she rose to meet his attack, but he did so the moment before she moved it. He seemed almost confused that her arm moved when it did, as if it happened later than he expected. Either way, their hands met with an impact that sent out a mighty reverberation, which obliterated the enemies Akashi didn't even seem privy to. He was far too focused on the meeting at hand to even be bothered with something so trivial. Now, he seemed to be adjusting to himself in this form. "Sou ka," he said as his eyes darted quickly around, scanning various points on Tatsuki's form. Flames as hot as Hell itself began emerging from Akashi's forearm, wrapping around his entire arm and spreading all the while.

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    Their actions seemed to mar their battlefield in quite the obvious way, the Berserkers were stunned taking several moments to gather their wits as a huge wave of enemies fell to this initial clash. What came next was rather strange though, as the joined hands of these two Dragonoids seemed to illicit a strange response from Akashi. He seemed to be gaining a greater depth and understanding of his new physical self, and at the same time, Tatsuki was doing the same. Flames spewed from around the boy's hands at a temperature much greater than any she'd had contact with. Just the same, her own body produced water which swirled around her fist at the contact and pushed back against it. More steam, more power, to combat the burning hell fires against her skill controlled in such a way as to aim to drown them, but that didn't seem to be possible. "That', and warm..." she mused as her nostrils flared ever so slightly. It was to her as if she was leaning on her ability to smell, and beyond this that there was more to it than simply knowing what this lad was like. Still she couldn't stop herself from continuing to push against this lad, as they aimed to figure out their new forms.

    At the same time, as flames grew up Akashi's arms, and rip-tides seemed to be growing up the arm of Tatsuki, the two Berserkers took on new forms. Their screams echoed, and brought new power. They gained a new title in Avenger as they noted the deaths of their fallen comrades. And each of them grew stronger because it. Both were already level 50 and now they gained Mad Enchancement as an activated skill. The aimed to charge this pair, at a speed which was enough to make the ground tremble and between them one carrying a mace and the other a sword both aimed to bring their weapons down upon this duo of dragons completed by a jump in the air. This would allow the strikes to start above their heads and aim to take them all the way through their bodies. The one wielding a mace aimed his attentions at Akashi, while the other sword wielder aimed his slash at Tatsuki.

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    "Heh..." The exchange of pressure between these two was only becoming more intense over time, but alas, an interruption was destined to occur eventually. The former Chieftains made their way at last, boasting the added power of an additional Class. Akashi's eyes shifted quickly toward the Berserker Chieftain who brandished a mace against him. He seemed far more annoyed than concerned, and a simple shift let him sway around the downward-swinging weapon. The mace passed through the air to Akashi's left, only to land in his left hand after it separated from Tatsuki's. "Oi. You're in my way," he said calmly, yet with a great fury within his glowing crimson eyes. In the very next moment, his right hand reached out to tap the Berserker's chest with a single finger. Such a simple act would result in the undead Lizardman to ignite in the Flames of Purgatory, which would burn away every last molecule of its victim, smoldering its way out of existence only when there was nothing left to burn, or whenever Akashi decided the flame needed to cease.

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    The break of their little test of wills, was created by the two attacking Berserker Avengers. Tatsuki herself seemed to be in place right until the moment at which the decisive strike was being made by her own opponent. But in the moment his arm settled, her nostrils flared with her mouth slightly agape. She moved to the right of the blade which came down with such swiftness that this creature might have thought his blow landed, at the very least his entire body was bowed by the pressure of his movements. But it would find when it tried to lift its sword, the bare feet of Tatsuki were balanced atop the blade. And she would causally walk up its length much to the confusion of the creature now below her. "I've no interest in you..." she said, also managing to sound more annoyed that she was interrupted than she could even manage to sound frightened of the potential death she could have suffered. As Akashi tapped his own opponent causing him to burst into flames, Tatsuki's left foot touched the top of the Lizardman's head. Her current stance had her looking down upon him with disgust for his current bowed state, but there was still a light in her eyes, filled with murderous intent. When this happened magical energy seemed to explode from her person, causing a swell of water within this creatures body so large that it simply blew apart within a matter of seconds.

    Blood and water would blow outward from this creatures massive body, leaving it to rain down upon her in a gentle mist. A wide grin spread across her face and showed fangs and streak of sadism her other avatar wasn't known to possess. She turned to see the still burning creature as it no longer even looked like something which had existed. Her own jeweled eyes seemed to be amused as she took in the sight of burning flames through the bloody mist created by her own method of assassination. "Hm, Akashi is a really good name for you~" she said still amused. And with the death of these two their distractions from each other would end, and Tatsuki's eyes would shift back to Akashi.

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    Akashi watched intently as his victim suffered the use of his skill, which he saw registered as Immolation through Nexus Vision. Greater yet, the heightened perception he had been noticing within himself was becoming more solid as he adjusted to this body and its powers. As the remains of the Berserker scattered to the wind, the glow in Akashi's eyes receded until it became a pair of golden rings within his irises. He focused these developed eyes on Tatsuki once the interruptions had been dealt with. There was something between this pair of Dragonoids the likes of which hadn't been seen since Dragons themselves roamed the world freely. Alas, it was not to be once again. Akashi's gaze was dragged away by the actual sight of Mana being pulled from the battlegrounds, from every fallen undead warrior, to a single location down the river. This Mana accumulated into something mighty, thick enough to be seen by even the human eye. With Akashi's enhanced vision, he could see the culprit from a distance. This was surely the current Chieftain's son, a Lizardman Shaman with a lithe frame, white scales, and deep blue eyes. From what Kou could tell, his scales were presently shifting to become more like those of a Dragon, and he was certainly gaining a spade on his tail the likes of which only Dragons normally possessed. Akashi's very instincts refocused all of his aggression toward what he was seeing here, and that alone. "Kisama..."

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    The skill used by Tatsuki registered to her as Honryuu but as she saw this she also saw that she was missing something. Given her current level of power, she didn't think much of this missing thing, instead her gaze refocused upon Akashi, until... the massive interruption which was the gathering of mana and the power of death. The shifts occuring in what was obviously their opponent was meant to draw the attention of the dragon, but once again she simply seemed annoyed. More so by this new Lizardman's appearance than she had been by the Berserkers. In the moment, that her attention shifted, her nostrils flared once more. And as her tongue traveled within the confines of her mouth she understood fully what it was that annoyed her about this new Lizardman with an obvious dragon tail. "Mayakashi..." her face twisted up in disgust as she stared in the direction of this creature. Though her original character persona had it in mind to save the lad, her current feelings lead her to believe she should do no such thing. Maybe this was because his actions interrupted what appeared to be a good time. Maybe it was because she found his actions deplorable. Or more still maybe she simply considered it to be the easiest way to get back to what she'd been doing.

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    Still hovering above land, Akashi floated slowly in the direction of this new disturbance. Its power was steadily growing and bothering Akashi to no end with its repulsive sight. "Fools. I am Sharrkan of the Marshes, now a Dragon of the Dead. You've defeated my army just to grant me this power, the power of a True Dragon! This was my true final wish," the pseudo-Dragon said aloud. Following this, a single flap of Akashi's wings created a thunderous boom as he shot forward at supersonic speeds. His claws were at the ready to cleave through Sharrkan, and in fact, they did. Sadly, this image of the pseudo-Dragon revealed itself to be nothing more than another corpse made in his image. Having never seen the true form of this individual, even Akashi's advanced eyes couldn't determine right from wrong as numerous other copies appeared around the river. Still, he offered his rebuttal. "You ain't a Dragon at all. You're a newt with a thick hide."

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    Tatsuki stayed where she was for a few moments longer, watching as the newest incarnation of enemy, a Lizardman turned Pseudo-Dragon named, Sharrkan claimed the title of Dragon of the Dead. He claimed that this had been his ultimate wish, which made Tatsuki's left brow raise. Such a sentiment belonged only to players, given this she wondered if this young man even realized how much wanton destruction he caused for the sake of his 'wish'. She watched as Akashi, aimed to claw down this vile excuse for a Dragon only to have another corpse fall instead of his. It seemed that even his eyes could be misled in this moment, but as she'd settled into her abilities she began to wonder if he could trick her nose. "Shallow wish..." she said with a gentle flare of her nostrils, as her eyes closed if only for a second. It was almost as if she was disappointed in something, but the truth was she wished to concentrate. Within her mind's eye she saw the waves associated with all the smells within this closed in space. Mostly she looked for someone else living within this place, corpses smelled, and all the ones left in this place had a particular smell attached to them. All she needed was to identify the proper Lizardman left among the armies of the dead. "Others paid a steep price for you to end up a knockoff..." she stated knowing that his wish lacked hubris. Beyond this she finally moved of her own accord as her eyes opened gently and she aimed a slightly transformed clawed hand at the face of what she thought was the 'real' version of Sharrkan. If she made contact with his face after moving at rapid speed to reach him, she aim to toss his entire body by his head towards the ground placing him below her in the way she currently viewed him. This throw was done with enough force that the movement of her arm would leave a crater behind, whether his body was caught within this maneuver or not.

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    "I wield the power! You two seem to have gathered some power from the Lizardmen and that half-Dragon bastard cat over there, but I am a True Dragon! I wield the power of the dead beyond the Underworld's influence! Do you understand? Even my minions are beyond you now!" The implication made by Sharrkan was not missed by Kou. In becoming something like a Dragon, Sharrkan gained a power over the dead that kept them from returning to the afterlife. Something about this seemed to annoy Akashi more than anything else thus far, though he wore a grin of pure arrogance.

    A pool of death energy had begun pooling around Sharrkan, filling the river beneath him with its essence. When Tatsuki made an interesting approach toward the true Sharrkan, he remained nimble enough to at least begin moving away, quickly raising another of his undead clones between him and the approaching claw. Tatsuki's strike would take the clone with it toward the land nearby. Even being slammed into a crater with a head that was most certainly splattered from the impact and Tatsuki's claw, it began regenerating through death energy, which only continued to be produced from the initial 'kill'. In the meantime, though, Akashi descended to join Sharrkan atop the river. The mere act of him getting close to the waters began evaporating even the energy-tainted river at a very rapid pace. "That it?" he asked of both Sharrkan and Tatsuki. With that simple query offered, he looked toward Sharrkan, and held out his left hand. "What happens when the immortal dead can't come back?" A raging flame appeared around Akashi's hand as he said this, boasting enough heat to form what looked like a large crater in the river around Akashi, simply due to how rapidly it evaporated the water in a certain radius. His eyes darted around as if he were counting the number of undead minions Sharrkan currently possessed, and then...

    "Rengokuryuu no... Ennetsu Jigoku!" The flame from Akashi's hand erupted into a massive blast, great enough to wipe the entire area of trees, moisture, and all life across a fifty meter radius. He didn't seem to care who was caught in this blast, even if Tatsuki were to be consumed. This encompassed all of the minions Sharrkan possessed, while Sharrkan himself saw the incoming threat and sprouted wings to fly high into the air as quickly as possible, avoiding harm from the great inferno. He made every attempt to command his army, but the bodies were all failing to regenerate against the burning which never ceased until there was nothing left to burn. "Is running what a True Dragon would do? I don't think so," Akashi said in the end, instilling the idea in Sharrkan that these two individuals were, perhaps, a form of Dragon that transcended whatever he'd actually become.

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    The words of Sharrkan irritated Tatsuki, as she approached to kill him, she took note of something strange. Right at the moment where she grabbed him, the line within her vision tensed. She realized then that she could have chased him, and at the moment she'd reached her hand out, to touch the face of the creature before her, she'd grabbed the wrong one. She smelled death and magic on that particular individual and she knew exactly what he was. The crushing of the face of the one individual which tossed him into a crater below her, was met by her stillness within mid-air. "Death, Magic, and Cowardice don't make a True Dragon..." Tatsuki's words were true enough. Not only did she dislike this man for his personal cowardice, she also didn't like that he'd sacrificed hundreds to end up a lesser version of what he could have been. Her own logic dictated that if she made a sacrifice it had to be worthwhile. There were claims by Sharrkan that they could not take his army at their current power, much less him. And with this Akashi's actions became a present happening.

    He hadn't a care in the world when he questioned what the Pseudo-Dragon would do if he had no army to call upon. When he lowered himself to water level it began to evaporate and boil. When he unleashed his attack, Sharrkan ran from it while his army burned. Since Tatsuki had initially rushed him directly, she was also within this radius, but her body didn't burn. She had no fear of this fire as her body caused steam to rise up around her. She was hot granted, but she did not burn or take injury here. She stared up at the white Dragon and understood exactly what it was that separated him from the sort of Dragons that she and Akashi were showing themselves to be. Tatsuki took the time to extended just her left hand towards this creature. "Kaiōryū no Suijin Hōen," magical water was created from her body in massive quantities. A magical spiraling surge took up a great amount of space between them and this particular enemy. It pushed even past the fires that were created by Akashi aiming to send a wave of concussive and magical damage towards Sharrkan, this massive surge would reclaim the river and lake and beyond that aim to swallow up Sharrkan and drown him in her power massively damaging and penetrating his body.

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