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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    Sharrkan was of little concern to Akashi, so the latter took the time to view his own work's results. The pseudo-Dragon's army was indeed regenerating, but the Purgatory Flame burned their bodies away at an even faster rate than they could recover. Soon enough, they would be nothing, but that seemed ultimately contingent upon Sharrkan's death. Interestingly enough, it also seemed to be the case that Akashi no longer had to do anything...

    Sharrkan was distraught at the swift loss of his army, and even more so at the power wielded by these two Dragonoids. Tatsuki, left unaffected by Akashi's flames, set her sights on the Necromancer. The sudden creation of water in such massive quantity drew his attention, and kept it the moment he realized it was coming his way in a great burst. Enraged by the existence of such creatures as these, Sharrkan erected a spherical barrier around his person, enforcing it with death energy he reclaimed from his eternally-burning minions. The surge battered and battered against his barrier, while Akashi looked on and laughed at an interesting sight. "How dare you!? I am Sharrkan, Dragon of Death! I will be-" Suddenly, Sharrkan stopped speaking. Why? Even though his barrier managed to hold off against the torrent for a few moments, all the energy Sharrkan had available could not truly hold the water at bay. Akashi could tell from the beginning that it only lasted so long due to most of the water being diverted by the barrier's curve, and yet... the center point of the barrier had been taking a constant and direct beating for several seconds. When the barrier was penetrated, it did so from this small space, allowing a jet stream of this mighty liquid to burst through, pierce Sharrkan's hide and heart, and continue through the other side. Akashi continued watching from a distance as blood gushed from Sharrkan's mouth. That is, until the rest of his barrier shattered around the hole, and the stream carried him away until he was no more. It was at this time that Akashi flew into the air and viewed the massive lake that had formed beneath them from both Dragonoids' efforts. "Water is patient," he stated under his breath.

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    Sharrkan was indeed concerned more so than one would have expected given his propensity for running when faced with higher power. He kept his shallow vanity, shouting at the female Dragonoid that he was the Dragon of Death and aiming to barrier himself against the rush of water which aimed to consume him. Tatsuki watched this with nothing in her visage but the knowledge that she would have him. "You are tiny," Tatsuki said and she meant that as the truly encompassing insult it was. The moment he didn't run, the moment he decided to try and stay to prove himself... his death was assured. In this moment she got to witness her victory as the barrier created by the creature she'd faced cracked and he was pierced. His blood was added to the flow of water before he was carried away by the tides. Her hand lowered to her hip and her wings flapped as her tail absently splashed in the water before she rose, watching the ripple created by her own work.

    Akashi's muttered statement caught her attention. Her pointed ears twitched as her wings carried her upwards and she was once again looking at the young man she'd been traveling with. There was an obvious bit of aggression still within her eyes, but there was something else too. This thing was the understanding that they were both similar creatures of noble creation, even if they wished to fight, they were both True Dragons and as such his existence was acceptable to her. Her body shifted around his as if she swam within the air, a large arcing motion would carry her around him. "Finally..." was the only word which left her mouth. It appeared to be that even if she respected this lad, she still simply wished to fight him, maybe there was something more to this than it looked like, but what felt like aggression was still buried within the fibers of her being.

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    Akashi continued to look upon the results of their efforts, and as he did, a droplet of moisture fell toward him. He looked up as more and more water fell from the sky. It seemed all the carnage had produced storm clouds above, and filled them to their bursting point in only a few short minutes. A cloud of steam was soon around Akashi by the time this rain developed into a full shower, but by then, his attention was on Tatsuki. "Yeah... Finally," he said, agreeing with the lass. She circled him, and he, in turn, circled her as well. "You killed the newt..."

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    Their combined efforts within this space, created a storm cloud within the mound. Within the time of the passing of Sharrkan, this cloud burst and rain began to fall. This didn't seem to effect her negatively and she got to see the sizzle of the air around Akashi. His movements also started back up, and he circled her as well. "Sugoi!~" she mused at this rain. The other dragon agreed to her sentiment that their interruptions were finally over and as he circled her as well, they moved in tandem looking at each other. His statement about her killing the man known as Sharrkan was indeed true and she wouldn't deny herself the credit in this moment. "I did," she said with a casual flick of her tail. "You killed his army..." she said in a moment of appreciation. The tension in her body slowly seemed to be building back up, she wanted something from her companion and she wasn't sure what it was, but she was very sure, what was about to happen would settle it for her.

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    As the Dragonoids circled one another in the sky above the new river, Tatsuki gave her response alongside a returned compliment to Akashi's work. A snicker escaped the male. "I did," he said, just as Tatsuki had moments prior. Akashi was also feeling this rise of tension again, and in doing so, he floated closer and closer to Tatsuki while still moving in a circular pattern. His gaze never wavered, now having absolutely no reason to do so. There were no further interruptions to be dealt with. "You're strong."

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    The rise in tension between this pair was nearly tangible to Tatsuki, and maybe it was to Akashi as well, as the male Dragonoid moved closer in his circling to the lass than she would have expected. Even so, she found herself drawn in even further as well, until they were only separated by the amount of space that would be needed for their arms to reach out to each other. "I am," she replied to the idea that she was strong. Unlike her other self, she was quite sure of this as a fact of nature. She was more sure of herself in this form than she could have ever been in any other. Her movements continued and a smirk came to her face. "And so are you." Her final sentence was indeed one to be taken as literally as she meant it. She wasn't sure about how she felt but her tension reached a point of nearly breaking, and as it did her clawed hand reached out into the space between them, as if she wanted to touch him, but thought better of it, given their affinities.

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    Both parties drew nearer. In due time, they were close enough to make physical contact, but there was more. Tatsuki once again returned Akashi's clause to him, then reached out toward him without actually making contact. "I am," Akashi said with a snarky grin upon his visage. In saying this, he moved closer yet, until Tatsuki's hand was mere centimeters from the skin of his chest. At the same time, his left hand reached out to return Tatsuki's gesture. The amount of closeness between the two at this point caused an immediate reaction, in the form of incredible amounts of steam blasting away from them. In spite of this, Akashi only managed to inspect Tatsuki's form. "You're very open," he said, though whether he meant to imply a lack of defense, or a lack of clothing on this lass, was up for debate.

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    Their bodies were soon brought even closer together after a snickering reply from Akashi. This movement made it so that Tatsuki's extended hand hovered above the lad's exposed chest, creating a blast of steam from her to him and one from him to her, given his hand was now also extended. Given their current proximity she could do nothing more than inspect his form as well. When he commented about her openness she wasn't quite sure how to take it. Her own eyes had left his face to inspect his body, and by the time he spoke to her directly she looked up his body and back to his eyes. "Am I?" she asked as if to question this statement. In the meantime she made her own observation. "You're very hot," whether this was simply her understanding of his body temperature or a commentary on his attractiveness would also be left up to the imagination.

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    The steam between and around them made no difference at all to Akashi. In fact, one could almost assume he didn't know it was there at all. He could only manage to focus on the lass in front of him, for whatever purpose this attention served. "You are," he said when questioned. Tatsuki's retort upon inspecting him as well was received with just as much confusion as she had within her. "Am I?" he asked. The steam would be fueled further thereafter, as Akashi slipped around Tatsuki's outstretched arm while also shifting his more to her side. This allowed him to move even closer without the pair of them touching, though their faces and bodies were left in incredibly close quarters. Only a slight movement would have them completely pressed against one another, yet the circling continued on Akashi's part, even from so close. The amount of steam spewing from the two couldn't possibly be missed by then. Akashi would follow with another rather open statement. "You're wet."

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    The steam around them, also didn't seem to be making much of a difference to Tatsuki. As they circled one another the only thing that had her attention was the male Dragonoid before her, and for whatever reason, he managed to keep it. Perhaps it was the short quips they were current sharing. Perhaps it was the fact they they were alone together, and perhaps it was something else entirely. Whatever the case, he confirmed his observation about her openness and questioned her own thoughts about him. "If you say so, I believe you," she mentioned. It seemed they both maintained a level of confusion about each other which was teetering closer to something... but what the female Dragonoid couldn't say. "You are," she confirmed her understanding of his hotness even as she shifted around her. It became more apparent to her as she shifted ever so slightly that they were very close together. Only a breath away from touching, his arm at her side and hers falling in place at his. There was a level of intimacy in this which couldn't be quantified, even by the statement that could have been taken many ways. The level of steam between them increased rather drastically so much so that even she could see it, though not necessarily as a hindrance. No, instead of that... this open statement was received with a chuckle and general acknowledgement of this absolute fact. "I am." Her words hung in the air so strangely, even at their current distance she continued to circle was well, feeling somehow compelled to not be the one who stopped first, nor could she be the one to back away. So, they would continue.

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