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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    "I didn't get to actually do any co-op in the game either. It's pretty hard for me to find a Party of people who don't just fall behind to get carried," Kou said as the slightest of grins appeared on his face, and his eyes closed. "That's why I like you." He fell silent for a few moments following this additional clause. Upon realizing what he'd said, though, Kou's eyes opened whilst he removed himself from Miki's person. "I mean you pull your own weight instead of trying to take a backseat and get free levels, is all!" he clarified in a hurry, seeming to have suddenly become quite frantic. "So, yeah, we'll eventually come up with something while we figure our group strategy out! When do we start moving again?"

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    As Miki relaxed she got to hear out Kou's side of his original gaming experience. It seemed that he also didn't get a chance to play this game cooperatively because of issues with being able to establish a party. Having felt this way herself, Miki could commiserate, and part of the reason she was fond of Kou was because he didn't assume she'd be one of those types. Much to the lass' surprise, Kou soon grinned and mentioned that her own work ethic was the reason he liked her. Such an honest speaking moment made the girl's eyes widen just a bit, but somehow made her feel rather warm inside. Before she could reply though, the lad removed himself from her, further clarifying what he meant by his earlier statement. A look of minor confusion crossed the girl's face as she settled into her now lonely sitting position. "Sou ka..." she said chuckling just a little. "I figured as much, it's cool... I understand. I like you for similar reasons..." she said maintaining the same amount of calm she'd had the whole time, though she admittedly felt a bit chilly without the lad at her side. As for the rest of his question after his quick explanation, she didn't really have a response. "I don't know. Whenever I guess... I'll be able to feel my bones again pretty soon," she mentioned shifting her eyes to stare at her hand. Internally she wondered about these freak outs of Kou's which he had a lot, but she couldn't allow her mind to wander on the subject too much because the lad seemed to be so forceful about the platonic nature of their relationship. She pushed for this a bit as well, not wanting to be seen as one of 'those' girls. Whatever the case, their adventure could start back up again at any time, and as such she prepared herself for it mentally.

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    Kou's brief panic attack didn't have any visible effect on the recipient of his antics, much to his appreciation to the world. Her response was still somewhat shocking to him for whatever reason, but he didn't allow himself to be too bothered by the statement. "Sou..." he said, trailing off with his retort after only a single utterance. He continued to relax for a bit longer, before eventually having enough feeling and mental stability to rise from the throne. Karna was more than ready to depart from this location, and it seemed Kou was somewhat prepared as well. "Right. Well... I'm good to go whenever," he said.

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    Miki's response seemed to help the lad feel a bit more like himself. Though there was something in his reaction she couldn't actually place, she couldn't bring herself to poke at it too much, lest she get another strange reaction out of him. Regardless it seemed like the group at large was ready to leave and she could be no less ready. As such she stood and gave a gentle whistle which made the pillow she'd been leaning against float in front of her. It still contained a great deal of residual warmth and as such she flopped onto it as it floated along, seeming to retain a certain amount of her previously relaxed state. "Hai hai, Eonis is between here and the Grasslands, right? If we stop there, we might be able to hitch a ride for all of us into the Grasslands and save a bit of extra travel..." she mused giving her own opinion. "Also regular supplies, for camping and the like during the extra travel..." she added her ideas of provisioning properly for the next stage of their trip during a quick stop back in the Kingdom of Eonis. After this, she'd be more than content to float along with them as they left the Marsh Kingdom for the time being.

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