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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    Kou was quite surprised, though it wasn't at all due to the sudden return to this form. Rather, one could say it was the person within both Avatars who was taken aback by the occurrences between Tatsuki and his other self. 'I remember everything... Why did I do any of that? Why was she doing that!?' was all he could think within the confines of his mind. Of course, being the only one to revert to a more human form, Kou was to be subjected to the continued mannerisms of Tatsuki, first in the form of her tail prodding his chest. "I uhh... I think I ran out of juice. Why are you jabbing me?"

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    Kou's return to his human form was something that was unappreciated by Tatsuki who'd now lost the pointed entertainment of her day by the loss of Akashi. Even so, the more timid version of him, seemed to be deep in thought and something maybe even akin to panic. "You ran out of juice?" she said it as if it was question but it wasn't. She could definitely tell the lad had burnt out a few seconds ago, still it was more than a bit surprising considering her thoughts a few moments before this. "That is... a bit boring for me," mentioned the white haired lass. "Oh well," she said seeming to have given up on whatever immediate desire she'd intended to have fulfilled by Akashi. Soon after he asked her about her activities in poking him. "To figure out how warm you are..." she mentioned of her poking behavior. True enough the physical aspects of nature granted by this Dragonoid form. Though she fully acknowledged that Kou was also Akashi, he wasn't currently the match to her current form, so her interest in him was lessened a great deal. Still not enough to make her completely remove herself from him. She stopped poking him and hovered just off the ground nearby instead, content to play guardian to this lesser form until Akashi showed himself again.

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