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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    The steam and tension weren't the only things steadily building between the two Dragonoids. The longer they shared this closeness, the more it became apparent over time that their very essences were clashing against one another, spewing raw magical energy outward in a way which shook the marshlands all the way to the kingdom. They reached a point where, even if Akashi wished to move away from Tatsuki, he felt as if he physically couldn't do so. "If you say so, I believe you," he said, once again sharing a repeated statement. At this point, he was being driven by forces that were beyond him. The left arm he kept extended beyond Tatsuki would be used to either pull her closer, or push her away. Whatever the case, Akashi seemed stuck between the two options, so he instead swiped right as if he intended to knock her to the side of him, though his movement also angled down enough that she would be pushed below if struck properly.

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    As they moved around each other they seemed to affect all. The landscape, other creatures, and each other, through steam, tension, and magical energy. She couldn't help but continue moving alongside this lad, and as they moved in such a way, she seemed incapable of deciding how to behave. He claimed that much like she'd already stated, if she said something he'd believe her, particularly about him. Strange as it was, their shared words and movements seemed almost necessary because of their continued attention towards each other. As they continued to shift in the skies above she could be sure that within his radius of influence, she couldn't decide if she wanted him close or very far away. It would appear she wasn't alone in this indecisive behavior as a swipe of the male Dragonoid's hand would leave her tumbling in the sky just a bit as her wings and body caught her within a spin or two. She'd been moved away from Akashi directly but not outside of his sphere of influence. And when she returned, it would be at sonic speed to return the favor of a swipe to his side, which would strangely aim to knock him up and into the sky from his left instead. If she succeeded in this she'd follow him upward falling back into her pattern of circling as if it was a simple test of her reaction.

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