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Thread: Marsh Kingdom

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    Marsh Kingdom

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    The blonde-haired adventurer known as Miki had her hood pulled up on her head as she floated along acccompanied strange Lizardmen who were taking herself and her companion back to their Chieftain. The lass' feet never made footfall, instead she floated along extended over the top of her mottled green pillow. "Marshes... are intense," she murmured about the place beneath her feet which she had no intention of making contact with. She was more than well aware that she couldn't really navigate with the same ease as the Lizrdmen and could only hope that she didn't need to make footfall anytime soon. Within her mind, other things were more pressing, 'Why do they keep referring to us as a couple though... we aren't a couple. I don't think I've done anything besides maybe that kiss that would even make that seem like a thing,' her mind raced while she didn't have to respond to anything. 'Well, I guess I also touched his junk but I will never. Ever. Ever. Mention that to anyone, ever...' she concluded, her own face slightly red as she realized it would be very easy to assume the pair was a couple given their general interactions and if someone had enough information.

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    While Miki floated atop her pillow to traverse the Marshlands, Kou was nowhere to be seen from a bird's eye-view. When she commented on the intensity of the surrounding area, he became visible. His head peered out from beneath the pillow, as he'd been hanging onto the bottom since they entered the swampy land. He had no intention of touching the ground either, nor did he want to put their mount through such a thing, only to later need to clean it somehow. "Yeah. Probably would have picked up a magic carpet or something before coming here normally," he stated. None of the Lizardmen in their company had any issues, but then again, this was their homeland. "Apologies, Adventurers. We would have acquired better transportation if we knew this did not suit your needs."

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    As Miki floated along, she didn't initially realize that Kou was hanging on to her pillow. Until of course, the lad poked his head out to mention a potential magic carpet or some other form of transportation. Of course, Miki realized the nature of putting their mount through such a thing and as such she shifted slightly to the right to give the lad some room. "Oi, Kou, you can come up here, yeah... no need to dangle or anything~" she said to the lad having given him enough room to travel they way she'd taken to doing it, strung over the pillow in a manner most comfortable. It would leave the pair of them in close quarters, but no closer than they'd been when sharing a hammock. As such she didn't see any problem with the situation. To the Lizardmen, Miki only shook her head a bit. "Don't worry about it. It's part of adventuring..." Miki mentioned of having to figure out this sort of thing in the spur of the moment.

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    "Oh? Sweet!" Kou said when he was offered a space on top of the pillow. Frankly, he was becoming tired of holding onto the bottom of the object, but he didn't want to impose at all. With permission given, though, he flipped himself over to land next to Miki. With that, he had a few words to share with the Lizardmen. "I don't think I had any needs coming in. Well... I wouldn't mind a motorbike or something, but I doubt you have that here..." he said. Interestingly enough, such a statement warranted a glance from a few Lizardmen. "Is that the new Human technology you speak of? The thing with... wheels and some device that makes it move magically?" asked the Lizardmen's leader. Kou's eyes widened right away, and he seemed completely in awe as he settled atop Miki's pillow. "... No way..."

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    The gift of space atop her pillow weapon was offered by Miki and accepted by Kou without much hassle. She was quite happy about this and content to float along like this for the time being. It seemed the Lizardmen weren't familiar with the technical needs of humans but these were well traveled enough to have heard about some new technology in the world. When Kou mentioned wanting a motorbike, the Lizardmen made mention of a similar device somewhere out in the world, a piece of human technology. "Sugoi... this whole place is catching up pretty fast. I can't image getting something like a motorbike in a magical place like this~" Miki chimed, her earlier thoughts about advanced pieces of technology like Air Treks racing through her mind at hyper speed. Moreover as Kou settled in properly beside her, she felt a certain warmth and comfort she might not have had a name for yet, but was still utterly satisfied by, that feeling.

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    "I'm gonna have a bike. I'm gonna have so many bikes. Like... seven, or something," Kou said upon hearing that there were, in fact, motorized bikes in this world. In a matter of moments after placing himself atop the pillow of Miki, Kou found himself letting his head sink into relaxation. He was elated at the idea that he could have a motorcycle in this world, but that was something for later. For now, they were encroaching upon the kingdom itself, which happened to be a very interesting, circular structure with proper walls in place around it. "Huh..." Kou said, taking note that there were also segments of the Marshlands nearby, which were burning at present. He wasn't sure if this had anything to do with the coming rebellion, but it couldn't have been good. "Just in time, I guess?"

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    "Seven... bikes?" Miki questioned. The number seemed a bit outlandish and extravagant. Of course, she couldn't really argue the usefulness of such things, specifically if different bikes were made to take on different terrain or anything of that nature. It was just a very interesting thought that the lad wanted so many without further details. A giggle came from the blonde as she happily rode along side the lad atop of her pillow. "Well, if it makes you happy..." she mused only to look out at the occasional fires they were coming up on. "Hm, those are troublesome... last time we saw fires around Lizardmen they were using them to keep warm in harsh climates. They should be native to this spot though," Miki began working through potentials for this particular situation. She decided in her last few moments of thoughts to question the Lizardmen directly before taking any potentially unnecessary action. "So... are they actual enemy fires or your Chieftain's front-lines?" she asked this question even while preparing, mostly by pulling her hood up onto her head and preparing to have to disappear in more direct combat.

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    "Yep. Seven bikes," Kou confirmed. Whatever he intended to do with such a quantity of motorcycles, he wouldn't say. In actuality, his intention was only to possess them as a variety package of sorts. He continued resting atop the pillow, and looked toward the pillars of smoke rising from the flames as well. "If it's enemy fire, it just makes it easy to find where they are. It's not like they can ambush us when we get there; I can turn it into ice or something," he said, in the event that the fires did belong to the enemy forces. "They are neither. Those flames come from Shamans, both ours and theirs. The occasional splinter group makes a move on us from time to time, all to weaken our forces before the masses attack."

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    Miki thought possessing seven of something was a bit excessive, but she couldn't really comment upon it, because she possessed large numbers of things in her life that most people didn't, for no reason other than liking said items. She didn't hold against him his desire to possess so many motorcycles, she instead had her eyes focused on rising pillars of fire. According to the Lizardmen escorting the, these fires belonged to Shamans of both sides of their conflict, but they didn't make it sound like these things would require immediate action. As such Miki relaxed just a tad, "Sou ka, that's a long-term strategy but... I suppose it is more likely to work than a full-frontal attack against equally equipped enemies," Miki said her brows furrowed at the thought. She didn't much understand the Shamans of this particular region, but if they were on both sides of the conflict it could be assumed there was a certain amount of neutrality boasted by them. Still, Lizardmen at large didn't seem like beings who went much against nature for politics and the like so them having this sort of internal strife didn't make much sense... perhaps light would be spread upon this topic soon enough. "I guess there isn't much need to worry unless they attack..." she concluded. With that she was content to continue lying on her stomach as they floated along atop her pillow. She was using this slightly higher than normal line of vision. To map major things to be found within the Marshes.

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