The extra information about goblins being spoken aloud in such a way sent shivers down the spines of both Dakini and Miki. "Eww... goblins." they said in unison. Such was a rather obvious tell for their shared actual trait of being actual girls. But while they had this shared moment of understanding, Kou seemed to be working through another aspect of the world they were currently in. The number five did seem to come up a lot. They needed five people to back them as a guild. There were five pieces needed to open the Dragon Gate, it seemed to be the sort of thing that wouldn't just say down. 'Hm, five is a rather common number. Strange though it might be...' Miki thought as she looked at the now glittering trail out of the Fairy Forest. There was a bit of information shared between the Fairy Queen and the lad, about this Dragon Gate adventure. "Well, if it can't be done with less than six people, when you guys are up to level I wouldn't mind tagging along for something so potentially good. And no worries, I'm not in it for the loot... I just want the recognition!" Dakini's motivations were very obvious and it was becoming ever clearer how she'd ended up being Japan's number one player. With all that in mind. "I'm sure Gowther would find it pretty interesting too..." Dakini mentioned. Miki had a thought about this, and wondered if the faction backers they found would all end up being in their party when they went to take the Dragon Gate. If that ended up being the plan over all, it'd be pretty interesting considering the sort of things she'd seen from all of them so far. 'A DPS-Caster, a TANK-Warrior, a DPS-Warrior, and a Combo-Rogue... that's the start of an interesting party... to be fair,' Miki thought. As she followed Kou heading out of the Fairy Forest.