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    Her assumption about the nature of this place seemed to trigger something of a jest from Kou, this reference was one she could appreciate. "Goblin King and a baby would be way better than a Minotaur or a Cyclops... seen both those in the middle of Mazes and I am not about the battle," she said adding her own form of joke to the commentary. But soon enough they moved on to the meat of this puzzle, mainly Miki got to listen as Kou made his assumptions about the nature of this Labyrinth. For the most part, Miki could agree, it made sense if the Sacred Tree was protected by something more serious than just a warning. "Alright, watch out for Pitfalls, we don't have the sands of time or anything so avoid true death. Gotcha covered..." she said calmly. His assertion that it was puzzle time, lead to the lad walking into the maze and taking a right hand turn. "Sou ka, you seem like you're really into this..." she said of the lad and his happiness surrounding the puzzle they were now in, but still she was happy he found joy in this. She very carefully followed behind him, taking steps only where he walked and looking at the sounding trees and vines which made up their current puzzle.

    As they moved along, this way, they would eventually come to a place with a large opening. Along this opening were four other pathways and a strange pedestal in the middle. Atop this podium there was a four by four block with 15 sliding pieces with in it. It was a picture block which would allow the person who solved it to know the right direction to go in. Strangely the sliding tiles had no obvious markings upon them, and wouldn't glow at all unless they were put into the right place. Above the four passages were pictures each showing a different thing. In order they showed rocks, the sun, insect wings and the moon. "Hm... this is pretty ominous, but it reminds me of something. I take it we don't want to go the wrong way... huh?" she asked of the lad. Miki was quite content to let the lad explain and decipher this puzzle and she would aim to help him in the best way.

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    "I agree. Besides, Jareth is right up my alley with those M.C. Escher hallways he's got. The rest of those Goblins were weird though, and I'd rather avoid the Pit of Stench," Kou commented absently as he continued along his way. When Miki commented on how into this labyrinth he seemed to be, he brought his gaze down and looked toward her quizzically, yet seriously. "Do you think it's weird?" he asked.

    Something else would soon have his attention. They reached a clearing with multiple exits, confirming for Kou what type of maze this was. There was another type of puzzle within this clearing, albeit a strange version of one he already knew. Kou paid little mind to the paths and their symbols, considering there was nothing immediately visible on the center puzzle regardless. Instead, his full attention went to the puzzle itself as he stepped up to it. "You never want to go the wrong way. Every time you take a wrong turn in a maze, you have to commit extra memory to knowing not to go back that way. We should treat this like every mistake will kill us regardless," he said as he began shifting around pieces to the puzzle. After a few movements, one segment became alight... and Kou's eyes did as well. "... Sou ka."

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    "Yeah, hard no on the Pit of Stench but, I kinda like the idea of randomly breaking out into song~" Miki said, she was quite fond of the current topic they were discussing, and as they moved through this maze it seemed that Kou was content to question if she thought his interest in the labyrinth was weird. She gave it no second thought and simply shook her head from left to right. "Not weird at all, it's actually refreshing... " she commented with no judgement in her tone, in fact there was a bit of admiration, because Miki herself had never been so honest in front of someone else about things she liked. "You enjoy this, and it's obvious in how you're acting... it's admirable and it makes me enjoy it more too..." she finished up her explanation as they moved along.

    Once they were within the puzzle room, they began working through the situation at hand. She didn't wander about because she was already being overly cautious regardless of what was being said. Kou's opinion about this, was that they should treat this puzzle and everyone as if it is life-threatening. "Hai hai... I'll keep that in mind," she said not moving into any of the tunnels, but instead having a deep look at each of the images atop the different tunnels. She then moved towards the podium in the middle and saw as a piece of it lit up. She looked around at the images at the top and had one in mind for what it could be connected to given the pattern on the piece. She thought about this for a while and came to a conclusion about it. She wasn't really into puzzles but her mind wasn't dull, as such she could put together small things and figure them out. Still she'd wait for Kou to speak, so as not to interrupt his thinking in this moment.

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    "... Sou ka," Kou replied. He'd never received such a reaction to his love of puzzles before, bar situations that weren't very pleasant at all. This one was strange, and yet... somehow pleasant. He turned his gaze away from Miki so he could focus on the puzzle ahead, but there was just a bit more to say. "Arigatou."

    The amount of focus he had notwithstanding, Kou managed to find the first proper piece to this puzzle. To test this singular glowing segment, he moved it out of place again to find that it did not retain its glow. "A picture combined with a memory exercise. That's interesting," he commented. A few more movements took place upon the puzzle board, and a few more pieces revealed their image fragments. He still thought this to be a rather simple puzzle, but there was a specific concern in his mind about this as he continued shifting pieces around. "This is too easy. It'll be finished in eight seconds, but be careful when it is. I'd stay close to the podium."

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    Miki received a strange reaction to her thoughts on the lad's love of puzzles. Kou surprisingly thanked the lass for what she had to say and such a bit of thanks made Miki a bit embarrassed and she couldn't have explained why she felt this way. But in addition to that small bit of embarrassment, Miki felt warm. "Hai!" the young woman said in response. Beyond this point, it seemed that Kou was having a rather easy time completing the puzzle he was currently working on. A claim from the lad, said that it would be done in just a few seconds, but that Miki should be careful and stay near the podium, in apparent fear of a pitfall of some sort. "Hai... I'll be right here," she said looking at the more solid pieces of the puzzle as they showed up, she realized they were aligned to the insect wings when they showed up every time. Still she watched as the lad completed the puzzle and wondered what would come of him actually sliding all the pieces into the place they belonged.

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    Indeed, the puzzle nearing its completion would depict the insect. However, upon seeing it closely, Kou realized this was no conventional bug of any sort, but something more akin to a Fairy due to the designs within its outline, though these designs only began appearing once the outline was incredibly obvious. The moment he slid the last piece into place, the entire pedestal began to glow... and with that came the disappearance of the ground beneath them. Two other paths also vanished, leaving only the 'insect' path and the sun path. Kou looked at the two skeptically from the safety of the podium's immediate area, which remained safe from the collapse. "Nice trick. This puzzle's got a good amount of thought in it to challenge arrogance. This isn't an exact match to that path over there, but trees need sunlight to survive... and Fairies use light. That's the one," he said as he pointed the way to the path marked with a sun symbol.

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    The blonde-haired young woman found herself a bit shocked with two of the paths and most of the floor collapsed after the puzzle in the middle of the room was completed. Even so there were still two paths left, one which had the sun over it and the one which had the pattern of insect wings. She looked at the picture in its completeness for a moment longer and then back at the one over the path and also determined that it wasn't an exact match. Given this she wouldn't be alright with it, but it seemed her line of thinking would be expanded upon by Kou himself. Who stated that though the wings were a tentative match, this puzzle actually questioned hubris and challenged arrogance. It also would be the sort of thing which required the pair of them to understand more than just the puzzle. "Sou ka, so it was put in to make sure the people who were coming here understand and respect the laws of nature. 'As flowers move towards the sun, so should we...'," Miki remarked remembering a particular lesson in rune mastery. "Someone who was doing it just to try and get there would make the wrong choice and just follow fairy wings seeking the guardian, without checking the details... I get it," Miki said with a firm bit of expression. Given her present understanding of nature she could also agree that the sun path would be the best. "Hai, so we move towards the sun..." she said content to take the next steps towards this path with Kou at her side.

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    They were of the same mind, it seemed, when it came to the true answer to this puzzle. Miki even presented further confirmation backed by the teachings of her Rune mentor. "Really?" he questioned aloud in the wake of her quote. "I was just making an assumption based on Fairies and light-related stuff. That's just more proof. Hell yeah boi!" With enhanced vigor from the additional knowledge Miki offered, Kou also moved along the path bearing the sun insignia. His gaze was once again toward the space above the hedges, but in doing so this time, he remained a single pace behind Miki. "I know it might not make sense, but... I like the way this puzzle feels."

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    Miki gained the knowledge that Kou had been making an educated guess, but that the information she provided helped him further cement his idea. His enthusiasm at this moment was something she could appreciate and it made a small smile form on her face. "Yeah, that is what Endros-sensei said, and he seemed really earnest so I believe in his teachings..." she said about the man she'd learned her runes from. As she began walking along the next leg of this particular area, the words which came from Kou were indeed strange, but she was almost certain there was a good explanation for it. In this moment, she wanted to know how his mind worked so she questioned it directly, "It does seem a little strange, but that only makes me curious... why do you like this puzzle?" she asked. It was obvious this lad took his puzzles very seriously. That he enjoyed them in some way Miki hadn't previously considered possible, as such she wanted to understand his meaning as truly as she could.

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    As they followed this path, Miki stressed that she didn't follow his meaning. This much was expected by Kou when he first brought up the topic, but since Miki questioned it directly, he was content to give her the answer she desired. "Because it's a good puzzle. I don't mean it's a good challenge, but... I've done enough puzzles that I think I can feel the intent behind them sometimes. Everything here so far feels like it was done with care. There might be death traps, but they're only for people who don't want to learn from the experience. The Fairies themselves wouldn't have to do the puzzles, I don't think... so everybody else has to understand the Fairies and their ways to move through it, and anybody else who's going to a place as important as this Sacred Tree is up to no good. This puzzle is a deterrent, and it's also an offer of acceptance..." There was a certain glimmer in Kou's eyes as he explained how he felt about this labyrinth thus far, and it didn't fade. He took a great deal of pleasure in this experience overall.

    As the Adventurers progressed through the chosen path, they would eventually stumble upon the next of the puzzles. Giant roots from the Sacred Tree itself littered the air overhead in the next clearing, though many other beams were elevated without being connected to the tree roots. Some of the beams carried water which only began to flow as the pair of Adventurers entered the area, though they threatened to eventually flood the maze if left untouched. Overall, there was a massive and convoluted collection of beams, and three ropes to be pulled and interact with a grand series of gears in the upper workings. Kou saw this and knew what type of puzzle they were up against... and he was quite certain two of the three ropes, if pulled, would result in a very quick flood of the space they were in.

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