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    "Three, huh... At least it's just the one Avenger. Those things would suck in groups," Kou asserted. During the time they had remaining for the Lizardmen to recover from blindness, he began side-stepping slowly while facing the Avenger, keeping near Miki as he did so. With the girl admitting her inability to assassinate the previous special Lizardman, Kou thought it worthwhile to bring up his own shortcoming against his former opponent. "One of them got over on me for a second, too. They're not Unique though, so they shouldn't have more than their Class Abilities. If we rush it together, there's probably not much it can do against two Knights."

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    Miki had to agree that fighting the Avenger type of enemy would have been a pain if there had been multiples. Beyond this point as Kou moved closer placing space between himself and the recovering Lizardmen, he gave away a bit of information about his own solo slaying of a special variant. His speech let her know, that she'd not been the only one to struggle against the variety presented by these Lizardmen. Even so, he made the assertion that the pair of them should be able to take on this avenger if they both rushed him with minimal consequences. Though she would have liked a more tactful approach, she couldn't really argue against it, given the reasoning and her own recent experiences. "Hai, it's about the best plan we have right now anyway... besides if we take it out, the rest of the little ones will flee," she said with a gentle nod, her spear still in hand she tightened her grip just a bit as she focused her eyes on their opponent. "Let's go!" she proclaimed, feeling there was no better time to attack than right just now, she aimed to close the distance between herself and the large dual axe wielding Lizardman Avenger, making use of her increased agility to get around the first of its dual downward slashes with its axes.

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    There could have been a better plan with more thought put into it than what Kou managed to suggest, but what there wasn't, was time to formulate such a plan and clear any downsides. Blindness from Kou's light flash was only going to last so long, and he didn't expect the Avenger to give much breathing room after recovering. Either way, Miki agreed to rushing the Lizardman leading this group, and even took the initiative in doing so herself. Kou followed suit with all the speed he could muster, and Mana flowing through his blade as well. Miki managed to slip around the first of two downward strikes from the axe-wielding Lizardman, but as the second came down, Kou reached the enemy and raised his own weapon against it. The Mana coursing through his blade surged, and was once again used in conjunction with his light magic to create a more solid aura around the weapon while also increasing its destructive capabilities. It was Kou's goal to, in this way, eliminate one of the Lizardman Avenger's weapons and stagger the beast to leave an exploitable opening.

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    Kou kept up with his plan to attack and was there to block the second strike of the Lizardman. Kou's weapon surged with light magic as the clash occurred and this did indeed stagger the Lizardman with the added insult of breaking the ax he wielded in his left hand. As the Lizardman's body went backward its tail lashed out behind it, stopping the forward motion of Miki, and causing her to jump back rather likely to avoid being knocked clean out of the way. 'Oops, can't charge in this time...' she thought quickly, aiming to recover her balance. This creature's right hand flailed about in Kou's direction, wildly swinging horizontally in the hopes of maiming the magical lad, and creating distance between them. Still, Miki regained her nerve, changing the grip on her weapon and using the range of it to plunge into the lower left side of the creature, as it was the only exposed and undefended spot she could currently reach. The Lizardman screeched, as this occurred but it didn't stop his onslaught, in fact, taking injury only seemed to fuel it more.

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    Shortly after his attack against the Avenger's weapon, Kou managed to break through. This was no reason to rest however, and that very notion was proven when the Lizardman continued his assault with Kou as his new target. One weapon remained, but with it coming at his open side after the previous maneuver, he couldn't manage to do anything about it besides move to his own right to avoid the blow. Sadly, this only resulted in Kou receiving the axe's blade to his upper-left arm. Even as the blade dug through his flesh and spewed his blood, Kou continued moving away on adrenaline and momentum alone, stopping once out of range of an additional melee attack. Leaving his left hand hanging at its side, his right hand raised his sword to point its tip at the beast. "Shit!" he griped while wincing his way through the delayed pain reaction, focusing as much as he could on channeling light magic through his sword once more to aim a thin beam of light-elemental Mana at the Lizardman's face.

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    Kou was hit by the slashing attack of the axe-wielding Lizardman, but instead of a more serious wound only his arm seemed to be caught in the blade's path. Even so, the wound did succeed in maiming the lad quite a bit and he was left to run on adreneline as they tried to progress further into this battle. Miki heard Kou swear but couldn't seen around this beasts flailing to get a good picture of what had happened to the other lad. 'I hope he's alright...' she thought to herself. As if to confirm this, a beam of light came shining towards the face of the creature she fought, staggering it more. As it aimed to cover its face with its empty left hand it swung around blindly with its ax and tail. Miki was left to maneuver more than attack, still she kept her eyes peeled. She aimed her spear once more towards a more open area on this creature's body, further up about its rib cage, she slipped her blade into it pushing with all the physical strength she could muster, but not wanting to waste her unstoppable spear until she was sure the technique would kill. But a twisting motion of the Lizardman's body came before she could remove her weapon from its chest, it left her hanging on by the weapon and being whipped around as if an extension of the creature. She let go when she felt it was safe, tumbling across the ground to Kou's right. "Ugh... it just won't go down. I couldn't get a clean hit in on it either..." she managed as she picked herself up, she could almost feel bruises forming beneath her clothing from the incidental damage. Even so, as she looked at the white haired lad, she could see he was in a much worse situation than her. "Kou are you okay?" she asked, genuinely concerned as the monster continued to try and clear its vision and attack once more. The size of this creature had increased a bit more with the damage it had taken, and even other Lizardmen seemed fearful of approaching it.

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    Kou's magical attack did all he needed it to do, granting him a moment to have a breather while Miki continued her assault. As he used his own torn sleeve to tie off the wound on his arm to the best of his ability, the girl was being whipped about by the thrashing Lizardman, eventually releasing herself to roll near where Kou stood. Panting and grimacing toward the Lizardman, he hazarded an additional scoff to the query of Miki upon her arrival. "Tch! No. Bastard nearly took my arm off," he said. Now that he was short on the usefulness of one arm, and Miki was without her weapon, the pair as a whole had less options for dealing with the Lizardman. On the other hand though, Kou had one other trick up his sleeve. As the enemy grew even larger and stronger, Kou lodged his sword into the ground and placed his right hand upon its hilt, using the weapon fully as a channeling device for his magic. "You're a Rogue, yeah? Keep him off me, and I'll run setup for you to finish running him through," he said, closing his eyes and funneling his Mana through the sword and, by association, the land. "I am the Light of this world. Purity is my body, and hope is my blood. This offering I give to you is my true essence. Heavenly Prominence!" At the end of his incantation, Kou himself would become a beacon of light. He'd placed five phrases into this incantation, creating a penultimate-tier spell in terms of complexity. The light radiating from him became a proper shroud around his body, granting him a glowing angelic aura. With this, he pulled his sword from the ground and moved toward the Lizardman's right side at the speed of light, aiming a single strike meant to lop off the arm which still wielded an axe. Vindictive though this was as a retaliation for his own injury, Kou thought to at least rid the Lizardman of its final weapon to give Miki all the opening she would need to finish it off, whether this was possible in one strike or not.

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    The pair as they took a minor break, commiserated over the injuries the lad had taken. Thankfully the lad still had his arm, but it wasn't of much use, beyond this it seemed that at least for the moment Miki was weaponless, but soon found herself capable of standing soon after her landing. At the mention that she was indeed a rogue, she nodded. "Hai hai, do what you gotta do... I'll be ready~" she exclaimed. She wouldn't let any of the hard work the lad had put in this day go to waste, nor would she let their chance to take down this enemy escape her. As Kou worked on his incantation, Miki found herself facing the Lizardman Avenger once more. By the time she reached it again, it had cleared its vision and the first thing it saw was her, hopping atop her spear still within its side, and pressing down on it with her body weight. This caused the creature immense pain. It lashed out at her, with the ax still in its right hand, but as it twisted that arm towards its left side, Miki slipped out of its line of sight, positioning herself at its tail with her index finger looped into the ring at the end of her weapon. She used this method to pull the spear from the beast, spinning it around and dodging the still swinging ax. At this point, her movements became about dodging as she looked for the weakest point on the creature's body. And soon enough her eyes found it, at the top of its armor just below where its collarbone were. 'Got it.' she thought, but the entire time she was moving around she saw a shining light. 'Sugoi!' she appreciated this lad's moxie and power. And soon this light was coming towards both herself and this creature at rapid speeds. She only had time to jump while being in complete awe of what she was seeing.

    As Kou struck this beast at light speed, it had no way of possibly reacting to the lad. It had ignored him as a target given his injured status, and now it shrieked in horror as it completely lost its right arm. The falling of its arm caused a shift in its armor as the weapon and limb fell to the ground near the still writhing creature. Miki made a soft landing in the moment of this creature's shock, and pushed forward with all her might. The use of her Unstoppable Spear technique, would cause her spear to almost spin in a drill like manner as she pushed a massive hole through the upper chest of the creature, separating it from its body beneath its pectorals. The two halves of this creature would then fall to the ground as it released its last breath and died. Miki took a deep breath and managed to look stunned, for all she expected to happen, she didn't expect to actually kill this creature. She was relieved quite a bit and stunned by Kou's abilities. "Sugoi! That was awesome!~ Great Job, Kou!" she said. With the death of their final champion the rest of the smaller tier Lizardmen retreated.

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