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    Attention was brought to Kou's strange moment of staring. He didn't seem very bothered by this, and in fact, he continued looking at the girl while maintaining an overall odd demeanor. "No. That... wasn't exactly what I was thinking about," he said just as casually as the words he'd spoken previously. With that, he set his eyes forward again. The occasional glance was spared in every direction along the path he led, though none of the smiths they passed were worthwhile. He continued forward in search of something very specific, and while retaining his tone, he explained this along the way. "Up here should do it. Dwarves work hard, but rich people are always lazy. The best blacksmith should be in the richest area of the city, here," he said. Along the lines of what he claimed, Kou was soon stopped in front of an elaborate blacksmith shop with very expensive-looking swords draped along the back wall. The smith was hard at work even now with all of these weapons pre-made, giving Kou the idea that there was a special order in the works at the time. "Yep. This place provides for the nobles. They need something close, something the commoners won't even think about coming to... something just for them."

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    Apparently the layout of the city and where they were going weren't the foremost thoughts on the lad's mind. Strangely, he made no effort to clear this up, and even continued to stare at Miki in a way that made her shift slightly under his gaze. 'What's that look all about?' she wondered her face shifting slightly. Even so, they were on the move once more, past even the first few shops and well into the middle of the city. While they moved he spoke on the matter of rich people needing their good shops nearby. She supposed she'd never considered it from such a perspective. 'Sou ka, that's what he thinks about that... I suppose he isn't really wrong, but it's a pretty crude way of thinking,' the girl pondered the lad's point. Even so they came upon this shop with ornately done things in the background while the smith within was hard at work regardless of his already high amount of stock. "This kind of reminds me of a bakery I like..." she muttered to herself. Seeing all of the pre-made items, but knowing herself and people like her usually had custom tastes in mind. "Hai, that all sounds fine, but if he's used to providing for nobles, then why would he help a pair of low level adventurers... who apparently can't even call themselves adventurers?" she asked. If it was simply a point of pride, shop owners generally chased off those who didn't seem like they could afford the services, none would expect a couple of low-ranking adventurers to be capable of buying anything. The way she saw it, they'd likely only get anything if they were implicitly looking for work, or if the craftsman really needed some extra hands.

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    "Because," Kou said quickly as he passed the threshold to be considered the entrance of the shop. "There's one other thing rich people like having." Without feeling the need to say another thing on the matter, Kou approached the blacksmith directly. His countenance hadn't changed at all since he first set foot in the city, but there was a great purpose in his gaze as he set it upon this brown-haired Dwarf. "You look busy. I'll get to the point. We're Adventurers looking for work, off the books. Need more Magic Crystals?" he asked, catching the eye of the smith right away. The Dwarf looked over Kou, then over Miki. "Off the books, huh? Well, off the record... I've got work for ya' in Cidna Mine. If you make it back with some good crystal, I'll pay ya' a few coins."

    Kou seemed to have expected such a reaction from this Dwarf who looked at the pair as one would a disposable utensil. That was fine with him, as it was all a means to an end. "We don't want coin. We just want a few slabs of Magisteel, so how much crystal are you looking for?" asked Kou. The smith stopped his hammering for a moment to think, considering the order he had and what would be the most beneficial agreement for him, and him alone. "One slab for every fifteen crystals. That's all I'm offerin' some no-name Adventurer." With that, there was no more to be said. Kou turned away from the blacksmith, taking a moment to look toward Miki in case she had anything to add, but he was content to move on and get to work regardless.

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    Miki watched as the interaction unfolded. Kou's statement about something else that rich people enjoyed having made her understand immediately. More than anything, they wanted product, when they wanted it, regardless of what was required to get it. With that in mind, the blacksmith they'd gone to, was obviously willing to compromise the legality of his work, in order to get someone to go gather the materials he was looking for. "Sou ka." she muttered coming to a full understanding of what they were about to do. Somewhere in this place was something called Cidna Mine, which she could assume wasn't a very pleasant place given they could go there without needing anything in particular. And they were apparently on the hunt for crystals. She'd done this sort of work a bit in another part of the map, but she'd lucked out in the place she'd been. She didn't imagine the magic crystals would be quite as plentiful here, but she supposed that would be fine long run as long as the pair of them got everything they needed. "Hai, later, Ojii-san," she said content to follow after Kou.

    Once they were on the move again she chuckled finding this whole situation rather interesting. "He just sent us to do either something dangerous, or something impossible or yes. Still, your analysis of these situations are pretty spot on," she complimented the lad content. She found his mind a rather interesting thing, and wondered what kind of person he was outside of the game.

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    Both Adventurers left the shop without needing another thing. Kou had seen a map of the area in the middle of the street numerous times, so he knew there was a quick reference to where this Cidna Mine was. As he moved toward one of the map boards, Miki spoke on the topic of his situation analysis. "It didn't take much. Like I said... there's something rich people like having, and everybody who's not at the very top is missing it in some way," he said, stopping his clause while stopping in front of a city map. Once he was certain which direction the mine was in, he began walking off while continuing his speech. "Rich people want more for less, and they know those who don't have as much will do more for less. For every piece of Magisteel he gets from us, he'll make hundreds of gold. I doubt it's dangerous or impossible, but think about all the other miners we'll be competing with to get those crystals. It also bugs me that he said if we make it back, though."

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    Miki soon found herself in front of a city map, which was apparently where Kou had been going for a reference to the spot known as Cidna Mine. Miki also looked at the map, for several seconds even while Kou spoke. As she looked at it, she got an idea of where the mine was, as well as where everything else immediately surrounding it was. Especially in reference to the shop they had to go back to, having a fairly reasonable understanding of this particular place she also walked along with the lad. She could understand what he meant about rich people wanting to get the most out of their money for the least possible expenditure. After all, one didn't keep money they made by spending it recklessly. Even son, the bits about mining which bothered him, were also the bits which bothered her, and she was glad to know she wasn't the only one bothered by the smith's cryptic words. "Yeah, I am also bothered by that... what exactly happens to people in this mine?" she questioned, her mind deep in thought. 'If it was the usual thing, I'd just assume those who went in were bad at prospecting and got themselves trapped. If there are monsters, we're adventurers and that wouldn't be so much of a problem. If the other people are a problem, same thing, but I'd rather not have to fight a person over something as minuscule as a crystal. No, it literally can't just be normal... unless its a bunch of things at once which decrease the chances,' she had this thought and decided to see it out.

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    Cidna Mine wasn't incredibly close to the blacksmith they'd visited, but it wasn't too far away either, and it came into view in due time. Once it did, Kou was able to react to Miki's curiosity. He could see numerous guards positioned around the mine's entrance, and only imagined there were more within. He remained in a strange way, but there was a certain gleam of anticipation in his eye. "This is... a puzzle," he claimed, having already found pieces to be fit together in addition to whatever came next. They would approach the mine without any interference from its guards, but in getting close enough to pass the group, Kou too note of how well-fitted they were for keeping trouble out of the mines.

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    "A puzzle?" the girl questioned. It was a strange notion, but perhaps such a way of thinking about it, would make it easier to consider. As they approached this mine, she noticed a great number of guards surrounding it, all of them seemed to be ready to fight, but did nothing to stop them from entering it. 'Strange, if they aren't here to keep people who want to work out... maybe they are there to keep something in?' the girl thought to herself. Obviously whatever pieces of this puzzle that already existed were in place and she simply didn't know what they all were, or rather she hadn't connected individual pieces as being related. But that wasn't how her mind worked anyways. Instead she was content to follow Kou inside and figure out how to find the crystals he was looking for.

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    "Yeah..." Kou confirmed. Still, there were a few missing elements to be found before this puzzle could be solved. Another would appear quite soon though, whether the pair knew it or not. Knowing the likelihood of the blacksmith offering them the worst of the crystals they gathered in the form of Magisteel, Kou figured their best bet would be to take the time to gather the highest-quality crystals. As such, he opted for using his Type: Mage to sense for the highest collections of Mana in the area. "I'm pinging," he announced as if he were playing the game at present. His sensing ability went outward in bursts like a sonar, and much to his expectation, it was as if they'd stumbled upon a thick shroud of Mana by walking into the mine. Still, there was a higher concentration to be found. Kou began walking deeper, but pinpointing the location of what he sought was only becoming more difficult as he stepped more into the thickness of this ambient energy. There was something quite perplexing about this. "Sou... Hard to believe there's an ore that huge that hasn't been messed with yet. This mine is too busy for that," he said, speaking as low as he could to still be heard over the sound of many pickaxes resonating through the mine.

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    As they began to wander into the cave, Kou seemed to have in mind how he intended to prospect for crystals. She assumed he had some sort of technique or option in mind, but strangely, what he chose to do was more useful and equally surprising to her. The term 'pinging' was used frequently on message boards for group quests when a mage was using sensory techniques. The lad had shown all the skills of a swordsman, but had typed himself a mage in his character creation. That combination was almost unheard of, and at the very least, Miki hadn't come across it while she hopped from lobby to lobby. "Sugoi! You chose 'Mage' as your type? That's really weird..." she mentioned, finding it strange but innovative. She wondered what kind of idea he had about the gameplay to choose that combination for his initial character. Still she followed along after him, deeper into the mine as he kept looking for what she assumed where high-quality crystals. "Maybe they don't know about it, the other miners might not be able to sense the magic," she hypothesized. "Or... maybe it's dangerous to get to, mining isn't historically the safest kind of work to do, and considering how magic crystals are made, maybe they are afraid to get close to it..." She whispered her statements as well, as to not be overheard. There was still something not right about this situation, and she wasn't quite sure what it was.

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