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    Miki took Kou's acceptance of her offer and showed her ability with Runes by applying one to the accessory he'd created for himself. The item had a passive ability of increasing his mana by its own merit, but her Rune made it so he now had a method of defense that didn't require his Mana. "Algiz, huh," he spoke while watching the Rune disappear into the magatama. "A... Arigatou," he said to Miki directly. Moving on, it was clear that there wasn't much at all left for them to do here at the moment. Kou was at the very least ready to get moving toward the Fairy Forest whenever Miki was also ready. "So uhh... yeah. We ready to head out?"

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    The rune passed on to the lad was one which he seemed fully able to appreciate. He even thanked her for it and she again managed to look a tad embarrassed. "Iia, don't mention it..." she said knowing that by her own approximation she didn't think she'd done much but be a bit helpful to the lad who already seemed to have himself together. With this and their general work within this kingdom taken care of, he asked if she was ready to depart to their next location. What was left on their agenda was visiting the Fairy Forest to talk to the Fairy Queen and get the items needed to upgrade Miki's weapon. Since Kou's side of this had already been taken care of, and they were pretty well off, she nodded her agreement. "I'm good to go, whenever you are... so to the Fairy Forest?" she asked beginning to walk already out of this castle and towards the main gates of the city so they could leave and travel by mount.

    "Finally. I mean I understand getting your worth out of your reward but did both of you need to learn two of the most intensive skills around from the Dwarves?" these were the words spoken from behind this pair of young adventures who appeared in a small ball of light only to have a short set of feathered wings carry her to floating just above the ground. "It's about time is all I am saying..." these were the words of the Fairy Queen Dakini, who had never left the Dwarven Kingdom of Dwargon but instead stayed to watch the exploits of the young adventurers. She even cheered them on the previous night at their party... not that they would have recognized her. "So I am giving you two a lift or are you taking the long way 'round?"

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    "Yeah, to the forest," Kou said, suddenly realizing he had no earthly idea what sort of path to take if he wanted to get there. "Err... how exactly do we get there?" he wondered aloud. Just as he said this though, the problem solved itself by Dakini herself appearing before the group. It became apparent that she hadn't actually left Dwargon when they last parted ways. She'd been waiting for them to complete their task all along, rather impatiently to boot. "You really waited around here for us to finish doing all that? It's been a whole day," he stated. Regardless of his thoughts on this matter, they were offered passage to the Fairy Queen's Forest, and Kou thought this to be a grand idea whether he knew how to get there or not. "I think we should take the short path. Miki?"

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    As they walked it was questioned by Kou if Miki had any idea how to get to the Fairy Forest. "Well according to Endros-sensei..." Miki would have said something which led the Kou to know that she would have some idea of where to go. But their quandary was soon solved by none other than the Fairy Queen Dakini who claimed to have been waiting for them to finish their other tasks. Beyond this she didn't seem to be patiently waiting a question was asked of her. "Well of course I waited, I had to make sure you were keeping our deal in mind..." she said as if it made the most sense in the world. "Besides, I had to find out what Gowther was thinking trying to hold me hostage, and decide if I was coming back with a Fairy Army or not. And... seeing what you two did, and what you were helping him out with... I decided that under the circumstances he didn't have any better ideas. Lizardmen knocking on all his doors he probably thought arming up was the best possible idea... whatever I am not really upset..." she said seeming to have taken a logical standpoint on everything. As for her offer to transport both the adventurers directly to the Fairy Forest Miki did have something to say. "The short path is best, the only other way I heard to get there, was to climb down into that ravine and hope the fairies let you in when you get to the point of crossing which apparently sometimes doesn't happen," said Miki in explanation of the thing she had avoided explaining. "Yosh! then come along both of you! I will show you the world of the fairies!" she said a golden globe of light would appear around both of them and spread out before rising and allowing the trio to travel to the Fairy Forest.

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