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Thread: Tsurumaru Madoka

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    Tsurumaru Madoka

    Personal Information

    Name: Tsurumaru Madoka
    Online ID: Mahoshojou Madoka
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    A lanky young man with white hair and golden eyes. He is often seen dressed in only a button up shirt and jogging pants. He as a very slight build and a pretty face, easily mistakable for a girl if one didn't see his body.


    • Madoka is uncomfortable playing male avatars in game and often uses female ones instead.
    • He is known to take his female role-playing very seriously.
    • Age of Eternity allowed him to live out a 'princess fantasy'.
    • He is an exceedingly thorough in character creation and as such his natural personality isn't seen in Alaya.
    • His character build doesn't include any sensory support skills, which makes him a 'blind mage' in Alaya.

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    Name: Madoka
    Race: Human
    Level: 50

    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: B
    Mana: A
    Luck: B
    Artifact: Egg of Eternity

    Type: Warrior
    Major Class: Caster

    Alpha Skill: Ars Arcanuem: A barrage of thirteen physical attacks with the 'Key' weapon enhanced by the light based magic of the blade. Each of these strikes is counted as a 'critical' hit and as such applies a stunning effect when they make contact. It is enhanced by extra physical status, thus the stronger the user, the stronger this ability is.
    Beta Skill: Counter Strike: A magical shield is produced by the weapon when it is put into the guard position. Doing this allows a reflective quality to be applied to any physical or magical strike aimed at the user. When timed perfectly, it bounces back attacks at their launchers with increased damage.
    Gamma Skill: Mirage Strike: A magical skill that clones superficially the user, allowing them to create a number of copies of themselves (dependent upon magical power), to strike a particular opponent or target. Because the copies are equal divisions of power, they can be used to unleash a barrage of magic against a single oppontent, or launch multiple spells and physical strikes at various opponents. It is considered a 'crowd control' technique.
    Delta Skill: Blitz Strike: An ability which enhances the speed of an individual to allow them to strike quickly at every turn. It channels magic through the weapon and back into the user allowing for a boost in agility to the user. This boost, is then used to fully exert their physical presence against a particular opponent, allowing for the complete decimation, even across great distances. It can be used to chase down opponents who run, or even to allow the user to get in place for a proper counter.
    Omega Skill: Ultima Strike: Considered the peak of magical power and physical strength. It creates multiple copies of the 'Key' weapon that floats around Madoka as she is allowed to freely strike, hover and combat anyone around her. The ultimate strike is a general boost to all of her stats and allows her to freely channel the creation of magical abilities and form change into a single point. The weapons created by this particular move seem to be the ones best suited to her, which makes them magical swords which she can wield with great proficiency, though she is still lacking with them compared to a saber. This move has the added effect of healing her a great deal when activated and can be used for just that purpose as well.

    Minor Class: (LV 51)

    Alpha Skill: (LV 60)
    Beta Skill: (LV 70)
    Gamma Skill: (LV 80)
    Delta Skill: (LV 90)
    Omega Skill: (LV 100)

    Support Skills

    Support #1: Form Change: The ability to change her weapon into another form to be more fit for physical or magical combat. It is an evolution of the ability to create items and applied specifically to the 'Key' weapon that Madoka favors, fitting her theme as a 'Magical Girl'. This allows for various uses of her weapon without compromising her skills list completely. The strongest of her forms have either a magical connection (by virtue of her nature as a caster) or a strong bladed potential (by virtue of her nature as a warrior).
    Support #2: Combo Boost: A physical support skill which allows her to be able to use her weapon in a physical capacity more frequently. It leads the weapon to feeling lighter and costing less stamina to wield. As such she is able to use it as a blunt or sharp weapon more often and and extend the number of hits she can perform in succession without compromising her ability cast simple magics from her weapon.
    Support #3: Exchange: A magical conversion skill, which increases her physical stamina and endurance in exchange for magic drawn in by her weapon. This skill is used to boost her physical attributes.
    Support #4: (LV 60)
    Support #5: (LV 75)

    Sub-Class Serpent Sin of Envy

    Skill #1: Eye of Envy: A support skill gained through her induction into the Seven Deadly Sins, Madoka is able to use her eyes in a magical sense, allowing her to see the kinds of magical effects applied to individuals. This includes their buffs, debuffs, skills bonuses and the ability to appraise them for skills or things of merit to her. The more things applied to a single individual, the more power she gains from knowing such information.
    Skill #2: Misfortune: An ability granted to Madoka for being the embodiment of Envy within her own Kingdom and within the world. She is able to cause disaster as a support skill, giving her the ability to switch around status boosts and instead cause status debuffs to her target. This ability also has an extreme chance of lowering the Luck Stat of a particular target, keeping them from attaining their goals, or achieving the desired outcomes of their luck based attacks.
    Skill #3:
    Skill #4:
    Skill #5:


    Primary Weapon: Eternal Keystaff
    Offhand/Secondary Weapon:
    Accessory #1:
    Accessory #2:
    Accessory #3:
    Artifact: Egg of Eternity: Is an artifact wielded by Madoka, found in a dungeon that preceded the last great calamity of the Kingdom of Eonis. The 'Egg' is a magical item which is said to have the ability to draw out the magical prowess of those who hold it. Even a shard of it has the ability to draw out certain magical aspects if used properly. As such, Madoka had it commissioned into her legendary weapon the Key Staff. The 'Egg' had a large cross shaped scar put into it, during an event known as the 'Demonification of King Eon'. The shards were used to enhance Madoka's crown as well as a few of them being 'given' to the group of adventurers who helped her secure her kingdom.


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