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Thread: [6th Seat] Tamamura Tamaki

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    [6th Seat] Tamamura Tamaki

    Personal Profile

    Name: Tamamura Tamaki
    Age: 600
    Height: 150.1 cm
    Weight: 35.9 kg
    Hair Style/Color: Pink, worn short with two small braids connected at her crown. The rest is left free to hang down to her neck.
    Eye Color: Green

    Normally seen in shinigami attire. When not wearing this she is seen in a small ed qipao dress — at various times either with or without short sleeves — with slits along the sides accompanied by a zipper and white circular designs. She also wears white shorts, or hakama underneath for modesty.

    • Tamaki is the younger sister of Tamao.
    • She respected Inuzuri Kenpachi enough that she transferred out of his division while he was imprisoned.
    • Currently she wishes to return to his division but her sister is remiss to let her leave the 6th Division.
    • She is currently described as being tamed by her elder sister, who controls her baser instincts.

    Combat Profile

    Division: 6th Division
    Rank: 6th Seat

    Combat Style:

    Powers & Abilities
    Great Reiatsu: Tamaki boasts a great amount of Reiatsu. It is enough to induce fear into those with only an average amount, causing them to slow down considerably. She can exert large amounts of it with considerable effect and empower her attacks making it harder to block her strikes or undo her defenses to those who are of lesser power.

    Keen Intellect: Tamaki has shown herself to be very intelligent. She is also knowledgeable in the history and proceedings of the world. Her intelligence allows her to compensate for her own weaknesses better, also when opposed by a more powerful opponent and adapt to a battle situation with greater ease. When pressed into a dangerous situation, she can rely on her brains to figure out an effective approach.

    Great Strength: As a fighter with great physical conditioning, Tamaki has shown sufficient strength to partly block immensely powerful attacks and is capable of dealing with powerful strikes. Her attacks also hold great potency behind them, easily enough to launch other people of the ground and through solid objects, as well as leaving deep craters behind.

    Enhanced Endurance: Tamaki has enhanced physical stamina, allowing her to endure the hardships of battle for an extended length of time without slowing down. Only when utilizing high speed movement for an extended amount of time will she start to slow down significantly. Even when she has received an injury she can keep going without severe consequence to her battle scheme.

    Great Durability: Tamaki's body has received significant battle-conditioning and can take great amounts of punishment. She can take frequent unarmed attacks from weaker individuals on her body and come out unscathed, or with little consequence if not laugh about it instead.

    Hohō Expert: Tamaki excels in Shunpo. Though not particularly versed in its various techniques, she is proficient enough in the technique itself to keep up with and even surprise high-level Shinigami with her speed. She can even keep up with those of master level for an indeterminate amount of time. She is also very quick at close-range, being able to perceive and dodge swift sneak attacks and come out unscathed.

    Zanjutsu Practitioner: Tamaki has received some formal training in swordsmanship and as such can utilize the rudimentary basics of armed combat. She won't go much further than batting and stabbing.

    Hakuda Expert: Tamaki has proven herself to be very dangerous while barehanded. She can easily catch an opponent's attack with a single hand, perform powerful kicks, and easily subdue opponents with throws and take-downs. In battle, she has shown herself to be tremendously agile and is able to attack from various angles with great dexterity. She can take on most armed opponents and those many times her size easily.

    Kidō Expert: Tamaki excels at Kidō, being able to cast powerful spells up to #79, while not requiring a full incantation up to #63. She can use multiple spells in conjunction with each other, creating a unique way in which to attack and incapacitate her opponents. In this way, she can make common spells all her own. She can use a single Kidō technique on two separate targets at once. She can use high-level Kidō in rapid succession without incantations and still retain considerable control and power. She has great skill in using various spells in unique combination, even using multiple spells at the same time. However, she requires incantations when using high-level spells simultaneously.

    Basic Healer: Tamaki has a basic knowledge of Kaidō and associated techniques. She is able to after a few moments of observation assess minor injuries are and take the proper action to stabilize them by starting to repair a person’s Reiatsu, perhaps heal simple injuries over time. She also possesses the skills to apply the basic Reihai techniques, the first eight, to tackle common battlefield injuries. She may also assess more serious injuries which lie beyond her capabilities to repair.

    Reiraku (Spirit Threads): by closing her eyes he can visualize the Reiatsu sources of those around her in a very wide area. They are represented by ribbons, where white ribbons are your average Plus Soul. Any other is colored Red however and by grabbing them Tamaki unveils that person's level of power and location. This takes a moment of full concentration.

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    Maiougi (Dancer's Fan) has a blade longer than average length when sealed. It is also a great deal thicker than a normal katana. Its sheathe is decorated with a dragon motif and it has a dragon shaped guard. Otherwise it appears to have the standard sheen and color of a general blade.

    Shikai: The release command of Maiougi is Odorikuru (Dance in ecstasy). After it is uttered the blade transforms into two small hand fans which are pink in color and seem to fit perfectly into Tamaki's hands. They retain the normal abilities of any zanpakuto while giving her access to the special ability of her Zanpakuto.

    • Shikai Special Ability: Maiougi has the ability to manipulate the path of travel of the fans of its state. It can change them, speed them up, and allow them to be controlled with hands or with the mind. The use of this ability is mainly seen in its channelling of reiatsu or reiryoku into various forms for various means. These are referred to as dances by Tamaki who doesn't like them very much. That being said she abuses her power fully when she feels the need to win.

    • Somenomai: Koma (First Dance: Spinning Top): Allows Tamaki to launch both fans of her zanpakuto at a target spinning them intensely. They chase down targets and cut with centrifugal force. Even if they knock into something they can't cut they will continue to bounce around until they find something they can.
    • Tsuginomai: Makigai (Second Dance: Spiral Shell): Allows Tamaki to move her fans round to make barriers to protect her from incoming magical or physical damage. This is created by spiraling each of the fans in opposite directions and as such creates a vaccum which absorbs the potential incoming damage before spiraling it back out at the intended target. The spiral outward comes with an increase in reiatsu and as such does more damage than the intended attack so long as she is able to fend off the first one.
    • Sannomai: Raseki (Third Dance: Unset Jewel): An attack which takes the power of Tamaki and blasts it outward in a multifaceted explosive wave. This attack encompasses a large amount of space in front of the girl in a manner akin to a cone and can take out a rather large radius when charged properly.

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