Nora Addison



Nora is of East Asian and Caucasian descent and has a short black hair stylized into a angular bob. She mainly wears a black tank top with white stripes running down on each side underneath her arm. She wears white cargo pants and special red running shoes. Additionally she wears an arm warmer and a single fingerless glove. Attached to her fingerless glove is a miniature grappling hook that allows quicker vertical movement upwards and offers a grappling tip that can be used to pierce and grab certain objects. Lastly Nora has a circuitry tattoo running down her right arm and a star tattoo under her right eye.

Not much is known about Nora besides the fact that she left his parents at the age of 16 to live on the streets. Gradually resorting to petty thievery to survive she began robbing homes, including the Runner Hideout. She was caught in the act, however instead of being punished she was taken under the wing of the Runners, who trained her to work for him as a Runner. To perform her job as a runner, Nora was taught the art of parkour. That’s how Nora became adept at moving quickly, vaulting, sliding, and performing other movements. By making use of her knowledge of parkour, she is able to spend most of her time on rooftops or within urban structures and use the environment to escape from opposition such as the NYPD. After showing promise, Nora was also trained in a variety of street martial arts to compliment her skills.

Special Ability: Regenerative Healing Factor
Nora exhibits the power of rapid cell regeneration, a trait that allows her to recover from almost any injury in a matter of seconds. She also feels relatively little pain from even serious injuries, including burns and compound fractures, although she did grimace when her hand was damaged extensively after being crushed. Her healing powers restore her to health despite the destructive biological processes that happen to bodies immediately upon severe trauma or death (brain death, lividity of blood in the tissues and coagulation of same, etc.). Along with the injuries stated above, she suffered an injury where her neck was broken and turned around 180 degrees. So it can be said that she has not yet reached a limitation in her powers. Perhaps the only aspect that can be considered a limitation is the fact that she cannot heal an injury if a foreign object is obstructing the wound. For example, she was once clinically dead for hours, only to revive when the tree branch that killed her was removed.
  • Immortality: Given the capacity of her healing factor it is safe to say that Nora possesses an infinite life span, as she can never die, never age, and can shrug off virtually any kind of physical damage. Her healing isn’t the defensive type, as she can’t prevent all damages and appear physically invulnerable. But instead she can survive and quickly recover from anything that is thrown at her, while at the same time being capable of resurrecting herself instantly after death and completely self-sustaining, unbound from all bodily necessities.