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Thread: [Obliviator] Christian Shaw

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    [Ministry Worker] Christian Shaw

    Christian Antoine Shaw



    The Ministry of Magic


    School of Graduation:


    Christian is a black haired and thin wizard. He's average height: 180cms and has short till medium length hair. His eye are a very dark drown, almost black. Despite his pointy cheekbones, strong jawline and hollow looking face, the man is quite muscular, yet he tends to cover it with wide and loose clothes. He has a tattoo on his upper arm in the shape of a bird spreading its wings. It symbolises the moment he could finally spread his own wings from the moment he turned 17. His face usually gives him a dark and evil look, which he is, yet when he smiles, he knows how charming it can be, resulting in people often turning a blind eye on his actions. At times Christian wears a piercing in his lower lip and a silver necklace.

    Diego is a manipulative, other than his face being quite intimidating to some people. He knows pretty well how to have a smooth, shallow conversation. Due to his look, he's been avoided, resulting that Christian is known as a lonely wolf. When talking about his love life, he keeps it by flings or one night stands, afraid to get a deep bond with a girl. It makes him very suspicious at all times, except when he's on his own. He keeps secrets with him too horrible to share, and when someone threathens to get too close, he uses his skilled obliviate, which is main part of his job, to prevent them discovering those secrets.


    Family and blood status:
    Christian comes from the pureblood Shaw family, who had a long bloodline since centuries. His father (Duncan Harrold Shaw) died (see biography) and his mother (Orphelia Jane Shaw) is still alive, living at St. Mungo's due to her bad mental health.

    English Oak, Dragon Heartstring 12 and a half inches.

    Additional Possession:
    A horcrux; a branch, hidden in a forrest.

    Special Abilities:
    Christian is in posession of a horcrux, one he made himself. For further details, see his biography (yet to be written)
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