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Thread: [Minister of Magic] Anna Rogers

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    [Minister of Magic] Anna Rogers

    Anna Jane Rogers



    The Ministry

    Minister of Magic

    School of Graduation:


    Anna is a blonde, wavy haired woman with a fairly white complexion. Just as characterising are her piercing blue- greyish eyes once someone caught her eyes. Besides the cross scar on her right lower stomach, there's no freckle, tattoo or piercing visible. She likes to wear cusual, professional looking clothes such as blazers and blouses. This paired with pants and often heels, "for some extra attitude". Anna is either seen with hair loose or in a bun.

    Anna is very ambitious and serious person. When she sets a goal, she'll do everything in her power to reach it, supplemented by her strong mind. She has a strong moral that support is everything you need from an early age on, just as much as she knows that 'haters gonna hate'. She has a great skill for leadership, strict but reasonable. She's not easily to impress, the strong, independent woman she is. Quite a control freak at times, especially when it comes to her job as Minister of Magic. Anna does great effort to put every pointed edge to the smoothest, best working option for the wizarding world. To the ones she holds dearly she's utterly supporting and caring, in mind how much the support gained from her parents helped her reach her ambitious goals.

    Anna Jane Rogers is the first born daughter from William and Karen Rogers, a fairly wealthy, half British and Swedish family, on the outskirts of Cornwall, England. They lived in a Victorian style mansion, surrounded by hills and green. Anna enjoyed a high amount of love and support throughout her whole youth, the pretty blonde would be up to much good, so her parents thought. Additionally Anna seemed very talented at learning so her parents bought her magic books to keep her occupied, the young eager girl reading through them before she even attended Hogwarts. She wasn't the only child however, she had a younger sister, obviously less talented as her. As a kid she had big dreams to make her mark in the magical world, it didn't matter how. The blonde locks, inherited from her Swedish mother, gave bullies at elementary school the famous 'dumb blonde' stereotype. Often would she narrow her eyes, but it gave her more motivation to keep working hard.

    The day she got the acceptance letter, it felt real and she got absolutely thrilled about Hogwarts. Her dad had been a Gryffindor himself, but he assured her it wouldn't matter in which house she'd end up. Indeed, Anna ended up in Slytherin, the sorting hat choosing her high amount of ambition over her fair amount of intelligence. During her Hogwarts time her ambitions grew, as much as her group of friends. She beamed with pride and the future seemed to be hers.

    Until she was just graduated. Her younger sister, Amy, had enough of being in her big sister's shadows all this time. At one point during their summer vacation, when Anna just graduated, Amy grabbed a knife and stabbed Anna in her lower stomach out of jealousy. Anna survived, totally startled. It left the cross scar, as said in appearance. Amy was at that same time sent off to Azkaban to stay for an amount of time. It deeply saddened Anna and no one heard anything from the 'rising star' for several years. It was then when she realized she shouldn't give up on her dreams, 'haters gonna hate' after all. She worked on her goals of getting herself in a powerful position to oversee and control the magical world. The position of Minister of Magic shortly after was her aim, and at the age of 23, she was chosen so, beyond happy. She still is now, giving all effort to keep the magical world as peaceful as possible.

    Family and blood status:
    Anna is from the wealthy Rogers family (father's side) who married the pretty, Swedish Karen. Karen is muggleborn, William pureblood which makes Anna a halfblood. Both her parents are alive and active.

    It's a dark brown shaded wand with a striped pattern, a darker shaded strip followed by a lighter brown strip, and so on. The wood is unknown, so is the core. The length is approximately between 10 and 13 inches.

    Additional Possession:

    Special Abilities:
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