RP Title: Remnant Rebirth (Still a WIP)
What is it based on? RWBY (The show)
Is this an alternate universe from an original plot, a continuation, or does it take place alongside the original plot? Leave blank if exempt. it is alternate
Tell us more about this RP. Give us as much information as possible for great feedback! Well I wanted it to be a bit alternate to what the story is so far (because it's kinda at a cliff hanger in the show) But I did want to have it so where as unlike the show they were able to save the city (this time at least for the RP's sake) and rebuild and keep all the academies open. I'd say 60yrs has passed it's both the grand children of the "Heroes of Vale" and other people's grandchildren of that time are still going to the academies. I want thinking that the main antagonists would be the white fang (a violent Faunus organization) because after the "Heroes of Vale" Blake Belladonna helped save Vale the world became to respect the Faunus more. It was said that because the White Fang hadn't been seen or heard of after they failed their group attempt the 1st time following Cinder they disbanded. But the leader at the time had a grudge against both the "Heroes of Vale" and the human who tricked them (Cinder). Since the White Fang wouldn't be forgiven for their crimes they went into hiding. The leader's grandson will take up the task of vengance, yet they opened the group up to not just Faunus but for the people who failed/kicked out of the academies (the rejects of society). They no longer want humanity to suffer but they want to take down the system and those in power and they want Chaos to spread and for the "privileged" people in the Kingdoms to suffer and know how they felt. Causing another War.

at least that's the beginning plot I wanna go with, thoughts please?