Personal Profile

Name: Katsuhara Hakuro
Birthday: September 7th
Age: 50?
Village: Getsugakure
Rank: --
Affiliation: Getsugakure
Weight: ???
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: White
Hair Style: Frames the face in a short cut, but has an exceedingly long ponytail tied with a red ribbon.
Eye Color: Clear Blue

Hakuro wears the same kind of randomly ornate clothing seen on her children. She tends to favor red more than most of her children and wears it, along with several pieces of armor crafted initially by Youko in his youth and later updated by him. Her kimono is short red in color and generally worn very open around her chest. She wears her mouhibi as part of a stripped rope around her chest to to hold up her bow. Beyond this she wears shoes which seem to only support the balls of her feet. They have no visible heel and require extreme balance to walk in, she also is about as tall as Youko while wearing them.


  • Hakuro is titled 'Okuri-Okami', the Sending Wolf, and is known to protect those wandering the forest.
  • The children of the island have seen her, though none of the adults have since before the fall of the Blood Cult.
  • She is a lone Hunter protecting the rest of the island from the monsters that inhabit it.
  • She is mother of Youko, Hiei and Narumi, but only Narumi and Youko have the same father.
  • She affectionately refers to her son as Yama-inu (Wild Dog) given this understanding of him, it is clear why he possessed the Handler Seal.

Combat Profile

Chakra: 4
Ninjutsu: 0
Taijutsu: 5
Genjutsu: 4
Adaptability: 4
Strength: 5
Speed: 4
Stamina: 5
Hand Seals:2

Combat Style: Favors rough taijutsu and animal like fighting. When weapon use is absolutely necessary she favors the use of a bow or other ranged weapon. Though mostly she depends on her own strengths.

Chakra Nature(s):

Jutsu List


Kekkei Genkai